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i hope this doesn't sound weird but reading what you said about death, and thinking about it in a more subjective way has helped me start to come to terms with my dad's illness. i'm slowly become less resentful toward it and acknowledging it in a different light. so thank you

Hey, I’ve been thinking about your ask all day (and a couple of others like it - anon with leukemia, I think my reply got eaten by Tumblr) and I’m sorry I’m just getting to it now.

I’m sorry about your dad, man. I’m not very good at offering comfort, but I’m humbled to know that I’ve helped you deal with it, even just a little.

I don’t know if it’s any use to you, but when it comes to thinking about mortality and loved ones, I find it comforting to stop thinking about time as strictly linear. If you’ve read ‘Slaughterhouse 5’ or seen ‘Arrival’, you know what I mean by that. What we think of as “the present” is merely our consciousness experiencing recollection and anticipation in equal measure - we cannot experience a single moment in isolation, because our senses and cognition are always playing catch-up and guess-ahead. “Past” and “future” are just matters of perspective. Each moment is as real and as valid as any other moment - they don’t undo one another. A lifetime is like a book - birth at the beginning, death at the end. Sure, we can only read one page at a time, but those other pages are still real. There are many chapters of health and happiness that made it into the book, and isn’t that what really matters? Maybe a happy ending means getting to look back and see that whole book - letters, words, sentences, pages, chapters - and realize, “My god, that’s all real. That’s mine. My story is written across the cosmos, will always be written, has always been written… and it’s worth reading again.” Maybe if we could learn to think of our lives holistically, even if we aren’t currently aware of all the details, we’d be less afraid of the end. In some sense, you are always being born, and you are always dying - but you’re also always falling in love, eating chocolate, meeting your best friend, laughing so hard you pee a little, watching an excellent film for the first time, catching a butterfly, having a child, getting married - all the moments you’ve ever felt were good or important or right, are always part of the whole of Existence. It’s worth trying to fill your lifetime with excitement and love and good experiences.

What are we waiting for?

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings/Contains: kinda phone sex, ben wa balls and kegel exercises, slight wanda x reader in a platonic but slightly gay way, general awkwardness, dirty talk, vaginal sex, stripping, i think that’s all?

Word Count: 3762

i never know what half the shit i write even means, but here it is, it’s here and it’s happening, think of it what you will #godbless

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On 19 September 2015, group Ztohoven (The Ztohoven name is itself a Czech-language pun, and can be read either as Z toho ven (“The way out”), or Sto Hoven (“One hundred shits”). The group translates the name into English as “Out of shit”.) reached new heights (literally) with their latest public protest, scaling the outer walls of the Prague Castle to erect a giant pair of red boxers in place of the Castle flag.

Once on the roof, they lowered the Presidential flag and replaced it with the giant pair of pants. On their website, Ztohoven released a statement, saying: “Today we hung a banner over the castle for a man who is not ashamed of anything.”

The statement also included a short poem that criticised President Zeman for his close ties to China and Russia.

The pants were quickly removed by security after the stunt, and the three men were arrested.

The group then cut the Presidential flag to 1152 pieces and gave them to randomly chosen people from all over the country with bitcoin code to donation.

Chapter 55 - Rhys POV

Last week, a kind soul asked me to write Chapter 55 from Rhysand’s POV and although TERRIFIED of the idea, I’ve had so much fun writing these fics that I figured, why the bloody hell not? Heh, you only live once…

So here it is! Obvi NSFW. I hope any of you brave souls reading it like it. As always, I think it’s awful and I struggle to get the voices right at all, but I had fun writing it and welp, here it is.

I take NO CREDIT for the dialogue written in this fic. All of those beautiful words and the ideas for the scenes themselves belong 100% entirely to the talented Sarah J. Maas.

Chapter 55 (Rhysand)

It was about half a millisecond before I grabbed the spoon and started eating. I would never look at soup in the same boring, bland way again.

