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What’s in your pants doesn’t say anything about your gender, ALWAYS remember that.

I was recently reading an article in the 24 paper by, Sabrina Maddeux about Melania Trump being pitied by the public and expected to look happy in every photograph.  Sabrina then went on to write how un-feminist it was to see in Melania in that light. One part of the article in particular caught my eye, which you can read below.

“Melania, when she appears in public, is one of the most photographed figures in the world. To expect her to look perfectly happy in every one of the thousands of photos taken of her at major events is unrealistic”

- Sabrina Maddeux

Now I’m sitting here just wondering where was all this sympathy for the past first lady, Michelle Obama? Where was all of this lets be feminist and protect women when the right wing media was calling Michelle an angry (black) woman, or manly, and aggressive looking when they photographed her? How come Michelle did not receive this same outpouring of sympathy like Melania is?

Genderqueer, a sonnet

Too femme to be butch, too butch to be femme
Kinsey one through six and all points between
have rejected me for how I’m like them.
Too manly for a woman, they have seen
I’m also too womanly for a man.
Why do I have to be one? Only one?
Why can’t I be me, with my shoulder span,
my hips, my lips, my brain, my sense of fun?
Only those whose attractions are to YES!
For those not gyno or andro but AND!
come to me with their lips for kisses blest
as we fumble our way to joy unplanned.
Who I am is not any kind of slur.
I am queer, I am queer, certain and sure.

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Name : Well my papers are messed up so it’s probably Mélissa-Rosa, but evryone always call me Mélissa.

Nicknames : SO MANY. I’m going to skip the racist ones, even if meant as jokes. Mom, Sweet Summer Child, Mel, Mel-Chan, Melly/Méli, Mélissou, Mélissounette, Lilly/Lili, Croutard, Mimi Cracra (=Dirty Mimi), Mimi, Fatass, Smartass, Walking Encyclopedia, Autistic Freak, Feignasse (= lazy ass), Mélichtouille, Kenza, Lilou, Lilounette, Soussounette, Soussoune, Hommasse (=manly woman), reuss. 

Zodiac sign : Aries

Height : 162cm

Orientation : I’m pan, but I go as bi when asked because I’m too lazy to explain the meaning of pansexual/panromantic to straight people.

Ethnicity : Fucked up. Kabyle, Normand, Ch’ti, Briton, Basque. But ‘cause I’m lazy in irl conversation, I often say Algerian, French, Spanish (which isn’t true)

Favourite Fruit : I’m allergic to fruits.

Favourite Season : None, I’m allergic to the biosphere. But spring and autumn are fun to look at from my windows.

Favourite Book Series : The Lord of The Rings.

Favourite Flower : …I’m allergic to flowers. Roses, I guess ?

Favorite Scent : The spice cubbard scent.

Favorite Color : Blue 

Favorite Animal : Every animal. 

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa : All three of them, but the only I can drink

Average Sleep Hours: Dunno. It’s very irregular.

Favorite Fictional Characters : GN. Too many ! Huh… Every character from VDF, Raven Reyes and John Murphy from The 100, Clara Oswald from DW, Tom and Eugène Vico from LCDB, Mulan, Eowyn (lotr), Nihal (from Emerged World saga), the Doctor (from DW), Alec Hardy (from Broadchurch), Arya Stark from the show Game Of Thrones, Sansa for the books, probably more but laziness is striking my brain again.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With : 1 at my mom’s place, 4 on winter, 3 at my dad’s

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They say “Ugh she’s too Strong” “Women are supposed to look/be soft” “Ugh who would want to look like that” “Omg no I don’t want to date a manly looking woman” “Why she always showing her body?” “She workout too much” “Does she do anything besides work out?” “She looks like a man” “ewwww” “She’s conceited” I say: THANK YOU FOR THE MOTIVATION NOW MIND YA BIDNESS!! I’m doing ME. DO YOU Boo Boo😁I don’t allow the stuff that people say affect my life. I have Bigger things to Focus on… ________________________________________
Sports Bra and Swimsuit Bottoms Flexing in my Mirrorrrr!! DO IT FOR YOU! I am still a work in progress💪🏽. STAY POSITIVE love yourself and make yourself a priority. EAT CLEAN & EXERCISE check out my blog getfitwithnic.tumblr.com for Workout Tips. My website is under construction ‼️#icanyoucanwecan #getfitwithnic #getfitwithnic_ #YouDeserveIt #FeminineandFit #FitMom #Healthy #Happy

The hormones excuse is the worst excuse to cast Eddie Redmayne. Literal worst.


  1. it was very likely that Lili Elbe was on hormones
  2. No cis man has ever been asked to Get On Hormones to play a trans woman in the history of ever so it’s nonsense, total nonsense, it’s called hollywood makeup you piss loving daft shit
  3. There’s no such thing as manly looks on a woman, no trans woman ever looks manly, it’s bullshit
  4. Even if there was such a thing as manly based on these bullshit stereotypes, anyone who’d look at photos of Lili Elbe would notice that her physical features would never even touch the stereotypes you fucks would call “manly”, it;’s nonsense even within your useless worldview, you can’t even be consistent apparently.

Celebrating the beauty of beautiful strong fit women.. NOT the title “masculine, or manly woman”. I find nothing wrong with women with muscles and neither should YOU. It goes so much deeper than the surface , it’s more then what it looks… Its way more than that. And not only embrace strong women, but ALL TYPES of women. I don’t necessarily go with the “ideal image” of a “perfect girl” these days and that’s OK with me ☺️ I enjoy being different and divine and one of a kind. & YOU SHOULD TOO 💕

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