a massive problem in this world really

Submission: As a queer, nonbinary person and an animal educator, I’ve thought a lot about the issues recently being discussed on this blog and I wanted to share some of that here. I’ve tried to be as calm and clear as possible, but this is an emotional issue for me so it might be a bit emphatic.

Serveral people in this discussion have mentioned already the problems with questioning the existence of bi/pan/trans/ace/aro animals, but not questioning the existance of straight, cis animals. You’ve made passing mentions to this, but I think it’s actually really important to step back and reframe the entire discussion in this context, if you want to be fair and accurate both to the animals and to the people emotionally affected by this issue.

In particular, this passage: “However, the animal science world uses gendered pronouns to denote physical sex in an animal, because that is how efficient and accurate communication about the animal is ensured” raises some massive red flags for me. Yes, it’s important to clearly communicate with your vet about the body parts an animal does and doesn’t have, for ease of treatment. However, pronouns are far from the only way to do this, and definitely not the most efficient. The pronoun “she” doesn’t tell you if a dog is unaltered, spayed, in heat, pregnant, or menopausal - information your vet definitely needs to know.
It’s the work of half a moment to state “my dog is a spayed female” at the start of an appointment, regardless of what pronouns you use after that. In fact, many trans* people have already learned to talk with their doctors in specific terms about their hormone levels and organs they do or don’t have, and cis people need to catch up. Part of the reason this is such an emotional issue for trans people is that the argument, “your doctor needs to know the gender you were assigned at birth! Therefore everyone you meet needs to know, and it should be on your ID, in case you get in an accident and we have to tell the doctor!” is often invoked. (I wish that was an exaggeration. It’s not. This is in spite of the fact that, as a trans* person, knowing the gender you were assigned at birth is more likely to lead to false assumptions about your health and biology than true ones.) So yes, your doctor needs to know about your biology and your vet needs to know about your pet’s, but gender pronouns really aren’t the way to do it.

Outside the vet’s office, insisting on cisgender-equivalent pronouns for your pet leads to a world of problems. I volunteer at an animal shelter, and I see people misinterpret animal’s actions through their percieved, anthropomorphic gender roles constantly. They’re more eager to read aggression from a male animal and affection from a female, which has the potential to lead to massive problems, since both of those behaviors can be dangerous to misinterpret. I would personally argue for the stance that people would be more able to accurately interpret the behavior of animals if we refered to all non-human animals with gender-neutral pronouns, to more accurately reflect the fact that animals do not have gender. Even in social animals that do have sex-differentied social roles, those are completely different from human gender roles and should not be confused with them by the use of human gendered pronouns. If the biological sex of an animal matters in a particular context, you can mention it in that context, rather than applying it all the time as though it was part of their identity.

I do understand that some people find it reassuring to observe that the social roles of biologically male or female animals are different from those of humans, and that they too can be as nurturing as a male penguin or as fierce as a female hyena. So I understand that sometimes people will want to refer to those animals as male or female, in the same way that I want to refer to a cuttlefish as genderfluid because it makes me feel happy and validated. I just want cis people to understand that those interpretations are exactly equivalent.

As for how this perspective affects the emotions of humans impacted by this issue: claiming that gendered pronouns are a form of scientific terminology that accurately reflects the biological sex of an animal is, intentionally or not, supporting the idea that there are biologically and scientifically two genders. It gives fuel to people who try to force that mindset onto humans, and believe me, they use it. I’ve met many people who become enraged if I use the wrong pronouns for their dog, but refuse to respect my identity and pronouns. The attatchment of gendered pronouns to biological sex in non-humans is absolutely reflected back into humans by most of the public, whether that is your intention as an educator or not.

Using gender pronouns as scientific terminology also muddies issues significantly as soon as you leave the field of mammals, where it quickly becomes clear that a male/female dichotomy is far from absolute. Do I use female pronouns for the hermaphroditic flatworm who lost the penis-fencing match and is now carrying eggs? Will those pronouns still apply after the eggs have hatched? What if they win the penis-fencing match next time and contribute sperm instead?
How about a worker bee, who is genetically female but has not developed reproductive organs and plays no reproductive role?
Do I use male pronouns for a fish who was born genetically male, but isn’t able to engage in sexual behavior and fulfill the male sexual role until mating is initiated by the supermale? How about for the supermale, who is genetically female and used to be reproductively female but has since morphed to be reproductively male due to being the largest fish in the school? Is it even accurate to say “genetically female” of a species where both major reproductive roles are carried out by the same genetic category of animals, and those born “biologically” male only reproduce at all by swimming into the middle of the mating dance, ejaculating, and hoping for the best?

A similar issue exists with the assumption that animals are straight. I’ve seen some cringe-worthy anthropomorphization of male/female pairs of animals, including calling them “married,” referring to them as being “in love,” and a lot of analogies to human married-couple behavior, but I’ve never seen this criticized or significantly discussed as an issue of anthropomorphization. But every time I see a post about lesbian birds or trans fish, this issue comes up. I don’t think that animal educators are doing this on purpose, but I do think it is an indicator that many animal educators have not sufficiently deeply challenged the cultural narrative that straight and cis are “normal” but queer and trans* are “debatable” and should be challenged and argued about. 

Science is an ever-changing field, and scientific terminology becomes outdated and is changed as we realize that it reflects our social assumptions more accurately than in reflects reality. The terms we use to discuss sex, gender, pair-bonding, and mating behavior are all deeply intertwined with human social assumptions of cisgender, heterosexual, monogamous life-time bonds that are simultaneously romantic/affectionate and sexual in nature. Scientific communication would be improved by dropping those assumptions and the terminology that comes with them.

I don’t think I have much to add to this - it’s really well thought out and well said - so I’m going to boost it as is as part of the continued discussion. 

Scientific communication would absolutely be improved by changing the terminology to something more accurate. I don’t know if it’s something that would currently be feasible - because of a myriad of things that make attempting that type of change across so many cultures and languages and historical/social contexts difficult - but I definitely support the idea. 

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I know you ship wolfstar and remadora but remadora is so unhealthy? I don't get why you ship it

The thing is, I don’t really see it’s unhealthy? I mean, I understand the argument against Remadora…to a point. 

The main arguments against Remadora are that : 

  • It came out of nowhere
  • It’s toxic because Tonks/The Order (primarily Molly) pressured Remus into a relationship that he had legitimate concerns about 

A lot of Remus and Tonks’ relationship happens behind the scenes. The books (I’m going to ignore the films because of how horribly they treated Remus and Tonks’ characters and relationships) are through Harry’s eyes. He doesn’t even see Remus and Tonks that much, so he’s not going to notice a lot about them. Also, Remus and Harry aren’t all that close, so it’s not like Harry is going to sit down with Remus and go “so you and Tonks, eh?”  Now, I like Harry, but that kid is one of the blindest teenage boys I’ve ever read in a book series. It took him five books to realize Ginny always had a crush on him (and even then Hermione had to break it down for him) and seven books to realize that Hermione and Ron were destined to be together. So him not noticing Remus and Tonks sending love-eyes at one another in the background is obviously not going to make readers notice it. 

But in those moments where Harry isn’t paying attention to anything other than Voldemort, Cho Chang and Draco Malfoy, I imagine Remus and Tonks spent quite a lot of time together. The Order was recalled in July and, according to Pottermore, Tonks confessed her feelings to Remus that following spring… So I think that’s ample time to fall in love with someone. Stake-outs, hours spent in Number 12. Tonks probably spent most of her free time at Grimmauld - it’s sort of hard to keep hanging out with other friends and such when you’re apart of a secret rebellion, ya know?

