a mermaid tale 2

so eris from the Autumn court right

his name was so familiar and i couldnt pin who i was imagining he kind of looked like with the same name

then it just clicked

i have been imaging eris looked similar to this 

the angry, power-hungry queen eris from a barbie movie

,,, i mean they both have the orange scheme and scowl working for them


(Reprinted with permission)


A preview of another new Grindeldore comic called Immortal.(NOT IN RIGHT SEQUENCE)

The artist said it has already had more than 100 pages now!  I love her so much !!!

Can you imagine how much I expect it ?

But honestly I don’t know if I’m capable of translating it after it’s finished.

Anyway,hope you enjoy it,it’s beautiful !

And there’s some  untranslated comics of the artist:






The signs as the Barbie movies

Capricorn: Nutcracker
Aquarius: Repunzel
Pisces: Magic of Pegasus
Aires: Barbie Island Princess
Taurus: Barbie in the the 12 Dancing Princesses
Gemini: Princess and the Pauper
Cancer: Barbie: The Pearl Princess
Leo: Barbie: Spy Squad
Virgo: Swan Lake
Libra: Barbie and her Sisters in A Pony Tale
Scorpio: The Princes & the Popstar
Sagittarius: Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2

The themes for June and July will be Barbie in a Mermaid Tale and Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2!

I decided to go ahead and switch to June’s theme already since we’re about to enter that month anyway.

I’ve decided that the two Mermaid Tale movies would be the perfect themes for the next two months, since they have that summer vibe! 

- Erika

FrUk 2nd Spring Festival

(Art by: @sirarthurkirkland  and hetalia official artwork. Edit and festival by frukheaven)

Ladies, Gentlemen and Non Binary Folks!

Welcome to the FrUk 2nd Spring Festival “With you into a world of magic”!

This event was made to celebrate FrUk (obviously) and @frukheaven second birthday! The blog will have two years very soon!

Anyway, from the 11th of May to the 16th of May there will be a celebration in which FrUk writers and artists can contribute to make more FrUk fanfics and fanarts to everybody!

The themes will be all Fantastic AUs, since this is the theme of the Festival this year.

The Themes and the designed day are:

  1. Day 1 (11th of May): Mermaid/Siren AU [in which at least one of them is a Mermaid(man)/Siren]
  2. Day 2 (12th of May): Fairy tale AU [a retelling of a fairy-tale of your choosing]
  3. Day 3 (13th of May): Enchanted Forest AU [In which at least one of them is a magical creature from the forest (or magician. I’ll accept that, as long as there is a forest)]
  4. Day 4 (14th of May): Vampire AU [In which at least one of them is a vampire]
  5. Day 5 (15th of May): Angel/Demon AU [in which one of them is an angel or/and one of them as a demon. Really open for choosing which]
  6. Day 6 (16th of May): Modern Day Magic AU [in which anything goes, as long as it involves the current time and magic]

(Help me spread the event by reblogging it! =D)

Rules and more info under the cut!

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