a million views

I couldn’t even fit them all.

This person did a video using footage from my animation. That video got more views than my own. This person’s video made of stolen content was stolen by other users. The stolen video was stolen by different other users, and multiple more users stole from them. Add a couple of lame reaction videos to the stolen video. The video was uploaded to Facebook and got millions of views. No credit anywhere in sight.

This is why I don’t allow people to use my videos! Even with credit. It just goes out of control once someone steals from the person who has permission (or not, in this case.)

I have spent the last hour reporting  every instance of the video made with my content and its many, many copies and I’m not even done!

When I say please don’t use my videos, I mean DON’T FRICKING USE MY VIDEOS CAN YOU NOT READ YOU PIECE OF TRASH! Now everyone is getting a copyright strike! Merry Christmas!

For those who wonder, the stolen video is “The Charmander song”. You’ll find it easily. Half of it is made from my “Charmander gets his wings” video (and other people’s stolen content).

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if brits was really fair - 1d would have won for history because no matter what it was cute little video, and its probably the last award they'll win since theyre on an indefinite hiatus for a couple of years lmao. and zayn should have won best single. Pillowtalk really surpassed every record, and it was a great song compared to little mix's snoozefest. and zayn really went out there with pillowtalk.

zayn deserved to win british single. let’s talk numbers

pillowtalk - 4 million copies sold worldwide, 490 million streams, 686 million views, 24 platinum and 4 golden certifications, #1 in 80+ countries, debuted at #1 on 15 charts and in the top 10 of another 22 charts. 

shout out to my ex - 1 million copies sold worldwide, 135 million streams, 177 million views, 3 platinum and 4 gold certifications, #1 in 19 countries, debuted at #1 on 4 charts and in the top 10 of another 4 charts. 

i think i’ve said enough. 


I Don’t Wanna Live Forever passed 100 million views!


Let’s try to get How Far I’ll Go to 100 million views!

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Hey please spread the word that we're doing international streaming for Toppdogg music videos on the 24-25th of this month :) we wanna show the boys our support and show other fandoms that we aren't lazy and support our titty boyz no matter what <333


Annie - 1 Million (+50.000 views)
Rainy Day - 1,5 Million (+300.000 views)
Arario - 3 Million (+200.000 views)

When Monsta X has their comeback I hope we as a fandom come all together and possibly get their mv to 5 million views. I don’t know their record for the most views for an mv in 24 hours but I hope we can break their record with their new song/mv.

List of most watched Japanese musicvideos on Youtube

This list goes from highest down to 30 million views. This is all my research and I worked really really hard on this list. This list inclueds JRock and JPop as well some Enka. In this list are even some older songs. I apologize if I missed something out…

AKB48-Heavy rotation (over 132 million views)
SEKAI NO OWARI-RPG (over 114 millon views)
RADWIMPS-Zenzenzense (over 111 million views)
AKB48-Koi suru fortune cookie (over 109 million views)
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-PONPONPON (over 107 million views)
Hoshino Gen-Koi (over 106 million views)
ONE OK ROCK-The beginning (over 82 million views)
AKB48-Pomiteru to shushu (over 62 million views)
AAA-Koi to oto amazora (Over 60 million views)
Gesu no Kiwami Otome.- Watashi igai watashi janai no (over 58 million views)
AKB48-Every day kachusha (over 58 million views)
Hoshino Gen-SUN (over 57 million views)
Superfly-Aiwokometehanatabawo (56 million views)
Wagakki Band-Senbonzakura (over 55 million views)
Supittsu-Robinson (over 55 million views)
E-girls-Follow me (over 51 million views)
AKB48-Furaingugetto (over 50 million views)
Sukimasuitchi- So (kana de) (over 48 million views)
SEKAI NO OWARI-Hono to mori no kanibaru (over 45 million views)
KANA-BOON-Naimononedari (over 43 million views)
AAA-Sayonara no mae ni(over 42 million views)
ONE OK ROCK-Clock strikes (over 42 million views)
Supittsu-Cheri (over 39 million viiews)
Sakanakushon- Shin takarajima (over 39 million views)
Utada Hikaru-First love (over 34 million views)
(koshiki) Nakajima miyuki-Chijo no Hoshi (over 34 million views)
AKB48-Ogeo diamondo (over 34 million views)
ONE OK ROCK-Deeper Deeper (over 33 million views)
E-girls-Hiighschool Love (over 33 million views)
MISIA-Everything (over 31 million views)
SEKAI NO OWARI-Snow magic fantasy (over 31 million views)
SEKAI NO OWARI- Nijiro no senso (over 31 million views)
Suikimasuitchi-Zenryoku shonen (over 31 million views)
Supittsu-Soramotoberuhazu (over 32 million views)
AAA-Wake up (over 30 million views)
AKB48-Beginner (over 30 Million)
MISIA-Aitakuteima (over 30 million voews)


Haha so thank you to everyone who’s sent me nice messages about my art featured in I Can’t Fix You! I love The Living Tombstone and Crusher-P’s work, and I was really honored that they asked me to participate in this music video! It already has 1.2 million views which is just NUTS! It’s such a great song!

So here’s the full set of pinups I drew! TLT basically asked for the main bots from Sister Location to be drawn as cutely as possible, and I was like “Yes, this is my destiny.”

I’ve only watched LPs of the FNaF games because I’m a huge baby, but I’m way more familiar with them and their lore than you might assume xD

SOPHIA tv series 2016

The fate of the Byzantine Princess Sophia Palaiologina, the mysterious princess who became the wife of Grand Prince Ivan III of Moscow. The fate of the throne in her hands. Sofia has a lively intelligence and indomitable will. In Moscow she found her second home, love and hope for the birth of a new Orthodox Empire.

ep1, ep2, ep3, ep4, ep5, ep6, ep7, ep8.