a map to the stars

If you had grown up with my parents, it would have been real weird for you. I didn’t grow up with both of them, but growing up with even one of them was not… I mean, I was on the movie-star map. When I was three hours old, I was photographed by Modern Screen. I don’t like being photographed. My father is now publicly saying that he took a lot of drugs. I don’t remember that. I spent my summers in Vegas. That was camp to me: sitting by the pool and hearing that weird music and having people paged.


Because of the genetic disorder I’ve got I have a scar from every cut I’ve ever gotten due to not healing well or at all. Bug bites and holes from tiny cysts take up to a month and a half to heal over, and always leave a large raised scar. pretty much everyone who’s ever known me has at some point or another asked me about them and honestly they make me feel horrible. Especially because of the cysts I often feel like my skin is rotting off. I hate it a lot. But I finally figured out what I want to do. 

I wanna turn my scars into stars. I’ve always had a love of nautical things, and I love the look of old maps, especially star maps and constellations. so the idea is to make them feel special by making my OWN constellations. 

If I got this tattoo I’d finally be able to look at my own arms and not hate my body. It’s definitely a long time off cause I have no idea how much it’s gonna cost and I am extremely very poor and I think I have approximately $2.67 in my bank account until I get another commission and I’ve still got a queue to get through, but maybe one day. Hopefully one day. 

marvelgirl411  asked:

Shiro and Keith use to make up constellations on earth after really stressful exams, long breaks a part and right before he left. The game is easier now that they're surrounded by more stars and they find themselves star gazing as often as they can

ooh this is a headcannon ive had for a long time too i love it!! i really like the idea that they’d stargaze at the garrison. And i always think about how excited shiro must’ve been to know he would be one of the first humans to make it to the edge of the galaxy–you can’t end up in a position like that without some real sense of adventure and wonder. he went to space to find out more about the universe, and i like to think that he still has that goal in mind. 

that he charts down stars and maps out galaxies as best he can–for tactical purposes in war as well as an innate desire to learn. and maybe after spending all that time with lion carvings keith’s gotten really into studying myths and lore, so shiro works out the constellations and keith makes up the names and stories. and if any of the legends sound curiously like them or their friends then, well, keith simply denies it 

The year Harry was born
  • Sirius: WHAT?!
  • Lily: ahem
  • Lily: *narrows eyes*
  • James: wut
  • Remus: oh you know just the birth of your child is happening this year and you seem to be more excited about Star Wars.
  • Sirius:
  • Peter:
  • James:
  • James: WOOO BABY
  • peter: BABY BABY BABY
  • James: WOOO please don't make me sleep outside WOOO
  • Lily: mhmm.

I realized why the idea of constellations has always swayed me. constellations are so very human.

our wonder of the stars is bone-sunk; we’ve been thinking and dreaming and watching and watching and watching since the beginning of time, and we looked for so long that we started making connections. 

we played a celestial game of connect-the-dots; trying to find order in something so vast and trying to show that the stars are in everything and everything is in the stars.

we plucked pictures out of the infinite; there’s a dog, there’s a bear, there’s a lion, see? look, right there; the stars hold and mirror back everything. 

but then it went a step further. instead of everyday things, we stopped picking out the cups and the bears, and instead we saw stories. 

look, there’s Andromeda, chained to a rock and waiting to be devoured by Cetus. there’s Orion, and Hercules, and do you see Orpheus’ lyre? Zeus sent an eagle to retrieve it after Orpheus’ death and he placed it in the sky. 

we did the most human thing imaginable: we wrote our stories into the stars. we filled the night sky; previously so vast, so unknowable; with our history. we forged connections to the stars and made it so our children will always know where they come from. 

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Admiral Konstantine, deploy your fleet to these coordinates

We will join you shortly


I think to be courageous, you have to be afraid. For me, it feels very courageous when I go skiing because I’m very, very afraid to ski. It’s dangerous! I feel very scared. But when I’m acting, I don’t feel very scared.

Imagine aliens finding out about constellations...

Alien astronomer: “So a few million years ago [their planet orbits its sun at a higher speed than ours does] we mapped out all the stars in our sky and split the sections of sky into what you’d call elevenths.

Human astronomer: "Why elevenths?”

Alien astronomer: “It’s silly really, but at the time eleven was considered to be a holy number. I know, it’s stupid and every alien I’ve met has always made fun of us for being so superstitious. So, how did you split up your sky?”

Human astronomer: “Er… animal shapes.”