a mirror i really need to clean

I wish we could hurry up get through this bullshit of being apart and start our lives together. Instead of snuggling your hoodie and laying my head on your pillow with my tears covering it, I wish I was snuggling you with my head on your chest because I sleep so much better with you. Instead of falling asleep on the phone, I wish I was falling asleep to your kisses. Instead of waking up to your text, I wish I was waking up to your perfect little smile. Instead of your tooth brush sitting in the holder in the same spot where you left it, I wish I was yelling at you because you left it out on the counter. Instead of my floor being clean, I wish it was covered with your clothes because you never pick up after yourself. Instead, of eating pizza rolls and having them all to myself, I wish I was able to give you the last one because I know you really want it. Instead of having my whole bathroom to get ready, I wish you were kicking me out and making me use the small mirror so you can use the big one (even though you don’t need it because you are already beautiful without makeup) Instead of watching movies on FaceTime, I wish we were arguing over the remote and who gets to pick what show we watch. Instead of eating whatever I want for dinner, I wish we were taking hours trying to decide what to eat since you always say “i don’t care” Instead of having my bed to myself, I wish I was sharing it with you and falling off the edge since you take up so much space. In stead of being apart I wish I was there or you were here. Instead of being 600 miles apart I wish we were getting on each other’s nerves from being together so much. I wish I was with you, living our dysfunctional but yet perfect life together

Confidence // Kim Seokjin


the prompt: could you please do a prince!seokjin fluffy scenario? au i used: “my parents are hosting a royal ball with neighboring monarchs and you noticed me, heir to the throne, shoving food into a bag to steal.”

words: 4425

category: fluff

author note: seokjin deserves all the love in the world i hope he knows how loved he is.

- destinee

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I’ve seen some au’s where different groups are pocket sized, and they’re really cute! So i have decided to do my own ^~^ I think i will also do a GOT7 version of this!


Namjoon/Rap Monster

🌸 Namjoon would be a very ambitious pocket friend, and try to be helpful with things such as homework or sharpening you a pencil.

🌸 He’ll say “I got it”, but please don’t let this ean out of you sight, he is very clumsy and a fall from high up like your dresser would not be good. protect him.

🌸 Like to on your solider to be the most helpful wtih his suggestions.

🌸 very precious boy!

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🌸  very smol. but dont worry, he’ll be okay.

🌸 unlike Namjoon, he would be able to be left alone without falling off a dresser or falling into a bathtub full of water.

🌸 would also like to be helpful, and is very good at it. fine details in a drawing? he’s gotchu fam.

🌸 overalls. wear overalls and he’ll stay in there all day with you. its so cute.

🌸  really like to use tea cups for warm baths, so be careful.

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🌸  sleep,sleep, sleep.

🌸  got a small box? great, just put some fabric in as a small blanket, and that’s Yoongi’s new favorite spot.

🌸  pockets. are. his. favorite. portable. sleeping. place.

🌸 watch this one, he is prone to sleep in places he shouldn’t.

🌸 bluetooth speakers a amazing for when he’s gotta be swag and listen to hardcore rap.

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🌸 “can I?!?”

🌸 no,no, you can’t use the sink as a pool.

🌸 “hey, y/n, take me with you to the ice cream shop!”

🌸 will sleep on top of your head.

🌸 hold him. please. he is soft.

🌸   if you have a dog, they’re best friends.

🌸  tiny jhope dimples. yes, i am weak.

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🌸 “hold me please.”

🌸 tiny box smile.

🌸 loves to do everythign with you. your best friend.

🌸 really like when you wear fuzzy sweaters. (so fuzzy)

🌸 probably will sleep on top of your pillow.

🌸 please don’t forget about him, he needs your affection.

🌸 smol body, big heart.

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🌸 this boy somehow manages to cook for you, even though he is so small.

🌸 big meals.big.

🌸 please carry snakcs in your bag, he would greatly appreciate that.

🌸 “please, not that outfit y/n”

🌸 helps you choose clothes in the morning.

🌸 please love him, he somehow cleans up your messes.

🌸 has his own tiny mirror. “i look so handsoem y/n.”

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🌸 “y/n! what was that sound– i mean i’ll protect you!”

🌸 wants to be big, so he acts big.

🌸 wants to prove himself to you so badly.

🌸 has tiny weights to lift.

🌸 muisc, music all the time.

🌸 “y/n can i use your ipod?”

🌸 hugs your hand.

🌸 like to play with your hair.

