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🌿Herbal Metabolism Tea 🌿

Makes about 4-6 teabags.

🌾 Ingredients:

- 5-7 empty tea bags
- 1 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper
- 1 teaspoon of Tumeric
- 4 tea bags of Green Tea
- 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon
- 2 teaspoons of Cumin
- 2 dashes of Black Pepper
- Equal amounts of Dandelion Root to Green Tea
- 2 teaspoons of ginger
- Equal amounts of Lavender to Dandelion and Green Tea
- Honey, Agave Nectar, or Sugar

Mix the ingredients in a bowl with a small spoon. Try to get all the herbs evenly distributed, and use the small spoon to fill your empty tea bags.

Boil water, pour in your sweetener (don’t be afraid to be generous!), and let it steep until you are able to drink it without burning your tongue.

🔮📿 Ritual 📿🔮


- Amazonite: Assisting Communication
- Amethyst: Spiritual Power
- Orange Calcite: Helps with Emotional Disrupt
- Green Calcite: Amplifier of energy
- Green Aventurine: Connection to Earth
- Black Tourmaline: Grounding
- Selenite: To connect to the Moon
- Moonstone: To draw the Moon’s energies
- Calcite: For positive energies
- Green Fluorite: Aligning with my Purpose

- A Black Candle (Aligns with Capricorn, Protection, Connects to the Night) anointed with Lemongrass oil (Magical Growth)

I prayed to the Universe to help me as I transition into the next phase of my life, by blessing me with these energies for my potion.

Man, you know, I wish I wasn’t so preoccupied and low key overwhelmed with balancing my actual life responsibilities and my quietly desperate drive to create enough art/prose content to kickstart some sort of career…I wanna talk to people and make friends and have fun on here, but I’m so patchy at it. I wanna like do art trades and plan AUs with people and stuff. Alas, I don’t even remember my skype info well enough to sign in on my new computer.

Do you think ling and greed sometimes get their thoughts and emotions mixed up and have no idea whose feelings belong to who? Seeing they’ll probably feel the same thing and go like “yes…im fucking pissed. Oh wait its just ling angry at me haha”

Was it Ling or was it Greed that wanted 20 bags of chips and got emotional over cats? They just don’t know

Or like if they have the same opinion on something, would their mood become (feelings)^2 … more intense

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❛ better get your dad jokes ready. ❜

Brent was quick to place a finger over his lips when Valentina entered the room after a soft knock, gesturing toward the bed with his head. Barbara was finally sleeping for the first time since she had been fully dilated and the nurse would be coming in with Beau to nurse in a couple of hours. He wanted her to get as much rest as she could in the meantime. He stood from the chair and helped his sister place the various gifts that she was carrying onto the counter. Leave it to Valentina to come bearing teddy bears, balloons, flowers and a large box of chocolates. It was a wonder that she had been able to carry it all up to the Labor and Delivery Unit. 

Beckoning his sister to follow him back into the hallway of the maternity ward, he spoke once he had carefully shut the door. “The baby’s in the intensive care nursery.” Before Valentina could fret too much, he assured, “He’s fine, but there was a bit of abnormality with his heart rate so they wanted to keep an eye on his vitals for the first 24 hours.” The new parents had been assured that it was nothing to be too concerned about and that after that period, he could stay in the room with them in a warmer until Barbara and the baby were released to go home. 

He had only made a handful of calls once the baby was born. One to Valentina, another to Ruben, and then the rest to his cousins that he knew would want to hear the announcement from him. “We can go see him, if you want, since it’s still visiting hours.”

Valentina quirked up a brow, shining grin in place. “Is that even a question? What are we wasting time for?”  

Nodding as an acquiesce, Brent started down the path to the nursery. He was tired and ought to try and sleep himself, but there was a swell in his chest cavity that expanded throughout him, an adrenaline that was keeping him awake and aware of the enormity of it all. 

Waving his wrist over the sensor in front of the nursery’s door, his identification band was recognized and the lock clicked. Once they were inside, Brent headed straight to the sink to began washing his arms all the way up to his elbows. He waited for Valentina to do the same before he guided her over to a corner of the room. There were units lined up all along the room, newborns that were being fed or having routine tests run on. The one in front of them was sleeping, a light shining on him to keep him warm, swaddled up tight in a blue blanket. “Valentina,” His gaze kept focused on the baby as he spoke quietly to his sister, finding it difficult to tear his attention away. “I’d like you to meet Beau.”

