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Look Away

I totally wasn’t inspired by @hellohaechan‘s Jeno basketball au

Not at all

Anyway just a little oneshot I cooked up in my spare time; RIHY 2 will be out probably sometime this week? Maybe the next week if I’m really busy or really lazy

Also this keeps happening to me with my irl sort of crush so this is kinda based off personal experience lmao

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: fluff (bc do i really know how to write anything else)

Word count: 4.4k

You’re pretty sure the star basketball player and campus heartthrob, Mark Lee, thinks you hate him for some unknown reason. 


Every single fucking time you catch his eye, you look away on reflex.

Little does he know that you’re actually head over heels for him.


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When We First Met

A/N: My first Andy x reader Drabble. Send me requests!!

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Pairings: Andy Dwyer x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 671


You sat across from your Aunt Leslie, making faces at her while she was on the phone. “Five minutes,” she had said when she picked it up, but 20 minutes later you’re bored out of your mind and ready for lunch already. You had only planned to visit for a few days, so you want to spend as much time with your favorite person as possible. Just as she was saying goodbye to whoever was on the phone, a loud noise in the office caught your attention. You turned to look through the glass and saw a tall guy, a little chubby, a lotta sexy, with delicous stubble across his face. You immediately had a million fantasies running through your head as he looked in cabinets and desk drawers around the office.

“Hey, Leslie, who’s that?” You ask, not even trying to hide your interest.

“That’s Andy.” She says happily. “He works here; right now he’s working with Tom upstairs digitizing files.”

“Hmm,” You say softly and she laughs.

“Y/n, you’re not…” She pauses, when you meet her eyes and she sees the look there. “I mean, you don’t.” She doesn’t seem to know what to say and this worries you.

“What’s wrong with him?” You ask, and she scrunches her nose.

“Nothing.” She says quickly. “Andy is great, he’s just a little-”

“LESLIE!” Andy runs up to Leslie’s door and stops short, grabbing onto the doorframe on both sides, looking frantic. “Quick question.” He’s slightly out of breath from running around the office. “If Tom told you he hid skittles in the office, where would you look?”

You stare at him for a moment, wondering if he’s being serious, and as Leslie raises her eyebrows and starts talking, you let out a giggle.

“What were you doing when Tom told you this?” She asks, But Andy eyes drop to you, noticing you for the first time.

“Woah.” He says, like a child that just discovered a new toy, “Leslie, you have a mini me!” He says with a goofy smile on his face and you laugh.

“Mini?” You ask, “I’m not that short.” He smiles down at you as Leslie introduces the two of you. You know what she was trying to tell you now… Andy’s a bit goofy, but in an endearing way. And he’s cute. And funny. Oh boy, you shouldn’t have even looked at this boy.

“I was acting out Rambo to him by scene-” He starts, looking back at Leslie.

She sighs and cuts him off. “There’s no skittles Andy. He was just trying to get you to stop.” His face falls for a second and you get the strange urge to go up to him and give him a hug…and some skittles.

“Sorry Buddy.” Leslie says with a frown and he shrugs his shoulders. You watch him leave the room, your eyes focused particularly south, and smile.

“Come on,” Leslie sighs, breaking into your thoughts, and smiles as she gets her stuff together. “Let’s go to JJ’s and I’ll tell you about him.”

“You’re the best.” You smile widely and follow her out the door, stopping at the vending machine as you pass. “Just a minute,” You tell her, digging a dollar out of your pocket.

“Dwyer.” You say, as you walk back into the now populated office. He turns when you call his name and smiles when he sees you. “Catch.” You say, tossing the pouch of skittles in his direction. He catches them and his smile widens, and looks at you with a happy, surprised expression.

“Dude!” He says, tearing the pouch open. “Thanks!” He immediately starts pouring them into his mouth and you can’t help but laugh.

Leslie walks past you and gives you a knowing smile that you return. A little voice in your head says you would do anything to be the one to make him look so happy again, and in that moment, you make the decision to prolong your stay in Pawnee, Indiana. You might actually learn to like it here.