a mirror i really need to clean


CROSS!SANS PROTOTYPE IS HERE!!! I was feeling so cool while wearing it, like woah I’m an action hero! Thanks to @jakei95 for letting me add this to my AU line-up! *_*

Some specs: this one has two complete sleeves one over the other: the short white one over the black long one. I just looks cooler this way. XD Other than that, it’s a sweater, not a vest (it doesn’t open in the middle), and it has no pockets because of structural problems (read: the cross is in the way of both a zipper and pockets).

This should be in my shop in less than two weeks! :D I could also add the cape and the shorts as extras, for those who want a complete cosplay set.

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Give me sexting tips PLEASE I have no idea what I'm doing or what to say

okay so.

Step One: Starting The Mood

usually when i want to start things up, i send my man pics. not full on nudes though, just something to tease him to get him excited. something like a lace bra/bralette or cleavage or whatever you’d like.
if you’re not comfortable with pictures, maybe get his attention by calling him daddy (or whatever name he’s into , if any) or sending sexual vine emojis (🐱💦🍑😇🤤 are my favs). hint at something sexual like sitting on his lap or something like that. if he’s not in the mood pls don’t pressure him though!!!

Step Two: What To Do When You’re Both In The Mood

tell him what you want. be freaky. get wild. tell him what position you want to be in when you do certain activities, tell him what you’d do to him (in hella detail), ask him what he’d do to you.
tell him how wet you are and how bad you want him and worship his dick or him in general. if you’re like me and submissive, beg for pictures of his dick or print or beg for him to fuck you or go down on you when you see him again. if you’re not submissive, tell him how it is. tell him you make the rules this time. tell him how you’d ride his dick and make him cum so hard his soul will have to go on vacation.
Also, this is prime time to send pictures (only if you’re comfortable!!!). i send pictures of myself in cute bralettes or sexy undies or bare things too. i send vids of playing w my own tits (that gets him hella) and some of playing with my 🐱, but that’s a really sensitive thing to do so if you’re not 110% confident with sending those then don’t!! a huge part of sexting successfully is both of you being confident and comfortable.

BONUS: Tips On Taking Pictures/Nudes

- when taking booty pics, to make it look more plump, make sure your camera is below your booty

- sitting on your feet make ya booty look bigger too

- avoid arching your back or arching too far because it’ll look dumb (no offense)

- if your face is in it, bite your lip softly or smile devilishly

- if you’re not dating/trust the person with your life i wouldn’t send nudes with your face in them. just to protect yourself. just a recommendation.

- don’t send anything you’re embarrassed of. you should feel good doing this!!

- squeezing your biceps to your side tit on both sides make your cleavage look a bit bigger

- popping one leg up and turning your backside a bit towards the mirror makes your booty look bigger too !!

i really hope this helps you (or anyone else)!! if you need anything else let me know ☀️

Imagine getting ready for the Red Carpet and Jensen being turned on by the dress you’re wearing.

“Wow” you heard a deep and gruff voice say behind you and you took a better look into the mirror to see your husband stare at you with wide eyes.

You giggled, winking at him but still not having turned to look at him. You were leaning over the dresser to take a better look at the mirror as you finished your eye make up. You weren’t one to go over the edge, usually something natural but classy was what you’d go for when it came to awards and the red carpet but this time you decided to be a little more bold with the color to make your eyes pop.

“Is that what you’re going to be wearing?” Jensen’s voice was low and rough as you hummed in agreement.

“Yeah, don’t you like it?” you asked, turning your head for a moment to look at him.

“Are you kidding me?” he let a low growl that reminded you so much of the one he’d give you when you decided to have fun in the bedroom and he played Dean “I fucking love it.” he purred into your ear as he came closer to you, making a squeak leave your lips when you felt his hands on your ass actually giving you a squeeze.

“Jens” you let out in a small mix of whine and moan “I have to be there in an hour.”

“An hour? Oh then we’ve got plenty of time.” he whispered into your ear, hit hot breath fanning over your cheek as you let out a low moan when his hands moved literally all over you.

“Jensen please- I need to leave in a little while.” you mumbled.

“Sweetheart if you wanted to leave then you would be really waiting for me like this, ass all up in the air.” you could practically hear the smirk in his voice and you knew very well where he was taking it.