“Beau?” Valentina repeated as she peered into the warmer, awe coloring her tone. 

“Mm. Barbara wanted to stick to the B scheme. Beau Griffiths.” It was a nice sounding name, pleasant in his mouth when he spoke it. There was none of the harshness that existed in Brent’s own name. It was fitting for the softer upbringing that Brent wished to provide for his son. Severing him from the Nott name was a good decision. It didn’t make Beau any less his son any more than Brent bearing Richard’s name in both his middle and last name had made Richard his father. It went beyond biology, Brent was beginning to learn. From this day forward, Brent had already made the decision that he wold only call Richard Nott by his name, not by Father as he had all his life. Richard was not deserving of the title and Brent couldn’t know if he was yet either, but if the first gift he could present his son with was freedom from expectation then he could only hope he was off to a decent start. 

Brent reached into the pod, gingerly lifting up the baby and positioning him so that his head was in the being supported by the crook of his arm. He then turned to Valentina in indication that he could pass Beau off to her. 

“He’s so small,” Valentina commented before opening up her arms, Brent settling the baby against her. As his sister began to cradle the baby and coo at him, Brent’s shoulders sagged with an ease that he hadn’t expected to wash over him. There was still a trace of apprehension, of uncertainty, but he wasn’t alone. 

He had a family. Small as it may be, its significance outweighed any other aspect of his life, far beyond his incoming N.E.W.T. scores that would determine his future career pursuits. 

“You and I are going to be best buds,” Valentina assured her nephew, little eyelids fluttering open and a tiny arm stretching outward, mouth opening up in a yawn. There was a fluttering, then, that bubbled out of Brent’s own mouth in a fond chuckle. “And I’m going to spoil you so hard and I’ll read you all the best books…” 

As his sister prattled on to the newborn who couldn’t even begin to comprehend what she was saying, Brent’s visage softened and he swallowed thickly. The future seemed to stretch in front of him in that instance, bright and hopeful. 

Valentina turned her eyes to her brother with a devious smile. “Better get your dad jokes ready.”

He was far from known for his humor and they both knew it. “I think I’ll leave those to you. You will be his favorite aunt, after all. It only seems fitting that you make him laugh.” 


One Bun for Mr. Josh Dun (that’ll make sense in a minute.)

(A/N) hey guys!!! i’m back and ready to write!! sorry for being gone!!
Request- Josh Dun gets you pregnant and has mixed emotions but happy none the less.
“I’ll be home in a minute babe.” Josh spoke into the phone.

“Ok, can’t wait to see you.” I say back to him. Josh had gone on tour and I can’t wait to him again. I’ve been thinking of starting a family. I told myself I wold talk to Josh about it. Just in case he wasn’t ready.

“Baby girl, I’m home!” I run to hug him he sets his bags down and he picks me up. “Why don’t we make up for lost time, ok?” I nod my head yes and we make out as we walk up the stairs. He slams me on the bed and starts kissing my neck, it feels so good to have him back. He rubs my sides as he dry humps me. I can feel him getting hard.

“C’mon Josh, stop being a tease.” I say. He smirks at me, he slowly unbuttons my jeans. Once they are off he rubs my thighs, slowly spreading them.

“Baby, take your shirt off. Bra as well.” I did as told. He kisses up my body and sucks on the nipples. He hoovers over me and slowly kisses me. He stands up and gets undressed. When he comes back he hooks his fingers into my underwear and slides them off. He inserts two fingers and pumps as hard as he can. I moan out from what he’s doing. I run my fingers through his dyed hair. Somehow it’s still soft and wispy. 

“Ok, I think you’re ready now.” He sucks his fingers and then puts them in my mouth, I suck on them. He goes in very slowly. Waiting for me to give him a sign or something. I nod and he slams all the way in. I scream, he takes this as a sign to go faster. He grips my hips, he moves us so he’s sitting on the bed and I’m riding him in a way. He moves me up and down on him.

“Oh, you feel real nice baby girl.” He says. I grab his face and kiss him. I break it off and moan in his mouth. I push him so he falls back on the bed. He moves my hips so I move faster. I grip the sheets as we move faster. His hands fondle my breasts as he comes. I follow shortly after.

“I forgot how good you are.” Josh says as we get under the covers. I kiss his cheek as we start to fall asleep. 

