a mating display

So I’ve seen fics where Sportacus goes into heat but what if…

What if elves had mating dances.

Hear me out on this. In spring male elves collect flowers and feathers and ribbons and anything colorful and pretty and they weave it into a shawl and wear it around the one they’re courting and just dance around. But its not just normal human dancing. It’s acrobatic and flashy like birds to show off all the pretty stuff they found and what they can do with their bodies like how high they can jump and how flexible they are and how strong they are.

Just imagine Sportacus bird-flirting at Robbie.


The Mating Display by Charles Jellison 

From the photographer: Brandt’s Cormorant has gathered it’s nesting materials and now it’s time to attract a mate.

rinse the blood off my space toga

“Can I see? Wait, there’s no shafts? it just.. grows in two colours?”
“Er. Not exactly.”
“The other humans’ plumage isn’t near this bright. Are you a born leader?”
“HAH. no.”
“It signifies caste, then? Or a mating display?!”
“Not even close. I went out and paid an artisan to apply a harsh chemical to rip out my natural colouration, then apply this artificial one.”
“That sounds.. unpleasant.”
“Yeah it burned like a <<dog?>>, my scalp was tender for days after.”
“If it doesn’t create any advantages, what’s the point?”
“Ah, it just looks <<rutting>> <<cold>>. What other reason do we need?”
“..humans are weird. .. .. .. do you think it would work on feathers?”


Male sharp-tailed grouse (Tympanuchus phasianellus) practice their courtship dance during winter. When mating season arrives in spring, the dancing ground (also called a lek) is filled with competing males and observant females. The females judge the males on their dancing and their ability to keep a prime spot on the dance floor. After mating with the most dominant male, the female leaves to nest and raise their young alone.

Life Story (2014)


a series of unlikely crossovers:  So.  You’re going to get off your spoil-sport balcony in three minutes and come dance with me. Be warned: birthday girl trumps king every time.  Your move.  

For goldcaught.

siliquasquama replied to your post “Why You Should Pay Attention In Class, Feat. Dad and Dr. Puck”

Their bones were in the earth because they crashed into the mountain at high speed.

That is an EXCELLENT piece of bullshittery and I’m adding it to the lore.  They crashed into the mountains because the territorial battles and mating displays could get very vicious and they’d just ram each other into the ground, scattering dilophosaus everywhere.

Does anyone else think about dragon mating displays?  Boys that put on shows to impress their prospective ladies:

Spirals that make intricate spiral patterns in the air, which ended up granting them their name.

Pearlcatchers that perform midair tricks with their pearls.

Tundras that poof and fluff up their coats to make themselves look bigger and “woollier.”

Ridgebacks that prance and display their snouts.

Imperials that will pose impressively, flaring their wings so their mate will see their wingspan.

Faes that flit to and fro like hummingbirds: diving down at full speed before pulling up at the last minute in U or J patterns.

Wildclaws who fight each other for dominance–and if there’s not another Wildclaw, the kicks become a show of agility and speed….. and a chance to show off their claws.

Skydancers with in-air displays so dazzling they truly look like they’re dancing.

Guardians that show off their wards and the excellent care they receive: familiars, hatchlings……. lair owners……..

Story idea: Your body is, like everyone else’s, a garden.

What exactly it’s a garden for isn’t terribly important at the moment. Maybe they’re otherworldly spirits, maybe they’re some sort of complex parasitic fungi. Let’s call them riders, for now; that seems nicely agnostic as to their nature.

When you come of age, you are driven from your home and forbidden to return as the sole inhabitant of your body.

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This psychopath was incubating fantasies about killing and is building himself up. Or someone’s building him up. He has a benefactor who admires his destruction.

courtship /ˈkɔrt ʃɪp/ (n)

  1. The act, period, or art of seeking the love of someone with intent to marry.
  2. Behavior in animals that occurs before and during mating, often including elaborate displays.

Wēoh Bird or False Malham

Sometimes mistaken for the larger and similarly coloured Malham Bird, the Wēoh is a rather small bird, with a love for water. Found further north than the average range of the Malham, in the past they have been sold to Europeans unaware of the tendency of Malhams to waste away outside of their preferred habitat. Wēohs are quite small birds - only about the size of a European starling - and like watermeadows and similar spaces where they can bathe. Thought it is not certain as to why the Wēoh likes to bathe so much, many magizoologists believe that bathing is key to the  Wēohs ability to create bright bursts of colour in their mating displays, which are not dissimilar to those of the Star-Speckled Cockatoo.

Wēoh birds are now common throughout Europe, thanks to these ancient trades, and are sometimes kept as songbirds in magical households. Where they are wild they retain the preference for watermeadows and shaded woods, and are occasionally seen on salt flats. Generally the wild creatures are left alone, though some will occasionally be caught for pets, or for the use of their feathers in potions. However most Wēoh feathers used in potions (and sometimes magical fireworks) are gathered from domestic birds, and some countries have penalties attached to the capturing of wild birds to pluck their feathers.

beryl spangled tanager by susanloellison

(Image is of a Beryl-spangled Tanager. Image was sent in by the wonderful pardryll who has sent in many wonderful submissions - both of images and of creatures - before. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCE OR MY CAPTION.)

/heavy breathing/ okay but please listen to this

Okay so we’re talking about Omegaverse here. 

Imagine that even after an alpha and an omega get together and mate and all that, they’re still pretty conservative and the majority only goes so far as to hold hands or the omega’s waist in public.