“I wasn’t really doing it for you, Dean.” you emphasized, shoving him slightly backwards “I am only getting ready- or at least trying to.” you huffed, setting the brush down as you turned to look at him; not that his hands would still leave you anyway.

“I’m sorry princess-” he grinned at you “It’s not my fault you look so fucking hot in this dress.” he pressed himself to you.

“Got a thing for this Winchester?” you asked with as he ran his hands down your thigh.

“Oh baby you have no idea.” he emphasized and you chuckled, placing a hand on his chest and pushing him slightly away. It wasn’t anything in particular, but the fact that it left your entire back exposed did things to your husband as it seemed.

“I’m sorry baby, wish we could really do this but- they’re waiting for me.” you leaned in and only pecked slightly his lips.

He gave you a pout “Come on, really?” he frowned and you chuckled at his expression.

“Jensen you know I never tell you no when it comes to that, especially when you go all Dean on me-” you smiled softly “But baby I really need to get going.”

“Alright then-” he still had a hand on your waist, to keep you from leaving “What about when you come back?” he asked with a smirk and you bit your lip.

“Tell you this: you make sure the place is clean, the toys are in their place and you put the kids to sleep before I come back, then… I’ll let you rip it to pieces and do anything you want with it… and me.” you winked and kissed his lips, with a seductive glance and pulled away. You turned to the mirror for one last check and you didn’t have to turn your head to realize Jensen was already running to have everything clean already.

Zhang Yixing//Sovereign - Part 4

Summary: Two kingdoms are at war with another, and being the illegitimate warrior, wildcard princess, you’re appointed to the war council - along with the youngest prince of your allied country, Prince Yixing. He’s arrogant, believes he knows best no matter what - but you’re exactly the same. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8)
Scenario: Royalty!AU
Word Count: 5,036  

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I wish we could hurry up get through this bullshit of being apart and start our lives together. Instead of snuggling your hoodie and laying my head on your pillow with my tears covering it, I wish I was snuggling you with my head on your chest because I sleep so much better with you. Instead of falling asleep on the phone, I wish I was falling asleep to your kisses. Instead of waking up to your text, I wish I was waking up to your perfect little smile. Instead of your tooth brush sitting in the holder in the same spot where you left it, I wish I was yelling at you because you left it out on the counter. Instead of my floor being clean, I wish it was covered with your clothes because you never pick up after yourself. Instead, of eating pizza rolls and having them all to myself, I wish I was able to give you the last one because I know you really want it. Instead of having my whole bathroom to get ready, I wish you were kicking me out and making me use the small mirror so you can use the big one (even though you don’t need it because you are already beautiful without makeup) Instead of watching movies on FaceTime, I wish we were arguing over the remote and who gets to pick what show we watch. Instead of eating whatever I want for dinner, I wish we were taking hours trying to decide what to eat since you always say “i don’t care” Instead of having my bed to myself, I wish I was sharing it with you and falling off the edge since you take up so much space. In stead of being apart I wish I was there or you were here. Instead of being 600 miles apart I wish we were getting on each other’s nerves from being together so much. I wish I was with you, living our dysfunctional but yet perfect life together

Confidence // Kim Seokjin


the prompt: could you please do a prince!seokjin fluffy scenario? au i used: “my parents are hosting a royal ball with neighboring monarchs and you noticed me, heir to the throne, shoving food into a bag to steal.”

words: 4425

category: fluff

author note: seokjin deserves all the love in the world i hope he knows how loved he is.

- destinee

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Prompt: Logan don't believe in superstitions like "broken a mirror - 7 years of bad luck". Prince and Anxiety want to make him believe in superstitions so they decided to be sneaky and make fun of Logic. Their actions make the frightened Logan want to take off the curse. And he goes to Morality for help. What can breake a curse? A KISS!

Being the kind of trait he was, only focusing on facts and what scientific things, Logan was never one to believe in superstitions. They didn’t make any sense. There was no way there could be any correlation between random actions and your luck. Stepping on a crack couldn’t possibly cause one’s mother to break her back. Stepping under a latter in no way negatively affected how the rest of your day would go. Holding your breath while passing a cemetery definitely didn’t add seven years to your life. But his disbelief in superstitions vanished one day thanks to a mirror.

