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First stop on the let’s be cultural tour: Uni! We look like a band

Nice to see y'all are enjoying these time traveling shenanigans just as much as I am! (・ω・)ノ


He was assigned to you in the beginning, as a councilor of sorts. That was something he would never mind doing; he enjoyed helping anyone who wanted it.

However, something about you seemed different than others he had worked with.

Yes, you were frazzled- an expected response- but you accepted him, trusted him, at a much faster rate than he was used to.

It was……..refreshing?

Either way, you quickly became one of his favorite students and closest friends. His team of two suddenly became a group of three, and he was left with a confusing feeling, striking him silent in the most peculiar moments.

“You called me master?” Genji peaks around the open door leading out to a close grassy cliff side, perfect for meditation.

“Yes, do you have time to speak with me?” Zenyatta sits there, petting a stray cat in his lap, under the shade of a large tree.

“I do.” He settles next to his master, cross legged as always. “May I ask about what?”

“Of course,” he rests his hand on the back of the purring cat, “I wish to speak of my emotions. They have become more and more confusing as time passes.”

Genji nods in agreement. “I understand. I will do my best to help you master.” He folds his hands in his lap. If he was being honest, he didn’t feel anywhere near qualified to assist him.

“I am glad.” He hums, “Now where to begin?” He taps his chin. “Perhaps the warmth in my chest.”

“Warmth? Are you sure it is emotion causing it?”

“Yes. I had a doctor check it.” He sets his hand on his chest plate, “I believe it is caused by my body overworking itself due to unknown circumstances. It is a feeling akin to a fierce battle; though, one is not occurring at the time.”

“And, when does it happen?”

“During the normalities of my daily routine.” He lowers his hand and glances at it, “There are times as well were I cannot think, or am forgetful. Though, it is not happening now.”

“That is interesting. You still have no idea what the cause is?”

“No.” He sighs. “Do you have any suggestions, my student?”

“I am not sure. Human and Omnic emotions sometimes differ,” he pauses, “however, if you were human, I would think that you were either sick, or had a crush.”

“A crush?” It was more of a statement than a question. “Yes, that would make sense.”

“It would? But, on who?” Though he tried to hide it, his extreme curiosity coated his words.

“Hmm. Perhaps [y/n].” He begins to pet the cat again, and it lets out a contempt chirp. “Yes, as I think about it, I believe it is correct.” He beams at Genji. “Thank you.”

“It is no problem.”

Good friends, to Genji, were hard to come by. Sure, he had many acquaintances, but not many people above that.

It took maybe a day of knowing each other to move into friendship. He was ecstatic, to say the least, to find someone so fond of his presence, and who would also laugh at his lame jokes (to which he told a lot).

“High five!” You boast, and he complies, following it up with a fist bump. Childish, he knew, but he was allowed to be such. “Haha! Nice.”

“No fair!” Lúcio fakes a huff. “I’m not used to going on three! I panicked!”

“Okay, my turn.” You place your fist in your palm, determination in your eyes, “Me and you, death match.”

“I will not lose to you again!” He readies his stance, Angela counts down, and you both release your weapons.

“Paper beats rock, Genji wins.” She announces.

Lúcio knowingly sets his hand on your shoulder as your head falls. “Looks like we got cleaning duty.” You groan loudly and he nods solemnly, “Me too.”

“It’s best to get started now.” Angela starts, shooing the two of you out. “The storage room needs a lot of work.”

“We know,” you sigh and turn to leave, “c'mon Lúcio.”

As soon as the door shuts behind you, Genji begins his speed walk out, only to be stopped by Mercy’s expecting hum.

“You weren’t expecting to leave without giving me an update, now were you?” His shoulders droop, knowing he’s already lost.

“No, of course not Doctor Ziegler.” Curse his polite nature! He knew she only wanted to gossip, but he couldn’t find it in himself to be rude enough to lie in order then leave.

She clasps her hands excitedly and smiles wide. “So, any new developments?”

“No, nothing has changed.” Her smile disappears slightly.

“Still nothing?” He nods and she frowns, “Genji, I thought Saturday was the day!”

“It was.” He crossed his arms, pausing his thought, carefully choosing his words. “Until I accidentally spilled juice on them.”

She was struck with silence. “I- and how did that happen?”

He places his head into his hand, “I was……….showing off…….”

“Genji,” he hears her scolding him, “we talked about this!”

“Yes, I recall.” He runs his hand down his faceplate, “I was nervous and not thinking. I did apologize, but that may have made things worse.”

“Is that why there was broken glass on the floor?”


