a million reason

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"You're giving me a million reasons to let you go."

She caught his gaze from across the room. No —  stare. Penetrable. Unrelenting.

The light coming in from the creases of closed curtains reign in light. It burns — burns its way into the empty space between them. Its bright, and it refuses to splinter, even after she’s already torn her own gaze away.

“What?” she asked. “Why — I don’t understand.”

Katara watched as his eyes trailed her body, from the red sash to the golden trim delicately brushing along darkened skin.

         ‘ You’re losing yourself. ‘

She bristled, eyebrow raised. “I… I’m not — I don’t — “

But she stopped. Two and a half years she’d spent with him. A lot of the times, held up in his office or the throne room. Being Ambassador to the Southern Water Tribe was a significantly difficult job — one where, perhaps, would cause one’s focus to waver.

“Are you saying that… that I should go home?”

His eyes held steady, and then they faltered.

                               How could she leave when she loved him?

The backlash against Beauty and the Beast is mostly sexism imo. Ppl always have a million zillion reasons why stuff aimed at girls is boring or stale or problematic. It’s a fine movie! It’s pretty and fun! I promise it won’t contaminate you with like problematic cooties. If you wanna see it, go see it. If you don’t wanna see it, you don’t have to invent moral reasons why. It’s okay if some stuff just doesn’t appeal to you.


queen of consistent vocals, queen of harmonizing with herself, queen of never giving the same performance twice, queen of having 100,000,000 reasons to walk away

They’re too nice to fight each other what are you even talking about.