a mix of all of them

The Mountain Goats - Amy Aka Spent Gladiator 1 | Metric - Help I’m Alive (Acoustic) | Shamir - In For The Kill (Acoustic) | Watsky - Wounded Healer | Jenny Owen Youngs - Voice On Tape | Gregory And The Hawk - In Fact | Lianne La Havas - Unstoppable (Acoustic) | Blind Pilot - The Story I Heard | Kimya Dawson - I Like Giants | Say Anything - A Walk Through Hell

a mix for the Oxenfree gang, and for maybe not dying. 


BTS react when they see your journal

Anonymous said:

How about a written BTS reaction when they accidentally see your (open) journal and how you wrote mushy, love-y things about them (and you’re just friends, oops)? Please? Thank you! :D (I’m not sure if you’ll do all of them or just some, but if you just want a few then namjoon + kook + tae?)

Jin: You’d probably gone somewhere and left your journal open without realizing and then BAM he stumbles upon your journal. I feel like he would be so embarrassed,, like it wasn’t his intention to see your journal but he did. He doesn’t know what to think since you’re just friends but now that he knows these knew found feelings you have for him he would get mixed emotions whether he feels the same or not. He wouldn’t confront you about it until he’s sure what he feels is true.

Yoongi: He’d probably be teasing you and grab the journal playfully making you reach for it until you actually manage to swat it out of his grasp that it falls wide open revealing your feelings for him. Honestly you would both be flustered AF but he would try to play it off nonchalantly like it wasn’t a big deal. But on the inside he would feel all mushy unsure of his feelings for you,, he would suddenly see you in a different way,, not as friend but as more.

Hoseok: He would see you writing in your journal just smiling and he would be so curious as to what was in that journal. He would ask you but when you denied him access he had no other option but to try and snatch it. When he did he started reading it out loud,, and then realization hit him that it was about him. He would feel so happy you think of him so dearly that he would just feel the need to embrace you and who knows maybe he might return the feelings.

Namjoon: It’d probably be a situation where you’d go over to his place and help him with some work he was trying to do. And with him being so full of meaning he would probably jot down every inspiration he got for future references,, and he accidentally grabs your notebook. It wasn’t until he started reading that he realized that’s probably not his journal. He wouldn’t know what to feel at the moment,, you guys are just friends but how could he so so clueless?? 

Jimin: He would see how dear the journal was to you that you wouldn’t let anyone see it so obviously he’d get curious as to what was so special about that journal. So when he sees that the coast is clear he’d go for your journal and read something he didn’t expect. By the time you came back he’d have a smug look on his face and when you see your journal open behind him you’d realize he knows now. But his reaction would take you by surprise when he pecks you on the cheek and just smiles like an idiot because he actually has some feelings for you too.

Taehyung: Lets be real here he probably would’ve taken your journal when you didn’t notice and when he gets home he’d forget he even had it in his school bag and would skim through it until he sees what you’ve written about him and he would get all giddy and happy. The next day he would confront you and extend your journal out to you and you would just be so red but he would be smiling the whole time because he’s never met someone who’s had such genuine feelings for him.

Jungkook: You’d both probably be rushing to class and accidentally bump into each other and your journal just happens to slip out of your grasp and open to that one page you’d hope he never sees. He’d apologize and offer to pick your things up until he reaches for your journal and manages to glance at the writing before you snatch it away. He probably super red and awkward but before you try to get past him he’d get a grasp of your fore arm and would pull you into his chest and whisper a quick ‘i like you’ before he lets go and practically sprints to his class.

Crush Reboot!!

Phase 1-Day 1- Chest!

So now that I’m a few sessions in with my trainer I’m gonna throw crush60 back into the mix. (I slacked so eh full reboot!)

Now my new gym has a smith machine, but I always used them at Planet Fitness, so just got kicked I used it for my first set of Barbell Flat Chest press at 90 lbs (40 kg) “okay that was cool” then I move to the actual rack where it’s all me. Like the previous tweet I reblogged from @fitwellnerds Twitter account (shameless plug) it was like I never lifted before!!!! But I finished the last 4 sets at 90 so that’s something! And Dips (chest targeted) 😣😣😣 I could only do like 4 at a time until I was about to collapse off this thing! So the rest of the workouts went well, 4 sets until failure push-ups were a joke but I did all 4 sets.

