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Started biking yesterday (for weight loss), and spotted a whole bunch of yarrow growing on my route. I might take a few minutes to meditate there. And harvest a bit for Magickal purposes. If I’m not getting any hostile vibes from that area, that is. 

I’m excited, because it gives me a better idea of what kind of local plants grow in my area. I love the idea that I’m not just exersizing my body. But also exploring new areas and discovering new things ^^

It just shows that you don’t need to live in a forest, to harvest Magickal herbs. Most of them are very hardy, and can grow pretty much anywhere. You just need to be able to spot them :)

Simple Rituals you can do in Minutes
  • Bless your morning tea of coffee to give you strength, confidence, creativity etc.
  • Make your own herbal tea blend. 
  • Smudge/Cleanse your home or workplace to produce positive vibes and to reduce negativity. 
  • Thank your deities (if you have any) before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning. 
  • Start a self reflection journal and write in it every day.
  • Write a page in your book of shadows/grimoire everyday. 
  • Make a bracelet/necklace (anything you can wear), bless it, and wear it everyday. 
  • Do a daily tarot reading. 
  • 5-10 minutes of meditation. 
  • Spend some time in your garden whether it is weeding, watering, or just meditating. 
  • Paint some sigils on your nails.
  • Go for a walk in nature.
  • Do a simple cleansing ritual in the shower. 

==Moonlight Mystics==

Spell Writing Tips for Beginners

Hello Lovelies!

So you’ve decided to write a spell, great! Everyone has the capacity and capability to write a working spell. This is a list of some beginner tips for new spell writers, or for experienced writers who feel they need to go back to the basics.

1. Don’t be afraid of your own style.

Some spells are super flowery with long words and Shakespearian phrases. Some spells require 18 ingredients and 3 days to cast them. Some spells require specific times to cast them and the perfect astrological conditions. Some spells are simple, consisting of a single phrase.
Don’t be afraid of your own individual style. A spell written by you, for you, should be a personal experience. Just because your spell doesn’t flow a certain way doesn’t mean it’s “wrong” or won’t work. Spell writing is a form of self expression and each spell will be as individual and unique as the person writing it.

2. Don’t think too much.

Spell writing (for me anyway) is more of a spiritual experience than an intellectual one. I usually sit down with my pen and paper. Then I meditate for a minute thinking about what I want to achieve. Then I just let the words flow out onto the paper, without thinking about what it all means. You can always read it after and make adjustments. If you just sit down and let it happen, you may be surprised by what you come up with!

3. Make your own associations.

Don’t feel like you have to research the meaning of every ingredient or color that you use. I may think red is a color for lust while you see it as a color for anger. Both associations are right. If something doesn’t feel right to you, or you personally feel different about something. It’s ok to use an ingredient in a different way than what is “traditional”.

4 Do research on any ingredients you use.

This may seem contradictory to my last tip, but this time I’m talking about physical properties. Will your gemstone dissolve in water? Is that herb you want to use toxic? Could you have an allergy to that essential oil? It’s important to do your research because some of the ingredients used in spell craft can be very potent.

5. Have fun!

If spell writing is stressing you out, try taking a break and coming back to it later. Whatever energy you have while writing your spell is going to show up in the casting of your spell. If you’re angry while writing a healing spell, it probably won’t work as well as you wanted it to. Don’t get frustrated with yourself. You’re new at this it will take some time. Just have patience with yourself.

I hope these tips are helpful for any new spell writers!
Happy writing!

