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Finally! While waiting the uniform colour to be voted, I spent my time drawing these 4 main characters in the Story! So, it’s balanced, 2 Males and 2 Females. Fair enough :>

Let’s give a simple introduction of the character!

NATU Agares (NA-tuh  A-ge-res)
   - Pious and confusing child. Newbie with technologies.

Koja Oivryn ( KOU-JA   OII-vren)
   - A child who thinks he’s suck, but actually he is MASTER out of all from his group.

Hilza Vedkan ( HILL-za  VID-kan )
   - So innocent and smol. Don’t touch this girl.

Irzi Misathax ( IRR-ZEE  MEE-SA-TAKS )
   - Naturaly bald. Don’t mess with her appearance, she has very high anger issues.

Note: Hilza wore in grey/turquoise uniform because she is taking medical course.


Reckless - Part 3

Part 3/?

Characters: AJ Styles, OFC, Baron Corbin

Summary: The newest woman on the roster finds herself making waves she never intended to, with men that are both off-limits to her.

Warnings: Smut

Previously: Part One | Part Two | Check out the Master List

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Lantern Bearers (Ranger Archetype)

Also called Lantern Lighters if going by the name given to them in Adventurer’s Guide, these warrior rangers are trained to hunt and fight against one type of prey: Drow.

In the Golarion setting, the Lantern Bearers are a clandestine elven organization meant to fight against drow incursions, as well as conceal the dark elves’ existence from the rest of the world, the latter of which they have failed at if certain adventure paths are considered canon.

Regardless of setting or race, these rangers are masters of fighting against subterranean foes that fear the light, wiping them out or driving them back into the darkness. How exactly they use these talents is up to them though.

Normally, the magic of producing strong light like sunlight is beyond rangers, but these learn how to do just that, all the better to blind their quarry.

Being able to see further in dim conditions is paramount against foes that dwell in darkness, and these warriors hone their sense to see further than other members of their kin.

So too do they hone their body against poison, for the drow are notorious for the toxins they wield.

With their focus lying elsewhere, these rangers learn less about various terrain types than others, learning those secrets at a slower rate.

They are, however, experts at maneuvering in the various rock formations found in the depths.

Eventually, these rangers no longer even need a light source to see, their gaze piercing the dark. This training also extends the range of naturally darksighted races even further.

Similarly, they also eventually become immune to all toxins.

Eventually the intensity of their daylight magic becomes so strong that they outright stun light-sensitive foes, giving the lantern lighter’s the advantage.

These rangers learn to camouflage themselves much later in their careers, letting the blinding light they wield do it for them in many cases.

Finally, they dial up the intensity of their light magic further, outright paralyzing their hated foes with sensory overload.

If you’re interested in a ranger specialized in fighting the denizens of the dark, this archetype might be for you. Unlike a cave druid, these warriors are more combat-oriented, so keep that in mind. I recommend a build that not only uses the daylight spell to great effect, but also focuses on favored enemies associated with the drow, which may vary from demons to undead to abberations, depending on the setting.

What’s interesting is that according to adventurer’s guide, post Second Darkness lantern bearers have done away with the corrupt Winter Council and now act independent of such a ruling body. Furthermore, they act more in the open, and actually seek to redeem some drow who prove to be capable of such a moral turnaround.


Seeking to clear out an undead infestation, the light-bearing clan of elves descends into the barrow, only to find nothing but a few necrophidi within, as if mocking their efforts. Have the undead moved on, or was this an even more elaborate distraction?

Typically, the Lightbringers are seen as a force of good, combating the darkness. However, recently, reports have come in of a cell of their organization targeting civilian fetchlings and wayang alike, seeking to purge their darkness. Lightbringer headquarters is interested in discovering the truth behind these rumors, fearing for their reputation.

Sporting ebony skin rather than the typical gold, Masipa is a rare drow-made shabti, whom would have been doomed to being torn apart by demon in the abyss in her creator’s place had it not been for the psychopomps. Now, she has returned to the material plane to fight against the wicked culture that would exploit others so.

