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ok but like literally, we have this amazing AH-MAY-ZING opportunity to talk one-on-one with the creator of the universe, the king of kings, the one who literally designed grass and trees and daily chooses the colour of the sky and measured out every single grain of sand. we are able to lock into the presence of the King. we are able to talk, actually talk to and have a conversation with Him. and it’s not just important matters - it’s everything. this wonderful wonderful creator is interested in even the most seemingly useless details. He wants to know how your new shoes feel and He wants to know what your day was like and He wants to hear you blab on about that little thing that hurt your feelings and He wants to listen to you pour you heart out about the person your crushing on and He wants to listen to you sing and sing and sing and He wants to come with you when you go to the doctor and He wants to lay next to you while you stare at the ceiling and He wants to hold your hand when your scared. He is closer than your next breath and He is Holy Royalty and He is so so so invested in you. 


Hey guys! So last time we were printing Garnet’s ‘Conversation’ design, we were curious how it would look on black. The answer is A-MAY-ZING! I just love how the colors pop and work together on this print. I’ve been excited to show it off but I wanted to wait until we had some good photos, and now we do!

The shirts are already printed and ready to ship, so no pre-order for this one. If you’d like to snag one for yourself they’re right over [here].

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HI!!! :D I just wanted to know how did you made the fabric to do that wavy-thing at the end on your twillight dress? Cuz its not the first time that I see a dress doing that and I've always been facinated by it. Btw, that dress is a-may-fucking-zing!

First of all thank you!! I achieved the wavy effect using two different methods, depending on which fabric type I was working with: horsehair braid for the top layer of lavender satin, and beading thread (or fishing line) + a rolled him for the lower layer of dark purple organza.

Top layer: Horsehair braid – This can be bought at most fabric stores and is amazing for getting clean hems on circle skirts. If the circle has a lot of fabric in it, you end up with that wavy effect when it drapes! It’s better for medium/heavy fabric like satins, cottons, etc., and not good for lightweight or sheer fabrics. I used this tutorial to learn how to install it properly.

Bottom layer: rolled hem with beading thread or fishing line – For lightweight fabrics like the dark purple organza I used here, a rolled hem is the way to go! Do yourself a favor and pick up a rolled hem foot for your machine, since folding and pinning the organza manually is a nightmare. You have a few options with the hem, depending on how dramatic of a wave you want:

  • Rolled hem with no wire or line = soft drape with minimal structure and will lie more flatly against your skirt
  • Rolled hem with beading thread = soft waves without a ton of structure (this is what I did!)
  • Rolled hem with fishing line = dramatic waves, like the sort of thing you see on flamenco dresses

There are lots of great tutorials on YouTube for how to do the fishing line hem - essentially you just super carefully feed the line into the hem as you sew, so that the line is encased.

Hope that helps~!

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"Books" and fluff? ❤️

*wipes tear* This is such a beautiful prompt. I made this as fluffy as possible, happy-everyone-lives-au ending and all <3 (That’s why it got kinda long whoops)

And a BIG shout out to @myloveiamthespeedofsound (and their A-MAY-ZING story where Prompto and Gladio read Twilight together and fall in love) for being a seriously talented writer and inspiring this, too. 

Books (387 words) 

Every year for his birthday, Noctis had gotten Iggy a book.

The first one was a few years after Ignis had come to live with him in the Citadel. There wasn’t much to actually read, but there were beautiful pictures of princes and princesses and far off lands. Iggy told the story to Noct almost every night.

The next year, Noct picked out a new book for him to read. One that was longer, a little more difficult, but Ignis’ voice never faltered. Not even once.

After that, it became a routine. Even after Noct entered high school and Ignis started university, the tradition continued. Ignis would return home after a long day to find a package on his doorstep, the telling shape of a book (or sometimes two) beneath a layer of tacky wrapping paper.  He’d smile, step into his apartment, and push his textbooks to the floor in favor of setting up his laptop and starting a call. He and Noct would stay up long into the night, reading, laughing, and missing each other.

Everything and nothing has changed. Noctis tightens his fingers around Iggy’s wrist, watches the smile playing there as he leads him through familiar - yet brand new - halls. To the Grand Library which once held more books than all the rest of Insomnia, impressive still even at a fraction of its former glory.

Ignis sighs dreamily as they step inside. “You’ve been working hard,” he teases, sweeping a gesture around at the shelves slowly filling up with books. “There are more than last time.”

“Pick one out.” With Noct at his side, their fingers laced, Ignis walks the aisles by memory. Traces his fingers along the spines of the books as if searching for something.

