a mixture of madness

Scorpio is a secret island hosting its own battlefield. Wrestled by Mars, and tested to the brink of madness by Pluto. Fire and Water infuse the mixture within, beautiful, yet destructive, sumptuous Ubiquity
—  Scorpio

“Mads has an incredible face, a mixture of power and grace. It’s a heroic, almost like Christic figure. A little like Marlon Brando - his strength is coupled with a certain femininity. But his beauty is embarrassing, that’s why he feels a particular pleasure in getting ugly and incarnating the wicked, the crazy, the pitiful beings.” - Arnaud des Pallières


“He’s a great actor. Unfathomable, mysterious. His personality is a mixture of apparent madness and melancholy,” - said Thierry Frémaux, the director of the Cannes Film Festival. Jan Kounen, director of ‘Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky’ (2009), agrees: “His physique retains a dimension of mystery, whatever he does.”


Look look look!!!  The amazingly generous sradanvers commissioned this for me from Aegileif.  AEGILEIF!!!!!

And do you see how beautiful it is????

Best of all:  sradanvers suggested I guess what scene this was, and I am sure she meant from A Mixture of Madness…  But the thing is, I looked at it, and I knew already; I knew right away–but it is a scene from But I am Not Slain,  which is the UNPUBLISHED sequel to A Little Wounded.How crazy is that?

Here is the third of Aegileif’s beautiful series of artwork for A Mixture of Madness.  I’m just stunned by it–especially Bilbo’s face.  His eyes, and the tilt of his head towards Thorin–you can see how much he loves him.

Thank you so so much, SraDanvers, for these three beautiful portraits!  I can’t choose a favorite–but I suppose that’s fitting, for Mixture!

Her First Meeting

Not long ago Tonks had been approached by her former and favorite mentor, Mad-Eye Moody, had approached her with a proposition–in the fight against Voldemort came a secret order. The Order of the Phoenix. It was very hush-hush and only strongly trusted people were brought in to join. Tonks was actually quite flattered that Mad-Eye had put that kind of trust in her–as he was right too. After hearing about what Harry Potter had said after the last task at the Triwizard Tournament, lots of rumors and guesses were flying. The most popular one being that the young boy had just made it up. Tonks didn’t know why she didn’t believe this, she just…didn’t. It didn’t seem logical to her. A young boy…with so much anguish over a schoolmates death…it seemed real to Tonks. Which is why Tonks immediately said yes to Mad-Eye’s offer. Today would be her first meeting and Tonks was a mixture of excited and nervous. Mad-Eye said it was going to be more relaxed since it was one of the new Orders’ first meetings and they were still trying to get everything together. Mad-Eye had taken her to a street called Grimmauld Place. Mad-Eye did a bit of magic and walked up to the door and knocked, Tonks waiting in anticipation just behind him.


Banshee Season Finale: Sneak Peek - Ana Joins Forces with Job and Sugar