And as for it being an unhealthy relationship… Well. People cite the hospital scene as the big toxic moment in the series…  They’ve probably had that conversation time and time again, and that particular moment - the hospital scene - is quite a tense moment for the pair. Dumbledore has just been killed. Without Dumbledore, what the hell is the Order going to do? Dumbledore was the rock of the Order; if everything went to shit, it’d be okay because they still had Albus Dumbledore. And now he’s gone. And yet, Fleur Delacour is still thinking about a wedding. So, yeah, Tonks may have made a mistake bringing it up in front of everyone, but characters make mistake and given how high the levels of tension were already, have a small breakdown isn’t completely unreasonable. P L U S (can  you tell i have a lot of opinions about this shit) Tonks has been depressed for the last year because a) her boyfriend is trying to get himself killed b) her cousin who she was just getting to know was just murdered c) bellatrix fucking lestrange wants her dead and d) SHE’S LITERALLY ON THE FRONT LINE OF A FUCKING WAR LET A BRO BE STRESSED OUT WITHOUT CALLING HER PATHETIC AIGHT

Plus, Remus isn’t an idiot. Remus is one of the most stubborn characters in that books; he’s never given in the wolf, into depression, into the shit that the Wizarding World has thrown at him. Do you really think he’d marry a girl that he didn’t want to marry just because Molly Weasley told him to? Because Tonks was upset? I think that’s a massive discredit to his character. 

TLDR; remus and tonks are one of the most realistic couples in the potter series because their relationship goes through such an arc and that’s how life works not every couple is peaches and ice cream you have problems especially when you’re fighting on the front lines of a war and yeah they have problems but they talk them through because they’re adults and that’s what you do when you care about someone in a relationship 

I’m so f****** pissed right now. All of us are constantly distracted, our monkey minds are racing non stop and we’re feeding our minds and bodies with toxic shit day in day out. We’re so damn privileged, yet most of us don’t wake up in the morning feeling truly blessed and grateful for what we have. We are so blessed to be born into circumstances other people in different parts of the world will never experience, no matter how hard they try. Most of us feel lost and are damaged in one way or the other. Numbers of people suffering from mental and physical illnesses are going through the roof. Most of us are trying to fill this screaming emptiness inside with materialistic possessions no one actually needs. At first, it looks like we’re more connected than ever, globalization leaves the impression that it brought us closer together, yet there are so many people suffering because they feel meaningless and lonely. We get into huge fights about the smallest things, we can’t seem to solve big social issues that have been around the same amount of time humans have lived on this planet. We write books and make movies about heaven and hell while we’re already living this! Heaven and hell is all around us, we just need to wake up and see that! Instead we spend billions of dollars on creating art, cars, fashion, yoga studios or holiday resorts. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with art, music or traveling. But the price is too high to do all these things out of habit, in a mindless and wasteful way. And by the end of the day these things don’t even manage to make us happy anymore because we’re already on to the next thing. We’re insanely addicted to having more and more and more. We’re always in a rush, always trying to be somewhere else or someone else. We attack, we waste time, resources and energy non stop. If someone is outspoken about animal rights or is trying to make the world a better place, they get called a tree hugger and a “weird hippie” and is asked to stop smoking weed or drop acid, and to grow the fuck up. Meanwhile the ice is melting, trees are dying, climate is changing at a pace that leaves scientists surprised. Sure, they saw it coming, but not this quick. We’re actually close to the 6th big extinction period in the history of the earth. Let that sink in. Why isn’t everyone on their feet trying to fix this? What the fuck are we doing? Scientists say we have maybe 20 years to fix this mess we made. So what the hell are we doing? Being on tumblr, Netflix, instagram, being busy making a living, being busy caring about what others think, being busy exploiting other humans, even the people we call our “loved ones”, and of course the planet that is our home.
I stopped being a vegan because I was tired to be looked down on, I stopped being active and outspoken about environmental issues because at some point I felt like I was being annoying. And, you know, life was happening. I was doing what we’re all doing: trying to make money, trying to be okay with not being appreciated in my job, trying to be in a relationship, trying to be someone, trying to make myself happy, trying to fit in and feed this insanely flawed system. Even though I knew better, I got tired and went back to doing what everyone else is doing. I shut my mouth and made myself believe that I tried. Meanwhile I also felt like there were so many social issues that had spiraled out of control that it seemed silly to me to focus on trying to produce less trash and work towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. And I’m so mad at myself right now, and so mad at this whole situation. Why isn’t everyone else angry? Why are our ego driven, social problems so much more important than the massive damage we’re causing? Why aren’t we giving a shit about Mother Earth? Why is it more important to us to lose weight, look good, be liked, fit in, make no one angry, be famous, have lots of followers, fulfill our dreams? I really really don’t get it. I can’t continue to talk about these fucking small first world problems anymore, things that don’t matter the slightest when you look at the bigger picture. I was so numb and blind. It’s time to wake the fuck up. I’m not saying mental illnesses don’t matter. I’m not saying social issues aren’t real and bad. But we can do something about it, we don’t have to follow the same old patterns and routes we’ve been on for too long already. We don’t have to waste time and energy on feeling desperate, being overwhelmed and inactive. We have so much power, it’s time to use this power in a good way. I’m so tired of all these damn excuses.

Harry Potter Preferences : Favorite YA book (or series)

✨Fun fact: I’ve read every book/series in this preference✨

✨Some of these are short seeing as I had no inspiration and I’m really sorry, it makes me feel terrible that I didn’t write more and that I haven’t been able to write that much lately✨

✨Now playing-Punk Goes Pop vol.6✨




The Magicians by Lev Grossman; He found it amusing. A story about magic that reminded him so much of his own. It was an escape, to enter a similar but different world away from his problems. He read in less than an hour, resulting in a massive headache which you warned would happen. It was a bit of a hard read however, and a little too boring for his taste. He pushed through, surprising you because of how much he whined while reading it.


Caraval by Stephanie Garber; It was love at first sight. You adored the cover, the way the dark colors contrasted against the white lettering. From the very first word, you were hooked. The twists and turns throwing you off every second, the cliffhangers succeeding in pissing you off. You shipped Scarlet and Julian though, and was happy when they finally got together. All in all, it was a great book.



Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell; He only read because you wanted him to, he couldn’t stand to make you sad. He began to admire Cath and her dedication to the Simon Snow fandom, which you thought sounded a lot like him and a certain Slytherin. He was upset over Cath and Wren’s disagreement, given that he never had a sibling and if he did, he sure as hell wasn’t going to just let them leave his life.


Roseblood by A.G. Howard; You loved singing, it was a fierce passion of yours. Which made you love A.G. Howard’s new book even more. You were already a fan of the Splintered series, so you were anxiously awaiting the new book’s arrival. As soon as you delved deeper into Rune’s story and character, you sympathized with her, you related to her. Much like Rune, you felt a deep physical pain of you couldn’t sing, it was a part of you.



The book thief by Markus Zusak; She had a deep respect for intellectual books such as The Book Thief. It never failed to teach her something entirely new, no matter how many times she read it. She was also a major history geek, and not just magical history. If there was one moment in history that she could change, it would be the holocaust. She loved how Markus Zusak portrayed it, honestly and without lies.


The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon; You were a hopeless romantic, so each one of Nicola Yoon’s books managed to ensnare you. Daniel and Natasha will always have a special place in your heart, their love was something you admired and wasn’t all that different from your own. Those books made you feel less alone in the love department when you were younger, now they continue to comfort you even though you weren’t lonely anymore.



Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon; To him, the book was truly everything and more. He adored Nicola Yoon’s writing, every little thing making him think of you. He admired Olly’s dedication and perseverance to his and Maddy’s relationship. Like Olly, he would do anything and everything for you, there were absolutely no limits. Nicola Yoon was right, Love is worth everything.