“Logan, be a doll and fetch my hand mirror, would you?” Roman said.

Logan had been through this scenario too many times before to argue. Instead, he just got up from his seat and went to get Roman’s mirror. On his way back to the kitchen a shout from one of the other sides startled him so much that he dropped the mirror. He cringed as it clattered to the floor, shattering into a million pieces.

“Dang it!” he said, going to get a dust pan and broom to clean up the mess before anyone got hurt by the tiny shards.

“What happened?” Roman said, poking his head in the room. “I heard a crash.”

“Apologies, but I have accidentally dropped your mirror,” Logan said, sweeping up the mess.

“Have a fun next seven years,” Virgil mumbled, stepping into the room.

“Sorry about that, Roman,” Logan said.

“It’s no bother, I have at least twenty others,” Roman assured him. “What you really need to worry about is the bad luck coming your way.”

“What are you talking about?” Logan questioned.

“Don’t you know? If you break a mirror, the next seven years will be your worst nightmare,” Virgil warned with a devious smirk.

“Preposterous,” Logan scoffed. “That’s just a silly superstition. It doesn’t mean anything.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Virgil said, he and Roman sharing a mischievous look.

“Whatever you say,” Logan shrugged.

Later that day, while Logan was standing over the sink, washing his plate and reading a very interesting book, Princey purposely bumped into him, causing the book he was reading to fall into the sink. The water was still running so the pages got completely soaked.

“Seems like that bad luck is starting up,” Roman said as Logan retrieved his book.

“No, that was simply one unfortunate event. It has nothing to do with your mirror,” Logan insisted.

While Roman was busy downstairs with Logan and his book, Virgil was in the logical trait’s bathroom, replacing his bottle of shampoo with an empty one and doing the same with all other containers in his shower. While he was at it, he also put a rip in his towel.

Roman snuck onto his laptop and disorganized some of his files.

Virgil gave him a cracked cup that leaked all over his shirt at dinner.

By the end of the day, all Logan wanted to do was collapse onto his bed and just sleep forever. Unfortunately, his pajamas were all dirty—though he swore yesterday he had at least three clean pairs—meaning he would have to sleep in his clothes and he just now noticed the huge coffee stain on his sheets.

He put his dirty pajamas and sheets in the wash, thinking he might as well, and went back to his room to sleep on the bare mattress. Before he got to his door, he bumped into Patton.

“Hey, Logan!” the fatherly trait said cheerfully. “Why are you still in your clothes this late?”

“My pajamas are all dirty, so I have to sleep in my clothes, but I doubt I will get any sleep because I need to clean my sheets as well,” Logan explained.

“Well, would you like to sleep with me in my room?” Patton offered. “I can let you borrow one of my pairs of pajamas.”

“That would be great, thank you,” Logan said with a small smile. Patton had this way of making everything better. It seemed he could fix anything, although Logan knew that wasn’t possible.

Speaking of not possible, Logan was beginning to doubt his previous stance on superstitions being impossible to be true. His day had been significantly worse than usual. Maybe there was something to this mirror thing.

The next morning, Logan pulled a fresh shirt off its hanger, pulling all of the other shirts with it. He watched in disbelief as all of his other shirts crumpled on the floor.

Patton hated to see Logan so disgruntled, so he went to Roman and Virgil to find out how to lift his bad luck curse.

“I just hate seeing him like this,” Patton said as he, Roman, and Virgil sat on his bed.

“Well, there’s no way to fix it,” Virgil said with a shrug, though he knew eventually he and Roman would lay off the guy.

“Actually,” Roman countered, a bright smile on his face. “There is one way.” Virgil raised an eyebrow at his fellow trait, wondering what he could be getting at.

“Really? Please tell me! I want Logan to be happy,” Patton said.

“Logan’s bad luck will be reversed if, and only if, he receives a true love’s kiss,” Roman claimed. Virgil grinned at this. Both he and Roman thought those two would be adorable together.

“But how am I supposed to find his true love?” Patton whimpered.

“Don’t you see, Patton,” Roman said, taking the fatherly trait’s hands. “You are his true love.” Patton immediately turned read.

“M-me?” he questioned. The others nodded.