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this is so short and not very descriptive, sorry! nonetheless, i hope you enjoyed :) please feel free to send in requests. 


Okay, the lighting was bad, so the pictures don’t really do this justice. But I spent one 20/10 cleaning the sink and counter, cleaning/dusting the stuff that I actually use every day, and putting away the stuff that didn’t need to be out. Which wasn’t much, because a few months ago when I first starting following @unfuckyourhabitat, I put that stuff away and made myself keep that habit, at least.

Not pictured - I also cleaned the mirror above the sink.

Depression and fatigue have been kicking my ass lately, but I’m going to start kicking back, one 20/10 at a time. (Or 5/15, or whatever I can manage.) I thought I’d focus on little things where I can make a visible difference quickly, because that might help the depression if I can see my progress easily. And I know it doesn’t look like much in these pictures, but trust me - in person, it’s TONS better than it was!

Come what may

This is my proudest work so I am tagging all of you I don’t even care. Also, it was very hard to choose who would play as who, so just so you know, we have Prince as Satine and Anxiety as Christopher, just so no one gets disappointed.

Moulin Rouge AU with Prinxiety and side Logicality.

Warnings: sexual harrassment, slurs, implied prostitution, main character death

Tags: @dan-yuna @clutzyrevolution @liberalautisticnerd831 @purple-chaos-buttonmaster @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic @deafchildcrossing @prinxietytrash @idk-and-idc-and-idr @romanass @killerfangirl3 @prinxietyhell @the-sanders-sides @a-wannabe-canadian @velocifoxy @jetsnacks @prinanalogicality @the-prince-and-the-emo @prinxietys

PS: if you don’t want to read it for any of the reasons stated in the warnings, don’t worry, you don’t have to.


Alex was nothing more than a poor, visionary poet.

When he moved to Paris, his father told him to never come back to London. He wasn’t planning to anyway.

Arriving in Paris, he met a theatre group, one of the bohemians. He fell in love immediately, that small group being exactly what he had been searching. A five man group that drank all night and wrote fantasy stories.

He was living the dream.

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100% didn’t realize how dirty my mirror was until I took this photo. Yes, I immediately cleaned it once I noticed.

Feeling real blah today (well, this entire weekend), but at least I don’t look too blah. It’s going on midnight and I’m finally in bed. Alarm is set for 5:15am because I can’t keep making excuses. I need to workout and I know if I don’t workout tomorrow morning, I won’t workout at all.

This week is going to suck if I’m being honest. I haven’t really planned yet what I’m going to teach and what test prep we will do. I spent the little free time I had this weekend cleaning/organizing, grading, and getting those random teacher things done that had been piling up. Cross your fingers for me that I get a lot done tomorrow.

Workout stuff is pulled out.
Coffee is made.
Breakfast and lunch are ready to go.
Crockpot dinner is prepped.
Bags are organized.

Let’s do this. (*cue internal screaming*)

Risk For Reward (Finn Balor) Vol. 4

Prompt: You are the new make-up artist for WWE. You have no prior knowledge of Finn or the work that goes into creating the demon. With a whole new world to discover is there room to be anything but professional? Your biggest test will be fighting your new demon(s) and showing that’s this job was made for you. Even if resisting Finn will be harder than you first thought.

Pairing: Finn Balor & Reader

Word count: 1.2k

Warning: None..yet ;)

Those who wish to be tagged! @ambrosegirlforever


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Divergent Eric imagine/one shot - weakness

(Requested by multiple people. Warnings: violence.)
(Summery: you’re an amity transfer and Eric thinks your weak so he pushes you until you break.)

