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Thanksgiving Fanfic Master List

Stronger Together

Craigslist Girlfriend - Part 1, Part 2
-Sanvers fake dating (from the Craigslist post advertising a platonic date in exchange for free food) with background Lucy/Vasquez and Kara/Mike 
-Part 1 is cracky as fuck; part 2 is half crack/half fluff 

Three Is Never a Crowd

Thanksgiving Friends-Inspired Crack
-Director Sanvers with Supercorp and very minor Scholsen
-5k of pure crack

Welcome to the Gayborhood, Danvers (multi-chapter long fic)

Thanksgiving comes in is Chapter 21, followed by long Thanksgiving weekend smut for literally 10 more chapters…your call on whether you want that much gratuitous smut mixed in with some feelings and fluff
-Sanvers and Supercorp
-Coming out to Eliza; supportive family (written before we found out about Maggie’s backstory, so she also has a supportive family in this one); fluff; followed by many, many chapters of increasingly kinky smut 

Summa Cum Laude Chapter 5: Mistakes

Summary:  Gearing up for the first official training session Aizawa has with class 1-A brings nerves, stress, and a few major mistakes.

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                                  Chapter five: Mistakes

Aizawa spent the rest of his afternoon holding a pile of white fabric between his hands and waiting for the bond to kick in. He wasn’t a believer in voodoo or even magic. In a world where any quirk was possible, why would he want to believe in something more? Still, that’s what Power Loader scarf felt like - magic.

No matter how hard he concentrated, the material didn’t respond to him. He felt helpless, tossed out to sea without a rope. If he mastered the material, it would prove invaluable, but he had no idea if he had what it took to hold it in his hands.

It was dark, but it would still be hours before his parents were home - if they came home at all. Standing in the alley near his house, Aizawa wondered what his parents thought of him now.

Next to the fence, he’d set up a practice station. A log of wood held up a stuffed animal he’d pulled from a long forgotten corner of his room. It was covered in dust; the fur was matted and dirty. There were probably cobwebs in its ear.

Aizawa stood at the other end of the alley. The capture rope in his hands didn’t feel very sturdy, but he’d seen it at work. He had to trust that he could get the job done. He wrapped the rope around his shoulders. Aiming for the bear – which had, unfortunately, become his newest target – Aizawa mimicked Power Loader’s form: elbow high, wrist back, stepping through like he was throwing a baseball. The rope fell halfway to the target.

It was like throwing paper.

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It'll be interesting to see the reunion between Eclipsa and Meteora. Does Eclipsa even know she's alive? How has Meteora lived this long? And is Meteora the pawn in some grand scheming "Evil" Master Plan, or are we to find out that all the "Villains" are just people who think they're the good guys trying to make the world work for them? Interesting stuff for a TV show.

We don’t even know if Eclipsa was a good mother to Meteora. Sure, there was a nursery and dolls and all that, but so far it seems like Eclipsa’s main character point is “selfishness”, I wonder if love and motherhood are what allowed her to see the importance in having ties and responsibilities, when you really care about them, or if on the contrary she still acted the same as always - and this might lead to grudge on Meteora’s side.

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Do you have a Notp in SW? Is it a popular otp?

I don’t like Obikin. The power dynamic squicks me out, even after Anakin has been knighted. Master/student relationships bother me in general, but theirs is especially fraught what with Anakin’s history of slavery and Obi-Wan’s rather controlling nature. Of course, the fanon version of this ship is Anakin the human disaster paired with Obi-Wan, his long-suffering care-taker enabler which is pretty emphatically not how their actual canon relationship goes at all, even without the sex. 

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It makes me weirdly happy that Metal uses weapons, and frequently. Like, I really hope he turns out to be a bad ass weapons master like his Auntie on top of being a taijutsu prodigy. Also the mental image of him training with TenTen fills me with glee.

I just love Metal so much.here’s the thing, too that a lot of people keep forgetting- Lee was not bad with weapons. Gai trained his whole team. Yeah, he focused on Taijutsu, but like, they’re all good at things. TenTen was the weapons specialist, tough for sure. And great for summoning.Which is still confusing because she wasn’t there for the summoning lesson a while back but whatever I guess…… I would love to see her training with Metal. Also Gai training with Metal. (And Neji but I guess I can dream, RIP)




I just want Metal to be treated with the respect he deserves. He’s a formidable opponent. He could kick anyone’s ass if he focused and calmed down. But the show keeps playing him off as comic relief and it’s depressing.Even in episode 34 he was the comic relief at one point with Inojin teasing his enthusiasm.




Metal is a strong kid who clearly has been taught how to fight, how to use weapons, and how to be an all around good ninja. But according to SP he’s just kind of there sometimes and “Look he’s nervous hahahah” and it’s pretty garbage.


My spirit animal, Shinichiro Watanabe (creator of Cowboy Bebop/Samurai Champloo/Space Dandy) cleansing me with his great, careful lighting & art direction of his lead, African American protagonist from his brilliant and dark anime short : “Blade Runner - Black Out 2022.” A bit shocked no one is talking about this. Then again, Watanabe has always showcased a social imagination with the diverse casting/cultures in his Japanese productions✨💯👌🏾