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casbakespie  asked:

tell me your fav mishalecki moments pls?? gif sets/pics appreciated :)

my all-time fave will always and forever be this one

but i also love:

one of the almost kisses

when jared did THATjared did THAT

and other simple domestic things like fixing each others clothes

and feeding each other snacks :)

there’s more here too ;)

like, okay, honestly, have yall EVER seen a boy as beautiful as william nylander? like? ever? in your lives? god, his stupid smile, and even when that isn’t on his face, his EYES, his beautiful stunning eyes, are always smiling, and he’s probably going to have crow’s feet by the time he’s 30, with how much he smiles (seriously i can see them starting to form). and his jawline???? the fuck is that?? it’s so smooth and sharp at the same time i dont understand? and the lines of his neck and shoulders are literally anatomically perfect im pretty sure.

just. like. have u ever seen a boy as beautiful. ever. honestly.

  • me: *opens my mouth*
  • everyone around me: we get it. you love ardyn izunia. you love him so much. ardyn izunia deserved better and you're happy he finally got to rest after suffering from the astrals fucking him over. he's a beautiful man and you wish there was an entire series dedicated to his life and showing what he dealt with before we came to know him. give it a rest.