At last, he stops. “What’s this one?” he asks, picking out a rather worn volume and passing it to his king. He hears Noct chuckle.

‘The Elusive Moogle and How to Care for One.’ It’s a manual.”

“Well,” Ignis smiles and rests his hand atop Noctis’ on the cover of the book. “Reading never really was the point, was it?”

They open it right there in the library, Iggy’s back against the shelf and Noctis nestled in his lap. A smooth cheek resting against dark hair as they read together, Noct’s voice clear, confident and never faltering.

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if you can see what happened, tell us... how DID that date go?




Can we just take a moment

and appreciate 6x12 for a second here? 

(Warning: a lotta Darvey fangirling at the end)

Ok, first order of business: Gabriel Macht broke my fucking heart. It’s not because we were dating and he broke up with me (lol what a dream) but because his acting was phenomenal. His facial expressions, his pouts, his eyes watering up, I swear he somehow delivered all these nuances with the perfect timing and that fucked me up so hard. I never though acting was difficult, per say (i was told in my earlier years that it was truly just reacting but I am constantly being proved wrong) but I KNOW I could never express such remorse and regret and forgiveness the way he did so fantastically in this episode. 


“I don’t want to be angry anymore, but I don’t know how to stop.”

Harvey’s character development was ah-may-zing in 6x12, which I’m sure is a point that’s been brought up multiple times since the episode aired. But really, if you take into consideration all the resentment and hate he’s held on for who knows how long- think of how long he has deflected trust and intimacy because of it!! Finally seeing him let it go and learning how to forgive was more revolutionizing than any of the session with Dr. Agard that we were shown (sorry, I still love you, doc). He has finally become capable of fighting his own demons by himself, and that is so emotionally healthy for him and I’m so happy because he deserves all of it. 

My last point: I truly think Harvey is ready to be with Donna. I personally thought it would be hard for them to be together when he would just hold her at arm’s length out of fear from his past experiences. I always interpreted Harvey as being scared to love Donna in case of the repercussions if he fucked up. The way he looks at her, now, however, is truly what wholly fucks me up. When she pops into his office after he gets back. When Marcus mentions having babies (WE ALL KNOW HE WAS THINKING ABOUT HER). When he mentions her to his MOM of all people. When they’re hanging up the painting and he ASKS HER FOR HER HELP.   His eyes scream adoration and affection every single time she is on his screen.

 For the first time, Harvey is admitting to himself that he wholeheartedly loves Donna Paulsen and he really doesn’t give a fuck who know it. He is finally (finally finally finally finally finally) capable of loving her the way she deserves and they are both aware of it. SO I SAY, IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME.

in the meantime, someone hold me. 6x12 was so precious. 

Let Her Go (Part Two)

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader (sort of)

Word Count: 2250

Warnings: ANGSTY AF.

Notes: There is going to be a part three because I am enjoying writing this too much. I hope you guys like it! Also, thank you so, so much for all the love on the first part!! xox

Part One Part Three

Reader’s POV:

The two of you rode in silence the entire way back to the bunker, tears falling silently down your cheeks. Sam had wrapped an arm around you the instant you slid into Baby and pulled you close to him, holding you the whole drive. You were glad he wasn’t asking questions; Sam had known you long enough now to know that you would talk when you were ready. He was tense and you could tell by his furrowed brow that he was furious with Mick, even if the two of them were friends. The Winchester’s viewed you as family and no one hurts family and gets away with.

“You okay?” he finally asked as he pulled into the garage, putting the Impala in park and gazing down at you in worry.

All you could do was shake your head; the tears weren’t subsiding and you were too afraid to speak, not trusting your emotions. He gave your shoulder a hard squeeze before pulling away, the two of you making your way into the bunker. Dean was waiting at the bottom of the steps with a generous amount of whiskey in a tumbler. Handing it to you, you gulped the entire thing down in one go, appreciating the burn as it hit your throat. Sighing, you handed him back the glass and he frowned, pulling you in for the tightest of hugs.

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart,” he said sadly as he let you go, guiding you into one of the chairs around the war room table. “How are you feeling?”

“Like trash, Dean,” you snapped, instantly feeling guilty. “Like I’ve been used and tossed away without a care.” You paused. “I loved him, Dean.” Your bottom lip trembled as you said the words.

Dean wrapped you in his arms once more and you felt Sam stroke your hair gently. God, you were lucky to have them. You weren’t quite sure what kind of situation you’d be in right now, otherwise.