So here’s the aftermath of this afternoons workout. Not sure if I ever showed all that shirt, haha and apparently my nips are excited to see you all. Just measured for accountability purposes my chest is at 43" if I did it right.

So if you haven’t go get your weekend workout in! I’m gonna tag some people to post a weekend workout selfie 😁

@zamplifts @danigurl87 @kevwinchester @lordbates @dreamingpaigee @runningwithhsv @fitchris25 @barbellbachelorette

Rewind - Chapter 1

Pairing: HideKane

Side pairs: NishiKimi, TouRiko

Summary:  “Notebook?” They all asked, looking at him with curiosity. “This. It has the names of all five of the victims from ten years ago in it, and it has a description of exactly how to get the Book and Bookmark of Demise.”

Notes: Shuuen no Shiori AU! Mixing up my two favorite fandoms. If you have any comments or questions, shoot me a message, okay?

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katiebuttercup asked:

Poor France and the fashion disasters of both England and Portugal 😉 I guess with nations you are only worth what kind of treaty you can make and it's never been that with England and Portugal they just love each other. Like they have other alliances and "marriages" but this friendship means everything and that makes them both dumb because they've seen what happens when you fall in love one century and find yourself on opposite battlefields the next decade.

England - and then Britain - at least improved in fashion to the point there was some cross-exchange between Britain and France, and nowadays most of the bitching is just rivalry between the London and Paris fashion capitals. But England personally is still dressing 9 times out of 10 for comfort and practicality. (There are cardigans. Not even the sleek, draping kind, no. These are giant fluffy monstrosities that have knobbly bits and look like they’re trying to eat the wearer alive.)

Portugal just grabs whatever practical piece of clothing he’s bought that’s nearest and wears it until it falls off of him. (Body of a god. Clothes like he got dressed in the dark.) Scotland’s just as bad (’it’s got plenty of wear and tear left in it’/’IT HAS A HOLE UNDER THE ARMPIT’), and France wants to cry. Cry and throttle all of them. If Spain shows up in his farming clothes on top of this France is just going to artfully wail into a chaise lounge and then kill them all. At least that way he can bury them in something fashionable.

I find engport of particular interest, because even though the love might be a constant thing, you can chart the power shift between them, and how it impacts their relationship. Portugal, older, and as pretty much the first Western European Empire, starts off with the upper hand, with the new knowledge and a world he’s literally divided in half with Spain. And then England goes through a trial by fire with civil war, and tries every trick in the book - marriage, war, marriage, mercantilism, war, bribery, threats and extortion - and then when it is the British Empire with the upper hand, Portugal’s Empire days are dying, dying, done, because their relationship is blowing up in both their faces with the British Ultimatum.

Code Blue

Dean x Reader

Words: 2566

Warnings: Everything is a warning. Violence, blood…just…yeah.

Don’t want to give away the major point in the story so just please read with CAUTION!

A/N: This idea popped into my brain and wouldn’t leave until it was written down, so here it is. Heartbreaking and unnecessary. Enjoy

Originally posted by areyou-stillawake

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the birds were chirping, and the air was full of the wailing sirens of police cars and ambulances.

You sat on the curb and watched the people as they frantically ran around you, a mix of crying parents, focused police and shaken students. 

Paramedics were surrounding you, trying to get you to talk and tell them the things they needed to know, but all you could do was sit and stare. 

Going into shock is different for everyone, some people pass out, others scream and convulse, but you just sat there. Your fists balled up in your jacket so you didn’t have to see the blood on them, though you could still smell it. The metallic tang of it etched into your mind forever.

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patrochilleis asked:

lukethan and 16/19 ;)))

#16: Over and over again, till it’s nothing but a senseless babble & #19: With no space left between us [no more please!] 

also @cedricdiggery, i figured you might like this one

Luke’s standing there, looking over at him as though Ethan was going to slam the door back in his face.

Honestly, Ethan feels like doing so, but the overwhelming sensation that Luke is right there is enough to stop his actions and derail his train of thought.