“Come on, Amity! Do you really think you’re going to beat anyone using your arms like that?!” Eric snaps at you.
You’re sending your bruised and raw fists into the punching bag as hard as you can, however with your weak throws you know it’s not doing any damage.
Thick sweat pours down your face and back, you pant like some type of canine and tears threaten to spill.
Eric’s been picking on the weak ones recently, especially you, being a transfer from amity everyone was shocked you’ve even made it this far.
You feel Eric’s rough finger wrap around your bicep yanking you away, you stagger backwards with the force and almost fall in front of the dauntless leader.
“Initiates to the mats! Molly! Come here, you and (Y/N) in the ring now.” Eric pushes you onto the raised combat mats, you push your hands out in front of you to stop yourself from face planting, you close your eyes as dizziness and nausea overwhelms you.
“Eric, do you really think that’s a good idea? She’s been at the bag for two hours straight. Look at her, she looks like she’s going to pass out any second now.” Four grumbles as he struts towards Eric.
“A dauntless can continue and will never give up, if she says she can’t do it, she’s out.” Eric folds his arms across his chests, you shake your head and jump to your feet.
“Come on.” You whisper, your voice shaking and quiet.
“Get at it, initiates.” Eric barks, you keep your eyes on Molly as you brush some of the sweat off your forehead with your forearm.
You watch as Molly lunges herself towards you, her fist connects with your jaw knocking you straight to the floor.
You groan but raise to your feet quickly, you jump towards Molly grasping onto her hair and you drag her down to the floor.
You send your foot into Molly’s stomach just as you do, you feel Molly grab your other leg pulling you down.
Your head slams onto the floor, a horrid ringing sound fills your ears and your vision blurs.
Molly climbs on top of you sending her knuckles directly into your face three times before you manage to roll your body over causing her to be the bottom.
You look in the opposite direction of Eric and spit out a mouthful of blood, it sprays onto the mat; you clutch onto Molly’s throat and punch her. Knowing your knuckles aren’t the strongest you bring your knees up and dig them into her stomach.
Molly reaches up and grips onto your hair tugging you off her, you cower away and stare up at her.
She storms towards you and her foot meets your face, you turn your back on her to spit more blood only to feel her stand on your spine.
You collapse and tears spill down your face.
You use all your muscle with a loud scream you lash out, Molly falls off your back as your nails cut her skin.
You scramble on top of her and with one last try you slam her head against the floor knocking her unconscious.
You stand straight up and wipe your mouth with the opposite forearm as before, blood smears across it and you look up at everyone one.
The whole room is silent and every pair of eyes are trained on you, you glance directly over to Eric.
His expression the same stern observing stare as usual, he finally did it. He finally made you lose all that you were, an amity, you are broken.
You limp from the mat and leave the room, there is still another two hours of training left but you need to clean up.
You stare in the mirror of your bathroom, you wash your mouth and hold a cold flannel on your split lip as well as now swelling black eye.
You hear the door to the dormitory swing open and heavy pounding footsteps near you, you don’t bother turning around to see whom the intruder is.
When the man comes into mirror view you notice it’s Eric,
“You look like shit, initiate.” Eric slows his strides towards me. Initiate? His normal nickname for you is amity why now would he say initiate.
“Oh really, I hadn’t noticed.” You growl flatly, Eric’s touch is more gentle this time he takes your arm spinning you around to face him.
“You fought better than most dauntless born I’ve seen.” Eric informs you, you roll your eyes and place the wet towels on the side. Eric reaches out and strokes his hand on your cheek searching your eyes for any hate towards him.
Alas there is not, in all honestly you never hated Eric like so many others had. You’ve always been attracted towards him but never said anything because of how much of a dick he is to you and everyone you know.
“I always expected I’d either make you strong or break you.” Eric mumbles not exactly directly to you more to himself, you can’t help but crash your lips onto the dauntless leaders.
Eric is the one who deepens the kiss, bringing you close towards him and engulfing you in his arms.
His rough lips smother yours, the taste of the man is pure pleasure and turns your attraction to lust.
Unfortunately the alerting noise of the door opening causes you to pull away, it was one of your friends coming to see if you were okay.
“You already broke me.” You whisper staring up into Eric’s eyes, the sound of your voice sends a cold feeling through him which is abnormal for a guy like him.
As you walk past Eric you brush your hand against his, proving you aren’t angry just kind of sad.

(Wasn’t sure if I should do a part 2? Thoughts?)

11 Hacks used to stay focused:

1. Take a picture of your to-do list: Otherwise #1 on your to-do list will be find the to-do list

2. Break long tasks into manageable segments: For example, you don’t have to ‘Clean your room,’ you have to: 1. Place all laundry in a basket… 2. Clear off desk…. 3. Organize your bookshelf… 4. Vacuum rug… etc.

3. Keep a pad of paper by your keyboard at work: This let’s you acknowledge the thoughts you have while working and move on without falling down the rabbit hole

4. Have one place for every item that you use every single time: Keys, for example, always  go on a hook beside the door

5. Try to block out sensory distractions when you’re doing a task that requires focus: Pick a quiet spot away from windows and monitors (if you don’t have work to do on your computer), earplugs are helpful, and so is white noise

6. Try and make time each night/week to straighten up your living space

7. When you have a limited amount of time to do something (e.g. getting ready for work), set a kitchen timer or alarm on your phone to go off every 3 to 5 minutes

8. COLOUR CODE EVERYTHING: Bright colours in class notes, on important items, on tupperware lids, whatever. Bright colours are attention-grabbing and seeing ‘purple’ is faster than reading ‘Monday dinner leftovers’ 

9. Write notes with a dry erase marker on your bathroom mirrors: Things will hit you as you’re brushing your teeth or doing your makeup  

10. When cleaning  try to focus on one small task at a time instead of the big picture: Instead of thinking “I’m going to reorganize the entire kitchen”, I think “I’m going to reorganize this cabinet”.. It really helps keep you from getting overwhelmed and shutting down completely

11. Prioritize what needs to be done by writing it all out and writing how long you estimate each task will take: It really helps you order things in a way that works for you

In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning.

