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Langst Mini Fic #1

(Because I keep having inspirations from the headcanons I am seeing here and there but can’t do a full out fic. I’m just going to make mini ones. Like, really short fics. Oh! Fair warning, English is not my main language so there will be grammatical errors. Though I tried to keep it in minimum.)

Inspiration: Tactical Prodigy Lance Headcanon

Im impressed by your Blue Paladin. He proved himself worthy of his title despite being mute. I mean, it must be hard when it comes to communicating to others during battles.


Those words rang around Allura’s head ever since it left the mouth of the King she was talking to and trying to form an alliance. It was the usual routine that they had learned to live. Receiving a distress signal, answering the said signal, entering the planet giving it, forming Voltron and fighting (pushing) the Galran army away, and finally forming a treaty between Voltron and the current species of alien they had saved for the day.

For the King it was just a normal observation. She could not blame him for this was the first time he meet the Paladins.

But no matter what, the comment cut through her heart for it was another reminder on how she had failed. On how she had pushed a war to just a bunch of teenagers who were peacefully living in their own planet one night and the next they were soldiers fighting an empire who had enslave the majority of the universe. On how she tried to be professional about everything and how she tried to maintained the aura of a general…only to realized it was not just the only thing the team needed but something more.

Humans are natural social beings. Keep us in isolation and we might go insane.


Shiro explained to her one of the common theory that the human society have. He called it “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”.

Love, care, and feeling of belongingness are one of the factors humans needed to be assured that their life was worth living despite Earth’s harsh conditions both from the environment and the rest of the society. And those very three needs were neglected ever since Allura pushed the role of being Paladins to five earthlings.

Sure, the Paladins handle it themselves. But it still turned out that everyone was being selfish in some degree. Pidge wanted to find their family, Keith wanted to do what was right as a defender and forgetting the feelings of others when he was trying to be a capable soldier, Shiro was being a hypocrite by trying to take care of the team while purposefully hiding his own issues away, Hunk…was just trying to help and Lance was the ever self sacrificing one that they should have paid more attention.

Well, selflessness and selfishness only had a very thin line between and sometime could be seen as the same.

It was also a reminder that Allura was no perfect being and could be an easy prey from the webs of judgmentally. She just met Lance and completely assumed that the Blue Paladin never take anything seriously. It was a fault that made her blind and didn’t see the talent that Lance clearly had and was taken advantage by the enemy.

Things had never gone back to normal in the Castle of Lions. After rescuing Lance, the Blue Paladin was never the same. He mostly spends his time inside his own room, until now he had never uttered a word even once. He was not participating in any group activities and contently just chooses to stay with the Blue Lion. Sometimes they would find him being surrounded by the other lions also. Even the ever temperamental Red Lion appears to be trying to support the… broken human. It was as if, if the other Paladins could not be there then at least the lions would convey what their pilots felt for the Blue Paladin.

Lance was only comfortable in the company of Hunk and Coran. They would talk and talk with him and they would celebrate if they could make Lance to smile, even if it was a small one. If they could make Lance to do something so that he would not be tortured by his own thoughts. Though they eventually found out that Lance didn’t want to learn anything about the mechanics of the castle. He vehemently refused to learn anything that could be related to Voltron and the war against the Galran Empire.

It hurts to see that the very talent Lance had that lead him to meet the others was the very thing he had learned to hate when the Galra used his knowledge against his teammates. When the Galras gave him false information on how his tactics injured some of the Paladins to the point of no recovery.

Allura was not sure if this was a damage they could heal…or just be a festering wound forever…

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One More Time.

Can also be found on AO3 and FF.net, also under the cutโ€ฆ

Authors Note: This is my seventh prompt for the Olicity Hiatus-Fic-A-Thon organised by @thebookjumper This is my one-shot version. Now a few words, as with these versions they are SMUTTY, they are NSFW!!! Be warned I just got super smutty for this, I just wrote. Iโ€™m not feeling too well so all mistakes are mine but yes, enjoy some nice hot smut..ย 

Summary: Post 5x23. Oliver and Felicity share a night alone.

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Do you like jealous!Barry? well because I do! And if so, do you have any headcanon on jealous!Barry?

Omg. I LOVE jealous!Barry. 😍 He works so nicely alongside petty!Barry & no-chill!Barry. LOL.

Unless, ofc, it’s warranted, in which case, it makes my cry, makes my heart ACHE for him. When he sees Iris & Eddie kissing from afar in the pilot, for example.