“Yes, so all you have to do is kiss Logan and all will be well again,” Roman claimed.

“Okay,” Patton said nervously, getting up to find Logan. As soon as he was gone, Virgil and Roman high fived.

Patton found Logan sitting on the couch in the living room, looking gloomier than Patton had ever seen him. He took a seat next to him and wrapped comforting arms around him in a hug.

“I just wish I knew how to break this curse,” Logan mumbled.

“I know how to,” Patton said shyly. Logan looked up.

“Really?” he asked hopefully.

“Yeah, Roman told me how,” Patton said.

“How?” Logan asked desperately.

“Well…” Patton said, awkwardly looking at his lap. “You have to… Uh, we gotta… I…” Patton gave up on his incoherent mumbles and just went for it, pressing his lips against the others. The kiss was very quick, as Patton was afraid Logan would hate it, but when he looked into his eyes again, he found no sign of resentment or disgust, just surprise and… love.

“There, you’re cured,” Patton said quickly before standing up to run back to his room. Before he could leave, however, Logan grabbed his arm and pulled him back toward him, kissing him again. This kiss lasted longer and had much more passion than the first. It was the best thing either trait had ever experienced.

And now, anytime Logan has a bad day, Patton will kiss him and say, “There, you’re cured!”

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After Ever After

A Robert Small X MC Daddy
Part 1 (This) | Part 2 

[This happens after the game with Robert’s route so: Spoiler alert!!]

After all we’ve been through, I can really see the improvements Robert has been doing. He really is slowly putting himself back together. Every now and then he’d ask me to hang out but instead of spontaneous out of this world adventure, we’ve settled down for movies, pizza (with pineapples on it of course), and lazy hang outs at home watching history channel – which Amanda luckily doesn’t really mind; in fact, I think she has gotten to like Robert just as much as I do.

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jongin: suho! i need you!

suho: *burst through his bedroom door* *runs down the hallway shoving a confused chanyeol out of the way* move it my baby needs me-what is it nini?

jongin, pouting at his reflection in the mirror: i don’t understand…why do people call me soft? i’ve been working out really hard to become all big and strong for my fans but they all call me soft…am i pudgy?

sehun: you’re not pudgy you dumbass they call you soft because you act and look like a baby 90% of the time.

suho, slamming the door in sehun’s face: shut up brat go do some more squats with baekhyun or better yet clean our room

sehun: *grumbles* but the mess is all on your side…

suho: CLEAN IT- *turns back to jongin at the sound of his sniffles*

jongin: *tearing up* suho…am i a big baby?

suho: oh no..no sweetie you’re a big boy!

jongin: *hiccups* b-but sehun said-

suho: alright that’s it *grabs jongin and drags him out to the the couch*

suho: cuddle time! *pulls a teary-eyed jongin on his lap*

jongdae: CUDDLE TIME *comes sprinting out of his room and leaps on the couch with a confused minseok behind him*

chanyeol: CUDDLES AGAIN?! *joins in cuddling around jongin*

baekhyun: dw everyone mr. snuggles is here. *falls in beside yeol*

yixing: can i join? (baekhyun: you can sit here beside me yixing!) *gets pulled down by minseok ‘for safety reasons’*

minseok: …ok whose hand is on my ass?

yixing: oh i just thought it needed cuddled (baekhyun: you can cuddle my ass yixing!)

suho: pls shhh this cuddle time is for jongin. nini do you feel better. do you feel loved?

jongin: *nods* but.. k-kyungsoo..

suho: do kyungsoo. *glares at the man reading across the room*

kyungsoo: i’m not gonna join in your dumb-*makes eye contact with pouting jongin*… *groans* fine *plops down on jongin’s lap*..happy?

jongin: *gurgles happily*

sehun: please tell me you are all seeing how this just validated that jongin acts like a baby and you all enable him.

suho: just get in here i know you’re just acting out cause you want in this cuddle pile

sehun: *scowls* i dont wanna be in your stupid cuddle pile cause i’m not a baby.

suho: okay sure you aren’t.. come on you can have the top spot

sehun: *pouts but comes over anyway* fine…but as long as you know i’m not a baby.

suho: sure thing..*pats the maknae’s head as he falls asleep sucking his thumb*

Let’s Just Have This

BUCKY BARNES x Plus Size Reader

You and Bucky try spring cleaning, but you’re both really good at getting distracted.