50 ways to practice self care when your mental health is crap

1. Snuggle an animal.

2. Pet others animals in public… with permission.

3. Say yes to a meal with a friend you love dearly.

4. Take a sick day from work. Don’t feel bad about it.

5. Dust a book off your shelf and read it. Or, at least read a few pages.

6. Go to work, do your best, and tell someone you’re struggling.

7. Take frequent breaks at work, even if they’re just to take a deep breath in the bathroom.

8. Read body positive blogs like the Fuck It Diet, Love, Food, and Bawdy Love.

9. Make yourself a cup of your favorite flavor of warm tea.

10. Make yourself tea, then add a bunch of ice cubes to the cup. Feel the sensations of the temperature.

11. Sit outside and stare at the sky. Lay in the grass if you can.

12. When your attention spans lasts 5 minutes, be okay with coming back inside.

13. Say no to someone asking you to do something you don’t want to do.

14. Avoid toxic people while you’re hypersensitive. Sometimes this means family.

15. Say no to events that will trigger you.

16. Be ok with many nights feeling like you’re acting selfishly by saying no.

17. Ask a friend if you can come crash on their couch and have a slumber party.

18. Bring popcorn and fuzzy socks to said slumber party.

19. Cook a simple meal from scratch with one of your favorite ingredients. (I made cardamom baked pears recently- YUM and super easy)

20. Do some therapeutic writing. Prompts can be found through a quick google search.

21. Donate books you don’t read anymore.

22. Workout for 15 minutes.

23. Don’t work out.

24. Don’t beat yourself up about not working out.

25. Mindfully eat a meal.

26. Totally un-mindfully scarf down a bunch of sweets. (I’ve been really into vegan ice cream lately).

27. Stop reading a book that you started and feel obliged to finish.

28. Pick up a new book that you’re excited about.

29. Only do exercise that makes your body feel good. (For me, simple stretching is all sometimes.)

30. Avoid exercises you think you “should” be doing. (Cycling hurts my knees. I hate cycling. I don’t do it).

31. Take “should” out of your vocabulary entirely. Quit “shoulding” on yourself.

32. Tell your partner how they can best support you.

33. Tell your roommate how they can best support you.

34. Donate clothes that taunt you or that you no longer wear.

35. Go to Goodwill and find a lovely outfit that fits great.

36. Take a nap. Don’t set an alarm.

37. Lower your expectations of yourself. Be ok with being mediocre right now.

38. Go to a 12 step meeting or a support group.

39. Call or text an old friend to meet up over a cup of coffee.

40. Buy a coloring book and some crayons. Color away.

41. Practice a 3 minute guided meditation.

42. Do a Pinterest DIY project with an old shirt that no longer fits.

43. Laugh if said Pinterest project ends up disastrous (mine usually do).

44. Binge watch Netflix. Watch a show that’s silly and not too emotional.

45. Throw your to-do list in the trash for a day.

46. Go for a gentle stroll.

47. Blast music that matches your mood (for me, this is often Slipknot or Katy Perry interchangeably).

48. Make a gratitude list about things you’re grateful for in your life.

49. Make a gratitude list about body parts of yours you’re grateful for and why.

50. Put on some nice scented lotion.

1. What is one word you would use to describe yourself? Happy.

2. What is the song you can’t stop listening to right now? “Wait For It” on the Hamilton soundtrack.

3. What are you currently watching on Netflix? “13 Reasons Why.”

4. What is your favorite sports movie of all time? “Friday Night Lights.”

5. Go-to pregame meal? I’m an omelet extraordinaire. I have an omelet with veggies, meats, cheese – the works. And before workouts, I always make this yogurt parfait.

6. Do you have any pregame superstitions or rituals? I actually rid myself of superstitions, but I do a quick 20-minute meditation before games.

7. If you could have any three celebrities over for dinner, living or deceased, who would they be? The Obamas. Just me, President Obama and Michelle.

8. What was your AIM screen name? brownsuganumba9.

9. If you weren’t a professional athlete, what would your occupation be? Therapist or psychologist. Something in that field.

10. What is your go-to karaoke song? “Hey Ma” by Cam'Ron.

11. Who was your sports idol growing up? Serena Williams is my sports idol.

12. What is your favorite thing to do on an off day? Be in nature. Hike, or go to the beach. I love to be outside.

13. If soccer had “walk-up” songs, what would yours be? Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like”

14. What is your go-to emoji? It’s called pop star, but it’s the new one of the girl with paint on her face. She embodies me as a person.

15. If there were to be a movie about your life, who would you want to play you? Angelina Jolie.

16. What if your coach had to describe you in one word? What would he say? Brave.

17. Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies outside soccer? No hidden talents, but I have a lot of hobbies. Acrylic painting. I got a whole set and I light candles at night and sit there and paint and look out on Lake Michigan.