The entire Throne of Glass series and the entire A court of thrones and roses series by Sarah J. Maas; You had a lot of free time . You were just grateful that you got to pass that time by reading your favorite series. You had been a fan of SJM’s work for awhile now, and you were currently anticipating the third book in the A Court Of Thornes and Roses series. You had suffered serious heartbreak from your ships, one blew up only for another to become canon. It was madness.



The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer; He adored Fairytales and science fiction, so this series was a fantastic fit for him. From the moment he began to Read Fairest to the second he finished Stars Above, he was drowning in feelings. Given the events that had occurred in the series, he was just glad that the majority of the main characters lived.He appreciated that they had scars from the war, it made him feel safe because he had scars as well. He knew that those scars would take a long time to heal, if they even healed at all.


The 100 series by Kass Morgan; You had watched the show before you read the books, which later turned out to be a mistake. You couldn’t read the books without the image of the show getting into your head. You had managed to push past it though, and allowed yourself to be re-immersed into the world of the 100. You shipped Bellarke immediately. In your mind, they were soulmates. There was so much drama that frustrated and angered you. Bellamy and his snarky attitude reminded you of your own, you still thought that was a bit of a douche though.



The romantics by Leah Kormen; She never really cared for sappy romance, but this book slowly got her into it. She found it endearing that it was a story about love told from love’s point of view. It gave her a new insight to what love was. She still never really liked the book, but she did keep it with her at all times , which makes you think that she does like it after all.


Passenger by Alexandra Bracken; You were extremely hesitant to read it, and you didn’t for several months, and then you broke and began reading it the next day. It was slow and boring for a few chapters. You weren’t that involved with the book, but it was better than half the crap that you have to read for school.


His- Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell; He loved how it depicted a relationship that most people wouldn’t like or see. He admired Rainbow Rowell’s writing immensely, the way she expressed different stories that are incredibly unique. He was thrown though several emotional rollercoasters, with all the plot twists and the drama that happens between Eleanor and Park. Their relationship reminded him of the one he knew that you two could never have.

Yours- The White Rabbit chronicles by Gena Showalter; For some strange reason, you had a fascination with Zombies. So when you stumbled upon a series that not only had them but had Alice in Wonderland as well, you were ecstatic to say the least. When Cole was introduced, you actually thought that he was a dick. You didn’t trust Ali and her relationship with him. He still hadn’t shared all of his secrets, and honesty is needed to hold a couple together. Funny how that can apply to real life.


His- These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner; You actually forced him onto the couch and practically shoved the book into his hands. He only read because you said that you two wouldn’t have sex until he did. Eventually, he began to grow attached to the book. He actually sobbed when Lilac died, and was extremely furious when she got brought back. You didn’t really expect food him to like it that much, but you were glad that he did.

Yours- The Shatter Me series by Tarejh Mafi; You were a sucker for beautiful covers. The gorgeous illustrations against the bright colors immediately caught your eye. You cautiously read the first book, not wanting to give your heart to the series that easily. You suppose that it happened subconsciously; you began to get agitated with Adam and the lack of Warner and Juliette’s relationship. You don’t really regret it, not that much.




The Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo; Truth be told; he had absolutely no idea what he was in for when he bought the series. The ominous cover and blurb beckoning him. From the very beginning, he felt a connection to Kaz. He identified with his ‘tough-guy’ persona when in actuality, he was broken. He sympathized with all the pain, all the suffering that was within the book’s pages.


Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page; You loved story re tellings, whether it be a new beauty and the beast story or a new Wizard of Oz. Dorothy Must Die was something that you had wanted to read for awhile, but you never had the money. The day that you had managed to scramble up enough to buy it, you immediately dived in. You can’t really state your opinion on the novel because you haven’t even finished it, but it looks good so far, and that’s all you need.



To All the boys I’ve loved before by Jenny Han;You were more than surprised when Sirius revealed that he loved the book. It just didn’t seem like the kind of book, if he even read one, that Sirius would latch onto. You thought it was hilarious that Lara Jean ended up with someone named ‘Peter’, he only found it really weird. He’s never told you that he secretly cries over it almost every night, or that he stashes it in his robes to re read for when he gets bored. You find out anyway, and you think that it’s incredibly adorable.


The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski; Again, you read it because of the cover. To be honest, it was never interesting to you at first. It took weeks before you finally found an interest in the book. You dreaded the cursed plot twits that seemed to make an appearance on every page. You were startled from not only the action, but the connection that Kestrel and Arin shared. You were envious, even though your own relationship was amazing, the relationships that lives in the pages were always a degree better.



Beastly by Alex Flinn; He thought it was quite ironic that he had come to love a book that loosely resembled himself and his life. He thought that the only difference was that Kyle got to slip back into his human body and life. You told him that another difference was that Kyle was a whiny bitch, and that he has always been the kind and gentle boy that you fell in love with. That was something that would never change.


The Grisha Series by Leigh Bardugo; You had an obsession with Leigh’s writing. How could you not, it was nothing less than absolutely flawless. You admired that there was actual pain and sadness in the books, and not just fake suffering that was in other books. Mal was a personal favorite of your’s, but then again, You did still kind of like The Darkling. You thought that he didn’t deserve to die, and cried for a bit. Those books helped you through other student’s bullying, and you couldn’t be more grateful.



Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins; You were nothing short of awestruck when you saw Regulus reading the book. He was so moody and unhappy, you never really expected him to like those kinds of books. He was fascinated with how Women could be in extremely painful labor and then take over the entire world in less than a day. The book showed him that Women are truly fabulous and amazing people, and should be known as such .


Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff; You loved Illuminae, so when you heard that was a second book, without hesiataion, you bought it the minute that it came out. You devoured it in less than 4 days, resulting in several migraines. You liked how it not only introduced completely new characters and stories, but still had the originals as well. It was a very eye opening book, it showed you the dangers that earth is always alarmingly open to.



Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan; He found it amusing. The ideal that a mere mortal could toy something as powerful and ominous as the gods and mythology. Those two were something that not just anyone chose to mess with. He was angered at the prospect of forcing children to fight for parents that couldn’t even be bothered to know that they existed. He admired the honesty and depressing maturity that the book hid within it’s pages, it took a great deal of courage to write something like that.


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell; You loved Rainbow Rowell and you loved gay ships, that’s it. Even though the lgbtq+ community had come a long way, there stills wasn’t a whole lot of representation. The book was one of the few that showed the simplicity of the community, love is love, there is nothing that’s simpler than that. You also noticed how long it took for Simon and Baz to finally be together. You understood it, love’s not always easy. It’s messy and complicated and full of flaws, but that’s what makes it worth it.


James Sirius-


The Selection by Kiera Cass; He was in love with Kiera’s books, every. single. one. He loved The Selection the most because he admired America’s desire and demand to have a right to her own life. Yet she still had this feeling that tethered her to Maxon. He liked how the book portrayed the struggle between love and free will. He never like Aspen, he practically hated his guts .He was aslo severely upset when Maxon had kissed kriss. Granted, America did lie to him, but she was saying goodbye it Aspen because she loved Maxon.


As Old As Time by Liz Braswell; You loved Beauty and the Beast, it was your favorite Disney movie. So you immediately loved any retelling that you happened to come across. The book however, was special. It somehow managed to provide an entirely different storyline for Belle and the Beast. You thought it was both interesting and clever how Liz Braswell incorporated Bell’s mother into the story. It made things more suspenseful, and that’s what you loved, suspense.



Splintered by A.G. Howard; The book was boring and all Scorpius wanted was to fucking throw it out the damn window. He only read it because You dared him to. He loved you, but you were positively wicked when it came to what would piss him off. He ended up reading the whole series out for boredom.