Content: Fluff, mild and brief sexual context (literally just grinding and ass grabbing for 2 seconds)

It’s one in the afternoon, you’re elbow deep in multi-surface bathroom cleaner, and trying to blast Dua Lipa through the house. Your boyfriend is supposed to be in a similar situation in the kitchen, but the fact that he’s dancing around the bathroom door and the song just changed from Dreams to SWEET by BROCKHAMPTON proves otherwise. You’re on your hands and knees, bent over the bathtub and scrubbing it like your life depends on it, and he’s just swaying his hips in the doorway, hand over his chest and pointing at you with his whole hand.

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How would 2p America react to his S/O always seemingly knowing whenever he says/thinks something bad about him self and if they're there they give him a smooch and list of something they love about him and if they're not there they send him a really sweet text with a love you at the end. Thankssss xxxx.

Allen sat on the bathroom floor staring at the broken mirror…he should clean it up…they were coming over tomorrow…and broken glass isn’t sexy…he stared at his hands and groaned…blood…everywhere. Allen slowly pushed himself up off the ground and barely caught his reflection in the mirror…
“Stupid piece of shit…no one really loves you…you’re just-”
Mid-sentence his phone went off…then again…and again…he wrapped his hand with a towel and pulled his phone out before staring at the messages.
“Received at 10:14pm
Hey, just felt the need to say I love you.”
“Received at 10:15pm
You’re really handsome…seriously. I can’t get you out of my head.”
“Received at 10:15pm
I love you, Allen. Don’t forget that.”
Allen groaned as he looked at his phone. They always did that to him…he says one bad thing, and somehow they knew…but…if they did love him..maybe he wasn’t too much of a piece of shit…and maybe he wasn’t useless…
Allen rolled his eyes and shot back a quick thanks before looking at the bathroom. He’d have to fix this…may as well start now.


I’ve seen some au’s where different groups are pocket sized, and they’re really cute! So i have decided to do my own ^~^ I think i will also do a GOT7 version of this!


Namjoon/Rap Monster

🌸 Namjoon would be a very ambitious pocket friend, and try to be helpful with things such as homework or sharpening you a pencil.

🌸 He’ll say “I got it”, but please don’t let this ean out of you sight, he is very clumsy and a fall from high up like your dresser would not be good. protect him.

🌸 Like to on your solider to be the most helpful wtih his suggestions.

🌸 very precious boy!

Originally posted by yoongichii


🌸  very smol. but dont worry, he’ll be okay.

🌸 unlike Namjoon, he would be able to be left alone without falling off a dresser or falling into a bathtub full of water.

🌸 would also like to be helpful, and is very good at it. fine details in a drawing? he’s gotchu fam.

🌸 overalls. wear overalls and he’ll stay in there all day with you. its so cute.

🌸  really like to use tea cups for warm baths, so be careful.

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🌸  sleep,sleep, sleep.

🌸  got a small box? great, just put some fabric in as a small blanket, and that’s Yoongi’s new favorite spot.

🌸  pockets. are. his. favorite. portable. sleeping. place.

🌸 watch this one, he is prone to sleep in places he shouldn’t.

🌸 bluetooth speakers a amazing for when he’s gotta be swag and listen to hardcore rap.

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🌸 “can I?!?”

🌸 no,no, you can’t use the sink as a pool.

🌸 “hey, y/n, take me with you to the ice cream shop!”

🌸 will sleep on top of your head.

🌸 hold him. please. he is soft.

🌸   if you have a dog, they’re best friends.

🌸  tiny jhope dimples. yes, i am weak.

Originally posted by jhope-shi


🌸 “hold me please.”

🌸 tiny box smile.

🌸 loves to do everythign with you. your best friend.

🌸 really like when you wear fuzzy sweaters. (so fuzzy)

🌸 probably will sleep on top of your pillow.

🌸 please don’t forget about him, he needs your affection.

🌸 smol body, big heart.

Originally posted by kimthwriter


🌸 this boy somehow manages to cook for you, even though he is so small.

🌸 big meals.big.