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Summary: In the early hours of the morning when you can’t sleep, those are the moments when you realise exactly how you feel about your best friend Bucky.

Word Count: 1352 words

Prompt: “It’s okay.  I couldn’t sleep anyway.” and “It’s not heavy. I’m stronger than I look.

A/N: This one is for the fantastic @sweetiepiebunny who requested this from my 300 celebration ‘100 ways to say I Love You.’  

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Two weeks.  14 days. Or more accurately 314 hours and 17 minutes.  That was how long it had been since James Buchanan Barnes had waved goodbye and headed off on the Quinjet for a mission with Steve.  The two of you went off on missions without each other all the time and it’s not like this one was any different and yet… you stared up at the ceiling from your position on your bed and sighed.  The compound was eerily quiet, the only sounds you could hear were your breathing and the faint ticking of your watch which lay on the other side of the room.  Closing your eyes you tried to focus on the rhythmic sound in the hope it would lull you to sleep but no such luck, it just served as a reminder of the passing minutes, minutes without your best friend.  

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pettypingpongpaddle  asked:

i'm sorry i still can't calm down about that recent episode man... and another comic divergence thing is that, they ACTUALLY made natsume sleep beside tanuma in the anime!!! I always have a hunch the animators secretly ships tanunatsu!! Okay this is such a minor detail and i sound so OBSESSED (which is not wrong), wow this is so not cool I can't keep my calm anymore!!

The animators are honestly giving me so many little things to love and??? Just like the way they cut together last weeks preveiw kinda made it look like Natsume was watching Tanuma and that was cute lol.

But yeah, SAME I’m so happy with the new episodes I just…. listen…… let my boys Tanuma and Natsume be happily married, they basically are already I mean.

They sit together. Where are the other people? doesn’t matter. Their alone time.

TEASE EACHOTHER. Look at Natsume’s face LOOK. 


Tanu sitting with poor worn out Natsume with pretty sunset lights

Which, as I like to point out heavily mirrors these moments

Parts which really are meant to show love and care between Tanuma and his family, rehashed between Tanuma and Natsume which is sweet. I also like the connotations of, in both of these flashbacks to his childhood he mentions being ashamed and sad for worrying his aunt and his father, yet when the roles are reversed and he’s in the spot they were in, but with Natsume to worry over, he’s quick to assure him that it’s all fine. (boy needs to think about these things tbh, hold himself in the same light as others so on and so forth.


The way Natsume makes this damn face while quietly watching Tanuma from the background.

Basically the animators are giving me happy married Tanatsu’s and I’m Very okay with that.

Ideas for a Coffee Shop AU I’m working on


  • Owner of coffee shop
  • Opened it so teenagers can have a safe and healthy environment to hang out after school
  • Will always let employees have time off to study because “education comes first”
  • Treats all of the employees like his children
  • Hates Starbucks with a burning passion


  • Started working there because Lance made him
  • Actually loves it a lot and is really good at his job 
  • Makes really good drinks and innovates new recipes
  • Really sweet to costumers
  • Prides himself on always making the bathrooms super clean
  • “The shop needs to be a safe place to poop, Lance” “Literally no one notices the ‘shine quality’ of the mirror” “I do”
  • All of the old ladies tell him how handsome he is


  • Frazzled college prodigy student
  • Regular at the coffee shop
  • Basically lives there
  • Lance is pretty sure there is no plasma in their blood. Just coffee.
  • Complains about being poor all the time but constantly refuses Shiros job offers
  • Has the most frilly drink order possible
  • Is the taste tester for Hunks newest concoctions always


  • Very successful CEO of the fashion company “Altea”
  • Somehow totally oblivious to the fact that Shiro is in love with her
  • Orders something different every day
  • Is So Over Lances flirting
  • Always offers to help Pidge with homework even though Pidge doesn’t need it
  • Helped Shiro design the interior of the shop and the uniforms
  • Is a major social rights activist and always manages to get Pidge to come to rallies with her