Feyre was accepting the bond. She was choosing me.

But she hadn’t said anything and it took every ounce of power I possessed within my 500 year career to steady my hand as I lifted each spoonful to my mouth and watched her from across the table.

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Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary: Snippets of Y/N and Steve, starting with the first time they meet.

Words: 3,146

Paring/Characters: StevexReader, Tony, Natasha, Sam, and Bucky.

Warning: None?

Author’s Note: So, I wrote this because inspiration struck and somehow I got carried away. I’ve kind of gotten into this short snippet thing since I’ve been short on time. I’d love to hear what you all think.

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“Hi,” he greeted firmly, his voice deep and strong with a certain heaviness. His lips parted into a small, but still dazzling, smile. You could tell even then that didn’t happen often, that Steve Rogers kept focused. Yet, a funny thing happened, almost imperceptible to the untrained eye, his seriousness faltered as you looked back at him. For just a moment his eyes relaxed as they looked back at you.

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Swapped Contacts (request)

Request: could you do an imagine where the reader gets a new phone and the contacts get messed up so after she hangs out with josh, she texts her best friend a message about how in love she is w josh & “i know ive said it a thousand times before but i just like him so much” and it gets sent to josh instead and he responds back something like “hey this isnt (best friends name) uh, its josh.” or maybe he facetimes her. idk but josh tells her he likes her back n its rly cute aa

A/N: Thank you for your request! I loved the idea and writing it, I hope you enjoy it! :) xx


Words: 1531 

Triggers: None (at least I think so, if not, please tell me!)


As soon as you closed the door, after saying goodbye to Josh, you slide down on it. Burying your face in your hands, you let a frustrated groan out.

Even if you had fun hanging out with Josh, it was a slight torture for you. Stupid you and your stupid feelings. Why did you have to fall for one of your closest friends? Especially for Josh, which you will never ever have even the slightest chance with.

But that boy was just perfect, so no wonder that he stole your heart. He was humble, funny and had a heart of pure gold. Whenever you were feeling down or needed a shoulder to cry onto, Josh was there. He was perfect, in every meaning. But that’s the problem, he was too perfect. So perfect that he deserves so much better than you. That’s why you never told him about your feelings for him. You were afraid that you would loose him as your friend, so you decided to say nothing. The only person who knew about your enormous crush was your best friend Amber.

Speaking of her, you needed to rant about your stupid feelings, in order to feel better. It always goes like this whenever you hung out with Josh. You wrote her, telling her how stupid you are for falling for someone who is way out of your league. She would always try to convince you to just man up and tell him, the chances of Josh feeling the same way being there. But you didn’t want to believe her so you stayed by your plan of keeping shut.

You fiddled around in your back pocket of your jeans, searching for your phone. It was new since your old one died. So new, that you had major problems with it. After numerous attempts of finding her number and opening the messenger app, you finally wrote her.

To: Amber <3
I know I’ve said it already like 12532663 times but I feel like every time I see Josh, I like him more and more and it’s just ughh, how does one stop crushing on a guy? He’s so perfect and I’m just me and I will never have a chance with him and that’s driving me insane rn

You pressed send and stood up, making your way to your kitchen. Maybe ice-cream could help your aching heart. After all, Ben and Jerry are always good listeners.

As you drowned your sorrow, you wondered what took Amber so long to answer. Normally she replies within the first five minutes and it’s already 20 minutes later after you’ve sent that message.

After waiting for more 10 minutes, Amber finally replied. Or at least you thought so.

From: Amber <3
Hey this isn’t Amber, (Y/n), uhm, it’s actually Josh

You dropped your phone onto the kitchen isle. Holy frickin’ Cow. After all of the people you had saved in your contacts, it must have been Josh? Why?!

Before you could even think about a way to tell him that the message wasn’t the truth, just a bad joke, you got an incoming FaceTime call from Amber. Or more likely Josh. You hesitated to pick up, would you really want to face him now? After confessing your abnormally big crush on him? You didn’t want Josh to make fun of you.