Keep reading

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Ohhh! Fun! Songbird, that sounds interesting?


A/N this is gonna be interesting because this song is really cute. Also, I’m gonna write for Jason since he’s my go-to guy. 

PS This is gonna be kinda short

“How about this one? Do I look like Audrey Hepburn?” You come out of the changing room with a silky black dress on. Jason straightens up immediately at how classy you look.

“I don’t know who Audrey Hepburn is, but you look fantastic,” He says. You had been invited to one of Bruce’s many galas and you needed a nice dress to wear. Something simple and elegant, not too flashy; you were a simple girl, sequins and glitter weren’t your style.

“Audrey Hepburn was an actress back then! She’s A-MAY-ZING!” You tell Jason, getting completely off-topic.

“Well you look amazing-er.” He smiles. You smile back at his compliment.

“I have one more dress, wait here,” You go back into the changing room.

“If you need any help getting the dress off–” Jason begins.

“I’m good!” you giggle. You put the last dress on and then open the door. Jason stands up and gapes at you.

“Babe, that dress was made for you,” he says as he walks over to you. The scarlet, floor-length gown fit you perfectly. It showed off all of your body’s beautiful curves. 

“Looks like I’m going with this one. I like it too though. It’s classic,” you brush it off.

“Very classic.” Jason agrees.

“Now you. To the tuxedo section!”

Send me “Songbird” and I’ll write an AU based off of the song!

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Could you do a sort of sacrifice scenario with the chocobros? Like they are fighting a daemon (or something else, idk) and the reader sacrifices the self to save them? Btw I just discovered your blog and it is A-MAY-ZING! :)

Instead of individuals I kinda lumped them all in one huge drabble, please let me know if we were on the same page or I was in a different book entirely. But thank you for stopping by, I hope to keep impressing you! <3


They say when you die, that your life flashes before your eyes. So maybe that was way you were freezing so much while fighting this Cerebus that was currently hounding you all. Sent by Ardyn to toy with you all once again.

The man led you all into an old maze of a mining system, yet each time your group attempted to turn face and run you were instead greeted by the large canine creature, so at this point there were two options, create an opening for attack or watch all of your friends be murdered and ripped to pieces with yourself included.

“Got a plan Specs?” Noctis called.

Your group had seen better days, you had been going against this thing for the last 45 minutes with no real light at the end of the tunnel in sight. Gladiolus had suffered a few whacks, and his right arm was dislocated, making swing his sword rather difficult as no one had time to properly pop it back into place. Prompto was bleeding from his right arm, and made his return fire sloppy, as he wasn’t as steady with his left. When Ignis went to protect Noctis from a slash, the creature got a hold of his leg, making the normal nimble man rather slow and clumsy.

“We need a distraction, should we be able to make it to the exit we will be able to trap this creature within the mines by creating a cave in.” Ignis explained, as the Cerebus pounced in the direction sending the group scattering, and the cave to shake of loose debris. 

You stood, only suffering from a cut bleeding heavily from your forehead, “I’ll go.”

“Wait, no!”

“Nope, I’m the only one here with working limbs. When the coast is clear, go for it, I’ll be right behind you.” You state reassuringly, but even you were uncertain if you’d be able to get out. Yet your duty was to your King, and to a less extent the others. They’re be able to get along without, after all Potions could fix almost anything nowadays.

Summoning a shield within your right hand you begun to beat upon it with a sword, “Hey Poochie!”

The large canine type creature turned to you, creating your reckless noise, moving to pounce on top of you, only for you to roll out the way. You watched, as the four bodies quickly moved toward the exit, summoning a spear as you threw it as hard as possible into the large head, luck would have it, you hit an eye.

Noctis watched as you battled the large creature alone, last person he ever heard going against a Cerberus and winning was Nyx, but Nyx had the power of the Kings. You didn’t, you weren’t even a member of the Guard, you were medical personnel, with the basics of fighting. Now you were fighting against a creature, that almost took out one of their strongest men.

The group had just managed to step out the cave, as Gladiolus rose his sword, stabbing it into a support beam that held the old mine open that was currently the deamon’s home. Everyone waiting to hear your footsteps coming, only to hear the stagger, as you limped from the darkness, holding your shoulder, leaning against the cave wall.

“You’re okay!” Prompto cheered.

A small smile crossed your face, only to turn to horror as you glanced over your shoulder, to the large creature crawling after you rather angrily, jaws snarling. Breaking into a sprint you stumbled over your weak legs, trying to keep yourself up right.