And then suddenly, he really is right there, closing the gap between them in two steps. From this distance, Ethan can practically count all the pale freckles that dance across his cheeks and he can feel Luke’s hot breath mixing with his own.

“Hey,” Luke says, the first word spoken between them in a number of days. His voice was soft yet raw, and Ethan could hear the hidden emotion masked behind his calm and collected tone.

“I missed you.” Are the next words spoken, and Ethan’s surprised that a shocked expression doesn’t fall over his face.

“Luke,” Ethan says, and he hears his own voice crack ever so slightly. The I missed you, too remains unspoken.

The flicker of Luke’s eyes down to his lips is the only warning Ethan gets before Luke closes the remaining gap between them. His lips are just as soft as Ethan remembered them to be, maybe even softer. And this time, Luke taste like mint and vanilla, a combination that probably shouldn’t have existed yet was so Luke.

The kiss is hot and messy and Ethan’s not really sure how his front door got closed but he’s glad it did because it gives him the opportunity to push Luke up against it. Every nerve in his body is working on overdrive, every sensor on high alert. He can distinctly feel where Luke’s hands are running through his hair and how muscular his stomach feels when it’s pressed against his own.

And then suddenly he feels his whole world spin. In reality, it’s just Luke flipping them around so that Ethan’s the one pressed up against the door.

(Ethan desperately ignores the fact that Luke looks really fuck hot and goes back to focusing on how good the kiss feels.)

“Hey,” Luke whispers, and part of Ethan wants to complain when he lifts their lips apart.

“Hey yourself,” is what he chooses to say instead, feeling like he’s on cloud nine yet falling back down to Earth all at the same time.

And then, Luke casts his gaze away. His breath becomes ragged, as though he’s fighting with himself.

Luke, Ethan wants to say, but remains silent instead.

“Ethan,” is what Luke says out loud. “I think I love you.”

Ethan doesn’t hesitate to press their lips back together, hoping it says I love you too.

When they break apart again, Ethan can see a smile stretch across Luke’s face and he can tell he got the message.

Then Luke repeats it, again and again until it the words begin to blend together and Ethan can’t distinguish one word from the next.

“I love you,” Luke says as his hands run down Ethan’s hips.

“I love you,” Luke whispers as his hands find their way into Ethan’s hair.

“I love you,” Luke’s murmurs as his lips brush against Ethan’s neck.

“I love all of you,” Luke says, voice low and rough and just above a whisper. Ethan’s not really sure when Luke’s hands had come to rest against his thighs, but the look Luke’s giving him makes Ethan not really care.

“I love you, too.”

mango-chess asked:

Oh my god tiger stealing damian would be so interesting- where would he keep him? Where would the live? Does he still do spy things? How good of a dad is he? Does Dick try to steal him back?

They would probably just travel! Just to make it harder for Batfam to find them. Stopping crime and bad guys as they went along, since Damian’s no longer Robin and Tiger’s no longer with Spyral. 

Tiger is an EXCELLENT dad. Like, the perfect mix of Talia - high expectations and a teacher - and Bruce - strong and quietly doting. He loves the piss out of that kid, and wants him happy and safe, but knows Damian can hold his own, and should hold his own, all while teaching him his own compassion and skills and like, meditation methods.

You bet your booty Dick goes after them. Is filled with a hardcore like, rage, because Tiger was his partner, and Dick trusted him, and then Tiger turned around and stole his fucking kid. He basically deflects and ignores why Tiger stole Damian in the first place, until they meet face to face probably a few years later.

anonymous asked:

Which wips are you working on now??? I sincerely love everything you write 💞💞

Weeeeeell. I have mixed feelings towards lists but I’m going to make one anyway of all the things that are on my WIP list and how much work/thought I’ve put into them recently. Obviously this could change at any time, and I don’t consider anything on my WIP list abandoned, but there are some things I haven’t thought about in a really long time. Anyway, here it goes:

Things I’ve Worked On Recently(ish):

Famous/Non-famou AU

College AU part 3

Creatures AU

Weird nuzzling fic

Clone-a-willy fic

Things I’ve Written A Little More Of Or Have Been Thinking About But Aren’t At The Top Of The List:


Mpreg fic

Fluffer AU

Lactation fic

Werewolves AU

Prison AU

Things I Think About Sometimes But Haven’t Written Anything For In A While:

The one where Louis can’t sleep alone so Harry sleeps with him

Sex or gender swap fic

The one where Harry eats Louis out because he misses eating girls out

A Harry/Liam/Louis threesome fic

Things I Haven’t Thought About In A While But That Doesn’t Mean They’re Abandoned:

The fic where Louis is the one who isn’t ready to come out

The one where Louis is in the hospital for something minor and it comes out that he likes wearing panties

The other university AU

The one where Louis tells Harry to move out because they act too much like a couple

The other amnesia AU

The high school fic

The fake relationship due to a video of them holding hands fic

A/B/O sextape fic

Things I Haven’t Actually Started Writing As A Full Fic But Want To:

A fic where Louis’ nipples are very sensitive and naturally Harry is the only one who plays with them 

The vampire drabbles fic!

The prince Louis/butler Harry fic!

The gladiator Harry/prince Louis fic!

anonymous asked:

do you know any fics similar to 'Don't Touch Draco's Girl' or 'Rules to kissing my wife' ??

  • Don’t Touch My Mudblood - T, 22 chapters - Okay, so I thought that being part Veela would be a damn good thing. But having that Mudblood Granger for a mate has proved to be deplorably dangerous to my health.
  • A to Z (Chapter 10 - J is for Jealousy) By: UbiquitousPhantom - T, WIP - A small collection of 26 oneshots, all starting with one letter of the alphabet. Dramione, of course.
  • Stark Raving Mad By: SableUnstable - M, one-shot - Take one Christmas party, a cocky, overzealous Gryffindor, a bushy-haired bookworm and an arrogant, possessive, platinum blond Slytherin, who may or may not be a jealous git. Now, mix them all together and what do you get? One hell of a headache! Dramione one-shot, rated M for language and adult content.

- Lisa

shibaryuandlittleekans asked:

For "Send Me a Ship" thing-a-ma-jig: Petra x Axel

  • Who worries about how they will look when they’re older

When you used to spend all your time in the Nether and abandoned mines, you don’t care so much for appearance as you do getting the job done. Same when you get more than enough comments on your size, to the point where the rest of your looks don’t matter and you feel that you’re lucky that no one comments on them.

  • Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s

Axel. He knows more about music than Petra, if only because it rarely comes up in her line of work and most of the places she frequents/used to frequent, and enjoys doing it to pass the time.

  • Clings to the other during scary movies

While neither of them clings, per se, if something does scare either one of them, they might hold onto the other’s arm a bit tightly. Just a bit.

  • Gets into the shower with the other randomly

Axel; he stopped startling Petra by the third time. She has no idea how a man so big can be so sneaky.

  • Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone

Petra, if she’s trying to be flirty. It works every time.

  • Initiates hand holding while the other is driving

Petra. Especially if she’s stressed, she likes having something to keep her grounded.

  • Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events

Neither of them. They’d probably be more reserved in public. It’s an entirely different matter when they’re in private, however.

  • Asks weird questions in the middle of the night

Petra. During the day she sees all sorts of things, all sorts of people, and it’s not until night, when she’s in the same bed as somebody who loves her, that she considers talking about them and asking the questions that have been gathering in her head.

  • Asks “what are you thinking about?”

Axel. He knows Petra has a lot more on her mind than she lets on, and he’s always curious about what she has to say.

  • Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do)

Oh, I’d say both. Hand holding, arms linked, small kisses, the little things.

anonymous asked:

the thing i like the most about peri is theyre young enough to not have been around during the war. All they have is what people told them, which is very capable of being half truths or lies made out of bitterness n hatred of what occured during the war. Assuming they were told anything at all n didn't just find things out over documents

I am so, SO sorry I’ve been so late. It’s been a long ass few weeks academically. If I survive this semester, it’ll be a damn miracle.

But anyways! Peridot’s a fascinating character, and I reckon a large part of that is due to reprogramming everything she’s ever been taught. Mixed fusion’s ‘bad’–she realizes its functions are not only useful, but can even be demonstrations of pure, unadulterated love. Earth’s ‘useless’–she realizes not only is it abundant with fruitful assets, but it’s full of life and creatures deserving of life. 

