a may zing

Can we just take a moment

and appreciate 6x12 for a second here? 

(Warning: a lotta Darvey fangirling at the end)

Ok, first order of business: Gabriel Macht broke my fucking heart. It’s not because we were dating and he broke up with me (lol what a dream) but because his acting was phenomenal. His facial expressions, his pouts, his eyes watering up, I swear he somehow delivered all these nuances with the perfect timing and that fucked me up so hard. I never though acting was difficult, per say (i was told in my earlier years that it was truly just reacting but I am constantly being proved wrong) but I KNOW I could never express such remorse and regret and forgiveness the way he did so fantastically in this episode. 


“I don’t want to be angry anymore, but I don’t know how to stop.”

Harvey’s character development was ah-may-zing in 6x12, which I’m sure is a point that’s been brought up multiple times since the episode aired. But really, if you take into consideration all the resentment and hate he’s held on for who knows how long- think of how long he has deflected trust and intimacy because of it!! Finally seeing him let it go and learning how to forgive was more revolutionizing than any of the session with Dr. Agard that we were shown (sorry, I still love you, doc). He has finally become capable of fighting his own demons by himself, and that is so emotionally healthy for him and I’m so happy because he deserves all of it. 

My last point: I truly think Harvey is ready to be with Donna. I personally thought it would be hard for them to be together when he would just hold her at arm’s length out of fear from his past experiences. I always interpreted Harvey as being scared to love Donna in case of the repercussions if he fucked up. The way he looks at her, now, however, is truly what wholly fucks me up. When she pops into his office after he gets back. When Marcus mentions having babies (WE ALL KNOW HE WAS THINKING ABOUT HER). When he mentions her to his MOM of all people. When they’re hanging up the painting and he ASKS HER FOR HER HELP.   His eyes scream adoration and affection every single time she is on his screen.

 For the first time, Harvey is admitting to himself that he wholeheartedly loves Donna Paulsen and he really doesn’t give a fuck who know it. He is finally (finally finally finally finally finally) capable of loving her the way she deserves and they are both aware of it. SO I SAY, IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME.

in the meantime, someone hold me. 6x12 was so precious. 


These videos of doll repaints by Hextian on YouTube are AH-MAY-ZING and just PURE GOLD
I like how he stayed as close as possible to the actual characters but also making them look something different but really interesting and dramatic. I am in love with his skills and how beautiful the dolls turned out to be.

Links to the videos:

Raven doll repaint: https://youtu.be/JbhM1uGgAlI
Starfire doll repaint: https://youtu.be/MGnAhOB7J8M
Jinx doll repaint: https://youtu.be/naTQIP0_lIg

Yes, this means exactly what it sounds like. The antis have taken the next step. The new trend is to go to AO3, register an account - preferably one that is/sounds like the handle of a well-known shipper - wait out the five days then post spam in the tag. Yes, they are putting up walls of text and nothing more. And then they brag about it. 

This one also wants a new account and is willing to wait six months for it. 

(Steve Irwin voice) A-may-zing.

prepare for trouble. make it double.

so like, forever ago (back in march) i commissioned anne/aeroplaneblues for two a-MAY-zing commissions to use on my tags and about pages. i, being a goober, completely failed at actually posting them (i’m so sorry anne /o\), but here’s the first.

erica and isaac as team rocket is pretty much something i’ve been wanting since i got into teen wolf, so naturally it was the first one i asked for and it turned out so much better than i was hoping! look at my precious dynamic duo being all ready to blast off at the speed of light! surrender now or prepare to fight

anne/aeroplaneblues was absolutely wonderful to work with and does amazing work and y'all should go give her money to make more amazingness the next time she’s open. :)

Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015
Aretha Franklin http://amzn.to/1OYuCYU ITunes http://apple.co/1QWU5IN Carole King http://amzn.to/1OrTsjv ITunes http://apple.co/1QWUhYk

You know, I’m usually hard as hell on ReRe because I don’t always think she does her legendary status justice. But after this performance, I take back everything I’ve ever said about her (well, most of it). Because her slayage level in this performance was incredible. Ah-may-zing!!! Let me tell you that when Soror/Auntie/Mother ReRe stepped out there in her fabulous floor-length mink, swished it AND her gown to the left, and sat her sparkly purse on down on that pyana (not piano…pyana), I knew ish was about to get really, really real. And honey chile, Mother did NOT disappoint. Whew!!! I honestly don’t know what my most favorite thing is about this performance - Carole King going into total fangirl mode from the first note and never stopping; President Obama wiping away a tear at the pure electricity of the moment, then trying (and failing) to keep his inner fanboy in check; Usher low key peeping Carole King losing her ish in the balcony above him; Rosie Perez and Gina Rodriguez singing along; or Viola Davis about to fly out of the balcony in pure musical ecstasy once ReRe steps from behind the pyana and takes it up yet another notch. There really isn’t any performer who is the heir apparent to James Brown and his famous cape/cloak drop, but just like the true diva she is, Soror/Auntie/Mother ReRe has incorporated that move into her repertoire and taken it to a whole nutha level. This is the stuff legends are made of. Brava, Aretha. Brava.

And for you Scandal fans - peep Kerry at the end of the video in the audience…