a mind beside itself

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Again, if we consider our mind, we see that our intellect would be more imperfect, if mind were alone, and could understand nothing besides itself. There are, then, many things outside ourselves, which are useful to us, and are, therefore, to be desired. Of such none can be discerned more excellent, than those which are in entire agreement with our nature. For if, for example, two individuals of entirely the same nature are united, they form a combination twice as powerful as either of them singly.

Savior || werewolf!calum // part 4

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Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words: 1.1K+

A/N: I hope you like this part and if you do and want a part 5, let me know here

It couldn’t be.

If he saved me, why was he like this? I honestly didn’t know what I expected, I expected him to be nicer to me, like Luke was. Why did Calum even save me if he didn’t know how to talk to people politely?

“It’s you” I whispered, still in shock

I always said that I was going to find him but I never expected to find him to be honest, but I knew that I had to try my hardest so I wouldn’t ever regret not trying. And now he was in front of me.

“Now can you leave?” He asked, annoyed as if glowing eyes were a normal thing and he was completely ordinary

“Calum your eyes…” I said, my voice not rising above a whisper

He sighed, “I’m aware”

“Don’t I deserve an explanation?” I asked

“No,” He said like the conversation was over

It wasn’t. I needed to tell him that I wouldn’t let this go. I needed to know what he was and why he saved me.

Fine,” I said, sighing. I didn’t have the power to argue with him, I was so overwhelmed.

I decided to walk away because I felt like the more I looked at him, the more I felt overwhelmed. I had to leave before I fainted or even died.

I started walking towards the road, the leaves crunching under my feet as I walked. I felt footsteps behind me and I stopped immediately. I turned around to see Calum behind me.

“Are you following me now?” I asked

He shook his head, “I’m walking you to your car so you don’t die on the way there” He said, still quite rudely

Why was he even rude to me? What did I do?

I started walking yet again, deciding on not saying anything to him.

The rest of the walk to my car was quiet besides the crickets chirping and the sound of dry leaves getting crushed under our feet.

Calum didn’t say anything to me when we reached my car, instead he just watched me get in and leave.

I didn’t know why he was like that, or why he was so distant whenever I tried to talk to him. If he wanted to be so distant, why didn’t he let me drown that night? Why did he save me?

I had a reaction to each of those things but I don’t know why I didn’t run away when I saw Calum with those glowing eyes. It would have sent anyone else running away, why didn’t I run away?


I walked in to college like any other regular day, nothing on my mind besides college itself. I needed to be focused on spending these next few years in peace so I could graduate on time.

Since I didn’t sleep all night, I needed a cup of coffee to keep me going though. So, I walked towards the cafeteria. It was a place where I spent the least amount of time in. I was always trying to be focused and the loud cafeteria wasn’t exactly an ideal place for that.

I paid for a cup of coffee and sat on an empty chair, putting my belonging on the table. I was tired, and not tired as in in need of sleep but tired of everything.

I didn’t even know when Luke sat in the chair next to mine. I was startled, seeing a sudden presence next to me.

“Hi,” He said, biting in to an apple, casually

“Hey,” I managed to pass a lazy smile

“What’s up?” He asked

I shook my head, not having an answer to his question.

Suddenly, I felt the need to let it all out. I couldn’t hide whatever I saw from everyone. I tried to keep it all in but from what I knew, Calum and Luke knew each other, and maybe asking him for the answers was going to get me all the answers Calum couldn’t ever.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked, suddenly

He nodded, still eating the apple.

“Have you seen something strange in this town?” I asked

He narrowed his eyebrows, “Like what?” He asked

I sighed, “This might sound crazy but like glowing eyes and strange noises, like animals or something but not exactly animals?”

He stopped chewing and looked at me. For a moment I felt like he was asking for an elaboration.

“Y/N, can I ask you to do something?” He asked, completely ignoring my questions and pleas

“What?” I asked

“Look in to my eyes,” He said

He was not ignoring my question. This was a reply to my questions.

His eyes were blue with specks on green but suddenly all I could see was red.

Oh,” I said like that was a good enough reaction

“Like this?” He asked, smirking and returning his attention to the apple that was still in his hands

“Uh, yeah”

I suddenly wanted to ask him all the questions I wasn’t going to ask Calum.

“What are you?” I asked

He chuckled, “You know what I am, there is no way you’re okay with this without any research”

Werewolf. The research I did was right. I was right.

“Okay,” I paused, “Do all of you have the same eyes? I’m sorry if I’m asking a lot of questions but I want to know.”

He shook his head, ignoring the rant, “No, we don’t. There are three kinds of us and three kinds of eyes too.” He paused, “There are the Betas and the Omegas, which can have blue or yellow eyes. Blue if they took an innocent life and yellow otherwise.”

“Oh,” I said

“We, the Alphas have red eyes” He said

I was quiet for a second. Calum was an Alpha; did that mean he was stronger than others? Was he stronger than Luke too?

