a metamorphose

The Lecturer in Recent Runes had gone to sleep with his book carefully shading his eyes. It has originally been entitled Principles of Thaumic Propagation but, because of the action of the sunlight and some specialized high-frequency vibrations from the sand granules on the beach the words on the cover now read The Omega Conspiracy.*

*This isn’t magic. It is a simple universal law. People always expect to use a holiday in the sun as an opportunity to read those books they’ve always meant to read, but an alchemical combination of sun, quartz crystals and coconut oil will somehow metamorphose any improving book into a rather thicker one with a name containing at least one Greek word or letter (The Gamma Imperative, The Delta Season, The Alpha Project and, in the more extreme cases, even The Mu Kau Pi Caper.) Sometimes a hammer and sickle turn up on the cover. This is probably caused by sunspot activity, since they are invariably the wrong way round. It’s just as well for the Librarian that he sneezed when he did, or he might have ended up a thousand pages thick and crammed with weapons specifications.

– this explains a lot | Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent

“Psyche Opening the Door into Cupid’s Garden” by John William Waterhouse, 1904

Orpheus and Eurydice c.1864, by Frederic Leighton, Leighton House Museum.

‘And now they were not far from the verge of the upper earth. He, enamoured, fearing lest she should flag and impatient to behold her, turned his eyes; and immediately she sank back again. She, hapless one! both stretching out her arms and struggling to be grasped and to grasp him, caught nothing but the fleeting air. And now, dying a second time, she did not at all complain of her husband; for why should she complain of being beloved?’ Ovid’s Metamorphoses (book X) 

[Translation by Henry T. Riley, 1861]


Most frogs are extremely vocal during the mating season, but the goliath frog is not.  In fact, it has no vocal cords, despite having excellent hearing!  During the breeding season, males will push rocks together into semi-circular nests where they will battle with other males to attract females.  The females will lay strings of several hundred eggs attached to masses of a single aquatic plant on the river bed.  Her tadpoles will feed only on this species of plant for the first three months of their lives before they metamorphose.  

Oddly, considering the adult frog’s giant size, the eggs and tadpoles are no larger than those of other frogs when they are young, though they grow to be quite large as they approach metamorphosis!


I’ve been wanting to wear a school-boy coord with this Meta sweater-vest ever since I found it second-hand, and today I finally got the chance. I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

Jacket, Sweater-Vest: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Blouse, Bag: Alice and the Pirates
Neck-Bow: Black Peace Now
Pants: Putumayo
Knee Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Off-Brand