She let out a short sigh, “You do tend to make a big fuss around them.” Steam leaks from his shoulders and he turns his head away. She shakes her head, tapping her foot against the floor. “Maybe it would be easier if you didn’t try so hard. I’m afraid, at this rate, you might end up really hurting someone.”

He shifts on his feet and nods slightly. “You are right. I should try to handle this less forcibly.”

“Do you want me to brain storm ideas with you?” She offers.

He perks up a small bit, “It would be most appreciated.”

It was no secret that you were immediately shy upon meeting the cowboy. But there was something else about you, something……..odd.

Maybe that wasn’t the best way to put it- yet he didn’t know what else it would be. So, his curiosity drove him to you. He needed to know what it was.

Now, believe it or not, Jesse was a smart man; and when feelings started to occur, he immediately started to distance himself, only to realize that he was in too deep.

For him, a fling was something he could handle. Real romance? Haha! No.

“Hey! Mr. Jesse, any chance I could talk with you?” Oh, it was that Lúcio kid. What could he want to talk about? They weren’t exactly friends; more like acquaintances.

“Sure, I guess?” He shoves his hand into his pocket, and uses the other one to scratch his beard. “‘Bout what, exactly?”

“[y/n]-” Why you? What about you would he want to talk about? Oh. Oh god! The jig is up, he knows; he’s gonna tell you! Abort, ABORT.

“You doin’ okay over there, buddy?” Lúcio sways slightly on his heels, “You’re getting a little pale.”

He coughs in his hand to rid himself of nerves. “Yeah, just dehydrated, I reckon.” His body feels a bit more clunky, “I didn’t quite catch what you said there before.”

Moment of truth. He knew this day was coming, but did he prepare for it? No.

“If you say so…” He wasn’t entirely convinced; it was written all over his eyes.

He distantly remember you telling him that Lúcio was incredible at reading people, and that wasn’t helping him calm down one bit.

“I was just asking what you thought I should get for their birthday?”


Well, doesn’t he just feel like an idiot.

“I’m sure whatever’s fine.” He wanted this conversation to end so that he could go to his room and scold himself for getting so worked up over nothing.

“Are you sure your okay? Nothing’s up?” There was a pause, not long enough for him to respond. “Is it about [y/n]?”


“It is!” He exclaims, pointing. Man, he was good at reading people.

“No, it’s not!” Jesse crosses his arm, glancing around the room. He’d rather not talk about this in a public place.

“I promise I won’t tell no body!” This boy was getting excited. He shuffles over to him and jokingly jabs his side with his elbow. “Who knows? Maybe you’ll be my present to them, huh?”

“Now that’s just ridic-”

“Oh my god. I was just joking! I didn’t know that you actually liked them!” How much more excited could this kid get?

“Look, I don’t really want to talk about it.” He lifts his hat off his head, runs his fingers through his hair, and places it back on his head. “Not here, anyway.” He gestures to the open, and thankfully empty, lounge.

“Oh yeah, got it!” The Dj whispers at him with a wink. “I’m totally willing to help you out, dude!”

“I….. just might take you up on that offer.”


“Not if you keep shouting!”



I really like writing Lúcio……. Can you tell?

(I’m also really tired, so please excuse my mistakes ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ)

Filthy Cute

Prompts: dan being fucked from behind please?/// I literally just need the kinkiest shit you can write, anything you want. Maybe bondage, and Neko!dan would be nice. Just a suggestion, you don’t have to write it if you don’t want to ;) -thanks, a friendly anon /// Can you do one where neko!Dan wants to try being Dom! and Phil lets him thenm ends up being Dom! because Dan can’t bring himself to boss Phil around or something along those likes? 

Author’s Note: its been like 1,000 years since I posted something sorry bout that anyways ilu guys i hope u like it <3 (1.7k words) 

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Meeting the Mistress (Cuckquean short story #1)

When I told my Master I wanted to be his cuckquean, he was shocked. If you had even mentioned the topic a week ago I would have gotten uncomfortable and possibly cried. For no particular reason (other than concentrated masturbation) I had not only accepted the idea of my Master fucking another woman, but I yearned for it. Just as odd, I went from wanting to have complete control over these acts, to wanting to simply submit to my Master and his future lover. I feel my brain is trying to make things easier for itself. It knows I’m tired of fighting with myself when I know I’ll never be enough to satisfy my Master, so instead it’s allowing me to indulge in the fantasy of him fucking a prettier, younger and tighter cunt. I’m already wet thinking about it…

He was ecstatic to hear that I had overcome my fears and insecurities; in fact, I don’t think he’s ever loved me more. As I told him in further detail of my wish to be submissive to both him and our cuckcake, he admitted his cock was very hard. After we’d fantasized about various ways our cuckcake could degrade and humiliate me, it was obvious we wanted to make it happen as soon as possible. A few hours later, he told me he would arrange everything. He instructed me to be ready for a potential cuckcake as early as noon the next day. Master would not lock the door as he left for work, and I would not lock it. I was to wait patiently on my knees, wearing nothing but my butt plug, collar and leash. When Sara came in the door, she immediately burst into laughter.

