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ok but think about this…. clarisse who plays for the school’s football team, who has done for years, clarisse who is so used to the crowd howling at her she could play in the middle of a metal band mosh pit and still be fine, clarisse who is a master at tuning it out and being the best player in the team suddenly noticing the cute girl with the pretty eyes from her bio class starts coming to her trainings and games and clapping shyly and oh my god she only claps for clarisse what is this how does she breathe andTHAT IS A BALL FUCK

Drama Drama Drama

Puppet Master creeping on social media both delights and scares the living shit out of me.

I think the fact that they replaced Air with ChAir that can’t play keytar hurt my feelings the most when it comes to the new ghouls. I remember the interview with Omega when he talked about being on tour and being comforted by waking up next to Air and the fact that they added a keytar solo on mummy dust just because Air was such a bad ass at keytar. What a waste. Will ChAir play ragtime during Papas speeches? I don’t think so.

There’s a violin maker in Israel who restores violins brought to him by Holocaust survivors. He said that the nazis would make them play in the camps. We watched a video about him, and then a master violinist came out and played one of them. He played HaTikva and 18,000 people stood up and sang along.

I just started crying. Who could have imagined then where we’d be now.

out of my league - master post

summary: The new family who moved next door to Jughead Jones’s best friend have a daughter his age, and it just so happens that she’s good at keeping secrets.
excerpt: “Aren’t you going to tell me your name?” She bit her glossy lip, causing a playful smile to creep across Jughead’s.

“Why should I do that?”

“Because a new girl should know at least one person before starting her first day at a new school.”

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hiiii I have a question do you update your favorites list/master list ? I'm really looking for more fics, and I've read all the ones on your master list so are there any new favorites of yours or ?

I haven’t updated my favourites list, but I can make a new one if you like!

(I’m not sure what mean by “master list”… I have a whole page of fic rec master lists that you can check out if you’re looking for new fics!)

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Prompto winced- the heavy chain clinking against the marble floor as he tried to lie comfortably, not wanting to wake his master.

The cuff around his ankle always feels heavier at night, in so far as night was a thing when the sun never rose, seemed to bite in deeper as it takes on the chill of the floor, no amount of blankets providing enough padding for him to truly be comfortable or warm. He sometimes wished he could sleep in the bed, like Ignis did most nights but when he was actually there, held in his master’s grasp, he longed for his spot on the floor. 

Good pets accepted their places and liked it. If he couldn’t then he’d be like Gladio, held in a cage somewhere and only taken out when their master wanted him then thrown away because he refused to just accept things. Because he kept trying to defend Prompto and Ignis, unable to hear Ignis tell him to stop and-

“Prompto.” He looked towards the bed, a chill running down his spine as he met gleaming red eyes. Ignis was sitting up as well, face turned towards Prompto stone gray eye unfocused and without even the illusion of being able to see him. “Is something wrong?” 

Prompto opened his mouth on reflex but, as always, nothing came out. Ignis could not see, Gladio couldn’t hear, and Prompto couldn’t speak; and none of them could help themselves let alone each other. Noctis had seen to that. 

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I hate how there's really no progress with 19 days. Why is she stalling?

its probably all part of a big picture that we’re not seeing, since we judge per chapter instead of the story as a whole 

it will all be connected in the end somehow .. the whole arc of jian yi kissing him and their talk in the rain which connected to xiao hui and his sexuality crisis was a damn masterpiece in every way so i do get what u mean about the stalling (the pointlessness of his little sister’s present and second kidnapping in which we learnt nothing new) being out of character from her usual masterfulness  

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Okay, literally wtf- I'm just minding my own business and then I'm attacked by videos of Harry working out??? I'm trying to live and now I've got heart palpitations?? (Thanks You)

harry’s body is a work of art and harry working out is a god damn master performance. sorry i’m not sorry for enjoying the finer things in life and sharing it with all of you guys. and as a good friend of mine once said when i asked for a break because i was too overwhelmed by harry:

no breaks we die like real stans”
- @softshumjr, march 23rd ‘17


It’s coming up to the end of the semester! This means seniors who have applied for a masters program would be finding out around now whether they were accepted or not.

Please keep in mind that this is a college roleplay, so everyone must still be a student at PSU after the summer, even if they’re a senior right now. They could become a masters student or even part-time, etc. The roleplay runs on the basis that the dash is the school site, after all, so everyone must be in school.

Classes will end April 28th, with finals beginning the following Monday (May 1st), and ending May 12th. Graduation will take place May 20th.

Between finals and graduation, however, senior week will be going on! This will be a group-wide event taking place between May 15th through 19th, with a carnival included, and ending with a dance.

This information will be relayed to everybody via the school website right… now!

Please play this out accordingly, and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!