But sooner or later, you had to face him again, if you wanted to or not. So why not do it now? Maybe he will believe you when you say that it was a joke.

So after ending your internal battle, you accepted the incoming FaceTime call. Just like you thought, it was Josh’s face on your screen, not Amber’s. Dang it.

„So before you say anything, I- The message wasn’t supposed to be sent to you, it was meant for Amber! And I- uhm, it was a joke, okay? Nothing more. Speaking of it, I did mean to send you the message! It wouldn’t make sense if I sent it to Amber, would it? So okay, now that this is cleared up, I have to go do something, Bye!“ You rambled on and on, your face getting redder and redder. Just as you wanted to end the call or more your misery, Josh stopped you.

„(Y/N)! Slow down, okay? So what you’re saying is, what you wrote in the message isn’t true?“ Before you could even register what your head was doing, you nodded. As soon as you confirmed Josh’s assumptions, his face dropped. He kind of looked sad, like you just destroyed his birthday cake he waited for all year. What…?

„Uhh, okay, I should go now. Bye (Y/N)“  Just as you wanted to tell him the truth because there was the slight chance that he may like you back, he ended the call, leaving you with a blank screen.

Josh truly looked devastated, maybe Amber was right. Maybe he does have feelings for you, more than just for a good friend. As soon as the realization hit you, you grabbed your car keys and ran out of your apartment. Maybe you were crazy for doing this, but if there was even the smallest chance of Josh liking you, you knew you had to take it. Even if it meant embarrassing yourself in front of him.

Never before, you managed to arrive as fast as now at Josh’s apartment. Practically running to his front door, you ringed his doorbell like a crazy maniac. You probably looked like one as well.

It took him only a few moments to open his front door, but for you, it felt like a lifetime. And slowly but surely your new found self-confidence and the feeling that he may like you back faded. You started to debate if it even was a good idea to drive to and confront him. But Josh opened his door and now there was no turning back for you.

Josh looked surprised, to say the least, to see you standing on his door step, out of breath with probably smeared ice-cream on the corners of your mouth. You really should have checked your outer appearance before doing this. Before he could even greet you or ask what you were doing at his place, you took your last remains of self-confidence and started to talk. Or more like ramble.

„I lied, okay? I do have this big enormous and stupid crush on you and believe me, I tried everything to get rid of it because you’re my friend and I’m not supposed to have these kinds of feelings for you, but I do and I can’t change it. I’m sorry that I probably destroy our friendship with this, but as I told you that it was only a joke, you looked so disappointed, like you hoped that my crush on you was real. I thought that maybe, just maybe, you feel the same but when I think about it now, it was stupid of me. You’re way out of my league and I’m sorry that I had to tell you about my stupid feelings and that I just made our friendship thousand times more weird and embarrassing, I hope you-“ You couldn’t even finish your sentence before Josh kissed you. Like actually kissing you.

You probably looked like you’ve seen a ghost because you couldn’t take the fact in that Josh Dun was kissing you. But you quickly snapped out of your haze and kissed him back, and oh boy, did it feel good.

After some more moments, the two of you broke apart. You’re still utterly confused on why he actually kissed you. Just as you wanted to speak up, again, Josh interrupted you.

„I like you too, (Y/N), more than in just a friendly way. Or in your words: I have this big enormous and stupid crush on you, too. I just never thought that you would feel the same until you’ve sent that message.“

„Thanks to my dumb mobile phone then, which somewhat switched my contacts around“ You laughed, Josh joining in. Your face already hurt from grinning so much but you didn’t care because he actually likes you and even kissed you.

„Yeah thanks to your phone“, Josh seemed suddenly somewhat nervous again, before speaking up. „Do you wanna be my girlfriend? I mean, we practically confessed our undying love for each other but I wanna make sure that you’re finally mine.“ Josh shrugged, grinning again.