“Move out the cave!” You bark, as the others backed up. A smirk appearing on your face, if you were going down this you were taking the bastard with you. You knew you couldn’t outrun it, but seeing Gladiolus’s broadsword sticking from a wooden support beam, you summoned a sword of your own. Hacking through beam after beam, tearing down only lighting ropes, entrapping the creature  as it struggled to get through, slowing it down. Yet the cables were old and you knew they would snap, grabbing Gladiolus’s broadsword you use most of your strength to pull it free. Turning bright eyes to the others, as the caving structure begun to crumble in on itself.

“What are you doing!”

“It has been an honor to fight beside you all, Your Highness, Ignis, Gladiolus, Prompto. Thank you.” You called, running back into the cave system, narrowly avoiding the snapping jaws of the creature trying to kill you. Leaping up as you swung a sword, destroying the final support beam that quickly brought down the entire cave.

Sparing one last glance over your shoulder, you couldn’t help but smile, before your world went black. Their desperate calls the final thing you heard, as the world around you faded.

“Tsk, tsk, and we were just starting to have fun. Well if you’re just going to careless toss your life away, how about I take it for a spin.”

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Hey so I've been looking for this fic where Blaise owns a bdsm nightclub that Draco invests in and he runs into harry when he's touring it and they start fooling around. Lucius is also in it and he disapproves of the bdsm lifestyle which eventually leads to Blaise punching him (or it could have been harry I can't exactly remember). If you could help I would love you forever <3


This is Ligabus Filium (43K) by the lovely @tessacrowley

Summary: It should be careful, deliberate, but it isn’t. Like every other part of their relationship, it happens gradually and then all at once, before they even realize it. And when the little blue threads bind them together, there’s no going back.

Thoughts: When I recced this before, I called it the quintessential top!harry drarry BDSM fic– and I COMPLETELY stand by that! This is one of my favorite fics ever and one of the few I have read more than once. The BDSM is GREAT and safe and sane and consensual and it’s all just really beautiful and so incredibly hot. If you’re thinking “hey! I read this on AO3 before,” then you would be correct, but alas the author apparently ran into some issues regarding one of ao3′s policies, and her fics won’t be back up there until… July, I think it was? Anyway, until then you’ll have to make due with ff.net ;). It’s so worth it though, this fic is ah-may-zing!

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If anybody's interested, there's actually a The Sound of Music Stony AU in progress on AO3 (it's called 'The Sound Of Music', written by TheFault_InOurThought and Triddlegrl). It's a slooooooow built but it's a-may-zing, everybody is go read it.

Who wouldn’t be interested

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Top ten best songs for swing?

Ooh, good question there, anon!

I wish that I could give you a definite answer. I wish that I could say, “Oh yes, these are the absolute ten best songs for swing dancing out there, and that’s a fact.” But I can’t do that, because “best” is a subjective term, and each person has their own idea of what the “best” songs are for swing. This is a fact that both perturbs my scientific mind and pleases my artistic soul. While everyone’s got their own musical taste and ideas of what the best swing dance songs are, there are some general things that make for a good swing song - the chief of these standards is this: the music has to make you want to move. So, while I cannot give you an absolute list of the top ten best songs for swing dancing, I can give you a list of my favorites (in context of how good they are for dancing, not just how much I like them), all of which inspire movement in me. 

Since you just said swing, I’ll give lists for both lindy hop and west coast swing. Bonus! ;)

Lindy hop

  1. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen. I tried to pick which artist, I really did. But there are so many versions of this song, and I love almost all of them! This song is one of my most favorite songs of all time, and it’s great for dancing. I love how dynamic it is; you can really express yourself. It has bluesy bits, swinging stretches, and some opportunities for fast dancing.
  2. Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens by Louis Jordan. This song is straight up silly. In that way, I feel like it embodies swing dancing. Also, it’s the perfect song for peckin’.
  3. I Diddle by Dinah Washington. The first time I heard this song, it was one of those moments where you just go, “OOOOH.” It’s got a great beat, fun lyrics, and it’s got a lot of character. And really, how could you not love a song where “hehe” is part of the lyrics? Super fun to dance to.
  4. Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball? by Count Basie and His Orchestra. I think I first discovered this song via Pandora. I love this one for reasons not fully known. It’s just a fun song.
  5. Diga Diga Doo by Jonathan Stout And His Campus Five feat. Hilary Alexander. I love this song a lot. It’s quite fast, and is great for Charleston as well. Two other versions I love are by Artie Shaw and Duke Ellington.
  6. Comes Love by Artie Shaw & His Orchestra feat. Helen Forrest. First off, this has Helen Forrest, whom I adore. Second, I love the overall sound of the song, and I’ve always loved the lyrics. It’s a slowish lindy.
  7. Harlem Mad by Glenn Crytzer and His Syncopators feat. Meschiya Lake. This is a pretty fast one. I’m a big fan of Glenn Crytzer and His Syncopators!
  8. Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway. I cannot be dissuaded from my love for this song. It’s a bluesy lindy or a lindy-ish blues. I know every single word and, yes, I will sing them all while I dance. 
  9. On Revival Day by LaVern Baker. This song has a great tempo, it’s very happy, and it’s playful. 
  10. Yes, Indeed! by Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra. I lovelovelovelovelove Tommy Dorsey. He’s one of my favorites - if not my number one - of the classic swing dudes. I own quite a few of his vinylsYes, Indeed! is probably my favorite song of his for lindy hop. It fits lindy hop so well. 