The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout; You were mute, which made you love Mallory even more than you already did. You looked up to her, which was fairly easy considering how short you were. The book made you feel like you had home that you could never escape to. You longed to meet Mallory and Rider, to ask them for relationship advice. You had recently caught feelings for a certain blonde slytherin, but how could you talk to him, if you couldn’t, well, talk.



Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard; It was the case of ‘The cover was the only reason I read it’. He mind was quickly changed though, the very first word having him wanting to actually hug the book. He loved how strong Mare was and how she wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she wants. He admired her dedication to her family and her friend, something he deeply aspired to.


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas; You had always been very politically concerned. So when a book concerning the black lives matter movement, you immediatey bought it. You loved how truthful and unapologetically itself the book was. You thought that the movement was well represented, and you were pretty satisfied with the book overall.



Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall; She had always had a rather deep concern for mental illness. She knew that you had a history with the subject and the whole time that she was reading the book, she thought of you. Like Norah, you suffered from sever OCD. Rose read this to try and get more of an understanding of what you were going through.


History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera; You LOVED Adam Silvera’s books, they gave you ship worthy ships and crushed your soul all at the at the same time. You didn’t read the book until about two weeks after it came out. It fulfilled every expectation and raised every bar to you. It was this beautiful and gorgeous piece of art that you thought should be in a museum.

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um, so lets say that letting loose a whole bunch of animals onto the planet wasn't a problem. the pesticides, fertilizers, and poisons that agricultural farmers set/spray would be detrimental to water supplies, and would pollute groundwater, so really, being vegan would be just as bad as being a meateater if the whole world were to participate.

…I’m sorry what? Why exactly are we letting loose a whole bunch of animals and increasing our pesticide use? Those are some pretty massive assumptions right off the bat. First of all, if the world went vegan it’d happen over time, we wouldn’t suddenly have 60 billion farmed animals roaming the streets. As demand goes down, so does the number of animals being bred to fulfill that demand, which is basic economics. The ones who do remain can comfortable live out their lives in sanctuaries, as the lucky few already do.

As for pesticides, I think you must be assuming that if we all went vegan we’d need more vegetables to feed the population, but you’re very wrong about that. If we look at cows, for example, it takes 16 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef. That’s 94% more land, and 94% more pesticides than just eating that grain directly. All told, livestock consume 70% of all the grain we produce, 98% of all soy, and a fifth of all water consumed globally. Farmed animals take in far more calories in crop feed than they will ever give out in meat, meaning that they are literally detracting from the global food supply. If the world went vegan, we would add an addition 70% to the world’s global food supply.

All of this is also assuming that we would still be using pesticides and animal fertilizers, but by your own hypothetical the whole world is vegan, so why exactly would we be using products which harm animals? Plant ferifilisers are very effective and veganic farming already exists. It is not the case that crops can’t be grown without harming animals or people. I think if you’re really honest with yourself, the reason you aren’t vegan isn’t because “all the animals would be released and we’d use loads of pesticides if everyone went vegan", it’s because you like eating animals. I’d honestly prefer you just admit that instead of inventing these nonsensical straw man hypotheticals which waste everyone’s time.

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re: Akatsuki being half Konoha: Hashirama maybe had a bit of doublethink or something going on. I will say that solid teamwork is *good* for team missions, but there are just as many, if not more, solo missions, so it *should* be the case that even the non-team players should be fine. Except for the rampant prejudice and the dichotomy between Konoha's purported values and the shinobi rules. Case in point: Kakashi's entire backstory. Obito deserted because he was manipulated into seeing his 1/3

team kill each other. Orochimaru was already isolated from the Village in general through no real fault of his up and then … had a mental breakdown of sorts after his team left him (and the *Village*) in the middle of a war? Kind of? And for a Village that ‘cares’ for each other and has people who can *read minds* and would make (are?) good therapists no one saw it. His choices were his own, certainly, but Konoha’s neglect made it easy for things to happen and *keep* happening for a long time. Madara gets a pass because he never bought into Konoha’s beliefs. Kabuto gets a pass because he’s more Orochimaru’s than Konoha’s and is doing exactly what his boss asked him to do. Itachi is … well. Pein, Konan and the others likely suffered massive mental dissonance from seeing their *taught* beliefs go directly against what they witnessed and were told was better for the world. Konoha fucked things up by being too goody-goody and ignoring the darker side of their lives.

I really, really strongly agree with this in all aspects. Hashirama - and Naruto, honestly - are awesome visionaries and dreamers, but they don’t fit into the world they were born in at all. Their values are completely at odds with the world around them, but it’s not presented as a serious problem? Like, a mild inconvenience at best. And going by the epilogue, nothing really changes all that much? It’s kind of confusing. 

A Seiten-Taisei Rant about the new Saiyuki Blast anime:
AKA: Why I’m not as excited about the new anime as I could be

For awhile now I’ve been holding back on posting on tumblr my thoughts on the new anime. I didn’t want to tie my comments to another post, so I have decided to do it’s own post.

Let me be clear, this is why /I’m/ not excited. This post isn’t meant to make anyone else less excited. I’m not here to stomp on someone else’s happiness. You may disagree with me, or you may agree. I welcome comments on the matter.

Because there may be some spoilers, I will put it behind a cut.

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Sole Part 2.0 - Day 1.

Sole Party was created by the wonderful @hawkfurze

I’ve shared art of my beloved “big boy” many times here, but I’ve never really shared who he is. Pat is constantly on my mind and his story has developed so much from that create a character screen until now I only hope I can do him justice in these few paragraphs.

About Pat: Who is He??

This is Pat, ex US army, former veterinary student and current General of the Commonwealth Minutemen.

Pat loves his friends, fighting for what he believes is right and assisting other people in any way that he can. Pat is a friendly person who’d more than likely give you the shirt off of his back, is always smiling and loves to sing and joke. By contrast he tends to be very self critical, has a foul temper and often bites off more than he can chew.

During his time in the army Pat suffered an accident that sent him into early retirement with a spinal injury. Despite being my player character, in my interpretation of the universe Pat is not the “sole survivor” who’s son is stolen from that ill fated vault by a shadowy man, but her best friend both pre and post war who accompanies her as she leaves her mark across the commonwealth. Instead the “sole survivor” role goes to @keep-me-concealed’s Sophie.

Pat is a very large man in every way imaginable, from his towering height, fat belly, and his strong nose (that he hates) Pat is certainly a hard guy to miss. Pat is very self conscious about his height and exaggerated features.

As a result of his past injuries Pat develops a problem with alcohol and later med-x as a way to cope with the pain of both his physical injuries and the emotional trauma of living through the apocalypse.

His ultimate goal is to help return order to the commonwealth and to make a life from himself in a world he struggles to to recognise. Pat also has a massive secret that impacts almost every part of his life, and that could bring him great misfortune if ever it were ever to become common knowledge.

((If anyone has any questions about Pat, or his story feel free to ask. I really can’t express how much I love this character and of how much his story occupies my mind. This is only scratching the surface of his character and There’s much more to come))


BK: During Aang and Zuko’s heyday, the ability to bend lightning was an incredibly rare skill usually reserved for the inner circles of Fire Nation royalty and high-ranking military officers. Now, in the thick of the Avatar world’s own Industrial Age, we see that this skill is, while not widespread, common enough that it is practiced by blue-collar workers changing up massive batteries in the city’s power plants. This kind of work is incredibly taxing on a person’s chi reserves; that’s why the plant bosses tend to get desperate, strapping young men like Mako to sign up for the grueling task. Mako designs by Jin-Sun Kim and Ki-Hyun Ryu. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. Background design by Eun-Sang Yang. Painting by Emily Tetri. 


Modesty without religion?

This has been flying around my head for a few days, and I wanted to try and put it into words, and see what other people think.