So imagine that an alpha and an omega being touchy-feely and lovey-dovey means that they’re like truly, really in love. Like, they’re so lost in each other than it doesn’t matter if they’re in public or not, they just nuzzle each other’s cheek and give eskimo kisses to one another and kiss repeatedly and just. When people see that they know that those two are so tightly connected and in love with each other that no one could ever tear them apart. That it’s hopeless for people to try and separate them because it’s just not going to happen.

More than mating, this loving display of affection means much more. In a world ruled by instincts, seeing so much PDA is just mind blowing, and very few people have ever experienced this.

Okay. Now that we have a context, imagine Alpha!Yukio and Omega!You going idk grocery shopping. And he absolutely refuses to let you carry the basket and you two hold hands the entire time and you talk quietly and giggle and he smiles softly at you while having that same soft look in his eyes and out of the blue he connects your foreheads together and says something back and you laugh and nuzzle his neck  and he in turn kisses your cheek and just.

I forgot where I was going with this.

I mean what.

What even is life.

(This was your random situation of the day.)

Cake-drabble : Princess

“Stop it!” Calum hissed, glaring at the lanky blond occupying the second twin bed in their shared room.

Thin pink lips quirked into a smile. “Stop what?” Luke asked, sounding for all intents and purposes like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

“Staring at me like that!” Calum answered, irritated that Luke would pretend not to understand when those hard blue eyes had been shameless in their perusal of his body for the better part of an hour now.

One blond eyebrow quirked up in mock surprise. “What? I don’t have the right to watch my own band-mate?”

“No! You don’t have that right!” Calum shot back, adding you don’t have the right to strip me bare with your eyes… under his breath.

Luke shrugged. “Can’t help looking at you. You’re beautiful.”

Calum blanched. It was a simple statement, made with uncharacteristic self-assuredness his youngest band-mate rarely displayed except in situations like this when he was hell-bent on flustering Calum. These declarations had started while they were still back in Sydney and had only become more brazen when they moved to England.

“You can’t do that!” The brunette groaned, throwing his hands up to cover his face. “You can’t just go around telling me I’m beautiful.”

He got his response as amused blue eyes traced over his plump, bitten lips, the embarrassing flush on his cheeks, and up till they were staring into his own eyes. He could barely hold that gaze for a moment before it dropped.

“Am not beautiful…,” he mumbled, twiddling his fingers in his lap. “You’re the pretty one… You even wear those flower crowns… Look like a princess.” His eyes widened, suddenly realizing he might be able to get a little of his own back.

“We should call you princess!” He crowed, feeling clever for coming up with the nick-name. “You’re all short and blond & the youngest! Just like a pretty princess.” Hah! Finally! Luke would now feel that clawing in the pit of his stomach that Calum faced each time the blond started these flirtations with him.

Except Luke was disturbingly unperturbed, a conciliatory smile on his lips. “Okay. I’ll be your princess for now,” the blond replied.

Calum gaped. That wasn’t exactly what he meant… He was about to say as much, except Luke beat him to it. Blue eyes locked on him, holding his own gaze with something so raw and possessive that Calum couldn’t look away, no matter how hard he tried.

“But when we’re all grown up and you start taking me seriously, I’m going to be your prince,” the younger boy promised quietly.

Calum gasped. He was almost 17, old enough to understand what Luke meant with the easy, utterly confident declaration. He was surprised to find that it at once irritated him, and simultaneously made the butterflies in his stomach dance.

Not knowing how to react, Calum dropped his eyes again and gave up. “You’re an idiot, Lucas,” he mumbled, hopping off the bed & heading out the door to go find a bandmate who didn’t make his heart beat faster.

Masterlist of fics 

Emotional Violence and the Empath

by Samsaran

Human beings are still very much animals. We are social animals who for most of our million year history have lived in small family groups of fewer than eighty individuals. It is thought that even though we may now live in vast cities each of us still has our own “tribe” of eighty or so people. Our relatives the great apes also live in extended family groups. Communication between members is through vocalizations, like our speech, body gestures, facial expressions and to a smaller degree scent.

If a predator infiltrates into a group a “wave” of emotion goes through the group triggering fear, flight or fight. It is actual emotion transmitted from one member to another. We can see this in experiments where scientists introduce a stuffed leopard into the tribe’s territory Females will gather the young and males will become aggressive and attack the intruder. This sort of communication goes on within the group and is used to establish dominance and mating precedence. Aggressive displays of teeth and screams are used to intimidate other members of the group.

An empath is one who has a heightened sensitivity to emotion. They are affected to a greater degree by angry displays of aggression. Within our human communities there will arise bullies. These are people who use the aggressive displays exactly as an ape uses them. To intimidate. If they are challenged they will react with an aggressive display far in excess of what would be expected. If they don’t get their way they will again use loud angry outbursts, facial contortions and aggressive body language to “punish” the one who has frustrated them by not giving in to their demands.Sometimes tears are used rather than overt aggression. It is all manipulation.

Empaths are especially vulnerable to such attacks due to their sensitivity. Bullies learn this or sense it from their reactions and will employ these hyperaggressive techniques to attain dominance, gain sexual compliance or to get what they want in the home or workplace. Empaths are not necessarily passive though. Often a bully will push and push until the empath can take no more and a violent confrontation will ensue. Often with the bully suffering the greater harm.