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✏ + Winslow babysitting Guybrush and Elaine's child while they're out.

They deserved time off, Winslow thought. From saving the Caribbean to starting a family, it was only fair that the Threepwoods got even just one night off from being pirate parents (or Mighty Pirate Parents™ as the captain enjoyed saying).

Winslow’s thoughts were cut short as he felt a tug on his sleeve and looked down, spotting the blonde hair and green eyed pirate staring at him eagerly while smiling happily, cooing and giggling. 

“Well now, Ms. Threepwood, what shall we head to today?” He asked as he walked around the town with the small infant in his arms. The baby in turn just gave a raspberry and the portly man let out a hearty laugh. “An excellent choice, indeed!” He lightly poked the baby’s stomach who let out a series of giggles and clapped her hands.

Winslow walked around the market place, eyeing around the stores for anything of interest, and to his disappointment, he saw nothing. “Kind of a let down, don’t you think?” He said to the small child who was sucking her thumb and looking at the portly man, tilting her head slightly and blinked in confusion. “Heh… you look just like the Captain, you know. What say we head back to the ship and I tell you a story?”

The baby opened her mouth but instead of saying something, she ended up drooling a bit. 

“Er… yes. Story time on the Screaming Narwhal it is.” Winslow turned around and headed back to the ship. 

In all his years as a pirate, being someone’s uncle was not something he thought would occur in his life. But he would be lying if he didn’t admit to feeling protective for the little Threepwood. She had her mother’s eyes and the Captain’s enthusiasm, and at least was willing to listen to his endless stories… so long as they were kid appropriate. Along the way back, he felt another tag on his sleeve, he looked down spotting the baby with her mouth open and squeezing her hands. “Oh my, are you hungry, little one?”

The baby just kept opening her mouth and squeezing his sleeve.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Winslow smiled. “Anemone would take such a liking to you, truly a wonder how you two haven’t met yet.”

And if there was another thing he could happily admit? 

“Bah…” The baby blew bubbles and Winslow let out another laugh. 

“Oh my! They would definitely love you, little Captain.”

He loved babysitting her.