So… we’ve been having a heatwave in England, and I am fucking boiling.  I’m also tall and a 20 year old woman.  These factors should have nothing to do with each other, but you can probably see where this is going.

Over the past few days I have been catcalled so many times, and it makes me feel like shit.  I know this is a massive first world problem, but it’s horrible to feel like I can’t go out on my own without being yelled at by strangers.  I don’t really like attention, so it makes me very uncomfortable.  I also don’t love being sexualised by strangers.

It’s anything from just a whistle, to more graphic sexual things.  It’s happen more times than I can count over the past three days, and this is just walking around the city to get food shopping, getting to work, and literally just going about my day.


So here’s the thing.  I wear lose short sleeve tops, and loose skirts that usually hit about mid thigh.  Nothing that shows much of anything. I’m quite tall, my legs are quite long, so I expect that is what draws attention? I’m not bragging by the way, these guys will yell at anything with a pulse, it’s a big joke to them.

I have always felt my freedom to dress however I want as something that is so important, but suddenly it feels like something that hinders me more than anything.

But then I feel like if I cover up more, then the arseholes have won.  In my eyes, modesty always feels like something for men.  To not ‘defraud’ them, to keep a womans body only for one man - I don’t agree with these things.

Then I’m considering dressing more modestly just to feel safe? I feel so FURIOUS right now.  I hate men!!!!!!!!





Virgo (sun)

I was literally just ranting to my sister about Virgos and I didn’t understand why until I remembered I was going to make this post. Perhaps I was subconsciously brainstorming for things to say. This is going to be hard because I’m going to try to be as diplomatic as possible but my own personal experience of Virgos hasn’t been all that great. Keep in mind that not all Virgos are the same; I think the problem with Virgos is that when good, they’re amazing, but when bad they’re unbearable. By “good” and “bad” I don’t mean ethically, just in general -how they feel about themselves and all that other crap that makes a person who they are. 

A Virgo who is more secure and actually likes who they are is one of the best people you’ll meet. They’re spunky and weird and interesting and somehow have a million talents; its mind-bogging to watch them juggle it all. An unhappy Virgo is a total nightmare. They’re the most selfish, manipulative, deluded group of people that you’ll come across. Saying that though, I have this one Virgo friend who I really adore. She’s hugely talented, extremely beautiful, and one of the funniest and nicest people I’ve ever come across. And then there is this one Virgo guy who I used to be friends with that was utterly insane. He was vindictive and controlling and crazy. It’s a massive polarity but let me stop being so personal about this and talk about the Virgo as a collective because these are really intriguing people.

I think that when your sun is in Virgo, you’re met with difficulties. Virgo’s tend to have incredible minds with complex thoughts, they view the world geometrically and are all about “reality”. A Virgo can look at a situation and find the core of its problem - they’re so detailed and precise, its hard to hide anything from them. They are the organisers, the workers, the servers, the ones that put everything in a box and arrange the world so that we can understand it better. Of course, its not necessarily true with all Virgos but most of them have this affinity for organisation. Even if you’re a messy one, you will probably know where all your stuff is and get mad if someone tries to mess with it. 

The interesting thing about Virgos is that they are ruled by the planet Mercury. The way that I see it is that Gemini and Virgo are the children of Mercury, but Gemini is its favourite while Virgo has been unjustly neglected. A Virgo doesn’t get the same kind of attention from their parents than another sibling would. This isn’t always the case, but a lot of the time it seems to be this way and it breaks my heart. Mercury’s affect on Virgo is still an amazing one; Virgo is an earth sign but they show the alternative side of earth. They are sensual, but they’re also very “mind” orientated; they are educational and breezy, much like an air sign. 

Virgos are represented by the Virgin, but the irony is that these people are more likely to have had more sexual partners than you. I guess the reason for this is that Virgos love people, much like Gemini, and instead of communicating through words they communicate through their bodies, through doing things things practically in the realm of reality. And I suppose the Virgin represents the purity within them; behind the personas that they put out for the world to see, I think Virgos just want to connect with people intimately and spiritually, but there is always a barrier that distances them from others that they can’t seem to cross. 

There are so many different dimensions to this star sign and I think its one of the most misunderstood in the zodiac. Virgos can be critical, harsh, self-absorbed, passive aggressive - but they can also be affectionate, charismatic, and social. I guess it depends on what kind of Virgo you meet.

Another thing I want to add is that they’re hugely feminine and very maternal - including the men. I know that Cancers are known as the mothers of the zodiac, but a Virgo is like second mother - they are extremely hospitable and kind, especially as they grow older. I think that there is quite a lot of negativity surrounding this sign, but I also think that most Virgos have the potential to be incredible people. 

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~ astrology life


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I had a similar discussion when I saw the movie. I'm not disagreeing with your reasoning on Cap, Iron Man, or Thor, they could have easily done the job, but I kinda like that it was Natasha. To me, it was Natasha needing to control the one thing that definitely terrified her in the first Avengers movie. She's been trained to always control a situation and that failure isn't an option, but the Hulk isn't controllable. So the lullaby isn't about him, it's about her. What do you think?

There are a lot of ways I could have liked it being Natasha. I think one of the best ways to read between the lines we were given is the rationale you bring up here– that Natasha fears lack of control, that the Hulk terrifies her, that this is her response to fear. After months of working together, Nat’s figured it out enough that what was once a defiance of her own terror is now an achievement and a connection to feel proud of. Yeah– I like that. 

Another way to read it would be that she recognizes she has a specific connection to Bruce and the Hulk (which is something they bring up in the movie, and then absolutely flub on execution). She sees him, and is reminded of the Red Room’s lovely monster, who Clint once took a chance on, and so she works to find a way to trust him. 

Those are fine–those can be wonderful stories. In terms of romantic or platonic connections among the MCU Avengers, Natasha/Bruce is one I’m rather fond of actually. I’m fond of it, though, because it’s hard to do, because it more than most needs to be earned. (Hint: it wasn’t.)

Natasha is made of layers and layers, lies and false pasts and stolen ones. She will be all things to all people. She will ask Steve Rogers in a (borrowed) car who he wants her to be and when he says how about a friend it will take a moment for her to digest it. She is malleable– by others, by herself, by friends and foes. 

Bruce is a brilliant, tightly controlled knot of anger and compassion. He’s viewed as passive when really it’s just that whatever problems the rest of the world is having, he’s got his own rather massive set to deal with. He doesn’t deceive; he ignores. He lives in a state of constant exhaustion that puts him one step back from other people. 

(One of my favorite lenses with which to view Bruce Banner is that of a person dealing with chronic illness. There’s less property damage generally, but that state of chronic exhaustion; of having to watch your body every moment, to plan three steps ahead to keep yourself from being caught unawares, to damp your reactions because you don’t have the spoons to spare; of not bothering to correct when people talk to you about cures, when they see how well you function and congratulate you on fixing it when you’re still (always) sick/angry/green living under your skin; smiling benignly when the people around you ask you about yoga…)

But anyway– Bruce does not put on layers. Bruce is and then other people drop assumed layers over him–he’s calm, he’s shy, he’s at peace, he’s a monster. Bruce was stripped down to his core years ago, left living when he didn’t want to be. Now he continues, because he doesn’t have other choices. He finds good work to do.

Trust is a precious commodity for Natasha Romanoff. It’s what she’s seeking for all of Cap2; the mute injury on her face when Nick Fury says, “I didn’t know who I could trust,” is one of the most subtly heartbreaking moments of that film. She asks Steve if he’d trust her with his life and he says “I would now,” like he wouldn’t have before. When Zola reveals SHIELD’s betrayal and corruption, it’s Natasha not Steve who whispers, “SHIELD wouldn’t.” This is a woman who wants to trust; who is looking for connection she desperately wants and doesn’t quite expect to find. 