18. Favorite cheat meal? French fries. Skinny, thick cut, garlic fries, TRUFFLE fries … I love French fries.

19. One place you’ve never been that you want to visit? Tokyo.

20. First concert you ever attended? Spice Girls

Anonymous said:

Can I have fics where mccree/reaper/genji/Hanzo/soldier come home from a very long mission and their s/o just jumps on them and clings to them and showers them with kisses because they missed them so much?

((Of course you can Anon! These will be short fics so I don’t bombard the dashboard but I hope you enjoy them! - Mod Tez))


It has so far been roughly two weeks since the last time you’ve physically seen Jesse McCree. Poor guy was stuck in a mission he couldn’t persuade himself out of. He promised you he wouldn’t come back hurt. Taking his word you waited for him. Not like a dog though, because if you sat infront of the door waiting your butt would go sore.

You kept the house clean and didn’t let yourself feel blue because of the cowboy’s absence. You’d have to apologise to him once he got home because you sprayed his cologne around the house so you could get that Jesse aesthetic in the house.

One night you fell asleep on the couch while watching an old western movie, when you were awakened by a familiar metal clink of spurs. Those spurs meant that Jesse was home so you practically threw yourself over the couch and charged to the front door like Reinhardt charges on the battlefield. Quickly opening the door you tackle the brunette and start peppering his face with kisses..

Jesse laughed heartily and wrapped his arms around your waist, making you slow down with a loving kiss. He pulled back and sniffed the air, “Hun… Is that my cologne you have on?~” he asked, making you blush and hide your face to his chest, making him laugh again, “Suits ya alot (Y/N)~ I’ll get one for you too.” he purred as he kissed your head.


You thoroughly cleaned up your house. Reaper was away on a mission and you knew he liked coming back to a clean house. So far Reaper has been away for three weeks and you were unsure how much longer he’d be awake. He sent you a small calendar with pictures of the ocean for every month last week. You knew he wasn’t a very physically or vocally loving person that often. So small gestures like these felt very heartfelt.

The night he came back you  had stayed up but huddled in your bed, holding a pillow to your chest as a self comfort tool, when you felt a shift in the air and a cold hand gently brushing your hair as you felt a cold weight huddle next to you.

Shifting to face the man who was still in his work clothes you gently reached a hand out and placed it in the darkness of his hood. He chuckled a little at you sticking your hand in his hood and shifted his hand. Gently guiding your hand to his cheek as he brushed your knuckles with his thumb. You smiled at him and he shifted closer to you, obscuring your eyesight with his chest as you felt his rough lips press gently on your head. It was a silent welcome back and a silent way of saying how much you love each other.


Genji had gone away back to Nepal for a few weeks to go through a giant meditation session with Zenyatta in order to release all the stress from working with the recalled Overwatch. He had left some of his clothes in the house so you had taken the duty of wearing them constantly. They smelt like green tea and a little oil from his mechanic parts, but it smelt just like him and kept you at a peace of mind. Surprisingly to the point you sat in places silently and tried to meditate.

After every time you meditated you’d feel  so relaxed that you spent your time being productive. You got yourself to try out green tea while you read books and played video games.

The day Genji returned he was surprised the house was silent and you were meditating with a hoodie of his on the couch so he silently managed to sit next to you without disrupting you and he sat next to you. Meditating, and about thirty minutes after he came back you finally realised that the smell of green tea was stronger and you opened your eyes, turning to face the meditating man beside you.

You smiled and kissed his visor where his cheek would’ve been, but he remained unmoved so you got off the couch and made tea. Coming back with the hot drink you lied down and rested your head on his lap. “I missed you so much my sparrow.” you said as he took a deep breath in and started gently caressing your hair with a hand as the other rested on his lap.


The Japanese man had gone away on a mission. So far it had been five weeks since he had last seen you but he had sent you some small gifts. One of them was a blue scarf that you’d now wear every day.

The day Hanzo returned you had climbed up to a cherry blossom tree and just calmly watched your surroundings until you heard soft footsteps. You turned your head and looked down to see Hanzo, dressed in his normal dressing with his bow over his shoulder, next to his arrows. 