“Okay, see,” He said, taking control of my attention again, “Ashton and Michael over there,” He said pointing to two boys sitting on a far away table, “are Betas, I’m their Alpha, we make a pack”

Somehow I didn’t care about whatever he said, “What about Calum?” I asked

He laughed, “What about him? He’s an Omega and you shouldn’t even be talking about him, no one cares about Omegas”

His eyes were red. Luke just said Omegas had either blue or yellow eyes.

“But his eyes…” I said

“What about his eyes?” He asked, suddenly interested

His words rang in my head, ‘You shouldn’t even be talking about him; no one cares about Omegas’. They obviously didn’t get along and I had this feeling that if I completed my sentence, it would get Calum in trouble.

“Nothing,” I said, with a smile, “I should get going”

I got up, taking my belongings and walking away.

I didn’t know what was going on, but I owed Calum and at least I should keep the secret of his eyes.


ruthless-commander  asked:

I was thinking how Daichi is always the foundation and holds it together a lot but like what would happen if he just lost it. Like had to step out and just start crying. Like you always see fics about Suga breaking but people forget that Daichi 1/2

2/2 has a pretty big front up as well. I wonder what the team’s reaction would be.

It was happening before any of them realized it was.

Daichi had been missing receives all morning. It started out with bad contact with the ball, a slip here and there on the newly waxed gym floor. It built to not reaching the ball in time at all, which was surprising in itself but besides a few don’t minds! no one really paid him any mind. Every single one of them had off days - even the captain. It was something they needed to power through and eventually they’d get their grooves back.

But for some reason, Daichi wasn’t getting through it. He was getting worse.

And it kept happening. The next one wasn’t more so than any other of his previous failures that morning. The ball collided with the wrong spot on his forearms and spiraled down left instead of up forward, and it ricocheted out of bounds and hit the wall with an embarrassing smack.

A reassurance was halfway out of Ennoshita’s mouth when a loud fuck! echoed throughout the gym.

Daichi’s eyes were glued to the ground and suddenly he was leaving, moving towards the exit at a terrifying pace. No one knew what to do or say - especially Ennoshita. Daichi never got outwardly frustrated. Like this. He would sigh, sheepishly smile and psych himself up to go after the next one twice as hard. But this was giving up, this was anger, it was a slamming of the gym door closed and a viscously uncomfortable silence hanging over them all like a thick glob of tar.

Suga was the first to react. He cursed, much quieter under his breath and trailed after Daichi without saying a word. Asahi was the next to shake out of the funk. But instead of looking terrified, like a nervous wreck, he looked concerned and calm. That was unusual. Ennoshita had never seen Asahi look this collected during a team disaster.

That meant Asahi knew something the rest of them didn’t.

“What happened?” Ennoshita asked him, his voice a little gruff. From anxiety? Discomfort? Who knew - and he was sure none of his teammates would give him crap about it.

The third year rolled his shoulder blade, his mouth a firm line as he admitted to Ennoshita and the rest of the team, “He’s having a bad week. A really bad one.”

“How bad?!” Hinata piped up, in front of Asahi before the brunette spiker even realized.

Asahi collected himself briefly before he continued. “Well, I feel bad for telling you this behind his back, but… he’s been struggling in lit class for a while. He’s been up all night studying - Suga and I have been helping him and it just hasn’t been working. His grades are starting to go down, and the other day his advisor told him that if he doesn’t try harder then getting into his top choices for university are going to be nearly impossible.”

No one said anything to that. They understood.

“And,” Asahi sighed, “he hasn’t been sleeping from the stress and the studying. So that with how practice has been going -“

“He’s not in a good place.” Ennoshita finished for him. Asahi just nodded.

This had never really happened before. When one of them broke down, needed support, when the team fractured at the seams, the first person that would lend a helping hand was Daichi. But now the person that needed help the most was Daichi. What could be done when the foundation itself was cracking? Ennoshita was lost on that.

But, apparently, not as much as the rest of the team. The first years were terrified. Even Tsukishima looked out of place, just cracking his fingers as he stared unseeingly at the floor. Nishinoya and Tanaka were expressing their concern through frustration, through gritted teeth and clenched fists and tense shoulders. Everyone else was in similar states of awkward helplessness. Even when Asahi had temporarily quit the team, when Hinata and Kageyama had been fighting, Karasuno had never looked so shaken, so lost.

One little shift and everything they had worked so hard to craft was starting to fall apart.

This couldn’t happened.

It wouldn’t happen.

Ennoshita clapped his hands, and every eye suddenly was on him. But he took it in stride, wouldn’t let it falter his confidence. “Alright, let’s keep practicing. We’re not going to win Nationals if we’re just standing around doing nothing.”

Somehow, that seemed to shake everyone out of their funk. With some stretches, some hushed chatter, they set themselves up to return to the game.

Before that happened, someone squeezed Ennoshita’s shoulder. He turned around, and it was Asahi, wearing the most gracious smile he had ever seen him wear.

They weren’t a one man show: they were a team. When they forgot that vital fact, that’s when things would fall apart. But for now, it was still fresh in their minds.

And that’s why they could keep going.