And we’re trying to put her with someone who not only sees the world as a tissue, but who can explicitly not even trust his own body. Bruce has helped build a giant robot so it can punch him into submission if his Hulk gets out. 

Bruce needs steady ground, and Natasha is shifting sands. Natasha needs someone to rely on, someone to trust, and Bruce turns into a giant green rage monster on the occasional random basis. This is a hard ship to write. Those things have to be addressed– and they didn’t do it. 

They stripped off all of Natasha’s careful layers, had her flirt with a straightforward obviousness. There are ways you could get there– she has a level of comfort with the Avengers now that lets her drop those layers, maybe. Or this is a reaction to her horrified realizations in Cap2, that she considered Nick Fury a friend and even a father, SHIELD her family, and they weren’t even sure she wasn’t one of the people out to take Fury’s life. She is desperate for trust, and that could turn into a stubborn effort at transparency. She drops all her acts and tries to be straightforward–sure, I’ll buy it. 

But they didn’t tell us that story. They just said: she’s in love. And we don’t even know how we got there. 

In a lot of ways this has to do with trust– Natasha’s trust but also our trust in the narrative. Joss thinks we trust him. He thinks if he says ‘Natasha fell in love with Bruce’ that we will believe him and fill in the blanks. And we will fill in some blanks, because that’s how storytelling works, but this? We weren’t given any reasons other than 'time has passed’ and 'Bruce is swell’ and 'Natasha is touching the Hulk in minor erogenous zones, because handholding isn’t enough here; we need to make this about sex, okay break out the inner wrist stroking.’

This is a story that can be told, and told well. It can be grounding and illuminating for these two kids and their complicated relationships with trust, bodily autonomy, and guilt. And AoU tried to tell part of it–for all its fumbles in execution (please never never try to imply infertility = monstrousness; I both assume and hope to god that wasn’t their intention, but they sure sounded like it). 

A running theme in AoU was feeling like a monster. They touch on it with several of the Avengers–these are dangerous people, often inhuman in some way, who have left large tracts of destruction behind them. How do you define humanity in the face of gods, disastrous green science experiments, and little girls raised to be ruthlessly lethal porcelain ballerinas? It’s a good question and one of the reasons the Nat/Bruce pairing can be interesting. 

But they didn’t tell that story. They didn’t build it, and that unintuitive jump (especially for Natasha) felt weird. It was the most disconcerting part of a movie I otherwise largely enjoyed. 

You can read into what they gave us and make it work–I plan to. That’s how I like to watch MCU movies, I’ve found. There are things to love in AoU and there are things I can decide to love if I squint hard enough. Bruce/Nat is going to be one of those, though I’m not sure yet if it will be a case of “romance is in the air” or a “oh wow what an interesting and unhealthy dual coping mechanism you’ve both developed here." 

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What do you think about black siren for season 6? Also what are your feelings about the olicity breakup and how they resolved it? Sorry for the unrelated questions I just really love your blog and thoughts and wanted to know what you think.

Hey thank you. I’m gonna keep this short b/c I have a massive headache right now and well you happened to ask me about things I don’t really like talking about.

BS: Don’t like her. Don’t need her. No thank you. For future reference: I generally do not give a crap about KC (or LL after season 2).

Breakup: It needed to happen,it was kinda obvious it was heading their way with how they never talked shit out and how they made their relationship to seem better and more problem-free than it actually was and how it was built on a fantasy idyllic world instead of their war-torn one. After what happened in 4x08 a break up was necessary. I understand why Oliver did what he did even if I disapprove greatly. I absolutely respect and admire Felicity for having the balls to break up with someone she loved so much and walk away. I admire her self-respect and her demand for respect a whole fucking lot.

That said the way the break up happened? That entire damn scene was one of the stupidest things Arrow has ever produced and that’s saying something because the entirety of season 3 exists and so does 4x08 and somehow this was even stupider than both of those.

It's All About You - Joe Sugg Imagine (Part Three)

Your heart stopped as your eyes met his blue ones. His mouth was slightly ajar and he was staring directly at you and was dressed in a dashing suit. The music began to play and your palms grew sweaty. Jim noticed Joe was in a trance and followed his gaze to you, as he nudged Joe and suddenly the four boys started singing while Joe snapped back into reality and began catching up with the words. “It’s all about you..It’s all about you baby..” They sang softly into their microphones as the music blasted. All of the boys were singing beautifully and every time you heard Joe’s voice being louder than the other boys, your heart did backflips and fluttered crazily like a butterfly in the summer but it also shattered like glass as you thought about how mad you were at him and how mad you still are.

Everybody was cheering the guys on and Zoe, Tanya and Niomi were squealing and clapping for their boyfriends on stage while you laughed and smiled at the sight of the girls, seeing how proud they were of their boyfriends which honestly made you so happy because you were so happy to see your best friends happy. You were enjoying all of the boys vocals and swayed with the girls, you turned to look back to the stage when your heart suddenly leaped to your throat and instantly sped up as you watched Joe jump off the stage and walk towards you and the dancing girls. He flashed you a soft smile, yet you could see the fear in those eyes of his and the nervousness in his smile as he suddenly stood possibly five steps in front of you and everyone watched before they immediately started to take pictures. Your eyes were locked on Joes and he placed the microphone close to his lips and sang. “Yeah, I would answer all your wishes..If you asked me to..” He grinned before his hand grasped yours and he pulled you closely into his chest and stared deeply into your (your/eye/colour) eyes that widened with shock.

“But if you denied me one of your kisses..I don’t know what I’d do…” He smiled and placed a delicate kiss on the back of your hand before he stood back nervously and gave you a hopeful and happy but sad look and walked back to the stage as you stared at the back of his head feeling everything overwhelm you. What. Just. Happened!? You asked yourself as you suddenly released the breath you didn’t realise you were holding until now. You didn’t know how to feel. Why did he sing that to you? Why did he kiss the back of your hand? What’s going on? Why did he look so happy but sad? You suddenly became lightheaded and excused yourself and you managed to wander out of the building and up a few flight of stairs until you were on the roof of the building.

You wrapped your arms around yourself feeling a cool breeze blow by you. Your head was spinning with curiosity, confusion and a feeling you couldn’t quite place. You didn’t want to leave the performance, you just couldn’t look at him. You felt so strongly for him that your heart ached and cried and broke. You’ve been fighting with him for the last few weeks because he’s been ignoring you and then you decide to show up at the event and manage to make eye contact with him and get serenaded with his heart melting voice and now you stood on top of the thirty storey building roof top, looking out over the city of London.

“You were always one for views..” Your breath caught and you turned around to meet the eyes you fell in love with. Joe was standing there, with a guilty look on his face and his hands buried deeply in his pockets. You somehow managed to forget how to talk and your mind was so muddled you didn’t even know what to say if you could talk so you turned back to the view and closed your eyes. “It’s quite a sight, isn’t it?” Joe asked while he moved towards you. “You look gorgeous tonight..” Joe whispered and you could feels his eyes burn into your skin as your cheeks heated up with a blush as you swallowed the lump in your throat and managed to build up the courage in you to ask. “Joe..Why have you been ignoring me?” You breathed out feeling your shoulders tense as he turned to look at you with sad puppy dog eyes. “(Y/N)..If I tell you..You’ll hate me. You’ll laugh in my face and walk away. You won’t want anything to do with me..And I can’t lose you..” He said quietly and you could hear his voice shake. You were fuming and your blood was boiling.