You climbed down the tree and bowed your head slightly, Hanzo did the same but didn’t bow as long as you, it was a greeting and a sign of who has the higher position. But afterwards you asked, “Can I hug you please?” since you knew he wasn’t a fan of contact that much.

He sighed and gave a small smile, “Yes you can…” he said quietly and opened his arms a little, letting you huddle up to him and hide your face on his chest as he wrapped his arms around you, rubbing circles on your back with a hand, “私は だいすき です.”* he softly said in Japanese as he rested his head on the top of yours. “I love you too Hanzo.”

*(”I love you”)

Soldier 76

Jack would often work himself near death. He had been out on a mission for five months now. Sure you were worried but at least he’d call once a week so it wasn’t as hard to pull through. You kept the houseclean and made food for yourself, because god if Jack found a single pack of packaged food he’d flip. He was always a homemade food kid.

The night he returned was as if it was the second coming of Jesus. You had been sleeping when you awoke from a loud thud. You sat up and groggily rubbed your eyes as you felt the bed shift under a foreign weight. Turning a little, you came face to face with Jack who pulled you in his arms tiredly.

You slowly gasped a little and kissed his neck and jawline as he gently petted your hair, humming in satisfaction. “You’re back!” you yawned out as he hummed again, “Yeah I’m back darling.. Sorry I woke you up.” he mumbled as he kissed your forehead and pulled back a little. He gently caressed your cheek with a calloused hand, gently rubbing out some tears from your half lidded eyes.

Jack smiled at you and pulled you in a hug as he lied down, “Let’s get some sleep now soldier. I missed hugging you like this..” he said as he closed his eyes with you hugging him tightly, your head resting on his chest as you heard his heartbeat lull you back to sleep.


-Rose petals

After combing all ingredients in a mortar and pestle and getting to know the intents of each ingredient’s aroma, brew as a tea in boiled water for 4-5 minutes.
Meditate on the taste and smell on the tea as you drink it, feel the energies of mugwort and valerian pulling a lovely rose blanket over you from the astral plane!

This tea is perfect for drinking before spells or rituals that require a lot of your spiritual energy, or for you to be on a certain ‘level’. It is also a useful tool for divination rituals!
**I also didn’t put measurements for the ingredients as I go quite heavy on the mugwort and valerian!! All spells are personal so u can tinker with quantities based on desired outcome

Pls follow me angels don’t be afraid that this blog is a little new, there’s so much more of this to come xx

Circle Casting 101

Originally posted by killtheinsidegifs

Whether you’re practising Wicca, secular witchcraft or any other type of path, circle casting is often a process that many deem vital information. 

Why cast a circle? Circles can be cast for a number of reasons.

  • Linking together the energy of a group of people for a specific purpose
  • Creating a sacred space for deity worship and ritual
  • Making a safe space where no malevolent energy can pass through
  • Drawing, containing and banishing the energy of something unsavory 
  • Amplifying and focusing your own energy

Do I have to?

Nope. I think this is one of the biggest misconceptions about circles. There’s a lot of reasons why it is a good idea, but it’s down to personal preference. Some people don’t like the formality of it.

What is the right way to cast a circle?

Bluntly put, there is no right way. There are multiple different ways you can create a circle and I will list a few of them here, but it is really up to you.

Why does it matter which way I move around? (Clockwise and Counterclockwise)

It’s a generic and popular belief that clockwise motion is about creation, working towards something, manifestation and positivity. Counterclockwise is considered the action of unmaking things, deconstructing them and sometimes negative energy. As with anything, it’s down to your personal preference.


Cleanse yourself. Pre ritual bath, smoke cleanse or any other method. If you’re casting a circle, you don’t want any lingering energy on your person interfering. This also gets you in the mood to do magical workings. You can use oils and herbs that relate to the intentions of what you are about to do, if you would like to. You might want to spend a few minutes in meditation afterwards and then ground and centre yourself if you feel like it would help.