“Wow, you’re even more pathetic than he described you!” she chuckled, grabbing onto my leash. “C’mon little piggy, show me where my new bedroom is!”

She walked behind me as I crawled, and I could feel her eyes on my imperfect ass and pussy. “I see why your Master needed to call in some help, that bejeweled plug isn’t fooling anyone, piggy.” Shamefully and without a word, I led her into the bedroom and sad myself in front of the bed. As she laid down, I could feel her taking my old place as she put me into my new one. I am her bitch now just as much as I am Master’s. Remembering my presence at her feet, she said “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Sara, but you can call me Mistress. Your Master told me you’ve been wanting to change your name to bitch, is that right? Works for me, we can start using it right now. Take off my clothes, bitch.” After I’d removed the last piece of her clothing, she ordered me to begin licking her pussy. I remembered suddenly that I would not be fucked by my Master tonight, and quite possibly for a very long time. I dove into her pussy, feeling my cunt ache as she rode my face. “Good little bitch, get your tongue in there. I heard you lick Master’s asshole, huh you nasty whore? I’ll have you on that next, my dear.” As my face became soaked along with my pussy, I heard the apartment door open. I shot up to greet Master at the door, but Mistress stopped me.

“That’s not your place anymore, bitch. Down. And stay quiet while the adults talk.”

I sat on the floor, my face covered in Mistress’ pussy juice. It tasted so good, and I began to lick around my lips as I played with my clit, imagining her riding my face all over again. Suddenly, Master and Mistress entered the room.

“Has she been good?” Master asked her without even glancing at me.

“Of course, she has. Just like you said, she’s a desperate little cuckquean. She also laps like a puppy, just like you said!” They kissed in front of me as Master began to rub Mistress’ pussy. “I need to fuck you right now. It’s a good thing our little slave got you ready.” I watched as Master threw our cuckcake onto the bed and spread open her toned legs. He began to fuck her tighter pussy when he looked down and saw his little submissive looking on with hungry eyes.

“Does the little bitch want some too?” I nodded. Master grabbed me and pushed my face right next to Mistress’ pussy. “Go ahead, bitch. Lick. Lick. Lick. Do you taste that? That’s a superior pussy. You will serve this pussy because you will never be as good as it. I will fuck this pussy everyday to remind you. You will be a good slave to Mistress and I, yes? She’ll be very nice to you, sweetie. She even told me she’s going to let you lick her butthole tonight! What a lucky girl; I’ll leave a present in there for you.” After a quick kiss on the forehead, I am back on the ground, reaching for my moist pussy as I shamelessly watch my Master and our cuckcake.

Watching him fuck her is so surreal. His cock is so mesmerizing as it pumps in and out of Mistress’ pussy. She notices I’m staring and calls me out.

“Bitch, if you’re so hungry, why don’t you eat?” She snaps and motions me to place myself in front of her pussy. As I’m face-to-face with Mistress’ pussy, I take in the sight of my Master’s cock buried deep inside. He can barely fit inside her tight cunt. “Lick, bitch” she reminds me as she forces my mouth onto her sex. I latch on and begin sucking, licking, everything I can do to make her moan even more as my Master’s cock runs in and out of her. As she begins to buckle in orgasm, I move down to lick my Master’s balls and asshole. Her pussy juices are everywhere. Everywhere I lick on him, I taste her. Master decides to have Mistress rest for a few minutes, as he will soon be fucking her ass. I, on the other hand, will be busy cleaning out Master’s asshole as he and Mistress have an adult conversation. I don’t hear much of what they’re saying; Master is moving his ass all over my tongue tonight. I suppose he just wants me to enjoy it, as I will be nothing but a cunt, ball and asslicker for the foreseeable future. When I’m finally brought up from under his ass, Master pushes me aside while he strokes his cock against Mistress’ asshole. It’s so tight and puffy. I beg until they let me lay down with my face underneath Master’s balls. I love to feel them slap against my face as he fucks her ass, but also to lick them knowing he will soon give her a huge load, and I’ll want it to be warm. As Master begins to cum, I beam knowing I will be sucking every last drop out of Mistress’ delicious butthole. As I begin to devour Mistress’ ass, Master pats my head and tells me what a good, desperate little puppy I am. “I’m so glad you’re getting along with my new fuck doll, little bitch. You saw I was having a good time fucking Sara’s ass, huh? I bet you want me to keep fucking her, don’t you?” I nod in shame, but know that I am getting wetter by the second. I continue to scoop and collect his cum out of her hole, listening to her moans as she pushes my head deeper.