West coast swing

Pinpointing “best” songs for WCS is even more difficult than for lindy hop, simply due to the nature of the dance. You can make any song into a west coast, really. It should be noted that, for WCS, I generally seem to prefer bluesy/sultry/R&B more than funky/pop-y/energetic.

  1. Tonight (Best You Ever Had) by John Legend feat. Ludacris. This is just a great song for west coast. Personal anecdote: one time I was dancing to this song and I was singing along. The guy I was dancing with said, “I take it you know this song?” and I, singing along, responded with: “I don’t wanna brag…” and it was a golden moment. Then, months later, I was dancing with someone else to this and I told them the story and just so happened to sing “I don’t wanna brag” at just the right time again. Amazing.
  2. No Diggity by Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre and Queen Pen. A classic. I also really love the Chet Faker cover.
  3. California Dreamin’ by Queen Latifah. In my opinion, Queen Latifah’s cover of this song is the best version out there. California Dreamin’ is my magical song; every dance I’ve ever had to this song has been amazing. Like, people on the sides applauded after watching me dance to it. (Which is remarkable considering I’m pretty much a derp-face Westie.)
  4. Heartbreak Hotel by Grieves. Words cannot express how much I love this song. Dancing to it is like a dream. It’s a slow, lyrical west coast and it actually stumps quite a few dancers. But if you can find a partner who is comfortable with their musicality, this song is absolutely magical.
  5. Sexxx Dreams by Lady Gaga. Some venues won’t even go near this song, and I mean… I understand why. But I love it so much. It’s great fun to dance to; there’s a lot of room to play around and it’s ah-may-zing for double trouble and/or stealing.
  6. I See Fire (Kygo Remix) by Ed Sheeran. I’m not generally a fan of remixes, but this one is superb. I got to do a legendary double trouble to this with two friends of mine, so it holds sentimental value. Worth noting: Ed Sheeran actually has quite a few good songs for dancing.
  7. Traum by CRo. Yes, this song is in German. I’ve never heard it played at any WCS dances, which make sense considering I live in the US. This is a fast west coast, but quite happy and enjoyable. I really enjoy dancing to it.
  8. Don’t Wait by Mapei. Just a beautiful song. Its beat is easy to hear, too.
  9. Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz. This song just suits west coast. It just feels so right. Am I wrong? ;) 
  10. Latch (Acoustic) by Sam Smith. Latch has recently really caught on (pun not intended) with the competition circuit, and for good reason. For starters, it’s a beautiful song. But it’s great for WCS. A lot of acoustic songs don’t quite cut it, but this one works. The original, a collaboration between Disclosure and Sam Smith, also works for west coast, but it has a decidedly different flavor. Personally, I prefer the acoustic - but the original is good, too. (Worth noting: La La Latch by Pentatonix is amazing and works as a fast WCS.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this verbose listing. It’s not a definitive list of the “best” songs for swing, or even the most popular - but it’s a list of songs that make me need to dance, that suit the mood of the dance, that are quality pieces. I hope this answers your question well enough!


These videos of doll repaints by Hextian on YouTube are AH-MAY-ZING and just PURE GOLD
I like how he stayed as close as possible to the actual characters but also making them look something different but really interesting and dramatic. I am in love with his skills and how beautiful the dolls turned out to be.

Links to the videos:

Raven doll repaint: https://youtu.be/JbhM1uGgAlI
Starfire doll repaint: https://youtu.be/MGnAhOB7J8M
Jinx doll repaint: https://youtu.be/naTQIP0_lIg