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i love your style so much! every time you post clothes/accessories you buy or things you want, they're always so unique and lovely! what are your favorite stores for these things?

aww i never thought anyone even paid attention honestly but, the usual suspects! i cruise needsupply, anaise, bona drag, the frankie shop, mr larkin, garmentory, totokaelo, the dreslyn, the modist, moda operandi, pixie market, kick pleat, & other stories, cos, zara occasionally, and then some interspersed little online boutiquey brand shops i follow i guess. a few aus/nz brands like alpha60, gorman, kowtow, c/meo collective, camilla and marc, ellery, some more i can’t think of.  i can end up deep in an ebay hole for like months trying to find a single item but sometimes it works out–like i get some hyped $500+ shoes for like 80 bucks in bnib condition

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This is for @the-mercifuldeath , who’s a modiste! :)
You share the name of a beautiful flower, and the skin of an elegant creature of the night, your tireless hands are often busy sewing beautiful things and your romantic mind is always dreaming. So I choose something dramatical with an hint of victorian style, for make you looking like a creation that is came out straight of Victoria Frances’s pen. A red-burgundy smokey in the eyes, a ray of moonlight on your cheeks, and a pointed smoking red lips, with a fading hint of black. All your need is your favorite dress, and you’re ready for your date with your lover under the pale light of the moon.
Her aesthetic is gonna be ready soon  ;)

Like what I did? Send me an “ ❤ “ in my message box and I’m gonna give you an aesthetic with images based on a make-up that I think it could fit your writer/artist’s personality!

i like sunless sea a LOT but the dlc has been a heck of a double-edged sword

i betrayed the merciless modiste because i thought it would let me recruit the pirate poet but NOPE

and i completed the cladery heir storyline, not realizing that the cladery heart would immediately and automatically replace my caligo-class merchant cruiser before i even got a chance to see its stats! i had to jettison 20 units of cargo!