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Smol fic idea: Pidge and Allura brotp over some /feminine issues/ the other boys wouldn't get?

So I’ve thought about this for a while. And I don’t think there’s a lot of feminine issues that the two can really relate to? Unless Alteans have the same reproductive systems (which they seem to?? because Allura’s got titty??), I don’t think there’s especially feminine issues they would discuss. 

But if you want a really real conversation between the two, I can make that happen! Just wanna give you the option of backing out of a very biologically correct and blunt discussion if you needed it :D


Mean Girls, Seventeen edition: Who are the plastics? They’re teen royalty. If Pledis was Ceci Magazine, they would always be on the cover. Plan V + My Angel

Since it’s still femslash february it seems like a perfect moment to point out that I love these two and I really wanna know who the heck they are ?? I’m glad it looks like they’re with us on the fukurodani game too, though~


A short 5-page comic, “Constellation”, about homesickness and finding new homes.

I felt like I was kind of in a stylistic rut so I tried some new stuff with a limited color palette–it was a lot of fun!