a maze ing

minerva mcgonagall is sitting and watching the first triwizard task when fred nudges her

“hey professor,” he says. “these events sure do drag on, huh?”

“weasley,” she says. “you’re banned from the next two events.”

at the next one, she is waiting in the stands when george walks past.

“hey professor,” he says. “i wish i could sea what’s going on.”

“you are also banned” she says

at the last one, she finds herself sitting alone when she hears a voice from beneath her

“wow,” it says. “this sure is a-maze-ing”

she looks down. ginny weasley is grinning up at her.

lost again
Final Fantasy XV
lost again

Prompto: This place is “A-MAZE-ING” huh?  ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ

Gladio: I’d laugh if we weren’t lost.  (;¬_¬)

Noctis: Say no more. I’ll leave the path finding to you from now on.  (; ̄︶ ̄)

Prompto: Nah. I’m more the “ask-for-directions” type.  (∗ᵕ̴᷄◡ᵕ̴᷅∗)՞

Gladio: Don’t look at me. Not my job.  (;¬_¬)

Noctis: Then that’s it from the peanut gallery.  ( ̄ー ̄)

Ignis: Keep an eye for landmarks and we’ll find our bearings.  ( ・ㅂ・)

It’d be funny if we weren’t lost…

I do love Noct’s “that’s it from the peanut gallery” comment.

Prompto: This place is a-”maze”-ing huh?

Gladio: I’d laugh if we weren’t lost.

Noctis: Say no more. I’ll leave the pathfinding to you from now on.

Prompto: Nah, I’m more the “ask for directions” type.

Gladio: Don’t look at me – not my job.

Noctis: Then that’s it from the peanut gallery.

Ignis: Keep an eye out for landmarks and we’ll find our bearings.

Imagine having to leave a Glader meeting because you're laughing too much.
  • Alby: Good job to the runners for their recent discoveries, progress has been shucking amazing recently
  • Y/N: *snorts*
  • Alby: ...
  • Minho: ...
  • Newt: ...
  • Everyone: tf
  • Y/N: You said.. a-maze-ing
  • Newt: oh ffs
  • Alby: You can be really annoying sometimes shank...
  • Minho: The feelings neutral
  • Y/N: You mean.... NEWTral *dies*
  • Minho: GTFO Y/N
New Master Audio Post

As of August 6th, I can no longer add any more links to the original master audio post. I believe it is because there were too many links and I went over the limit.

“Chocobros” has more than one boy speaking but the main speaker of the conversation will be found under their own section. 

🐤 Noctis/Prompto 🐤 Ignis/Gladio 🐤 Battle Dialogues & DLCs  🐤

🐤🐤🐤🐤 Chocobros - 🐤🐤🐤🐤

All: Noct’s part time job | Don’t ask | Noct Gar LEGEND | Gladio keeps it real | Wedding talk pt 1 | Wedding talk pt 2 | What do you wanna see? | Prompto is 1000% done | Panicking chocobro noises | Waste of time | Fishing sounds good | Startled chocobros | Dude. It’s me | Talcott, the Hunter | Going downAltissian Artist | An entrance | Prompto grown | Noctis could try being nicer | Chocobo pictures | Ignis’ thoughts about a restaurant | Bust-A-Base | Greeting the boyfriends | Flying the Type F | Stars outside the city | Ignis as a kid | Never up for veggies | The only gay joke | Mum and Daddio confirmed | Ardyn in the paintings | A MAZE ING | Wind | Half-storm, half-bird, half-airship | Ignis should take the wheel | 

Noctis, Prompto - LET GO | 50% Absolutely Certain | You’re sharp today | What’s with your face? | Eenie meenie | ILLUMINATE!! | Prompto laughing (ENG) | Fanciest Feed | YaaHOOO!! | 2 hot 4 u | BugsStairs (JP) | Prompto’s claustrophobic | Seaside Supermodels | Prompto laughs at Noctis | Weather Changes | Ready to rumble | Hammerhead tour (fail) | Prompto laughing (JP) | Somebody’s gotta complain | Bath time | Prompto’s top notch photography skills | New outfit | No one else is taking photos | Pretty gil | Broken bonds - photos | A picture with Kenny Crow | Photo with a chocobo | Ore mo suki | Introvert | Innocent display | Prompto’s face isn’t fat | Frosted tips | Cool shots (AMAZING FAN ART INCLUDED BY @destiny-islanders THANK YOU <33) | Easier than being royalty | Hotel bed | Just a dip | Sleepy….. | 10 years of practice | Can barely feel anything | 

Noctis, Prompto, Ignis - Prompto’s underwear | Prompto has no chill | Betcha Ignis came prepared | Prompto’s keen smell | Which way weigh | More fishing! | More recipehs | Ignis’ nose | Easier said than done | Prompto doesn’t want to go | 

Noctis, Ignis - Mum’s the word | Something the matter? | Iggy’s Specs pt 1 | See what they got for sale | Meat | Noctis laughing | Is Ebony good? | You okay Ignis?  | Awkward silenceEbony right now | Can you sense light? | Ignoct pics | SIT DOWN | Seatbelts | Wear your jacket | Awake long enough to eat | 

Noctis, Gladio - More sharpness | Smart ass | Camping… AGAIN | Man, it’s hot | Like a kid in a toy shop | I’ve got muscle | No Ebony | Horror film rejects | Lose the jacket | 

Prompto, Ignis - Noct Serious | Chocobo song | Poisonous rain | Stepped in something | Deep | Ignis, all business | Merely misplaced | 