  • Allura’s doting assistant
  • Hardcore Shallura shipper
  • Everyone loves him
  • Hunk has named a latte after him


  • Guy who works there after class
  • Always hits on costumers
  • Is low key such a hopeless fucking romantic
  • “One day I’ll have my own coffee shop au, Hunk, like in real life” “Is that why you wanted to work here” “You know it”
  • Hates drinking coffee sticks with his job for the Romantic Potential
  • Bodacious Bisexual
  • Somehow spills something on his jeans every shift
  • Doesn’t actually make any coffee drinks
  • He’s just the cashier
  • How does he spill coffee on himself
  • He is literally never near the coffee
  • What the fuck Lance


  • Angsty musician
  • Plays at an open mic night and Lance falls in love
  • Lance continually writes cheesy stuff on his coffee cups
  • “I’m not gay no really I’m not”
  • Is totally gay
  • Very much has the hots for Shiro and it drives Lance insane
  • Eventually begins to hang out around the shop as much as Pidge
  • Lance has his order memorized


  • The coffee shop is called “Five Kitties” but Lance thinks it’s lame because “how am I gonna be like oh yeah I work at the Five Kitties” so he calls it “Voltron Coffee”
  • Shiro named it Five Kitties because of the five cats that visit his shop at night
  • Lance, Hunk, Shiro, and Pidge each take ownership of one cat, and name them Blue, Yellow, Black, and Green, respectively
  • When Keith starts hanging around the shop more, he names the last cat Red
  • They’re in constant competition with the “Galra Bean” coffee shop across the street

This is just what I have so far! Please please please let me know what you think!

What We Missed (Part 7)

Summary: Friday evening arrives and everyone gets ready for the date. 

Word Count: 461

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

A/N: I love you all

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“You look great,” says Darcy as she embraces you tightly. “This Bucky guy is going to love you.”

“So, his name is Bucky?”

“Yeah, Bucky,” she repeats.

You mouthed his name before nodding. “Cute.”

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Characters: Jimin x Y/N
Genre: Angst/Fluff (Fluff comes at the end)
Length: 2047 words


“All I ask for is for you to love me unconditionally. Take care of me like I’m the only one you need. Put all of your flaws and your differences aside, and love me. Because if you do, I’ll love you and take care of you the way you’re supposed to be loved. So the only thing you should focus on is to hang in there. Love. And you’ll recover.” 

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Dean Winchester X Reader: Please Don’t Leave

Summary: The reader tries to help out on a hunt, but gets hurt. Dean and the reader fight, it ending with her wanting to leave.

Warnings: Verbal fight, minor gore from injury

Word Count: 930

Tag List: @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester, @lucifer-in-leather, @outsidersimagines57, @nea90sweetie, @trumpetsaretheworst, @hey-nice-assbutt, @kittenofdoomage, @angelkurenai, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @nichelle-my-belle, @oriona75, @supernatural-jackles

Please tell me if you would like to be added or subtracted from my tag list!

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(Y/n) sat in the backseat of the Impala, she watched as Dean’s jaw clenched and unclenched. His knuckles became white from holding the steering wheel. She looked over to Sam, he was uncomfortably shifting in his seat, giving nervous glances towards Dean every once and awhile, he knew what was coming next. (Y/n) braced herself. There were a few more minutes of uncomfortable silence, before Dean exploded.

“What the hell were you thinking?! You could have gotten yourself, or Sam and I killed! Do you even have a brain inside that head? I told you to stay in the car, but no, you just had to come charging in and screw up everything! You have to stick to the plan (Y/n)! If you don’t, you’re going to get someone killed!”

“Dean, I’m sorry-”

“Saying you’re sorry isn’t enough! What if someone had died? If you had just stuck to the plan, you wouldn’t be bleeding out in the back of my car!”

“Dean I said I’m sorry, just drop it”

“I won’t ‘just drop it’, do you understand what you did?”

“I understand perfectly Dean, now just drop it, we can finish this conversation later”

“We can finish this conversation now!”

“I said drop it Dean”

Dean was about to respond, before shutting his mouth, and concentrating on the road. Soon, they arrived back at the bunker. (Y/n) quickly got out of the Impala, and made her way inside. She walked past her shared room with Dean, and toward her old room. She had just turned the doorknob when she remembered her bag was still in the trunk of the Impala. She quickly made her way back out, hoping to spare another fight with Dean, she was almost back, when she heard Dean’s voice in the garage. She stopped and listened to the conversation.