You rolled your eyes because he’s such a dork, before kissing him softly on the lips. „Yes, I’d love to be your girlfriend“

As Josh leaned in to kiss you again, your phone began ringing, showing an incoming call from Josh.

„I’m gonna assume that this is Amber, I’m sorry but I need to take this.“ Josh nodded, signaling you to accept her call.

„(Y/N)! Everything alright? You normally call or write, after you and Josh hung out, I just wanted to make sure that everything’s good.“ You laughed, before telling her that everything is alright and that you do need to tell her some things. And that’s exactly what you did, while you cuddled with your new boyfriend on his couch.

“Thank god, I‘m not the only crazy one“

Request: “Yeah, and they both have these weird memories about wearing mid 20’s clothes and having conversations that they actually never had before… 🌌 I think that would be nice :3“ 

(A/N): I apologise for deleting the first part of the request, it‘s basically about their paths crossing once again after meeting each other in their past life. Thank you for submitting, I tried my best x 

Words: 1,035

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Tyler and Josh are constantly trying to add new things to their live act, so that the whole audience leaves with the best experience they could offer. On this tour, besides the tuxes, special effects and etc., they‘ve come up with the idea, to bring a fan, at each show, on stage and he or she will have the honour to do the famous handshake, from the ‘Stressed Out‘ video, with Josh. 

Of course literally everyone who‘s attending the concert knows that, therefore, just a second after they‘ve finished performing ‘Ride‘ everybody around you in the pit starts to do anything they could to get Tyler‘s attention, even if that meant climbing onto someone else‘s shoulder or scream their lungs out, like they haven‘t been doing that enough during the concert. You on the other hand, take a step back and hide behind the group in front of you, trying to make yourself invisible. Those kind of situations are one of the things that unleashes your anxiety the fastest. Obviously, you‘d love the opportunity to talk to them and touch those manly pair of hand‘s that belong to Joshua Dun, but also risking the possibly to humiliate and embarrass yourself in front of thousands of people and most importantly two of your idols at the same time? Not about that life. 

“You! The (Y/H/C) haired girl with the Twenty One Pilots shirt“ a voice rings through the microphone. 

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East of Nowhere - Year One

Read the Introduction here

Sam x Reader

Summary: You and Sam are strangers who are trapped in a desolate mountain town where you live, isolated from the outside world, for five years.

Part two of a six part series, each chapter detailing the events of one year. It’s a slow burn (I’m not sorry).

Author’s Notes: Beta’d by the goddess divine: @elliewinchesterr

Warnings: Language, mentions of past abuse, mild allusions to sexual situations. Smut in future chapters.  

Word Count: 9900+

Tags: @faegal04, @growningupgeek,  @bohowitch, @cyrilconnelly, @impalaimagining, @spontaneousam, @barbedwireandbubblegum, @teamfreewill-imagine, @abbirae99, @supernaturallymarvellous, @winchesterprincessbride, @mycatissatan666, @speakinvain, @sastielstan, @pinknerdpanda, @winchesterprincessbride, @justcallmelosechester

If you’d like to be tagged, just let me know.

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My North Star

Oliver and Felicity have been best friends since 1st grade. So when Felicity is struggling to get over the death of her boyfriend, there’s only one person that can help make things okay again. 

This is part two of a three part mini-verse. Part One “My Compass” can be found here. Shout out to @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline for the quick beta! Enjoy! 

Boston 2007

Felicity stares at her reflection in the mirror trying to figure out who this girl is staring back at her. She used to think she knew. She’d been so confident about who she was and where she was going in life. Now she looks at the girl in the mirror and barely recognizes her.

How crazy that two whole months can change everything.

She leans in closer and inspects the dark circles under her eyes that appear permanently set in. It’s been two months since Cooper’s arrest. She hasn’t be able to sleep without waking up from nightmares since the day she watched the feds carry him away. She’s barely left her dorm room and even then, she’d only done so to visit Cooper in prison. Then he died.