Prompto, Noctis, Gladio - Backseat fishing | Rain | Totally like King’s Knight! | Prompto’s impression of Cindy | Couldn’t start the fire | Waterfall | Daddio confirmed | Not helpful | Why you gotta be so photogenic? | Very tight squeeze | Got nothing left | WHY A SNAKE?! | Got nothing left | Big bounty | You wanna run that by me again? | Head bashing | 

Gladio, Prompto - Being a wuss | Is that a crack about my size? | The Whiny Baby | Wuss | Easily scared child | Dark cramped spaces | Says the panicky one | Longest. Day. EVER. | Not scared | Giant Eggcident | Ain’t carrying you | 

Gladio, Ignis, Prompto - How did you manage to graduate? | Pretty sure you’re the klutz | Sewers | Chocobo Races | Dive into danger | Water = Treasure | Harsh and critical about Ardyn | Prompto misses Pryna | At the chocobo post | Desperate much | 

Ignis, Noctis, Gladio - Cup Noodles outside | Aggressive birds

Ignis, Gladio - Knock knock | Cat puns | That’s boss | I like it too | 

Chocobros and/or Others - A big nasty | Papa Cor pt 1 | Papa Cor pt 2 | The prince is fine | Runaway Prince | Being Prompto’s wingman (fail) | Your dear Prompto | Snap away for His Highness’ collection | Street skewers | Talcott being adorable | For Talcott pt 1 | For Talcott pt 2 | Ardyn’s fanfare | Chocochick noises pt 1 (tweets) | MT screams | Caw to you too | Chocochick noiss pt 2 | Cactuar boy | 

The X-files, Season 11 - What we know so far

This is everything that we learnt so far, based on pictures, tweets, articles and of course the Comic Con. Very spoilery, read with caution. Also, nothing is a fact, of course, these are just what I think we know 😂


“You have to find him and you have to stop him before he releases hell on Earth,”

There is a lot of action in Season 11. “As the characters got older we’ve given them more action. They’ve become action heroes now.”

If we go back and see the cliffhanger of Season 10, we can exactly see where he set up exactly what happens in episode 1 in Season 11.

“On Scully and Mulder’s son William playing a pivotal role in these new episodes, Carter said, “We explore that father-son-mother relationship, and you’ll see more of William than you’ve seen in a long time.”

General details:

  • Episode 3 and 4 are gonna be crowd-pleasers according to Chris Carter.
  • There is a mythology episode in the middle, but really that could be called as a stand-alone episode, a monster of the week episode. (Episode 3?)
  • Chris Carter is working on episode 1 right now, he just showed it to the studio and they loved it. He saw the director cut of Episode 2 and the producer’s cut of Episode 3.
  • Piper was in charge of Easter Eggs. According to Gillian she is really good with them
  • CC doesn’t have a final end scene in mind, it always evokes.
  • Season 11 will end on a cliff-hanger according to him…
  • Gillian and David haven’t seen Episodes 7,8,9 and 10 scripts.
  • Scully still doesn’t have a desk, but she might “take over Mulder’s” 😂

For more details, like a lot more! see under the cut!

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David Duchovny Films X-Files in Vancouver at A-Maze-ing Statues

Hoe tip: Argan Oil

This shit is ah-maze-ing

Use it as an every day/night moisturizer. Use it during the day under your makeup and your skin will gloooooooooow. Use it at night and you’ll wake up with such soft skin in the morning

BIKINI AREA- Most of us suffer from ingrown hairs and razor bumps, right? Well Argan oil softens the skin, allowing ingrown hairs to penetrate through easier. The healing properties in Argan oil also soothe razor burn.

Honestly I could make a list of the benefits of the use of Argan oil, but honestly just rub it all over your body and hair and you won’t regret it.

  • gay person: i got new glasses
  • straight girl: omg YES HENNY!! 👌👅💋 SLAY me, you look A-MAZE-ING!!!! you 👏🏾 a Gay 👨‍❤️‍👨 are So Brave!! THROW 💄 THAT👀 SHADE💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽 LOVE ❤️ IS💘 LOVE🎉 marry Who You Want 💍👄 DONT let the Haters get you down 😔 Celebrate 🎉🎉. Who You Are ✨✨ Stay Classy Be Sassy💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽
  • gay person: literally what the fuck
1 Year on Tumblr + 550 Follower Celebration

Hey everyone, as of today (16. October 2017), this blog is officially 1 year old! I would like to thank everyone who ever read one of my one shots, liked and/or reblogged it or send me a nice message ♡

A special thank you to some of my mutuals, for example @haze-maze @coconcovers @hermione-who @mamanewta5 @giraffingthetardis @fireheartfray for being a-maze-ing people ♡ ily

Now what i thought we could do because i think this game is really cute is ‘Guess my top 10 ships’ . I already mentioned it a few days ago, and there aren’t many rules.

The only things you have to do:

1. You don’t have to follow me, but it would be nice if you do♡

2. Send me an ask (off anon, that’s important!) with one ship you think could be on my top 10 list

3. If you guessed right, i’ll message you and you can choose a Maze Runner character and a prompt you want me to write a personalized drabble about for you, with your name in it!

4. you can guess as many times as you want, but you get only one drabble :)

Fandoms included in the list: The Maze Runner, Harry Potter, Teenwolf

We’ll do the 'Ask the Character’ thing later this week:)

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Lily’s “Cute” Fic Recs

An anon asked if I had any good or cute fic recs and, well… I ended up with quite the list! It’s largely 2jae fluff, but there are a variety of ships and ratings included below, and you should all go and read these wonderful stories! 

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