You instantly turned on your heels and frowned. “I’ll hate you!? Joseph Graham Sugg! For the last five weeks, you’ve been ignoring me! You’ve been ignoring my calls, texts, e-mails, tweets, messages, absolutely god damn everything! And you think if you don’t give me an explanation that I’ll hate you? No Joe. That’s not how it works. I’m absolutely furious! Your my best friend Joe! I was there for you when your goldfish died and I helped make a funeral for him when we were four. I was there when we tried to stay awake for Santa Claus when we we’re seven. I was there for you when you let your stick insects escape and I helped you try and find them! You helped me learn to ride my bike! You helped me with my maths homework! You showed me how to be more confident in myself! I’ve been there for you for everything Joe! And you’ve always been there for me up until five weeks ago when you completely shut me out! You’ve made me feel terrible Joe! You’ve made me feel sh*t! And now your telling me that if you tell me why you’ve been ignoring me, then I’ll hate you?” You ranted out furiously, angrily letting your hands fly everywhere and every now and then hit Joe. You felt tears of frustration hit your eyes while your heart broke into pieces of jagged glass for at least the one hundredth time, you opened your mouth, about to continue when suddenly Joe cupped your cheeks and you could see that tears were flying down his cheeks.

“I love you (y/n). I love you so f*cking much. I couldn’t be around you because every time we were together, Jesus I was falling for you harder each second. I love how you always make me happy. I love how every time you laugh, your head always falls back and you’ve got the biggest smile on your face and your eyes crinkle. I love how you always laugh at horror films. I love how when someone compliments you, you always go pink and look down. You always say thank you but you never believe any of the compliments. Your so beautiful (y/n). You’ve got a heart of pure gold and you’ve made me fall for you. I’ve been ignoring you because every time I saw you, you made my heart do this..” Joe whispered quietly keeping his gaze directly with yours, he took your hand and placed it over his heart which made you gasp because you could feel how fast it was beating. It was beating insanely fast that you couldn’t even count the beats. “And every time I see you..I always have to stop myself from doing so many things..I want to be that guy that holds your hand when you go for walks. I want to be that guy to hold all your shopping bags and wait endless hours in a cramped dressing room area and wait for you to try on clothes after clothes. I want to be that guy you come crying to when your angry or sad. I want to be that guy to watch you walk down the aisle one day and I want to watch you walk up the aisle and I want to be that lucky guy, that gets to change your last name and make you mine by saying I do..don’t you see (y/n)? It’s all about you..It’s always been all about you..I want to show you off to my friends and call you my girl and I want to have a family with you..I’m in love with you (Y/N)..I love you so much..So much so that it would kill me to see you with someone else..“Joe whispered as tears flooded down both of your cheeks.

You didn’t know what to say. You were stuck in your own little world, lost within your thoughts. He loved you. Joe Sugg is in love with you. You’ve been dreaming of this and waiting for this moment practically forever and now it was all coming true. You couldn’t control your rapidly beating heart and the dizziness that overwhelmed you until suddenly a pair of warm, lips pushed against yours. You kept your hand over Joes heart while your other hand moved over Joes hands that were holding your cheeks. Joe managed to slip his tongue into your mouth and you both were kissing. Craving one another’s touch and getting lost within the magical kiss. You’ve been waiting for this moment for so long and it felt so amazing, so perfect. You felt like you were floating away into your dream but this was your dream. When you both pulled back, you looked up to Joes eyes and smiled. “Joe Sugg..You may have been ignoring me for the last few weeks and you may have really angered me but I’ve got a secret..” You whispered quietly looking up to his blue eyes deeply and pushed a strand of his hair away from his face and smiled widely up to him and intertwined your fingers with his. “I love you too..”


Here’s part three which is the ending of this imagine! I hope you enjoyed reading this imagine as much as I really loved writing it! I have another Joe imagine that’s a four part imagine and ready to post and is completed! If you’d like me to post it then I’d have no problem posting it! I also have many more imagines to come if you’d like them! Don’t be afraid to message me and tell me! Thank you so much for your lovely comments! It seriously means the world to me that you all enjoy my writing! All of your messages put a massive smile on my face! So thank you, thank you so so so much! Lots and lots of love! Xxx

p.s If you’ve got any ideas, don’t be afraid to send them in and I could always try my best to write them! All the love xxx
Countries that Should At least Appear (or appear more) in Hetalia (Small Culture Dig)

This is Scotland. 

This is what Scotland looks like at a closer glance.

This is what he eats.

This is what he may wear. 


Why this is important:

Scotland is obviously the “Chicken with an Afro” afro part of the UK. And there is some pretty decent fan art of him, (but I don’t want to look up who to source, so do it yourself.)

Scotland also has small “appearances” here and there through out Hetalia. We’ve seen how Britain is with adult America, and Britain’s opinion about “brothers”. 

Scotland fought for their independence from Britain and eventually did (duh). The point is, there is an interesting take on how we could see Britain get beat down by his older brother while chibiAmerica chills with France.

(Not to forget fanart got this guy alil sexy) ;)

Moving on. This is Czech Republic.

Closer look please. 

Show me the food!


It’s like mini Russia! :D

Why this is important:

The main reason of WWI and WWII (or at least the build up to it) had to do with the conflicts of Central Europe. Or basically Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, which in turn, created the smaller countries like, Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, XYZ.

Hetalia does a good job representing the countries and the regions, but most of Central Europe is swept under the rug. Czech people are the world’s heaviest consumers of beer, which could cause an interesting sequence with Germany…

Moving on. We all know what this is hopefully? (South America)

Peer closer friend, what can we see?

Delicious smell, what are you?

Fashion plz!

A little basic…

Why this is important:

Other than the interesting development of Spain and Portugal with the whole “Brazil” thing, not a bad idea. There’s North America, why not South? 

Fun stereo type idea: South America runs around panicking about the end of the world.

For arguments sake, some may say that it would be hard to tell South America from North America. There are two Italys. Plus they could call Alfred “North” like Prussia calls Germany “West”.

Next. Romania. 

Ground level look.

Foody food of tongue fucking tastes.

Military CORP, where you at y'all? 

The hats always get me…. xD

Why this is important:

Oh wait, 

Well that was a waste searching for reference photos… The true mini Russia when Communism took over and everyone was forced to learn Russian. (look at that face! and the hat! :D) Nevertheless, this little nerd should have his face show up more. Why? One word. 

Hungary. I’ve found that with history, Romania and Hungary seriously hate each other with a vengeance that is comparable to nothing, cause they are the shit, even a little bit today.

Black Magic. (three words, okay) Like seen here at W Academy, England and Romania and woW nerds and probably go cosplaying in the woods and trolls and demons.

Just tossing it in there, but the stereo type with the vampire thing. Vampires aren’t really from Romania, but stereotypes are the thing, sooooo…..


What’s it look like on a “to-scale” model?

What’s on the menu?

Men look good in uniform….


Why this is important:

Britain is a dick, we’re in agreement about this? The whole, “The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire” thing? Full of himself amirite?

Who hurt you Britain? France obviously, but honestly, there must be some sibling abuse (like Scotland). Not to forget. Fucking Bagpipes. (although the Romans used bagpipes to scare enemies on the battlefield)

Up next. Slovakia.

Closer Batman, closer!

Alot of food it based off of food from Europe DID YA KNOW THAT?

Uniforms are the best with people.

Wow much sepia. Such representation. 

Why this is important:

Slovakia is in there with Czech Republic and Romania for the same reasons. Hetalia has a very little to almost no representation of Central Europe. 

Quick history: While the “Powerful Countries” war were off moving through the Industrial Revolution and the Agricultural Revolution, Central Europe went at a much slower pace. Most of this is due that earlier wars in between bigger countries moved the people around, like a lot. 

Central Europe was the battle ground and taken as claimed territory. People from Czechoslovakia were moved to Macedonia, people from Macedonia were moved to Serbia, and so on.