Two months since Cooper convinced her to try her algorithm out on the Department of Education and every since then her life has been a downward spiral.

She’s not sure who she is anymore, but she’s positive that she doesn’t want to be this girl in the mirror anymore.

She closes her eyes against a fresh wave of emotion and takes a steadying breath. Mind over matter. Mind over matter. If she tells herself that she’s not going to cry today — that she’s not going to have a panic attack — she won’t.

While her world ended two weeks ago when Cooper took his own life, time wasn’t kind enough to stop. The world kept on spinning. Things kept moving without her.

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queen sacrifice.

“For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause.”   - Act III, Scene 1, Line 66. Hamlet

    For what seemed like hours, they walked. The path traveled dusted their boots as they murmured back and forth of the changes and what was to come. Choices were made and placed the situation to be more of a risk than anything. Drained of life, her visage remained solemn, pain of the betrayal echoed in her twin pools of scarlet. She knew as soon as Vel said the name Ilyea, she was doomed. The world closed within her, suffocating her after years of hiding that the truth would be out in the open. 

                                                         He would find her. 

    “I’ll get better.” She muttered to Faethrunn, eyeing towards Phantom over her shoulder. Slow clicks of her heels brought them to her chambers. His need to protect her was perhaps as suffocating as the world closing in on her. Waiting until he went to sleep felt like lifetimes passing her by. The moment she felt his breathing change, she slipped from the sheets and made her way to her tasks. Notes and clues were placed in several locations. Hours of planning placed that had been in the works as a fail-safe since the moment she knew he would find her. 

    His deal was broken, he lost that bit the moment Blaque uttered the truth to her. His rage would likely be the determination that drove him to make the final move. No matter how much he loved Nissa, he would not abandon his life goal, she knew this. She planned for it. 

    Gazing up towards the sky at the last location, she sighed and noted the sun peaking through the sparse clouds. She dusted her hands off of the soil caked into her gloves and slipped into the shadows. 

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across the stars to find you

a kairi-centric fic. implied sokai. 

Time—it doesn’t move the same way here, she knows. Worlds are a cycle, time repeating and Kairi wonders when does time actually begin—with who, with what? She trains both growing and not, gaining skill, but never moving forward. 

Stuck being in last place as she chases after Sora and Riku’s shadows.

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my mother is one of those women–the innately magic ones. you encounter maybe two or three like them in your lifetime. the moment you meet her and she begins talking, she just weaves this gentle magic of wonder and warmth. she is a profoundly beautiful writer–better than i ever will be. she mostly gave up her writing aspirations when i was born. she concentrated on me. i have tender memories of magic from yarn scraps and table cloths that she turned into tiny carnivals for me to play in. we made acorn ballgowns, they danced with crepe myrtle blossom gowns, and we sent them sailing down the creek in waxy magnolia leaf boats. she taught me how to sew and crochet and cook and survive. now i’m grown and gone and writing, and she is finally writing too. she wrote that essay i just posted. she wrote about Big Mama Thornton for the Oxford American and it’s beautiful and startling. i could weep with how proud i am of her.

Daddy’s Girl

Written for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash 2K writing challenge.

Negan is a single Dad, AU. 

Fluff, Daddy Negan and a dollop of Simon.

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The phone rang out. Negan could have almost slept through it, if it wasn’t for the bony elbow that wedged in his rib cage to the tune of a loud grunt. He rolled over, peeling himself away from the hot water bottle that had kept him snug for half the night.

“Yeah,” he answered slapping the phone to his face, his voice groggy and parts of him still asleep.

“You still in bed you lazy sonofabitch?” his boss’ voice was half stab in the gut and half irritatingly loud as fuck.

Negan’s eyes flicked to the clock sitting on the night stand; ‘10:02’. It was late but he’d been kept up half the night by a cute little brunette. He looked at his daughter, bad dreams and the bogeyman had resulted in a middle of the night marathon reading of every story on her bookshelf followed by Cinderella on DVD. He was starting to dream in pumpkins and glass slippers he’d fallen asleep to that movie so many times. “What do you want?”

