a married man's guide to christmas

Merry Christmas, My Love

Member(s): Suho x Reader
Type: Fluff/Smut
Words: 600
Plot: A sweet not-so-little Christmas surprise.

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Kim Junmyeon was full of surprises. Whether those surprises came in big expensive packages or luxurious trips, he always did hid best to make Christmas memorable. There were so many things you were ready to see that morning, and Junmyeon comfortably laying underneath the Christmas tree on top of one of the fuzziest blankets you’d owned, was not one of them.

What was more surprising was his clothes, or the lack of them. His pants instead replaced by a large bow, his arm holding his head up to give you the biggest grin you’d ever seen.

“How is this for surprising?” Junmyeon laughed, “Why don’t you come open your present?” he joked.

The shock slowly began to wear off as the worry for your husband’s sanity began to grow. Junmyeon had never been the type or person to be super exotic with his sex life. 

“What are you even doing?” you questioned, moving to kneel beside the man that held your heart.

“I’m seducing you, what is it look like?” Junmyeon smiled, slowly guiding his hands to clench the thin fabric of your nightgown, which was spotted in little penguins and bought months ago and you saved it to wear on Christmas.

In a split second Junmyeon had tugged your dress, instantly pulling you to lay on his chest. His fingers tickled at your sides for a second, before placing a loving kiss to your temple.

“It’s our first Christmas as a married couple,” he pointed out, adding another kiss to your forehead, “I wanted to be spontaneous. Keep you interested.” another kiss put on your cheek, the next, and the final one, being on your lips. The kiss was nowhere as sweet as the small pecks he’d given you, and the instant passion had you questioning just how long he’d been in this position.

You mentally began to praise yourself for not wearing a bra as Junmyeon rid the dress, saving no time before taking a nipple into his mouth, lips sucking in a pattern like style. 

You internally laughed as you ran your hand down his torso, fingers coming in contact with the bow that covered your destination. It was an awkward article to remove with the intense closeness of your bodies. The fabric felt like unnecessarily rough and you were more than thankful when it whad finaaly been removed.

Your hand wrapped around his already hard member, your idea of teasing instantly being shot down as Junmyeon’s hand knocked your away from him, using that same hand to, quite literally, tear your panties off of your legs. An action that got him a small whine from you. 

“I’ll get you a knew pair.” he huffed, words getting cut off by a deep groan as he quickly inserted himself into your warmth. His pace was slow, and it was clear to you that this was not just sex. Junmyeon was going to make love to you on Christmas morning, right underneath the Christmas tree.

And he did. Not speeding up any, but still managing to keep a fast enough pace to keep yours tail curling. His length working in an intricate pattern, hitting the part of you that made you scream. 

His slow torture could have gone on for hours, and it most likely would if the two of you had no plans for the day. But the moment the feeling of euphoria came over you, taking your senses and making him the only thing that held you to the ground, he quit. Not even attempting to satisfy himself.

“This was your present.” he mumbled, “Merry Christmas, my love.”

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