“Sam we really need to talk about (Y/n)”

“What about her Dean?”

“I don’t think she should hunt with us anymore, it’s obvious she isn’t cut out for the job and-”

(Y/n) backed away from the garage, she stumbled back to her room, and quickly shut and locked the door behind her. She went into the bathroom, and looked at herself in the mirror, and sighed. She took off her shirt, cleaned and stitched her wound, wrapped it, and changed into clean clothes. She had just stepped out of the bathroom when she heard a loud knock at the door.

“(Y/n) let me in”

She sighed, before walking to the door.

“Leave me alone Dean, it’s not like you want me here anyway! All I do is screw things up. I’ll be gone by morning”

(Y/n) walked away from the door, and toward the closet, she had left all of her clothes in her old room, not wanting to clutter up Dean’s room. She began pulling out her clothes, and putting them into a bag. She planned to be long gone by the time the boys woke up the next morning. While walking around the room, she ran into the desk in the corner of the room, she cried out in pain, as her new wound was struck. She took deep breaths to try and relieve the pain, but her attempts were unsuccessful. Seconds later, the door was broken down, and there stood a very worried Dean Winchester, he looked around the room, before realizing that (Y/n) was the only one in the room. He walked over to her and looked her up and down, he saw that she was holding her side, where blood had leaked through the bandages. He led her to the bathroom, where he inspected the wound, she had ripped her stitches out when she hit the desk. Dean pressed gauze to the wound to try and stop the bleeding, and began to prepare to re stitch the wound. After he finished, Dean cleaned the blood off of his hands and started to leave the room when he saw (Y/n)’s partially packed bag. He looked at her,

“You- you were serious about leaving?”

“Yes, it’s clear to me that I’m not wanted nor needed here”

“I need you here”

“No you don’t! I heard you earlier, when you were talking to Sam. I’ll be gone by tomorrow”

“Please don’t go”

“I’m leaving Dean, you and Sam will be alright without me”

(Y/n) went to the closet and continued pulling her clothes out. Dean just watched her with empty eyes, it wasn’t until (Y/n) tried to push past him to walk out the door that he came back to reality of the fact that she was about to leave, walk out of his life forever. The only question was, was he going to let her go? Dean made a quick decision, grabbing (Y/n)’s arm before she could get out the door. She looked at him with sad eyes,

“Let me go Dean”



“Please don’t leave me, I need you”

“But what you said-”

“I just didn’t want you getting hurt, I want to keep you safe, and if you are out hunting with us… I-… I can’t guarantee that you will be safe”

“I know Dean, but I want to help people, you can’t keep me hidden away”

“I know. I’m sorry baby. Please stay?”

(Y/n) dropped her bag to the ground, soon after, she felt strong arms wrap around in a tight hug. (Y/n)’s arms wrapped around Dean, she closed her eyes and breathed in his scent. This was where she belonged.

I wish we could hurry up get through this bullshit of being apart and start our lives together. Instead of snuggling your hoodie and laying my head on your pillow with my tears covering it, I wish I was snuggling you with my head on your chest because I sleep so much better with you. Instead of falling asleep on the phone, I wish I was falling asleep to your kisses. Instead of waking up to your text, I wish I was waking up to your perfect little smile. Instead of your tooth brush sitting in the holder in the same spot where you left it, I wish I was yelling at you because you left it out on the counter. Instead of my floor being clean, I wish it was covered with your clothes because you never pick up after yourself. Instead, of eating pizza rolls and having them all to myself, I wish I was able to give you the last one because I know you really want it. Instead of having my whole bathroom to get ready, I wish you were kicking me out and making me use the small mirror so you can use the big one (even though you don’t need it because you are already beautiful without makeup) Instead of watching movies on FaceTime, I wish we were arguing over the remote and who gets to pick what show we watch. Instead of eating whatever I want for dinner, I wish we were taking hours trying to decide what to eat since you always say “i don’t care” Instead of having my bed to myself, I wish I was sharing it with you and falling off the edge since you take up so much space. In stead of being apart I wish I was there or you were here. Instead of being 600 miles apart I wish we were getting on each other’s nerves from being together so much. I wish I was with you, living our dysfunctional but yet perfect life together

Drug Store Pick-up

I was at the drug store picking up a prescription and a few other items for my daughter. I was still dressed  for work since I waiting until I was finished and on my way home.

