a midnight in chicago

Wings in Chicago!!!

Are any of you guys going to the BTS wings in Chicago concert? Admin Midnight and I are you guys should shoot us an ask so we can chat! Maybe we can even meet up there! I’m super excited and wanna talk to someone about it!

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In the first and final games of this series, the Preds were up with 3 goals (in 12 shots on goal).  In both games, we pulled the goalie.  In both games, the relief goalie played a perfect game.  In both games, Duncan Keith scored the game winning goal.  I’m not saying that the Blackhawks are the Illuminati, but the Blackhawks are probably the Illuminati. 


“A Thousand Midnights”: Chicago and the Legacy of the Great Migration

In early 2015, Carlos Javier Ortiz began working on “A Thousand Midnights,” a photo series and short film that use the surviving documents of his mother-in-law’s family history, juxtaposed with pictures of Chicago’s black communities today, to explore the legacy of the Great Migration a century after it began.

Learn more about his work on newyorker.com.