////////////////////3 DAYS AFTER//////////////////

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Competitive OW Skin Analysis- D.va

B.va: I mean, i’ve seen maybe one and they usually dont say anything pre-match (not even Hi!) and switch to an offense hero (or Mei) if things dont go well

Scavenger/Junker:  Say hi a lot mid-game, emote, and also mess around.  usually decent d.vas and also use their shield for their allies rather than constantly diving in to die.

Junebug: evil. the Worst bc they’re the best at being a offensive d.va and they play to fucking Win.  The reason why its a good thing d.va in Mech cant t-bag.

Palanquinn:  Not enough Data to provide a useful analysis of overall playstyle, but likely a mix of Junebug players who like the femme look but also players who had yet to really like a skin for d.va, and also players who want to be in seasonal attire.

White Rabbit/Carbon Fiber:  Are you kidding me?  get off d.va you clearly dont play her enough to survive in competitive as her.  Probably a offense main that picked her as a tank post-buff really reluctantly.

Larrie vs Negativity

Our entire fandom is probably a mixed bag of opinions, for obvious reasons. So the most important thing to the healthy sustainability of our fandom is tolerance of people with different opinions and beliefs to your own, and positivity for Louis and Harry by trying to stick to posts that for the majority, make people happy, or if it’s sad - at least sad about the right things.

The problem in the Larrie fandom is getting upset, angry, depressed and exhausted about things we shouldn’t have to feel those negative emotions about. The only way to truly know if it’s something sad, is if it’s something the boys are visibly sad about themselves. All the rest of the fandom-made sadness is speculation and fiction - things that we should actively be trying to maintain an emotional neutrality with. And yet we don’t and so as a result we have many mood problems from the content people are putting out and a widespread suffering from things outside our control. We need to become aware of the problems, and we need to change for the sake of the fandom’s survival before we self-destruct from all this fandom-made stress.

So how do you defeat negativity within yourself? Sometimes all it is, is a matter of changing perspective. If you are just too exhausted of being angry and depressed all the time because of the way you feel about things, then just change the very way you feel about things. Emotions, and feelings in general can be extremely difficult to manage and deal with, but if you push yourself to work these feelings out in your head, you will become much lighter, and I believe happier, afterwards.

As always, please don’t give your notes to negativity. Try to be a positive blog that helps lift the fandom mood up and most importantly, love each other and love your Larents. :)

Good luck Larries!!

The-Lourries Team

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Merry Threesome Eve Skip! You looking forward to tomorrow?

Thanks, Ed! I am! It’s bittersweet in a way because I’m going to end things with B after this but I’m excited for the threesome. It’s a mixed bag of emotions at this point. I plan on having a drink before hand. Plus, girls! Girls are good.

Whatever you do, do not think about Connor coming home well after Oliver’s gone to bed.

The apartment has an unnatural silence at that time of the night that’s entirely unnerving to Connor as he slips out of his jacket and toes off his shoes. When Oliver is awake, the apartment is filled with the sounds of his fingers running quickly over the keyboard and soft music or a television program going in the background for noise. It has life and in the middle of the night, it’s sad and depressing.

Connor walks over to their bedroom and stands by the doorway for a few moments, just entranced by Oliver’s sleeping form. How still and quiet he is. He feels mixed bag of emotions; glad for his peaceful rest, but it seems so odd to see Oliver still, even in sleep. Oliver is always going, always doing something around the apartment, always rambling on about something that Connor cannot fully comprehend. Tech talk. Connor has grown to love anything that Oliver says, even those things above his understanding.

He finally crosses the divide between them, aching to feel his skin pressed against his own. Connor strips down to his boxer briefs, not bothering with a tank top. Sliding under the sheets, a long suppressed sigh of relief from finally being in apartment 303 after a trying day slips from his lips, alerting his sleeping boyfriend of his presence. Oliver blinks his eyes open blearily, giving Connor the sleepiest smile. Connor’s heart clenches; he’s so in love with every smile, every kiss, every touch.

“Welcome home.” Oliver murmurs as he opens his arms for Connor. Connor slides into his embrace, pressing his face into the crook of Ollie’s neck and breathing deeply. He’s finally home, back in Oliver’s arms. Ollie presses a gentle kiss into Connor’s hair, mussed and tortured by a day of stressful tugging and nervous habits. Connor finds sleep easy.

