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Modern Times

Pairing: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers x Reader // Nat, Clint, Sam, Tony, Wanda.

Warning: cynically none Romantic, being blunt about none relationships and sex.

A/N: This is something I found randomly in my saves figured I would post it. See what y’all think.

A one shot about Reader whose a none romantic and doesn’t believe in relationships trying to explain her lifestyle to the Avengers Team, specifically the two men from the 40′s who don’t understand as she teases them.

“It just doesn’t make sense.” Steve shakes his head. Nat and Wanda laugh, Tony shrugs, Sam nods that grin on his lips, Clint is watching you with curiosity.

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The Last Lullaby

Every year it was getting harder and hard to go on. Drifting in the shallows the young merman lazily drifted on the current. He was the last of his kind. The waters that were their home, sanctuary and the very life they breathed had become poisoned. The reefs began to die away and sources of food and shelter soon followed. The kingdom they once lived in was crumbled ruins now.

His brother was all he had had left but in the past year passed away leaving Loki on his own. 

Watching the sunlight shine through the water he wondered if he should just let go, give up and let the current deliver his body into the depths to nourish the fish and remaining plant life. That thought was quickly pulled from his mind as he was pulled, his beautiful green and blue tail tangled in a fishing net.

Pulling a knife from his belt he was about to cut himself free when it gave a harsh tug. It made him drop his knife and before he could retrieve it the net pulled him again, dragging him further and further. Beginning to panic he tried to swim, fanning his tail and trying to get away but for all of his struggle it did him no good. 

Being brought to the surface he thrashed as he breached into the open air. Choking on the air he was forced to breathe though his gills were still trying to filter water into his lungs.

“Holy shit! You have to come and take a look at this!!” A voice hollered from the ship, still reeling him in; the rope cutting into his scales and turning the water around him red.

For all people that enjoy TV Shows. Return Dates

Fear The Walking Dead: August 21

From Dusk Till Dawn: September 6

American Horror Story: September 14

Gotham: September 19

Lucifer: September 19

Scream Queens: September 20

Brooklyn 99: September 20

Marvel Agents of Shield: September 20 

Chicago PD: September 21

Modern Family: September 21

Grey’s Anatomy: September 22

Chicago Med: September 22

How To Get Away With Murder: September 22

Once Upon A Time: September 25

Quantico: September 25

Marvel’s Luke Cage: September 30

Shameless: October 2

The Flash: October 4

Arrow: October 5

Supergirl: October 10

Chicago Fire: October 11

Legends Of Tomorrow: October 13

Supernatural: October 13

Jane The Virgin: October 17

The Vampire Diaries: October 21

The Walking Dead: October 23

Grimm: October 28

Teen Wolf: November 15

Sense8: December 24 (Not sure about this one)

These are all the TV Shows that I watch if you have more feel free to add them!

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Season and Series Premiers:

Friendly reminder: We’re in the season where new seasons are starting!
Tried to make it as comprehensive as I could.

Z Nation- Fri 11, Syfi
Continuum- Fri 11, Syfy
The Bastard Executioner- Tues 15, FX
Doctor Who- Sat 19, BBCA
Minority Report- Mon 21, Fox
Gotham- Mon 21, Fox
Big Bang Theory- Mon 21, CBS
Scorpion- Mon 21, CBS
Castle- Mon 21, ABC
Fresh off the Boat- Tues 22, ABC
The Muppets- Tues 22, ABC
Modern Family- Wed 23, ABC
The Middle- Wed 23, ABC
The Goldbergs- Wed 23, ABC
Empire- Wed 23, Fox
How to get away with Murder- Thurs 24, ABC
Heroes Reborn- Thurs 24, NBC
Scandal- Fri 25, ABC
Once Upon a Time- Sun 27, ABC
Bob’s Burgers- Sun 27, Fox
Brooklyn Nine-Nine- Sub 27, Fox
Simpsons- Sun 27, Fox
Last Man on Earth- Sun 27, Fox
The Daily Show w/Trevor Noah- Mon 28, Comedy Central
Agents of SHIELD- tues 29, ABC
Black-ish Wed 30, ABC

Bones- Thurs 1, Fox
Sleepy Hollow- Thurs 1, Fox
The Blacklist- Thurs 1, NBC
Flash- Tues 6, CW
iZombie- Tues 6, CW
Arrow- Wed 7, CW
Supernatural- Wed 7, CW
American Horror Story- Wed 7, FX
Vampire Diaries- Thurs 8, CW
The Originals- Thurs 8, CW
Haven- Thurs 8, Syfy
Reign- Fri 9, CW
Walking Dead- Sun 11, AMC,
Star Wars Rebels- Wed 14, DisneyXD
Supergirl- Mon 26, CBS
Grimm- Fri 30, NBC
Ash vs The Evil Dead- Sat 31, Starz

Mom- Thurs 5, CBS
Angel from Hell- Thurs 5, CBS
Elementary- Thurs 5, CBS