a million nopes


“You knew I'd—”
Die Hard your way up here? Come on, Wes. Who knows you better than me?”
“Perhaps you don’t know me as well as you think.”
“What are you doing, Wesley?”
“Standard perpetuity clause.”

oh my god, tempted by mcu fic ideas for the first time in a million years

nope. nope, not doing it. not even gonna entertain it.


but just–darcy though; she’s not gonna be in the next thor movie bc tptb always considered her a vestigial jane attachment anyways. and since natalie’s not coming back (for good reasons of course) then why would they bother bringing back the snarky sidekick?

but like, imagine in-verse something similar-ish happens? it would obviously depend on the in-universe explanation of why jane has up and disappeared and isn’t in this movie, but say jane and darcy for whatever reasons split ways. necessity or misfortune or darcy wants to take another stab at her own career field again. 

only things don’t work out.

it’s a shit economy and she’s been noodling around for like five years AFTER completing her polisci degree, and let’s face it her resume in the interim is–well–eccentric.

she’d expected job hunting not to be EASY, but impossible? well that caught her off guard.

so she’s in some city of relative size, not even new york because she couldn’t afford the rent anymore. she’s barely hearing from jane these days because jane’s on a project and it’s a stroke of luck if jane foster remembers to eat or wash her hair when she’s in High Science Mode, much less respond to email and text. erik started corresponding with her less and less the more he started coping, and that was BEFORE he got some new fancy secret government job.

things have gotten rough and she’s working crap jobs, maybe waitressing maybe retail, just trying to pay bills and figure out how the hell her life came THIS CLOSE to superheroes and alien demigods and action and adventure and things Really Happening, and still ended up HERE of all places.

she reads the headlines on her phone and she watches clips of the action on youtube, and she feels like she somehow fell out of the life she really should have been living, if she’d just found a way to hold on to it, to be invaluable, to seize opportunity, to really MATTER.

and she watched with despair as the sokovia thing and then corresponding accords happened, (and not a little outraged ranting about the absurd political maneuvering of it all and oh my god tony stark what are you DOING) and then it all went a little bit quiet for just a little while.

and a while later she’s busing tables or restocking pastries at a cafe or diner that pays a third of her rent, and clocks two shady as fuck beefy dudes at the table in the corner (backs to the walls eyes on the entrances/exits).

they seem to think they’re low profile with their ballcaps and hoodies and giant sunglasses and newspapers, but darcy lewis got within five feet of that star spangled square jaw one time and even said hi, and he keeps coming in with a short muscley black guy or the mangy looking brunette with the unseasonably long sleeves and gloves and that godawful haircut, and she is Not Stupid. 

but being Not Stupid means knowing steve rogers and friends are considered international fugitives, though she thinks for a moment–a breathless, adrenaline-buzzing moment–that they might somehow be here, in her shitty little diner/cafe in her mediocre little city ON PURPOSE–because she is.

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Misha VM
Misha VM

So I ummed & ahh’d about whether or not to post this publically, and eventually have decided yep, I will. So here’s my GISHWHES vm from Misha, and I absolutely love it because it is just so sweet & lovely and calming. It’s not what I expected at all (I don’t really know what I expected, tbh), but this is probably better.

anonymous asked:

how would the Sakamaki boys react if their s/o was in a musical where they had many romantic scenes with another person?

Shuu: He wouldn’t mind too much, as long as there weren’t any kissing scenes.

Reiji: May have a problem if they get too close, but can be talked into it if he can be assured that it is only acting.

Laito: Wouldn’t like it, but if he trusts his s/o enough, then it would be okay.

Kanato: Is this even a question? A flat out no, never in a million years.

Ayato: Nope, will get jealous even if he knows the guy. Will let her do it so he can guilt trip her later and have an “excuse”

Subaru: Will be very vocal about his disagreements and would try and get his s/o to cut the scenes out, but can be persuaded if done correctly.

~ Rosalie

calum knows you hate going to the dentist, so he always offers to come with you and hold your hand. he’s supportive on the entire drive there, holding the steering wheel with one hand and your hand with the other, telling you it’ll be okay and offering you small smiles. he makes small talk with your dentist as you make your way back towards the chair, and then points out all the odd tools and devices, cracking jokes to ease your nerves. but the second the dentist comes up with the anesthesia needle to numb your mouth, his entire face flushes and he starts sweating, stuttering out, “looks like you’ve got it from here babe, I’ll be in the waiting room.” and dipping while you glare at his weak retreating back. 

I will never touch a Ouija board ever in my life like you couldn’t pay me a million dollars nope no no no nope the biggest nope I won’t even walk into a room with one in it nope bye

Honestly I don’t think college athletes should be paid. I get sports scholarships and all but to actually get a salary seems ridiculous.

I mean overall less time and money should be devoted to sports. Sports are worthwhile as a hobby but really don’t contribute positively to anything at all?However a salary could open up opportunities for financially struggling students who couldn’t otherwise participate. 

idk. Honest to god I fucking hate professional sports. I think outside of creating a personal sense of accomplishment they are basically a waste of time especially once you get into college and professional level sports. I definitely think talented people should be able to earn a living at it and receive a salary throughout their life if they are injured but like millions? Nope.

For everyone saying that BREXIT knew what we were getting into
  • Farage: the £350 million we to the EU will go back into the UK if you vote BREXIT
  • UK: *votes BREXIT*
  • Farage: oh... Umm well... Maybe not £350 million... Maybe half that, nope never mind maybe a tiny fraction of what I said before.
  • UK: we want a 2nd referendum. The information you gave us was wrong.
  • Farage: Nope. We won. Fair and square. INDEPENDENCE DAY!