🌸 please carry snakcs in your bag, he would greatly appreciate that.

🌸 “please, not that outfit y/n”

🌸 helps you choose clothes in the morning.

🌸 please love him, he somehow cleans up your messes.

🌸 has his own tiny mirror. “i look so handsoem y/n.”

Originally posted by bwiseoks


🌸 “y/n! what was that sound– i mean i’ll protect you!”

🌸 wants to be big, so he acts big.

🌸 wants to prove himself to you so badly.

🌸 has tiny weights to lift.

🌸 muisc, music all the time.

🌸 “y/n can i use your ipod?”

🌸 hugs your hand.

🌸 like to play with your hair.

Originally posted by jeonbase

this is so short and not very descriptive, sorry! nonetheless, i hope you enjoyed :) please feel free to send in requests. 

saved in your heart(beat)

[ Masterlist ]

summary: Love can transverse space and time… and species and age I guess. At least, that’s what Jihoon found out falling for you. 

Wait you knew I was a vampire?
Wait you’re actually a vampire? I thought you were a drug dealer..
How did you come down to that conclusion???
I’ll be honest, it was the soap dispenser thing.

[ Sorry this is out a bit late to the one who requested it! I’ll be honest I spent a good deal of the time trying to remember where SOPA was before I figured out it meant School of Performing Arts and felt like a dumb dumb. I hope you enjoy this, I tried hard to write it kind of humorous, thank you for requesting! Also Happy Halloween everyone! <3 - Admin V ]

[ Word Count: 2333 ]

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Okay, the lighting was bad, so the pictures don’t really do this justice. But I spent one 20/10 cleaning the sink and counter, cleaning/dusting the stuff that I actually use every day, and putting away the stuff that didn’t need to be out. Which wasn’t much, because a few months ago when I first starting following @unfuckyourhabitat, I put that stuff away and made myself keep that habit, at least.

Not pictured - I also cleaned the mirror above the sink.

Depression and fatigue have been kicking my ass lately, but I’m going to start kicking back, one 20/10 at a time. (Or 5/15, or whatever I can manage.) I thought I’d focus on little things where I can make a visible difference quickly, because that might help the depression if I can see my progress easily. And I know it doesn’t look like much in these pictures, but trust me - in person, it’s TONS better than it was!

Careful what you wish for Chapter 3

Originally posted by wonhontology

She loses hope she will ever see him again. And even if she does, will he remember her?

Fantasy AU

Main character - Monsta X Kihyn

Length - 1887

Genre - fluff, slight angst, and a tiiiiiny hint of smutty kiss

Chapter 1   Chapter 2 

“Is it… is it bad?”

I gulp spoon of rice down my throat so painfully slow, like they’re feeding me rocks and not this three course breakfast.

Kihyun frowns and turns around. “Shownu hyung seems to enjoy it” he motions towards the leader who hasn’t raised his head the moment we sat down to eat.

I can feel the stares of others glued all over me, making it hard not to choke on the food, so I decide it’s better to not eat at all. But Kihyun seems worried, asking if everything is okay over and over again.

“So what do you plan to do here alone?” I spit few grains of rice in shock from the sudden, and very bold question Minhyuk asks.

“I honestly have no idea how I ended up here in the first place” I turn to the bright and cheerful skinny boy next to me.

“Eyyy Y/N don’t play dumb. We all know Kihyun planned this for weeks, made sure we’re all out of the house for the whole day” beautiful guy sitting across me monotonously says or more like states the obvious facts.

“Hyngwoon-ah shut up before I shove this spoon up your ass” Kihyun murmurs through gritted teeth, obviously embarrassed.

“Okay guys, time to go” leader says out of nowhere and I see his plate is completely empty.

Surprisingly, all the guys follow without a word, and I catch Kihyun finally relaxing in the corner of my eye.

Before I can think of something to say, or asks, all the guys get out, leaving me alone with Kihyun, who seems even more nervous than before.

After we cleaned the table in rather unpleasant silence, Kihyun calls me into the living room. He sits on the couch, tapping free space next to him in order to tell me to sit down. I slowly approach uninterested Kihyun that’s typing something on the laptop sitting on his thighs.

