a matter of life


Hello may I introduce you to the most challenging fanart I’ve ever done

I have to repeatedly paint on a 4m² canvas so I thought it was time for one last Saeran fanart.

Because Saeran Choi is an A N G E L 

Ofc, support the amazing Saeran zine

“You did nothing to help anyone! Don’t tell me what I did was wrong! Don’t tell me it was right either; you don’t get to judge! That was my life!”

When you find an anime/manga really great at the start, but, the romance they added later on completely ruins it.
  • IM1 Tony Stark: I want to be a Superhero(tm) and Save the World!
  • Infinity War Tony Stark: dear god why won't the world stOP needing to be sAVed please i don't want this anymore... ple,,ase i just want to go hOMe, i want to get married, i want to be a dad, i just want a little baby to take care of...

Model: @deanna.nycole


Dark Matter

Don’t stop, don’t think, don’t look back

You’re a bolt of lightning in the sky now

Don’t stop, don’t think, don’t look back

I’ve pulled you in, prepare to die now

I am Dark Matter

Your road to ruin

I am Dark Matter

I’m your undoing

- “Dark Matter” by Les Friction

So… how about some champion!Shiro?

I just feel like I’m always going to feel this way. Not mad, but… just off balance. Like everything’s just going to be a little more complicated for me.
—  This Is Us

You don’t have to ship Stucky to acknowledge that the relationship between Cap and Bucky is the heart and soul of the Captain America franchise. This branch of the MCU tells the story of two men who are just trying to do the right thing, while juggling their own traumas and mistreatment at the hands of a larger, uncaring government. Their relationship is simultaneously the most heartwarming and heartbreaking thread throughout the entire storyline.” 

- EW.com speaking truth (x)