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Hey folks, this artist is actually racist af. Feel free to message me for more info, it is a great pic but I refuse to support the artist because of some huge past issues they are apparently trying to “fix” with this. No more notes on this post, pass it on. They don’t deserve credit for POC representation after what they’ve done

“Huge past issues” = Me drawing a caveman Kylo with matted hair (that I called “dreadlocks” for lack of a better word, english isn’t my first language and in french, there’s only one word to describe it) 1 year ago and telling you all to fuck off when you went crazy on me and my friends for this one doodle because I refused to consider myself racist for drawing it. What is considered racist or problematic in your country might not be in another, I know how shocking it can be to learn that North America isn’t the center of the world and designated world leader of what’s considered politically correct. 

Jfc take a step back and look at what your life has become.

Yesterday, one of you made a post and compared me to a klan member. I have been told to choke and die, to kill myself. About 50 hateful posts calling me slurs have been reported to me in the past 6 months. You are all acting as if I have been posting the worst hate speech in the fandom and been harassing me for a year because I drew a picture you don’t agree with.

I know people who would have hurt themselves or fallen deep into depression for less, how do you sleep at night after telling someone to die over a picture?

And now you get mad because I have been drawing Finn and it has gotten a lot of notes.

But guess what? I have been successfully drawing him multiple times in the past, and I’ll draw him again. And I’ll get better at it and my pictures of him will continue to gain attention. 

Because I like Finn.
I don’t give a shit about your “POC representation” points, contrary to you I like a character because he’s special to me, not because it will make me look better and “woke” to my online friends. 

You don’t like it? That’s cool, then block me. That’s the magical door to the land of to never having to see my art again.

Because if you don’t, then believe me, it’s not the last time you see my art on your dashboard.

The Lighthouse

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader
Rated: T
Genre: Fluff & the slightest angst
Word Count: 3,776

Summary: You fell hard and fast for a gentle gaze and dimpled smile, the kindness and innocence that fills his heart and it makes you ache to return to that lighthouse once again.

A/N: I half love half hate this piece of work but it’s been forever since I last posted a fic so here we are 🎉 also I don’t know for sure if Namjoon’s pup is actually a boy or girl so I just guessed. 

The midday sun is warm against your face as you lean your head back, eyes closed and hair knotting in the cool breeze. The sound of strong waves slapping against jagged rock lull you into a state of daydreaming, though you’re startled out of it from the sound of a wooden door slamming against the wall of the lighthouse, rattling its hinges.  

You release the metal railing you were holding onto and place your hand over your thundering heart, squinting through the sunlight at a man chasing a frantic seagull out of the doorway who is quick to take flight. You stand there, mouth slightly agape, listening to the man grumble to himself something along the lines of grumble to himself something along the lines of ‘Pesky… good for nothing…’ and ‘Lucky I don’t eat you for dinner.’ He runs a hand through his hair and turns himself back towards the door but the flutter of your dress catches his eye, making him jerk back in surprise at the sight of you.

“Why… were you chasing a seagull?” You call across the space between the two of you.

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helloooo KC!!

Kansas City has a rich history of LGBTQ activism, and reminds us just how important a safe space can be! :~)

In the 1980’s, with the discovery of AIDS and increased discrimination against the LGBTQ community, some women in the Kansas City area started Phoenix Books. This local gathering space gave the LGBTQ community a safe space to gather, read, debate, and even make change. The community created at Phoenix Books gave people like Jon Barnett, the founder of a local AIDS-activism group, the encouragement to run of political office as an openly gay man. Though Barnett lost his bid for city council, the message was sent, LGBTQ people existed in Kansas City. This was a huge step in the process for Kansas City to pass an ordinance banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Tonight, we partner with LIKEME Lighthouse-KC which is a volunteer-based organization that connects the LGBTQ community to resources that they can take advantage of. They also offer on-site counseling services. Because LGBTQ individuals, particularly youth, may not know where to go to get services such as therapy, housing, or even entertainment, LIKEME Lighthouse-KC is a valuable resource. Your support of this organization will help local youth get connected to services they may otherwise go without.

Want a ticket upgrade? We’re taking donations that are often taken for granted. We are asking that you bring lightly used prom wear to donate at the show. Bring at least one to be entered in a raffle for a ticket upgrade.

See you tonight!!

Troye x

feel free to adjust sentences to make it fit your muse better!