“Okaaay” he finally turns his head away from the screen looking me in the eyes. For a moment we both just stand, looking into each other until I flee first, and my eyes escape his stare.

Kihyun clears his throat: “Umm I have this movie ready, let’s watch it.” He scoops over so I sit next to him.

“Now?” I say just before he pushes the play button.

“Yeah, I know how much you like watching movies in the daylight.” Music plays and the screen moves.

He’s right. I love watching movies during the day, part of the reason why I hate movie theaters. But the question is; how does Kihyun know that?

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Roommates ch. 2: Lover Boy

^ when tyler see the booty, and he like “damn he thicc”

triggers: drinking, casual sex, blablabla


it wasn’t anything new, but josh still rolled over in his bed, covering his head with his pillow. it didn’t work, so he sat up and listened to tyler’s muffled moans and whimpers, wishing he were the cause of them. that’s when he acknowledged that he was not only hard, but painfully, agonizingly hard. it had been a while since he’d gotten off.

“if he can have fun, so can i” josh mumbled to himself, sleepily pulling his cock from his briefs and giving it a few dry tugs. he let his head drop back, focusing on the rhythmic sounds of skin slapping and noises that no human should be making. he reached for the lube in his bedside drawer, squeezing some into his hand and coating his entire length.

tyler had no restraint with how vocal he was in bed. “tyler likes it rough” josh reminded himself, speeding up the rhythm on his cock to match how he’d fuck him, imagining how desperate tyler was to be filled. he knew how easy it’d be to fill tyler’s slutty hole up so deep. within moments, josh let go, hot cum shooting out over his fist with a weak groan of ‘tyler’ on his lips. he listened shamelessly to tyler (and the lucky guy’s) moans as they reached their peaks, wondering how he was going to be able to face him the next day.

it’s not something he was proud of, but in order to “get back” at tyler, josh brought a girl home from a bar the same week. it was out of character for him, so tyler gave him a surprised look when he walked through the door with the scantily clad girl. he took her to his room and absolutely wrecked her, letting out all his frustrations and making sure tyler heard. the girl was so loud, there was no way he couldn’t hear her literally crying out and moaning josh’s name. tyler actually went red listening to it, not realizing josh had it in him. he was both curious and understandably jealous of the girl. he would have a few choice words with josh about it when he got the chance.


“So what was that about?” tyler asked, sitting on the edge of his bed and smirking at him. It was usually nice seeing tyler’s pretty face first thing when he woke up, but not when he was this hungover and his body ached all over from railing some random chick. also, who was tyler to be concerned about casual sex with random strangers.

“What was what?” josh asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and groaning at the light coming in. tyler let out a little chuckle.

“Don’t worry man, i gotchu” tyler said, getting up and walking over to get the blinds. Josh zoned out, honing in on tyler’s toned back which led down to his tiny waist, narrow hips, and perfect ass. the expanse of tanned skin looked so warm, and inviting. Tyler just had to come in with only briefs on, which hid very little might he add.

Tyler came back, crawling into bed next to josh and scooting almost awkwardly close. But josh wasn’t going to complain, the body heat was very welcome. Tyler wrapped his arm around josh’s middle and pulled him into a hug.

“Do you need me to get you anything, lover boy?” tyler asked, and josh wondered why he was being so sweet to him.

“Umm…water? And some coffee i guess.” josh answered softly.

“Ohh come on, you need to eat something, it’ll help trust me.” tyler said.

“I don’t know, i’m feeling kinda nauseous and…depressed?” josh admitted. Tyler ruffled his hair and gave him a peck on his shoulder, making josh’s head spin.

“I know, i’ll surprise you. Just sit tight” tyler chirped, getting up and bounding to the kitchen. Josh wondered what had him so eager. Then he thought maybe he had a lot of experience with that feeling and knew how to take care of it. he didn’t know how to describe it. He felt sick physically and emotionally, like he was drugged with a cocktail of shame and disgust.

When tyler came back about 30 minutes later, he brought with him a tray that had a hearty breakfast of eggs/bacon/toast, a glass of water, a cup of coffee, an advil, and a couple of rolaids. Josh was impressed.

“Wow tyler, thank you so much. You didn’t have to do this.” josh said, sitting up and accepting the tray.

