a mariner's revenge

The Mariners Revenge Song but with emoji

We are two ♊ mariners⚓
Our ship's⛵ sole survivors😇
In this belly👅 of a whale🐳
It’s ribs☝ are ceiling beams🏠
It’s guts 👇are carpeting👣
I guess⁉ we have some time⌚ to kill😵

You may not🙅 remember me🙋
I was a child of 👼three👪
And you👹, a lad of eighteen👿
But, I remember you👺
And I will🔪 relate🔪 to you
How our histories 📖interweave🔗
At the time⏰ you were
A rake😈 and a roustabout💩
Spending💸 all your money💰
On the whores😏 and hounds🐶
(Oh🅾, oh🅾)

You had a charming😎 air💨
All cheap ❌and debonair😑
My widowed 👻mother👵 found so sweet🍑
And so she💏 took you😡 in
Her sheets👀 still warm♨ with him👴
Now filled with filth 🚮and foul🚽 disease
As time⌛ wore on you proved
A debt-ridden💳 drunken 🍻mess
Leaving my mother💔
A poor 📉consumptive🍷 wretch😭
(Oh🅾, oh🅾)

And then you🏃 disappeared❓
Your gambling 💱arrears
The only ✔thing you left behind🔙
And then the magistrate💂
Reclaimed🆘 our small estate🏡
And my poor mother 😠lost her mind🏨
Then, one day🍃 in spring🌹
My dear sweet🍬 mother died💐
But, before⏳ she did
I took her hand✋as she, dying, cried😢:
(Oh🅾, oh🅾)

“Find him🔭, find him📝
Tie🎀 him to a pole and break💥
His fingers 👋to splinters🔨
Drag 🚸him to a hole⬇ until he
Wakes 😴up naked👀
Clawing 👐at the ceiling👆
Of his grave🌷”

It took me fifteen years📅
To swallow👅 all my tears💦
Among the urchins✴ in the street🚦
Until a 🅿riory
Took pity 😕and hired me👌
To keep their vestry⛪ nice and neat✨
But, never🚫 once🔂 in the employ
Of these holy🙏 men🎅
Did I ever😔, once turn ↪my mind
From the thought💭 of revenge💣
(Oh🅾, oh🅾)

One night🌚 I overheard👂
The prior exchanging 👥words💬
With a penitent whaler 🐋from the sea🌊
The captain🎩 of his ship🚢
Who matched you😝 toe👞 to tip🔝
Was known📰 for wanton cruelty✊
The following🔜 day
I shipped🚣 to sea🌊
With a privateer☺
And in the whistle🍃
Of the wind🌀
I could almost hear🔉
(Oh🅾, oh🅾)

“Find him🔭, find him📝
Tie🎀 him to a pole and break💥
His fingers 👋to splinters🔨
Drag 🚸him to a hole⬇ until he
Wakes 😴up naked👀
Clawing 👐at the ceiling👆
Of his grave🌷

There is one🔂 thing I must say💬 to you
As you sail⛵ across the sea🐟
Always, your mother👵 will watch😇 over you
As you avenge💢 this wicked😈 deed”

And then😮, that fateful night🌒
We had you🔪 in our sight🔭
After twenty months📆, it seemed
Your starboard💫 flank abeam
I was getting my muskets 🔫 clean
When came this rumbling〰 from beneath⏬
The ocean🌊 shook⚡
The sky🌞 went black🌜
And the captain quailed😱
And before us grew⬆
The angry😡 jaws👄
Of a giant😲 whale🐳

Don’t know ❓how I survived💀
The crew👥 all was chewed 👅alive
I must have slipped 💦between his teeth😆
But, oh🅾, what providence✅
What divine👼 intelligence🔮
🔪That 🔪you 🔪should 🔪survive
As🔪 well🔪 as 🔪me🔪
It gives my eye👓 great joy😂
To see🔬 your eyes😨 fill with fear💩👖
To lean in close😏
And I will whisper🙊
The last🔚 words you’ll hear🔇
(Oh🅾, oh🅾)

Clone Armour I wish were in The Clone Wars

Am I the only person who wanted to see a few more Phase II Clone Armour designs in The Clone Wars, a few being

Gree and his pretty awesome phase II green cameo Armour

Bacara and his unique phase II Armour along with the Galactic Marines

and of course Bly’s Armour, because then we would get a Bly/Aayla storyline

And to finish the clone paratrooper Armour,as the helmet design is one of my favorites

they that go down to the sea in ships (listen here)

“And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by” - Sea Fever, John Masefield                                                                                                                a mix for all sorts of ships and their crews on the wide sea and at harbour 

The Choir of Ely Catherdral - They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships
Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends - A Drop of Nelson’s Blood
Sarah Blasko - Spanish Ladies
Black Sails OST - Theme from Black Sails
Nightwish - Turn Loose The Mermaids
Alestorm - Barrett’s Privateers
The Decemberists - The Mariner’s Revenge Song
Sea of No Cares - French Perfume
Blood or Whiskey - Your Majesty
Dropkick Murphys - I’m Shipping Up To Boston
Marina and The Diamonds - Daddy Was a Sailor
IAMX - Sailor
Abney Park - Buy the Captain Rum
Murder by Death - Dead Men and Sinners
Adam Young - Southampton
The Porters - Son of this town
The Soldiers - Sailing
Traditional - Leave her Johnny
The Porters - Lady Whiskey

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  1. The Mariner’s Revenge Song - The Decemberists
  2. Country Death Song - Violent Femmes
  3. Hit and Run - LOLO
  4. All that Jazz - Chicago
  5. Black Betty - Caravan Palace
  6. The Show Must Go On - Queen
  7. Me and Mr. Wolf - The Real Tuesday Weld
  8. Ruler of Everything - Tally Hall
  9. Nightmare Parade - FAKE TYPE
  10. The Riddle - The Scarlet Pimpernel

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