a mermaid tale 2

so eris from the Autumn court right

his name was so familiar and i couldnt pin who i was imagining he kind of looked like with the same name

then it just clicked

i have been imaging eris looked similar to this 

the angry, power-hungry queen eris from a barbie movie

,,, i mean they both have the orange scheme and scowl working for them

The signs as the Barbie movies

Capricorn: Nutcracker
Aquarius: Repunzel
Pisces: Magic of Pegasus
Aires: Barbie Island Princess
Taurus: Barbie in the the 12 Dancing Princesses
Gemini: Princess and the Pauper
Cancer: Barbie: The Pearl Princess
Leo: Barbie: Spy Squad
Virgo: Swan Lake
Libra: Barbie and her Sisters in A Pony Tale
Scorpio: The Princes & the Popstar
Sagittarius: Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2


I want some blogs to follow!!
themes of the blogs I wanna follow:
!!anime + movies!!
• black butler
• inuyasha
• death note
• Tokyo ghoul
• Madoka Magic
• hetalia
• Mushi-Shi
• Yuri!! On Ice
• house of small cubes
• Yoi-Kai Watch
• Girl who leapt through time
• Children who chase lost voices
• Sprinted Away
(Online & On paper)
• Killing Stalking
• Blood Bank
• Princess Jellyfish
• The water god’s bride
• The Color of (Earth/Water/Heaven)
• 1,000 & 1 nights
• Uzumaki
!!TV Shows!!
• Good Morning Call
• Hello My Twenties
• Supernatural
• Bones
• Familia Peluche
• Too Cute!!
• River Monsters
• Tanked
• Call of the wild man
• Chowder
• Spongbob
• pink panther
• Tom & Jerry
• The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
• Courage the Cowardly Dog
• Family Guy
• The Simpsons
• Futurama
• H20
• Mako mermaids
• The Treacherous
• The Silenced
• Manhole
• The Mermaid
• The Monkey King
• Dolphin Tale (1&2)
• Emperor’s New Groove
• El Dorado
• Lilo & Stitch (all 3 ithink)
!!comedians + viners!!
• Kevin Hart
• Anjelah Johnson • bon qui qui (love her)
• Liza Koshy
• Shane Dawson
• Brandon Rogers
• Joji miller
• Krist Soup
• Hardstop lucas
• Matt post
• Aaron Doh
• Patrick Charlton
• Jerome Jarre
• enjajaja
• too turnt tina
• quensadilla
!!will add more later on & this sorta became a list of things ive watched & enjoyed!!
!!!recommend me some stuff too!!!

i finish them! (/°v°)/

sara and sofia for  mermaid human tale au~

- they are 2 cousins


- is 19 years old

- she love the sweet things and her friends

is a sweet girl, works at a florist, loves to make new friends, she can become a dragon but usually hides it.


- is 22 years old

- she is a lil’ bad triting to do friends

- prefer read books

- Works in the bookstore, likes quiet places, can also become a dragon but she don’t tell anyone anyone


@diya2003d i hope you like ^^’’


Day 6: a mermaids tale, part 2

Well that took longer than expected (backgrounds *shudder*) But I wanted to wait to try some new watercolors I got!

Short Hiatus Incoming

Tomorrow I’m going up to North Carolina for about a week (I think), so in that time I will not be posting confessions. The inbox won’t be closed, but I just won’t get to making confessions until I’m back. If you want something posted today, please go ahead and send it in now. I’ll post whatever is left in the inbox by the end of the day.

Also, I’ve decided to go ahead and switch the theme for July early. It’s Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2! I’ll see you all soon!    

- Erika