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characters who should have hands down been written as bisexual

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My favorite thing about 300 Fox Way is that you never quite know how many people are there at once. I mean you remember Blue, Maura, Calla and Persephone well enough, but there is Orla and Jimi every once in a while and then there are random cousins running around and ‘hey Blue your Raven Boys are here’ and sometimes the Gray Man is there and then when you get the Cave Crazies its like how big is this place is everyone packed in like a clown car whats going on

Depending on where you began the story, it was a story about Noah Czerny

why haven’t i seen a single post about how it was noah that told gansey to find glendower??? like if it weren’t for him, gansey might have lived but never met the others. which means that yes, ok, they wouldn’t have found glendower, but they wouldn’t have found each other. or the happiness they found together. imagine how ronan would be if gansey hadn’t been there when niall died. adam would still be in the trailer. blue would have no idea about the life she could’ve had.

it all began with noah.

Depending on where you began the story, it was a story about Noah Czerny

A Guide to Follow All True Crime Upcoming Projects on TV

(Updated on July 31, 2017)

Manhunt: Unabomber

Format: Scripted limited series.

Summary: This show focuses on the use of a new way of profiling that the FBI used to catch the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, who is played by Paul Bettany. Sam Worthington plays FBI agent Jim Fitzgerald and Jane Lynch plays Attorney General Janet Reno. See the trailer here.

Premieres: August 1 2017, in Discovery Channel.

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the women of 300 fox way

mornings at 300 fox way were fearful, jumbled things. elbows in sides and lines for the bathroom and people snapping over tea bags placed into cups that already had tea bags in them.

the raven boys