In all, the Skywalkers are a pretty mixed bag: powerful, but emotional, petulant and frequently tempted by the allure of evil. It’s Ben Kenobi in the earlier episodes that is truly virtuous, noble and pure of heart. He’s our true hero. He’s incorruptible. He sacrifices himself at the end of A New Hope to show Luke the power of faith in the force, saving him and the galaxy in the process.

Wouldn’t it then make complete narrative sense for a Kenobi (Rey) to be the true hero of the saga – perhaps even saving the soul of another conflicted Skywalker (Ben Solo/Kylo Ren) later in the new trilogy? How satisfying would that be to learn that the nine episode arc is really, underneath it all, about the Kenobi family and not the Skywalkers?


Watch - What Has @Pink Been Up To? Getting Inspired… By Martha Stewart | MTV News

Pink opens up about her upcoming album and reveals that Martha Stewart is the woman that’s inspiring her the most right now.

On her next album:

Pink - “I don’t know what I’m doing,” she said. “I’m doing stuff, but I don’t know what it is.”

Post you+me, on her sound:

PInk -  “I don’t think it’s a new side of me if you have listened to my albums. If you’re listening to singles, then it’s definitely ’Woah,‘” Pink said of the project with Dallas. “But I’ve always been an acoustic person. My dad and I did one of his songs a couple records ago. There’s always an acoustic section of my shows. I live for that. I live for Dallas. That was a fun record to make. I’m just a mixed bag of emotions.”

Who she would like to collaborate with:

Pink -  “I’ve worked with so many rad people, but I’m still holding out for Lauryn Hill someday,” she said. “I mean holding out, not very hopeful, just holding out.”


Fool Me Once (AU)

Feliciano sat in the home shed built with Ludwig, looking solemnly at the door. She had a mix of emotions running through her, the most prominent one was sadness. It was almost one in the morning and she was waiting for her husband to come home. She had been told he went on a camping trip with his father, but now she knew that wasn’t true.

Beside the couch she had several suit cases and bags, all packed with Ludwigs belongings. His cloths, his guns, anything he might need. She couldn’t do this anymore. She hated the lies, she hated the insecurity, and she hated that it come to this. She took a deep breath, waiting for Ludwigs return.

Anything Could Happen || Julian and Jude

The build up to the big New Year’s party had been great. Coming back to Buxton from Christmas in Tallahassee with his family was a relief and a half. His first high after returning to the campus had felt like heaven - it’s not that he didn’t love spending time with his family, it was the emotions that the Christmas season brought to the surface about his brother. That, mixed with having to remain sober was never something he could out and enjoy.

By the time it had gotten dark and every one were in their various places around the building - around the bonfire outside, in the kitchen, the living room and undoubtedly, a few would be upstairs occupying the bedrooms - Jude was floating on a clouded high and half way through his bottle of tequila. It’s not that he’d been having it alone. He was carrying around a bag of limes and a salt shaker for a fun little game called lick-sip-suck. When Jude turned a corner he almost ran straight into Julian, though it took him a moment to realise who it was.


If there was ever a way for two people to bridge the gap between dimensions, it was Stiles and Scott who’d figure it out.

The alpha recognized two things as he blinked himself into awareness. First, his room smelled musty, as if it hadn’t been occupied in a while. And second, that the hole in his chest where Stiles had once occupied was still there and more raw than ever. He pushed himself into a sitting position, rubbing hands over his face as he reached around for his phone.

When he came up empty, Scott sighed, running hands through dark hair then. Trudging downstairs, he wasn’t prepared for the look on his mother’s face, the shattering of a mug and the sudden, abrupt warmth of her throwing herself into her son’s arms.

Finding out he was apparently dead, in wherever this was, and that Stiles was still alive brought forth a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, his every instinct screamed for him to go seek out his best friend, but the other part of him wasn’t sure he could take seeing Stiles again, his heart still in fragile pieces.

The decision was made for him then, when a familiar heartbeat and a familiar enough scent filled his nose, his heart leaping into his throat as Stiles was suddenly in his doorway, staring at the alpha.


of emotions and humanity (link and download)

Overture/Tron OST ✦ Kida Returns/Atlantis OST ✦ True Love’s Kiss/Maleficent OST ✦ Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus/Narnia OST ✦ Dreaming of Bag End/The Hobbit OST ✦ Epicy/Kíla ✦ Reprise/Spirited Away OST ✦ This Land/Lion King OST ✦ Hedwig’s Theme/Harry Potter OST

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