After I’ve gotten all the cum, Master and Mistress cuddle with me and tell me what a good girl I was. They tease my cunt and nipples and they talk about all of the ways they’re going to degrade me tomorrow. They do not let me cum. I am a happily enslaved cuckquean.

Please let me know what you guys think! I would love any comments or criticism. This is one of my favorite stories I’ve written I’ve written so far :) Writing is one of the best ways for me to explore my kinks and desires.

I have a lot of feels about Kingdom Hearts Back Cover and the foretellers okay so here have a compilation of headcanons

  • Ava (to Luxu): “if I run and jump at aced, he will most certainly catch me in his arms.” Ava: “Incoming!” Aced: “No, I’m holding coffee!” /catches her anyway/

  • (this probably works with Ira too.  Master would just watch you fall and laugh)

  • They sometimes just start… sitting on Aced. I mean have you seen this guy’s shoulders he’s gigantic. And no one comments. Hes just chilling, there in the library, with Ava sitting on his shoulder. And then Luxu was sitting on the arm of the chair but ended up in Aceds lap. And Invi appeared sometime and she’s leaning on his leg. Master takes pictures.  they prob have the best cuddle piles on top of Aced.  Master also has pictures of that

  • Ira’s the type of guy who’s gonna make up his mind about something and stubbornly refuse to let it go. He once decided the East wing was haunted b/c of the door that creaked. And he literally will never walk in the East door to the castle. Aced fixed that door a year ago. Just get over it, Ira. No, he says stubbornly, leaving the shop five minutes before everyone else so he can make up the time wasted by going to the west door

  • Gula isn’t allowed in the barber shop anymore. No one knows why. Invi might sell the secret for a strawberry tart but no one dares ask her

  • He’s probably also banned from the weapons shop but that’s no secret. If he didn’t have a keyblade he could summon on demand no one would let him near a sharp object.

  • You probably guessed that Ava picks up strays everywhere and Ira gives her a weekly “no pets in the castle” talk

    • But I bet you didn’t guess that this also applies to heartless
    • No Ava we can’t keep the little soldier heartless
    • I get that it’s a new kind we haven’t seen before ava
    • Yeah I know that one looks like it’s got a hat on ava
    • It tried to kill you ava
    • Invi literally almost died fighting that one ava plus it’s bigger than your room
  • Aced has, like, no idea how to talk to people (who aren’t his friends). None. He can make vague overtures of polite conversation but it’s pretty much just a rehearsed line about the weather that Invi taught him. It’s a wonder he got anyone to join his Union when he has the conversational skills of a caveman.

  • That being said, Aced can write a mean speech

  • Like, they’re all really shocked at how good he is. give him time to prepare and he can beat Ava in the ‘impassioned cheesy speech’ department

  • Okay so Ira hates blood, just can’t stand it. Invi once got a papercut and he had to leave the room before he fainted. and thus he freaks. out. anytime he gets even like, a nosebleed.

    • “invi am I dying” “it’s called a skinned knee, ira” “tell master thank you, for teaching me” “you’re not dying” “and, and let luxu know that i’m the one who stole that brownie from him” “ira” “a-and, don’t let gula think that i hated him. tell him i trust him.” “ira” “tell ava i love her, and she’s gonna be a great master someday, i, i just wish i coulda seen her grow up” “ira
  • but when he gets majorly injured, like, broken ribs? a stab wound? no. he’s not gonna tell anyone. 'tis but a flesh wound. take care of yourself first. i’m fine. /passes out/

  • Invi on any given day: “guys I think you should think this through.”

  • Luxu, looking up from the thing he’s about to set on fire: “what do you mean?”
  • Gula, standing out of the blast zone, smiling: “yeah what do you mean nothing’s gonna go wrong”

  • okay so aced and ira prob got in a lot of fights esp when they first were apprentices together, because they were both strong-willed and did you see how disappointed aced was that he wasn’t gonna be leader? like? they totally fought. but every. single. time they did at some point they’d look over and ava would just have these big tears in her eyes like some ghibli protagonist and the argument would just.. stop. None of them could ever knowingly let her cry. not even master. if she started to get that wobbly lip, boom, subject over, we’re never doing it again. none of them knew when she was faking it though, since they all know she can fake-cry on command

I have more but I shall wait to post them until I am more coherent, when it’s not like, 1am in the morning