a mighty fine face

TFLN #11

Should I do a daddy kink and smut warning on this? Probs. Daddy kink and smut warning. Also, the beginning inspiration for this before my mind went in an entire different direction was this.

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Harry. Missus.

Harold. I have a question.

What’s with the pout, brussel sprout?

Excuse me?

You look melancholy. What has my boy’s feathers ruffled?

When did I look melancholy?

Today, Mr. Grumpy Gills.

Looks like someone got some pics taken when you left the gym.

And might I add… you look mighty darn fine.

Love, I’m not sad, that’s just my face.

That’s what they all say…

Was it leg day? Your legs look nice.

Oh, I hope it was ass day.

Gives me an excuse to massage it tonight…

Arm day, but you can still massage my ass tonight if you want…

I’ll never turn down a good ass massage.

What if it was from Niall?

Get me really drunk and then we’ll talk. x

Harold, I have beef with you.

Tell me…where in the FUCK is your scruff?

There’s a little left there, love.

No. Nope. It’s not enough.

Everyone kept telling me to shave it. I just figured it needed to go.



I miss it. Yes, it was annoying at times and my thighs were chafed, but I liked it on you.

Scrap what anyone else thinks. I’m sorry I ever told you to trim it.

Maybe I’ll grow it out a little before promo season starts. Jeff won’t let me leave the house looking like a bum.

Yet he lets you walk around wearing socks and sandals.

Hey, that’s enough out of you.

I’m also glad to see you retired the grey hoodie for yet another grey hoodie.

Oi, I think you’re looking to get punished.

Hm? And what if I am?

What are you going to do? Rub your five o’clock shadow on my thighs?

I can think of a few things, missy.

Is Daddy going to give me a spanking when he gets home?
Daddy is going to fucking destroy you when he gets home.

Tell me more.

And why should I?

Because I know how to make Daddy feel real good. And maybe if he tells me, I’ll do everything he wants me to do.

When I get home, I don’t care where you are, I’m going to fucking tear every piece of clothing off of you and fuck you right there. Pound my cock and get as deep as I can. I want you to feel me with every step you take tomorrow.

But I’m not going to let you finish. I don’t think you deserve it.

I think you should prove to me you deserve it.

I’ll give you whatever you want Daddy.

I think that pretty little face needs a makeover. What do you say?

Cover me, daddy. I want it all. x
I’ll be home in 5.

You’re in for a long night, missy.


Presenting Sindy Claire and Dodgy Disney Prince Jamie in their outfits from onboard the ship sailing to France and at the quayside.

These are for you @mybeautifuldecay - you gave me the idea and what a wonderful suggestion it was.

These outfits have certainly been the greatest challenge yet - working out how to make the tricorne hat (!) and then I had to remember embroidery skills for Claire’s skirt! And for Jamie, I had to make a new waistcoat, a blue coat with endless buttons (!) and a cloak.

But I think they look mighty fine, and ready for anything! And let’s face it, they need to be….😀

outlanderedandoverhere xxx