As far as headcanons? How about Barry getting super possessive of Iris if some guy starts flirting with her in public? Or if she has to go interview some guy that’s notably handsome? And ofc any time she comments that she finds a guy hot - ESP Oliver. And she’s with HIM, so ofc he’ll try to keep his jealousy under wraps. He knows she would never cheat & that she loves him & she finds him attractive. But Iris can see through him so easily now that she’s fully aware of his feelings. And b/c she knows him so well obvs.

“You know I’m going home with YOU, right, babe?”

“Yes,” he grumbles.

“And that no one - ” she reaches across the table to lay her hand on his. “And I mean NO ONE - could satisfy me the way you do.”

Suddenly, the temperature rises between them, and his libido swamps his mind.

“I do have some…mad skillz.”

She grins and lowers her voice to a sultry whisper, “damn right, you do.”

Barry raises his hand, hoping the waiter notices, because he can’t tear his eyes away from hers.

“Check, please!”

Daddy's Weakness
  • Inspired by @florbe-triz adorable fanart of the Mini Genos/Corgi Pups napping.
  • -Genos comes home after taking care of a mission request for a Cadre of the Association.-
  • Genos: Sensei, boys. I'm ho-!?
  • -Saitama is passed out on the floor as Genos rushes to his side.-
  • Genos: Sensei?! Are you alright?!
  • -Turns him over carefully, wondering why he's struggling to breath-
  • Genos: (He seems like he's okay but...something is odd about his pulse....How is this possible? Who could have brought him to this state when he is the strongest? They shall pay dearly....)
  • Saitama: ...Ugh...G...Genos....
  • Genos: Sensei, please, tell me what has happened. Who has done this to you?
  • -clutches his shirt-
  • Saitama: ...Quick....get.....get the....
  • Genos: Get the...what, Sensei?
  • Saitama: ...Get the...cam....era....
  • .....
  • Genos: ...Huh?
  • -points to couch with a shaking finger. All the Mini Genos are taking nap in adorable poses, causing Genos to sigh in relief as he helped Saitama sit up before getting the camera and taking a few pictures.-
  • Genos: I guess there are some things in this world Sensei is not quite immune to.

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hiya, love your blog :) i just wanted to ask if you have any tips on coming up with good character goals? thank you xx


I think these posts might help you.

An ask about character motivations w/ links to articles:

A chart on character motivations:

Villian motivations:

Okay, so I think that you first have to think about what the conflict is in your story. The protag’s goal is probably to solve/fix that, right?

Take the story I’m working on. A group of teens wake up in an alternate dimension. The big problem is that staying in a realm you don’t belong in causes you to fade away from existence, similar to how person’s body migbt reject a transplanted organ. Their goal is to get home before that happens.

Within the big picture goal, their are smaller goals set on fixing smaller problems. For example, a king kidnaps two of my characters because he believes that they are the fulfillment of a prophecy. Their goal is to escape. The mini conflict is also escalated by the main one: if they can’t escape, then they’ll die because they never managed to leave the castle let alone the realm.

These goals are all brought on by external conflict, but there is often internal conflict too. That’s the conflict the character faces within themselves like mentally fighting with the demons of their past, getting over a fear, etc. It’s caused by their own mind and not by other characters. Establish something the character doesn’t like about themselves, how that affects the plot, and how the plot might change that.

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A backup to the EDC gear I have on me at all times. Always close at hand.

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a snail escaped my mini zoo, a gift i had prepared for you, it found a weapon to kill its captor, a knife to end my life's last chapter, i ducked and weaved his slimy stabbing, a ploy to avoid his my life nabbing, but due to trails he'd left before, i slipped and fell on the hard tiled floor, he leaned in close and grabbed my neck, and whispered "die forever you mean redneck". as i bled out on the floor the snail in my line of sight, i let him exit through the door for such a worthy fight. high

this is making my day you guys are so wonderful

Just imagine that somehow Magnus accidentally puts a spell on Simon where he turns into a 4 year old and he’s super active and hyper and Magnus can’t keep up with him so he calls Alec for help but then Simon snatches his phone and runs away and Alec gets panicked and runs to Magnus’ and when he gets there he sees Magnus chasing mini Simon and he’s super confused and Magnus just looks at him and says “Don’t just stand there like a princess, help me!!!” And then Alec leaps into action and starts chasing mini Simon who keeps escaping Alec’s large hands and laughing as Alec trips over himself and then you have Magnus in the background flipping through spell books frantically searching how to reverse the spell 😂😂😂😂 like yaaaaaaas

Love Island

Pairings: Nicomaki, Nozoeli

Words: ~1,000

Summary: Itโ€™s been six days since Nozoeli and Nicomaki have been stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. Help is on the way, but how soon can the other Muse members return to rescue them?

Tags: #mini crackfic #continuation of the LL: island escape game

Note: That was fun letโ€™s do it again some other time

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