Gather your tools. Depending on the method you are going with, these will be different. Essentially everything you need while you will be doing your working. Most people believe that stepping outside of your circle when it has been cast will break it.  You don’t want to be in the middle of casting a circle and realise you’ve left your lighter on the other side of it. This is also a good time to go over your game plan. Double check your notes and run through the circle process in your mind to see if you are forgetting anything.

Cleanse the area. Again, for the same reasons you cleanse yourself. I find it best to walk around where the perimeter of the circle will be when I cast it. You’ll typically want to do this right before you start the actual casting, and can say a small poem or dedication while doing it if you would like to.

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Adventure Challenge

Much like my Tiny Adventure Challenge (inspired by @tinyadventureclub), this challenge steals those ideas and adds more. If you’d like to take a look at the post I made about that challenge, click [here]. 

I only put twenty-eight challenges on this one because some might wear me out, so I figured I’d take two resting days. Here are my challenge ideas:

1. Plant something

2. Read for twenty minutes

3. Drink 32 oz of water

4. Make a quilt

5. Go hiking somewhere new

6. Give someone a gift

7. Go to a farmer’s market

8. Take dogs kayaking

9. Write a letter

10. Draw something new

11. Try a new recipe

12. Reorganize room

13. Talk to a stranger

14. Work on novel

15. Don’t spend any money

16. Walk three miles

17. Play a boardgame

18. Do photography

19. Meditate for thirty minutes

20. Picnic in a graveyard

21. Listen to new music

22. Do a puzzle

23. Donate blood

24. Finish a book

25. Watch a documentary

26. Hug five people

27. Take someone to lunch

28. Build a desk

Jangama Dhyana Meditation

The Practice

  1. Set a meditation timer. 15 minutes for a true beginner, 30 for intermediate, 40-60 for experienced. 
  2. Compose yourself with spine straight. This can be sitting or lying down. The important point is that you are wide awake and also comfortable. 
  3. Close your eyes. Gently rest your eyes and your attention on the space between your eyebrows, a little up on the forehead. If this hurts or strains your eyes then just gaze forward toward the tip of where your nose would be. 
  4. Do not repeat any mantras; do not visualize anything. Just focus your attention on that spot. This is a different kind of focus than what you do when working. It is like the focus you use during watching TV. You are wholly focused yet also relaxed. Again, no straining. 
  5. If thoughts and feelings come, let them. Do not have thoughts about those thoughts or feelings. Do not try to push away those thoughts and feelings, as that too is just a thought. Just keep bringing your attention back to that space between your eyebrows on your forehead. Breathe.
  6. Don’t get up until your meditation timer goes off. True emergencies are obviously an exception. 


Jangama means “eternal existence” and dhyana means “meditation.” Thus Jangama dhyana means “Meditation on the Eternal Existence (of the Self).”

It is a timeless and ancient technique. It was brought into modern usage by the renowned guru Sri ShivaBalayogi and is currently taught by his direct enlightened disciple (and my guru) Sri ShivaRudraBalayogi. Neither charge money and the meditation technique is taught freely to everyone regardless of their religion, gender, race, age, and so on. 

When practiced daily, this technique renders incredible inner transformations and experiences as well as leads to realization of the Self. 

If you ever have questions about meditation, I am happy to give what advice I can. 


Spell To Contact a Deceased Loved One

A spell to feel the energy of and maybe even dream of a deceased loved one.

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a picture of your loved one
  • a white candle

Cast a circle.

Light the candle and sit in a comfortable position. For as long as you see fit (usually 30-60 minutes), meditate on this loved one. Think of the fun times, the hard times, and remember them. Pay homage to their life and their accomplishments.

Hold the candle in your hands. Chant:

I feel the warmth of your body, 
the warmth of your soul.
 I hold you in my arms, 
my heart, and soul.
 Please join me, (insert name).

As you look at his/her/their picture, begin to feel the warmth of the candle envelop your hands. Feel the warmth climb up your arms, down your body, and cover your entire body. Sit, listen, and experience.

You will likely smell them, or feel their energy. It is also possible to hear them, see them, or dream of them. If there is something which you wish to tell them, do so now 


A one-minute meditation for your Tuesday afternoon.

Slow down for 60 seconds with a bit of this afternoon’s rain shower. Breathe.

