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Sorry but I'm craving some tiny Logan fanfics can you help me soothe that craving

I am here for you in your time of need, Nonny! Have this little dabble:

Tiny Logan stood uncertainly in the doorway, shuffling his feet nervously. He watched Roman move around his room, muttering lines to himself, striking things and rewriting as he walked. The logical child knew he was busy, but…he also knew it was nearly bedtime, and nobody told stories quite like Roman. 

Sensing eyes on him, Roman glanced up from his script and spotted Tiny Logan in his footed galaxy print pajamas, clutching his dinosaur stuffie. He offered the child a wide smile, gesturing him in, and Logan quickly scooted in. 

“Why hello there, Littlest Professor! Shouldn’t you be in bed by now?” Roman chuckled when Logan shyly wrapped his arms around one of his legs, looking up at him with a pleading expression.

“RoRo, I need a story and you tell the best ones! I know you’re busy but…” Logan trailed off uncertainly, looking down, and Roman immediately knelt down so that he could meet his gaze as equals. 

“I am NEVER too busy for you! Come, what manner of tale shall I tell? The knight and the princess? The mighty pirate crew? An ancient tale from mythology? What would you prefer?” Roman scooped him up, delighting in the soft giggle he received in return.

“Nooooo, none of those!” Logan cried, laughing when Roman lightly tickled his sides. Roman walked him to his room, gently tucking him under the covers. 

“Well then, which story would you like to hear?”

“I wanna hear about the Prince!” Logan beamed, holding his stuffie close. Roman froze, startled.

“You…want to hear…about me?!” A genuine smile split his face as the little logical side nodded eagerly.

“Yes! I wanna hear about your adventures, RoRo! You never tell me, and I always wanna know.” Roman stared at Logan and felt happy, sentimental tears stinging his eyes. He valiantly blinked them back, then conjured a chair next to the child’s bed, settling into it.

“Well, then, hearken closely my young scientist! I’ll tell you how I defeated the DragonWitch!” 

Patton was walking past, and paused, peering into the room. His heart melted a little watching Roman tell his grand tale of adventure to a raptly engaged audience of one. 

Here’s a fun patreon commission for @tehlazy0ne, who wanted to see Guybrush Threepwood, the mighty pirate! I love the series and I was more than happy to. I personally love the cartoony style of Curse of The Monkey Island, so I went with that here. I also couldn’t resist including everyone’s favourite cursed skull, Murray!

Thank you for the support and commissioning me!

Girly (Yondu x Reader) Part 6

Synopsis: You’re found by Yondu’s crew and taken in because he believes you can be of use to him. Maybe in more ways than one …

A/N: This part was a little harder to write as I could have easily ended it all here in part 16-17, but I wanted to draw it out a bit longer as you all seem to be loving it! And I’m loving writing it too! So much so, I’m focusing on this instead of getting ahead on my university work!

Word count: 1.6k

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Then they all proceeded to have the greatest movie lecture in the history of Paradox Space.


(( This marks the end of the prom for me. I’m really sorry about  not answering your requests, guys, but as you can see there were a lot of it and there’s a limit of dances one can suffer! I hope you understand!

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