This, added on with the little wars with each other, caused a massive problem with Nationalism, or feeling of pride and connection to ones country. When the wars stopped, people went back to their home country to see that someone else was living there.

Thus this brings us to World War I and World War II causes. Some were even part of the Axis Powers.

Last and of course, least. (not really) "The South"

A&E is an incorrect evaluation of the South, lets get typical.

You ever have food from the South? Real food, not pre-made crap.

Alright, what they wear?

Not fancy but nice.

Why this is important:

Gunna stop you before ya start. What you learned in history class is correct and complete true. But for those who fell asleep, The Civil War wasn’t completely about slavery, plus the Union had slaves too! The South was fighting for way of life, but that’s a history lesson for another post. :)

(I read a small fanfiction on tumblr when I first got started and I wish I could find it because it was good.) Basically, the South States of America appears and they fight each other like the American Revolution.

Tears in 3….2…..

In the end Alfred kills her (it was a her) after she threw what he said to Britain in his face. The Southern States of America are extremely interesting and is slightly misrepresented with media. The Southern States of America would be a lot like the American Revolution (tears too). 

France and England/ the rest of Europe was eager to trade with the Southern States and actually supplied them with whatever they needed in the war efforts. Mainly because the South was the one with the tabasco and cotton.

A basic intro of Alfred finding a little girl in his house and then he deciding to raise her like a country, taking her to World Meeting and showing her the ropes. While France and England fight each other to see if they deserve her more would be a simple and short intro and close with the Civil War, American Revelation style.

These are just a few that would be interesting to take to either the mango or the Anime, letting some other countries take a break and show off their stuff.

Most of this comes from day dreaming in History class, family route connections, conversations with people who actually live in these places and a encyclopedia knowledge of World History.

It would be interesting take on some new characters although it is doubtful that it will happen because it is almost too much to handle with more “smaller” countries and their interactions. Hope ya like it and perhaps inspired with new ideas. :D


I’m not exaggerating or anything but honesty I’ve always been a very open minded person and believed in equality for everyone but from the day i started watching skam I opened my mind even more and started to see the hidden meanings and all of the small details and seriously that show has made me into even a better person and changed my perspective on how to view the world and understand peoples life and the problems they go through behind the scenes and it really made me into a more kinder and sensitive person and i cannot love skam more than i do now.. its one amazing show with amazing characters that really leads you to the light..

I just wanna say a massive thank you to Julie Andem for creating this wonderful show and creating each one of the characters and a thank you to each of the actors for bringing these characters to life in the best possible way imaginable! you guys have no idea how much this show has changed my life and how much different i look at the world now..

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NSFW: FO4 companions wake up panting and horny after a hot dream they had with SS. What was the dream? Preferably a pre-romance, so it's like that sexual tension build up

NSFW: FO4 companions wake up panting and horny after a hot dream they had with SS. What was the dream? Preferably a pre-romance, so it’s like that sexual tension build up

Oooo, this one is gonna be great. I’m gonna do the males first and then the females, because I prefer men to women, obviously.

Danse: His eyes opened suddenly. Mixed feelings. One, he was glad the dream was over with, and another, he wanted it to continue. He glanced over at Ness; who was snoring peacefully in the bed next to him. Sanctuary. It had become more of a home than the Prydwyn of late, and he could feel himself drawing closer and closer to his protege. He wasn’t supposed to feel like this. He couldn’t fratenize with a fellow soldier. It wasn’t proper. It wasn’t right. He sat up, careful not to creak the bedsprings and wake her up. A massive part of him wanted to crawl up next to her, cradle her in his arms. But the other side, the feeble side, wanted to run away from his feelings. He reached the renovated family room, slumping down onto patched sofa; his head in his hands. Massaging his temples, he snarled outwardly. He didn’t run away from his problems. He never had. He wouldn’t run away from this one either.

Deacon: The feeling wasn’t entirely unfamilar. He’d had these dreams before, awoken covered in unpleasent sticky sweat and a massive feeling of frustration centered in his chest. But it was never about people he actually -knew-. He glanced around nervously; he had been traveling with Nat for awhile now and he saw her as a great friend. Someone you could really trust in this shit hole of a world. He hadn’t though about feelings that went deeper. Never allowed himself.
She was of course, sleeping only a few inches away from him, rolled on her side. She was increidibly beautiful; and it wasn’t just her form. She was a damn ferocious Deathclaw, too. It’s what made her so damn hot. The dream flashed before his eyes. Sticky sweat, tantalizing kisses. He tries to push the thoughts out of his mind, chastizing himself. It was just a dream after all. But it brought ot the surface so much more.

Nick: I cannot do Nick justice atm so I REALLY apologize to those who adore him. It’ll come, I’m just blocked with his character. You guys deserve more than a half hearted attempt.

Cait: She let out a curse; it had to be close to dawn. Green tinged the skylined. She had had the most confusing, yet wonderful dream; full of hot, panting sex and gasps of pleasure. She had mixed feelings about the whole thing, though. Course, the dream had been with Stan. She’d had plenty of sex dreams before, but none with her close friend and ally. She realized they brought to the surface so many emotions she had repressed. Tonight, she wanted sleep. Closing her eyes, she begged the images die where they stood, and drifted back off.

Piper:“Right there, blue!” She panted, her hand between her legs only to open her eyes and blink. Was it a dream? Of course it was. Suddenly a wash of complicated, sticky emotions poured over her, leaving her dizzy with confusion. Did she have these feelings for him? Damn, he was handsome. And kind. And abouslutly perfect. Yup, she had feelings for him alright.
“Well Piper, look at the mess you’ve made yourself now.” She thought, a scowl creasing her lips. She had quite literally printed her own damning story. “No…I could work with this.” She wormed her way out of tricky situations before. She could do it again. By whatever God existed, she wanted Blue. She would make it known to him.

Curie: “Oh mon dieu!” She gasped. What sort of dream was that? It was so…naughty! She shouldn’t be having throughts like this. Yet she had to admit, she enjoyed them. Her dreams since she had become…human…were often just flashes of color or shadows of words spoken throughout her day. This had been a full on sex dream, complete with intense longing and desire. Her core ached with frustration. Panting, she shoved off her covers and dressed, ready to have an early day. No way could she sleep after that.

X6: He wasn’t supposed to be having these dreams. He sat perfectly straight up in bed, rubbing his dark, shadowed eyes. Perhaps it was an error in his programing; he was never supposed to fraternize sexually with Father’s…mother. He scowled, looking down at his hands. He decided to push the images away for now, and perhaps think of them later when his body wasn’t so tired.

McCready: “Damn baby.” He giggled in his sleep, only to suddenly realize he was quite awake, incredibly aroused, and covered in sweat. The heat was sweltering. He peeled off his covers, pulling himself to the edge of the bed and stretching. Gah, what was that? Why did he have that dream? It was so…infuriating, because damn, he enjoyed it. He glanced over at Nat, who was snoring with her head cradaled in her arm. He smiled; which turned into a scowl when he realized it. No…they couldn’t. He grabbed his rifle from the bed stand, threw it over his shoulder and decided that, until she woke up, he’d give it a good clean.

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Cosette mentions something about his parents - well, there's a lot of details, but she does mention she got her love of justice from her father, the umbrella is not her father's but her papa's, and she mentions that she understands how love can make you do crazy things because of her parents, and I haven't found any posts about the backstory there but I'd really, really like to have more details, please? (I didn't check but i'm pretty sure i got those details right)

First and foremost I think it’s pretty obvious there’s Valjean/Javert in the background there, and the cop dude that shows up with Cosette to give the boys their ultimatum in the hospital is Javert, but in case it isn’t, THERE YA GO.


(sorry app friends because this one’s kinda long)

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