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20 with HERCULES MULLIGAN, please! I love your writing so much

20 - in a bubble bath you filled for us both

“Herc?” You peeked into the bathroom, following the sound of his voice. Your eyes widened as you looked around your master bathroom. “O-Oh, there you are.” 

“Come here, princess.” He smiled sweetly from where he sat in the tub, turning his head in your direction.

“What’s my big strong boyfriend doing in a bubble bath?” You teased, leaning over him. He was quick to pull you in for a kiss, making your heart flutter. The candles set the mood. It was utterly romantic. 

“Filled it for the both of us. You need to relax too.”

It doesn’t take you long to get undressed. Herc sits up a little to help you in the tub, big hands taking yours. The warm water welcomed you as you slipped into the tub. You curled up to Herc, submerging lower into the water and scooting back until your head was resting against Herc’s strong chest. He wrapped his arms around you, humming gently until he found your hands amidst the soapy and laced your fingers together. 

He lazily kissed your shoulder and you relaxed further. You slowly readjusted yourself so you were facing Herc. Soap and water dripped off of your fingers as you reached up to kiss him, cupping his face so sweetly.

You give in completely to the whole ambiance, taking in the warmth of the tub, the soft hint of hibiscus and lemon in the air, the flicker of the candles, the low lighting, and his hands on your body.

“I love you.” You whispered, kissing his neck and jaw softly. 

“I love you too.”

The universe was kind of enough to let make this moment feel like it would last a lifetime. 

The Stag in the Dark - Chapter 16 - shulkie - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Levi sells spells for hunting season. Eren and friends go to deer camp. Pixis and Sasha tell campfire tales.

“If I do a spell like that for someone who is a crackshot, chances are, it’s going to benefit them greater. But if it’s for someone who couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn like Oluo, then I’m afraid, he’ll need a stronger spell. All I can do is help make sure everything falls into place at once. I ask the universe to put everything in alignment. Blow the wind in your favor, get the sun out of your eyes, and have that deer step right in front of you. But if you never take the shot, none of that matters. So, I don’t do anything, I just help facilitate that moment. The moment when everything falls into place at once. A crossroads of all things happening at just the right time, for the entire world to turn only to land at your feet. There’s only so many moments like that in one’s lifetime. Your birth was one. All of the things that needed to happen for your father to meet your mother, for them to marry, for them to conceive you and then, that perfect second when you took your first breath. You need to ask yourself is $50 really worth that moment?”

Eren was silent for a moment.

“It’s a deer, Levi,” Eren said, slapping $50 on the table.

give me mornings of tea stained lips and your hands on my bare skin, tracing the hickies from the night prior and taking what you desire from my body. give me mornings of ocean waves calling from outside our little house, begging us to walk hand in hand on the beach and talk about the universe. give me mornings of sitting outside on the front porch with you, coffee and cigarettes in hand as we discuss new ideas and write up poetry and discover ourselves together. give me a lifetime of moments like this with you, the simple things and times where it’s just you and me-two souls in love connected by our heartstrings. because all i ever wanna be is yours.
—  mornings with you (l.m)
The Honey House, Chapter 27

Fight or Flight

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Rae slid her Glock from its holster. She knew Negan wouldn’t be in this barn just like she knew she wouldn’t shoot him if he was but she liked the weight of it in her hand. So with a racing heart and a firstful of pistol Rae crept past the bales of hay, her eyes scanning any potential hiding spaces until she was certain, Negan was gone.

Gone. Bile rouse in her throat as she turned around on autopilot, one foot stretching out in front of the other until she was sprinting from the barn, calling Tim’s name. She ran around the corner blind, colliding with Zuzu who was happily zipping around on a scooter that Tim had found before Jacob or Negan had ever existed.

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