a moment in which harry was flirting with louis

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did you have like a defining moment or piece of evidence which made you think harry and louis were together or was it a more collective gradual thing?? i love you lots btw that was weird I'm sorry ur really cool

I don’t know, honestly. When you get to this point nothing can really tarnish them, you know? Even the weird crap we have been through makes sense when you think they are together. 

If you just look at LouisandHarry from a timeline of the Baby X-Factor days and you continue to see UAN and their answers to questions and the constant flirting, well that was the “boyfriend” stage.

Then you follow along and you get Eleanor and Taylor Swift and miserable boys and constant media attention and Harry Styles womanizer of the century…and matching tattoos? I mean is that normal? Is it? For your best friend to get into a relationship with a girl and you go and get a compass right after he gets a ship? Not even a full day later? Is that normal? That was the “commitment” stage. It really went from “he is so cute! he is so wonderful! I’d marry you harry!” to “NO. I WANT HIM. I WANT HIM FOREVER. THIS IS MINE. I WILL MARK HIM AS MINE. THIS IS ME AND HIM. NO ONE ELSE. FOREVER." 

After all of that you had stage restrictions and even more women. You can’t have a womanizer who looks miserable with women can you? No! So obviously Taytay wasn’t the right woman! Let’s throw EVERY VAGINA AT HIM–he’ll love it! (Birds with different eyebrows and of different sizes, ram/buck with different eyebrows, butterfly/it is what it is, anchor/rope, heart/arrow). I call this the "fighting” stage. 

We are still in this stage. You see, they really are the ‘power couple.’ None of this touches them. They are good. They are fine and happy and domestic. Once you see that? You are good to go. 


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talk 2 me about harry the beekeeper who names all his queens and sells his locally harvested honey at the farmer's market, and louis who starts fouling up his tea with honey just so he has an excuse to stop by harry's stand every week to buy more

rachel, i missed you. 

okay, first of all let’s talk about farmer harry’s wardrobe, because we know he wouldn’t be content with dressing like every other farmer, he’d have to come serving #looks. i bet he wears silk and chiffon under his full-body beekeeping suit (which is custom-made and is pastel pink with white and pale yellow accents), can go from drab to fab like (snap) that. i like to think he has a designer hat collection full of everything from fedoras to newsboy caps to that black monstrosity he wore (and somehow pulled off, wtf) to jay’s wedding, and that he dresses them up with flowers from his garden or little bits of purple and green ribbons when the mood strikes. or he just goes all out and braids little blossoms right into his hair, which always seem to be hiding one or two bees that buzz lazily around him and settle happily in his handmade flower crowns. 

so this is what louis sees when niall drags him along to the farmer’s market entirely too early one sunday (because niall is still in the middle of the fun stage of getting healthy, googling smoothie recipes and 101 things to do with spinach, talking about riding his bike to work instead of the tube). louis is about six stalls away when he turns and sees this guy, old, worn jeans that cling to his hips and thighs, a sheer white shirt unbuttoned to the middle of his chest and showing off the butterfly tattooed between his ribs, boots that look a few steps away from falling apart, and tiny lilac and white flowers woven through his curls. his stall is less of a stall and more of a garden aesthetic worthy of a magazine spread: rusted old pickup truck backed in to be in line with the rest of the booths, the tailgate down and the bed overflowing with baskets and old milk tins full of flowers. he’s stuck four wooden poles into the ground and flung a light piece of eggshell white linen over the top in a makeshift sun shade, and he’s using overturned wooden crates instead of a normal table. nestled among the flowers in the truck is a vintage cash register, the kind with the round typewriter-style buttons, polished so that it glints brightly in the sunlight. 

louis approaches, because he’s suddenly been struck by a weakness for whatever type of Burberry-wearing nature spirit this boy is, and asks, “who’s a bee’s favorite singer?” 

considers running away, for a moment, because that’s potentially the most embarrassing thing that he’s ever decided to do, until the guy turns and dimples at louis so brightly that his knees go weak and he finishes, “it’s sting.” 