It was raining all day, I had black dress pants and a red blouse on. My blouse was wet from the rain and my nipples were very prominent. I was standing at the cashier as she ran my purchases through and she accidentally started scanning the items of the guy behind me.

“Those aren’t mine.” I said to the cashier who immediately apologized and started to refund the items from my purchase.

“Unless you want to pay for my chips and drink.” The guy behind me laughed.

I turned and smiled him. He was a big burly man probably in his mid fifties, wearing a ball cap. He must have been almost six foot, average looking with a belly.

After I paid for my purchase, I thanked the cashier and said goodbye to the man behind me. As I walked out the door, I turned and looked at him and noticed him watching me walking away.  I smiled back at him.

Standing outside of the Pharmacy watching the rain teeming down, I was about to step away from the overhead shelter until I heard the mans voice again.

“Isn’t this weather crazy?” he asked as he came up and stood beside me.

“I’m going to get wet again” I said looking at my car that was at least 40 feet away.

“makes it hard for me to drive in” he pointed to his tractor trailer that was parked off to the side.

“Nice truck” I smiled at him.

“Thanks, bought it over a year ago.” he said.  “I love being on the road.”

I bet its fun travelling around, seeing different places.” I said with interest.

“it is” he replied back. “Keeps me away from home a lot though, but my kids are all grown up so that makes it easier.”

We talked some more and I found out that he is from Tennessee doing a run up here to Thunder Bay.He was’t a good looking man, but he wasn’t hard to look at either, he was easy to talk to.

He asked if I wanted to see his truck and i agreed. We walked in the rain over to the passenger side where he opened the door for me and helped me up and into the cab. He closed the door and walked to the driver side and got in. I was surprised at how much room there was inside the cab, and how clean it was.

“its been a long time since I had a beautiful woman in my truck.’ he smiled at me

I laughed him off.

“I’m serious.” he laughed back

“Well I did notice you checking out me ass earlier.” I teased him.

“OMG, can you blame me.” she was smiling

“I bet you notice that a lot don’t you being in the on the road a lot.” I asked

“I do, Its pretty lonely being on the road and a guy like me doesn’t usually get noticed.” he replied. “but I have been hard for you since I was standing behind you in line.”

“Really??!!” I was a bit shocked

I looked down at his crotch, his belly hung over the belt of his jeans. Hubby and I had dinner plans this evening so i didn’t want to get heavily into anything naughty but watching him jerk off for me would be hot.

“ Lets see.” I sat more facing him in my seat

“What..Seriously!?” he seemed surprised by my forwardness

I nodded at him.

“You don’t have to ask me twice.” he leaned his seat back a bit so that he could reach down to open his fly hole of his jeans and take out his cock. When he did pull it out I was surprised at his thickness. He wasn’t that big, maybe 6 inches but that could have been hidden by some of the weight around his cock. I licked my lips.

“I think you need need to cum.” I said as i watched the precum drip from his cock head. “I want to watch you jerk off for me.”

He started stroking his cock. his big hand around his shaft. The precum wet his hand as he jerked up and down, all you could hear in the truck over the rain was his heavy breathing and the wet sounds his jerking off made.

“Let me know when your close” I said to him. My pussy was soaking wet watching this stranger jerk off for me. I really wanted to rub my pussy, but I didn’t want to give him any ideas because I wasn’t able to do anymore do to my evening plans with hubby.

His breathing and stroking started to get faster and harder.

“ok, I’m going to cum”

I quickly git up off my seat, leaned in and put my mouth over his cock head as  he stroked faster.

“oh fuck” he groaned, his hand hitting my chin. Suddenly with a cry, he exploded in my mouth. He came a lot and I swallowed every drop he gave me. I licked his cock head before sitting back in my seat.

“yummy” I said licking my lips as he sat there catching his breath. His cock still hard sticking out of his jeans .

“my fucking God, that was so hot.” he said as I flipped his visor down to see if I needed to wipe anything off my face. But there was no mirror.

“here you go” he pulled down his visor and turned it towards me. He got up out of his seat and went into the sleeper of his cab. “I will get you some cleanex.”  

I checked myself out and didn’t need anything. I managed to swallow it all. I walked back and looked into his sleeper. his cab was clean and very neat but his sleeper looked like a frat house after a party, there was only a mattress on the floor and stuff everywhere.

“ I really should be getting home” I said to him.

“oh ok. well thank you, that was a lot of fun.” He was walking back over to me. His semi hard cock still sticking out of his jeans.,

“It was very hot” I smiled.