“I wanted to.” tyler said simply, walking out and leaving him to rest. go ahead and add guilt to that cocktail list. 


That night, they were sitting on the couch as josh was airing out some of his angst about being single and craving real intimacy. they had some drinks, and josh happened to be emotional and super honest when he was tipsy. tyler got so tired of his whining, he shut him up by pressing his lips to josh’s, catching him totally off guard. it didn’t surprise him that josh didn’t refuse his kiss. not many people did.

“see josh, not so bad kissing a boy is it?” tyler whispered against josh’s lips, gently placing his hand on his chest and feeling his quickening heartbeat. josh sighed, staring down at tyler’s delicate fingers slowly trailing down his stomach. tyler’s lips felt as soft as they looked, so he allowed him to place several chaste kisses to his lips and down his jaw, watching through half-open eyes. tyler didn’t dare slide his tongue between josh’s lips like he wanted to, or allow his hand to venture between josh’s thighs to cup the erection he was well aware of. instead, he trailed kisses down to his neck and savored each whimper that fell from josh’s lips. he felt josh squirm when he sucked a certain spot and decided a nibble wouldn’t hurt. he gently guided josh’s hand to his thigh in an attempt to say ‘i’m yours, it’s okay to touch me’ but this is when things took a sudden turn.

“this…sorry, this isn’t right.” josh mumbled, untangling himself from tyler’s limbs and moving to get up. tyler sat back in shock, watching josh awkwardly walk to the bathroom only to stay there for 20 or so minutes. tyler could only imagine what he was doing in there, but judging from how worked up he got from their little exploration, he had a pretty clear idea.

“josh? i’m sorry, please talk to me.” tyler cooed softly through the bathroom door. josh had finished cleaning up, but he looked in the mirror and still seen flushed skin, messy hair, and a mark on his neck in the shape of tyler’s mouth. he frowned, imagining all the similar shaped marks on several boys.

“i-it’s okay, you were just trying to help.” josh said. tyler smiled because he sounded so sweet and pure. he was trying to help, but he was also trying to show josh that he really liked and wanted him. it was verging on need, but tyler was willing to go at josh’s pace.

“yeah, and i would help more if you let me. but it’s fine. are we still good?” tyler asked. josh nodded behind the door, then remembered tyler couldn’t see him. he answered a small “yes” then opened the door, letting tyler give him a side hug. even that little bit of touching was too much for josh’s overly sensitive nerves. tyler apologized again, offering to make it up by ordering chinese and josh agreed that chinese sounded lovely. he just wanted things to be normal, and tyler totally felt for him. 

Risk For Reward (Finn Balor) Vol. 4

Prompt: You are the new make-up artist for WWE. You have no prior knowledge of Finn or the work that goes into creating the demon. With a whole new world to discover is there room to be anything but professional? Your biggest test will be fighting your new demon(s) and showing that’s this job was made for you. Even if resisting Finn will be harder than you first thought.

Pairing: Finn Balor & Reader

Word count: 1.2k

Warning: None..yet ;)

Those who wish to be tagged! @ambrosegirlforever


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Come what may

This is my proudest work so I am tagging all of you I don’t even care. Also, it was very hard to choose who would play as who, so just so you know, we have Prince as Satine and Anxiety as Christopher, just so no one gets disappointed.

Moulin Rouge AU with Prinxiety and side Logicality.

Warnings: sexual harrassment, slurs, implied prostitution, main character death

Tags: @dan-yuna @clutzyrevolution @liberalautisticnerd831 @purple-chaos-buttonmaster @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic @deafchildcrossing @prinxietytrash @idk-and-idc-and-idr @romanass @killerfangirl3 @prinxietyhell @the-sanders-sides @a-wannabe-canadian @velocifoxy @jetsnacks @prinanalogicality @the-prince-and-the-emo @prinxietys

PS: if you don’t want to read it for any of the reasons stated in the warnings, don’t worry, you don’t have to.


Alex was nothing more than a poor, visionary poet.

When he moved to Paris, his father told him to never come back to London. He wasn’t planning to anyway.

Arriving in Paris, he met a theatre group, one of the bohemians. He fell in love immediately, that small group being exactly what he had been searching. A five man group that drank all night and wrote fantasy stories.

He was living the dream.

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