and the boy doubles over with laughter, this loud, hooting noise that should be annoying and possibly the worst noise of all time but really, definitely isn’t. the boy’s name is harry, as it turns out, and he’s passionate about manchester united and YSL and patricia, which is the name of the bee floating after him as he moves around to show louis all his products. louis hasn’t tried to flirt in ages and so he reverts back to his schoolboy tactics, teasing harry with questions like “is organic honey really that different than the stuff me mum buys in the bear shaped bottle?” and harry’s so earnest when he answers that louis can’t help but be enthralled. he ends up leaving with two jars of honey (hand-decorated by harry, of course), a bouquet of daffodils and baby’s breath and little sprigs of lavender, and harry’s number in his phone. 

a month, four run-ins at the market, and six more jars of honey bought by louis later, after harry and louis’ eighth date (a wine-and-pallet painting class that devolved into louis painting patterns up harry’s arms “on accident” and harry kissing louis to taste the wine he’d been drinking), louis invites harry up to his flat for tea and maybe something else, too. he’s digging in his cupboard for teabags when harry says, “hold on,” and opens the cupboard door a little wider to see… eight unopened jars of harry’s honey. 

louis stammers out something about the purity of his yorkshire tea, but harry just grins and pulls one of the jars off the shelf, then takes it and louis to louis’ bedroom to show him another use for honey.

okay Louis is the rogue of the class, rebel and mischievous but so so smart even if he rolls his eyes and doesn’t care if people tell him he is and he has no idea how good he’d be if he actually put some effort in class and one day after the tenth F, Louis is forced to go to tutor lessons with the school tutor which is of course Mister A grades Harry Styles, younger but perfect for this role and Louis falls in love with him and his quirkiness the moment he spots him with books and papers waiting for Louis in the library for the first lesson and Louis decides that his mission is to flirt with him in every way possible to avoid studying and he’s quite good at it because Harry seems very flustered around him and his hands shake and he keeps messing up with papers and explanation even if Louis is doing nothing but looking at him straight in the eyes as Harry tries to explains him for the tenth time some geography, Louis is wild with the flirt and keeps touching Harry until one day they kiss and Harry almost stops breathing oh and at the next test Louis gets an F again but damn if he fucked Harry Styles on that library table two days earlier 

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When has Liam called Zayn zed I need to hear it!!!

Hey anon,

its on this interview  - he mentions ‘zed’ fairly quietly but you can make it out at 4.30ish where they’re talking about someone being on Entertainment Tonight.

He says ‘you will’ to Niall and then Niall nods towards Harry, but then Liam says ‘Zed will’ and gives this cheesy grin to the camera.

Also on this interview, have mentioned it before I think but 4.55 onwards, its so excruciating when she asks about their celebrity crushes and they struggle through it all of them including Niall.

Then if you want some vintage Sophiam related Liam looking murderous at Harry then 6.25 onwards is your thing.

Also 6.51 when the interviewer asks them what they look for in a girl.  Liam says eyes for him.

And then they talk about the colour of the eyes and Niall instantly says brown but then Liam says something about being on the same wavelength as him and it gets a bit confusing for a moment and then though I think he’s trying to flirt with the interviewer possibly for Niall though its not entirely clear so go with me here, Liam again says ‘brown eyes’ again which is all very sweet re Sophia…awww how lovely

Oh!!!!! Whoops.

Brown eyes, now who does Liam know with brown eyes?

Yesss.  Haha. I’m reaching but its been that kind of day.

But then we close with this and the finest bit of throwing god knows what in the air and all that caution to the wind (starting at 7.30 with Harry and then this)

Want to bet how much trouble he got in for that?  Louis’ face gives you a clue.

Anyway, that was a protracted answer to what should have been something simple but I just love this interview for all the little moments in it.

And yes I still love Liam calling Zayn ‘Zed’.