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Everyone is going on about the reactions of Sebastian, Ciel, Lizzy, etc...but am I the only one concerned about the servants, ESPECIALLY Finny?! I know they're loyal but to find out their master might not be the original version has to feel like a betrayal. I don't think they'll side with Real!Ciel or outright abandon Our!Ciel but I think there is gonna be some aura of suspicion between them and Our!Ciel. Finny is so sure the Real!Ciel is an imposter....poor bby

I’m sure it’ll be a shocker! But I don’t personally think the servants will be terribly affected by our!Ciel’s lie. At most, they’ll feel extra pity for him. The difference between the servants (excluding Tanaka) and Lizzie is that they never knew real!Ciel. They were hired by our!Ciel and Sebastian, so that’s all they’ve known.

They clearly enjoy their life in the manor and think of our!Ciel as family, so even if they begin questioning our!Ciel’s morals (but tbh, I don’t think they care that much since they were hired based on their ability to defend him + they killed the circus members without even being mildly upset), I don’t think they’ll like our!Ciel any less. If anything, I think it might make them even more protective of our!Ciel, regardless of whether he’s in the right or wrong, because he’s their young master :)

Wouldn’t it be the biggest plot twist in the show if the Doctor regenerated into 13 and turned out looking like the Master?

There was never another Time Lord that survived the war, it’s always been just him and that drove him insane…

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Goodbye, Peter Pan [Chapter 5]

In memory of all those who have once been lost and never found.

 Chapter 4 → Chapter 5

The third floor is empty. Rarely does the trip to your office occur without running into at least one other inspector or office administrator or something of the like, but today the hallway remains deserted, like a canvas cheated out of its master’s touch. It’s empty and it’s quiet, and, apart from the voice reverberating from your phone, only the sound of your heels clicking on the linoleum floor keeps it from withering into a lonesome void.

“- with the store employees. I’ll interview the rest when they change shifts in an hour.”

The autopsy report is limp in your grasp. “I don’t suppose they witnessed anything of interest Thursday night?”

No.” A rustle of fabric- a jacket sleeve, perhaps- and the voice of your youngest team member returns to the line. Even through the phone he sounds contemplative, as though he’s quietly reflecting on the question of the universe to himself. “The ones I’ve met so far haven’t seen anything strange. The exception being the landlord, and I’ve already told you what he had to say.”

“I see.” You pay no mind to the passing doors as you think back to what he had mentioned earlier. A suspicious man, wearing a baseball cap and mask. As far as hints go this one is about as useful as a candle in a rainstorm, but experience admonishes you, reminds you to keep a fair eye on it anyway. It’s only the first day on the case and yet somehow, you’re plagued by the unmistakable feeling that says you’ll be needing all the help you can get. “Alright, well, let me know what you find in the security tapes. Good work getting them, Jungkook.”

In lieu of an answer he hesitates, as if wanting to add something more, but abruptly ends the call before you can ask the obvious question.

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Explanatory Complexity

Self-imposed king of uncertainty
While vigorously chained to constant overthinking
Bouncing from naive to cagey
Trying to master stoicism out of nihilism
Reluctancy of a restless participant
Like when you dont wanna die
But you also dont want to be in the here and now
So here I stay
Stuck in consistent days of amber
To always live tolerant and love cautiously


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INTJ; the struggle of constantly wondering if people are stupid and ultimately coming to the conclusion that yes, in fact, they are, therefore making them useless for intelligent conversation :P

Master forgive me, but I’ll have to go all out…Just this once

-le edgemaster 9000 (last seen jumping into a pit of waifu pillows)

Toa of Fire

Tahu, Master of Fire, walked slowly down the darkened streets of Lego City, eyes fixed on the studded baseboard beneath his feet.  He was vaguely aware of others walking past him—they didn’t disturb him, but he heard their whispers, and they did nothing to improve his mood.  He soon stopped in his tracks and looked up.  A large building stood just across the street, its neon sign flashing the name “CANCELLATION COVE”.

…I guess I can’t put it off any longer.

Crossing, Tahu entered the establishment and glanced around.  Characters from all sorts of themes filled the tables, some laughing, some shouting, and some fixing a sullen gaze on whatever beverage they held. On the far side of the bar he spotted the person he was looking for.  Taking a deep breath, he rounded the counter and prepared for the worst.

Tahu, Master of Fire, reached out to tap him on the shoulder. “Hello, brother.”

Tahu, Toa Mata of Fire, turned in his seat.  “…Brother?”

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