I’m Barry by the way. He reached out to shake my hand. I introduced myself back. We exchanged numbers and told him to message me next time he drives through the area. He said he definitely would. He doesn’t get through  here often but will try more often.

We hugged goodbye. He leaned in to give me a kiss, his lips touched mine and suddenly we were kissing passionately. I could taste the cigarettes on his breath. His big hands moving down my back and groping my ass. His fingers feeling the outline of my thong.

“Christ your so sexy” he said kissing me again. I reached down and started stroking his fat wet cock. He moaned at my touch. he pulled my dress pants down The sleeper wasn’t very tall so we  went down to our knees on the mattress still kissing passionately

His hand reached down to rub my wet pussy through my panties..I softly moaned as he rubbed. His mouth moved to my neck , kissing and nibbling sending shock waves through my body. his hand went underneath to finger me.

“My god, your even shaved” he whispered

He inserted three fingers inside my wet pussy. thrusting in and out making my cum instantly.

He pushed me down on the mattress, spread my legs and started licking and sucking on my wet pussy as he laid down in front of me.  His tongue exploring every inch of my wet pussy as he moaned his enjoyment. My feet were on his shoulders and my pussy was thrusting up into his mouth. I was moaning like crazy as my orgasm was building.

As soon as he started sucking my clit, I exploded in his mouth, my juices running down my ass.

I was catching my breath when he  straddled my chest and started tit fucking me. His wet cock sliding back and forth between my 36d breasts.

“I can’t believe this is happening” He said breathing heavy. I noticed his wedding ring for the  first time and I my pussy throbbed even more.

He moved up towards my face, one foot on the mattress beside my head, the other leg was being propped up by his knee. He started stroking his cock in front of my face. I was rubbing my wet pussy watching him.

“open your sexy mouth” he demanded as he stroked his fat wet cock . I did as he asked and he put his cock deep inside my married mouth and started fucking my face.

I was so wet and horny as this strange man used me. His balls were slapping against my chin as he fucked my mouth. He was grunting like crazy as me mouth made wet gagging sounds. he pulled out and started cock slapping my face, them he put his cock back in my mouth fucking it harder and faster.

A few minutes later he pulled out and pulled my legs towards him turning my body around, He raised both legs over his shoulder and inserted his cock deep inside my wet pussy.

“Fuck your tight” he said as he stared fucking me hard and fast. His hips slapping into me. i dug my fingernails into his shoulders witch caused him to get harder inside me “:Oh, you naughty bitch” he said, his fat cock stretching my pussy as he slammed into me.

He pulled out and flipped onto all fours, pushed down on my back causing me to go face down onto his mattress. I felt his tongue licking my ass cheeks, my pussy and rimming my asshole. He was driving me crazy.

His tongue started flicking my ass which made me cry out. Both hands were on my hips as he started to tongue fuck my asshole getting good and wet.

He stopped and moved in closer resting his fat cock head at the entrance of my asshole. He slowly started to insert his cock into me ass.

“Christ, I thought your pussy was tight.” He moaned his pleasure as he started to fuck my tight ass. One hand on my back, the other on my hip, he started fucking me harder and faster. His balls slapping against my pussy.

I came again.

He was leaning into me as he fucked, i could feel his belly resting against the top of my ass. it was so hot. I was enjoying every minute getting fucked my him.

Finally he grunted and came inside my ass. His hot cum filling me. He collapsed beside me breathing heavily. I laid down on my side facing him.

“ your incredible.” He said looking at me.

I smiled back at him. “That was fun”

“ I hope I didn’’t hurt you.” he said rubbing my side.

“No of course not.” I replied back.

“Can you tell its been a while?”  he smiled

I nodded back to him.

“its been three months since I fucked my wife” he said as I put my wet panties back on. “about a month since I fucked this college girl that was hitchhiking in Jersey.

“Tell me about that.” I said as i put my blouse back on.

He told me about this cute 20 year old that was trying to get home to her parents during a break from school but had car troubles. they fucked like crazy as a thank you. he was telling me all the naughty details making my pussy throb.

As he talked, I straddled his hips, Pulled my thong to the side and inserted that fat cock back inside my pussy. I Rode him as he talked about fucking that 20 year old, his hands on my hips as they moved slowly on his cock.

It was getting harder for him to talk, I started riding harder and faster and I squirted on his cock when he told me he came all over her pretty young face.

That was  the end of naughty fun. He drove to Thunder day and I went home to hubby, I messaged him before hand saying how sorry I was running late.

Barry has texted my a few times since then with travelling pics. Looking forward to another round of dirty rough sex next time he is down my way.