Full Moon Spoons
  • Spoon Level you choose
  • Time To Complete up to you

The full moon is a great time to gather up some extra energy to use later when you need it.  For this super easy spell I’ve listed some basics, but you can adapt and change it to your own needs as you so choose.

You will need:

  • an object (a spoon, crystal, a rock, pendant, favorite necklace…)
  • yourself
  • the full moon
    • optional; moon water, storm water, salt water, etc
    • optional; herbs you like
    • optional: a black or white cloth (up to your personal pref)
    • optional: a charging board

  1. Go to a place where you can see the full moon.  A window will work, or you can go out into your yard, an enclosed porch, your deck, whatever.  If you can’t make it outside, just use visualization techniques in place of this.
  2. Take your object out.  If you want/have a cloth, lay it down and put your object on it.  Alternatively, just use the palm of your hand.  Let the object sit in the moonlight for a few moments while you center yourself.
  3. Cleanse the object.  You can do this however you like; washing it with moon or storm water, running it through candle smoke or incense, visually cleansing it, placing it atop a cleansing sigil, drawing an invisible sigil over it, etc, etc, etc.
  4. Start to charge your object.  Sprinkle it with herbs if you like.  Surround it with crystal chips or a grid if that’s your thing.  Use a charging board.
  5. Imagine a thin, silver spider thread of energy going from the moon and ending at your object.  The moon will charge your object, the object will store this extra energy for you to use.  You can say a prayer, an affirmation, or do a vocal spell during this part if you so choose.
  6. Leave your object in the moonlight for a while.  You can sit and meditate for a few minutes if you want, or leave it outside or on the windowsill overnight.  Whatever works for you.
  7. Return that thread to the moon.  Disconnect it gently, and imagine it slowly fading away.  Thank the moon for its blessing and energy, please.

When you’re finished, take your object and put it somewhere safe.  I like to wrap mine in a piece of white or black cloth to ward off anything that might try to siphon energy from it, so it’s still there when I absolutely need it.  

You can charge more than one item during each full moon if you wish, but try to remember to dedicate the same amount of time/energy to each of them or you may end up with some stronger and weaker ‘batteries.’

When you need the energy, take out the object and connect your energy to it, using the thread technique or whatever other one you like.  Siphon off a little bit at a time until you feel better.  Make a reminder to charge the object during the next full moon after you use it. 

As always, best of luck, my fellow spoonies.  <3

(Read our follow-up here.)

Humans Are Weird: Anxiety

Human Sadie singing lightly to herself that they’re going to fly into a black hole and die when they’re nowhere around one. Explaining that their singing is a coping skill and they know it’s irrational.

Human Jake having a panic attack when the alarm goes off in a test, and aliens trying desperately to comfort the human. Eventually he starts talking to himself, and they’re wondering if he’s splitting into two beings like his cells do.

Human Alby complaining about their tight throat and being dragged to the nurses room even though they’re complaining that they don’t even have any allergies they have anxiety.

Human Lena having to take anxiety meds for the first time in space and trudging around the ship mumbling cusses because their body is so tired and they’ll ‘fight’ anyone who says that they’re freaking out.

Human Zack sitting down in the middle of the control room after an attack is announced because he needs to meditate for a couple minutes and ‘it’s not like he’s needed for combat anyways.’

Human Eva carrying around a bubble blower because she gets angry and anxious at the same time and blowing bubbles angrily at the object/alien causing her anxiety then running around trying to pop them. Sometimes accompanied with yelling like ‘This is your face in my mind’, which only confuses the others. They carry around bubble blowers to give to other humans too, which looked really awkward when they gave it as a gift to the Vice President because his hair was graying.


1.25.17 (19/100 days of productivity)

These are some of my Buddhism and Contemporary Readings notes. In my East Asian Buddhism class we had a Sri Lankan monk come and lecture for us today. At the end of class we meditated for twenty minutes. It was really cool, and it honestly felt great to clear my head. I’m not good at meditating on my own time, but when I have to do it for a class or as part of some collective activity I can make myself sit still. Maybe I should consider going to the meditation practices on campus.