Knowing Peridot, she probably poured over all available data before heading her assignment. But even data are unreliable when derived from biased sources (well, all science maintains degrees of biases, but that’s another argument). I’m sure they told her just enough information to do the job, but again, it’d lack context and be shaped as nothing more than vitriolic propaganda. 

Coming to rework everything you’ve ever been taught and grow from personal experiences is a great character arc, and the show’s doing it just right: take considerable time to show her evolution and not have it as a snap judgement, like ‘falling in love’ narratives tend to illustrate. Loving what they’re doing so far and I can’t wait for more!

anonymous asked:

thoughts on little mix?

my angels, literally love them all to death!!! but i wish they would stop culturally appropriating

anonymous asked:

I wish they would give us these moments when the MC and guy are older with a family. It's been seen with Randy, Azusa and Joel. It'd be nice if they did a spin-off or short story.

Everyone actually has gotten this future-family-snapshot treatment except the two Goldsteins (for Yukiya, reference Sweet n Delightful Date; for Luca, Battle Mode in Love Sandwich).

I’m a little mixed on this myself. While I’d certainly like seeing some indication of a future for all of them, as I’ve said before, I’m also interested in the question of what MC (and her love interest) ends up doing career-wise with her smorgasbord of somewhat unique talents, and I don’t love that so far her canon future only shows marriage and motherhood. I’m sure she has much to offer the world in addition to that! (Not to diminish the value of marriage and motherhood, but what I mean is that having a rare skill like time travel would certainly hint at unique career possibilities to me…)

more cashmere things

Full Name: Cashmere Vera Callahan
Gender and Sexuality: Female. Pansexual.
Pronouns: She/Her.
Ethnicity/Species: Human of mixed, but unspecified, Caucasian and Asian descent.
Birthplace and Birthdate: Assumed to be somewhere in the Commonwealth; Oct. 25th.
Guilty Pleasures: Playing pranks, vodka, star-gazing.
Phobias: Glowing Ones. 
What They Would Be Famous For: Long-distance marksmanship.
What They Would Get Arrested For: Treason. 
OC You Ship Them With: *nervous giggling*

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: A combined and premeditated effort of all her friends. 

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: History, Action Adventure, Sci-Fi

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Horror, Romance
Talents and/or Powers: Hacking terminals and weapon modding. Highly proficient with a rifle.

Why Someone Might Love Them: Cashmere can be very fun to be around, she likes to tease and play pranks, but knows where to draw the line. She is very protective of people she cares about.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: She can get kind of bossy in stressful situations. She doesn’t communicate personal feelings very well. Sometimes she lectures if she doesn’t like the outcome of something.
How They Change: Cashmere is losing some of her selfish tendencies, previously too used to looking out for herself within the Brotherhood. She is making friends, and showing a more playful side.
Why You Love Them: Fallout 4 was my first Fallout game, and I met a bunch of lovely people because of it. I always make a habit of turning my main character into a companion-type and having so many other OCs to interact with is awesome. 

I am just so bad at life. I have nothing but oats (that were given to me) and instant coffee packets (I stole from work) and tea bags (I stole from work) in the apartment. So I open up the oats and spill them all over the place (they are still there), then I heat up water in the microwave in a dirtiesh mug because all the bowls are reallyyyy dirty, then try to flavor the oatmeal by putting a tea bag in the water, then I put way too many oats per water ratio so it is super thick, and flavorless, so I empty a packet of instant coffee mix in it, and then stir with chopsticks because all my spoons are dirty, then I try eating it with the chopsticks which is doable because it is so thick, and it is bloody disgusting. The instant coffee was a BAD IDEA. Oh, now while I’m writing this it has congealed even more. And this is my one mug, so now I have to actually wash it in order to wash this taste out of my mouth. I think I’ll just go to the convenience store.

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if this will work for succulents and ants but for infestations of other pests in other plants, you can usually get rid of them if you spray periodically with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the tip! I use rubbing alcohol mixed with water on mine. But I only really get mealybugs. (Found a big one in my circle prop container with all the babies.)