  • ❛ The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist. ❜
  • ❛ Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt. ❜
  • ❛ I don’t think the syntax has being invented yet. ❜
  • ❛ It would have had to have had been. ❜
  • ❛ Are you afraid of God? ❜
  • ❛ No. But I’m afraid of you. ❜
  • ❛ We tell them we got lost looking for the bathroom. ❜
  • ❛ Time rots everything. Even hope. ❜
  • ❛ Love the prophet, cause he loves the sinner. Love the sinner, because he is you. ❜
  • ❛ Without sin, what grace has forgiveness? ❜
  • ❛ One goes into an experiment knowing one could fail. ❜
  • ❛ City at the bottom of the ocean? Ridiculous. ❜
  • ❛ The seed of the prophet shall sit the throne, and drown in flame the mountains of man. ❜
  • ❛ There’s always a lighthouse, a man, a city. ❜
  • ❛ God made foolish girls, so he could have something to play with. ❜
  • ❛ Mamma says it’s not a fit occupation for a lady, but I think she’s jealous of our cleverness. ❜
  • ❛ But what is she? Alive or dead? ❜
  • ❛ My God! They are beautiful! ❜
  • ❛ I am not a strong man, I am not a righteous man, I am not a holy man. ❜
  • ❛ Do you ever get used to it? The killing… ❜
  • ❛ Dead is dead. ❜
  • ❛ It’s all a matter of perspective. ❜
  • ❛ Because it does. Because it has. Because it will. ❜
  • ❛ My mother took this as a nightmare. I saw it as the beginning of a career in physics. ❜
  • ❛ Odd, isn’t it? ❜
  • ❛ What’s odd? ❜
  • ❛ Ah! It’s a bee! I HATE those things. ❜
  • ❛ I never claimed to be any hero. ❜
  • ❛ The lord judges, I act.   ❜
  • ❛ Because he doesn’t row. ❜
  • ❛ Will the circle be unbroken? ❜
  • ❛ The details elude me now, but the details wouldn’t change a goddamn thing. ❜
  • ❛ It would seem the universe does not like its peas mixed with its porridge. ❜
  • ❛ I’ll be sure and make that distinction when there’s a moment we’re not being shot at. ❜
  • ❛ Looks like they want me to sit in their fancy chair. ❜
  • ❛ Why is your mother a ghost? ❜
  • ❛ Why ask what, when the delicious question is when? ❜
  • ❛ Is there a woman in your life? ❜
  • ❛ She died. ❜
  • ❛ If we could perceive time as it truly was, what reason would grammar professors have to get out of bed? ❜
  • ❛ Do not attempt to follow me. ❜
  • ❛ You can get us out of here? ❜
The Haunted America Masterpost for the 4th of July 2016

I usually do this for St Patrick’s Day and Christmas so I thought I would give another country a master post since it is their big day and I will probably make an updated one next year. (I wasn’t sure if I should include the Native American and the native Inuits in here so you can find them here and here)

So here is list of all things creepy and American. 

The Hollywood Roosevelt

Rolling Hills Asylum 

The Ada Witch 


Robie Andrews Hall

Disney World

The Jersey Devil 

The Amityville Boy 

The Dakota 

Hershey Park 

The Skating Central Park Ghosts

The Maco Light 

The Curse of the Cecil Hotel 

Benedictine Monastery 


The Pasadena Suicide Bridge 

Peoria State Hospital 

The Hollywood Sign Ghost

The eBay Voodoo Doll 

Pemberton Hall 

The Dead Children’s Playground

Pupa the Haunted Doll 


The Half Faced Girl of Old Pali Road 

Crybaby Bridges 

St Augustine Lighthouse 

The Faceless Gray Man of Pawleys Island 

Boot Hill Cemetery 

The Green Lady 

The Toys R Us Ghost 

St Louis Cemetery

Moundsville Penitentiary 

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum 

Stepp Cemetery 

The Bunny Man 

Resurrection Mary 

Toynbee Tiles 

Myrtles Plantation 

The Stanley Hotel 

The Curse of Little Bastard 

The Cottage City Poltergeist

El Paso High School 

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery 

The Bell Witch 

The Sensabaugh Tunnel 

Eastern State Penitentiary 

Waverly Hills Sanitarium 

LaLaurie Mansion 

Annabelle the Haunted Doll 

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You're a Ghost Hunter (Harry)

Request: Yes

A/N: All the history of St. Augustine’s Lighthouse that is mentioned here is true.

You breathed a sigh of relief as Harry went through security, turning and waving before walking out of sight. You’d miss Harry terribly, but, his absence meant that you could do what you always did when he was gone. You hurried home, double checked your supplies and bags, and began your drive. You were headed for the St. Augustine Lighthouse, in St. Augustine, Florida. This was often referred to as the most haunted lighthouse in the south, and was high on your list of places to ghost hunt. This wasn’t your first ghost hunt; you’d been doing it for years, before you’d even met Harry. After a few hours of driving, you pulled into the parking lot of the hotel you were staying at, and greeted your team.

“Killian, Tony, Julia, Sara! Hey!” You exclaimed, hugging each of them in turn.

“Hey, (Y/N),” They greeted you, and the four of you headed into the hotel room that you were sharing with Julia and Sara. You gathered around the table, while Killian briefed you on the history of the lighthouse.

“There’s a fair amount of tragedy in the past of the lighthouse. During the construction of the current lighthouse, four young girls and a young boy were playing in a cart that workers used to haul material to the lighthouse. The cart led towards the water, and, one time, instead of stopping, the cart threw the children into the bay. Three of the girls perished; the other two children were rescued,” Killian explained. “This was in 1873. People have reported hearing the voices of young girls in the lighthouse,”

“Damn,” Tony said, biting his lower lip.

“This sounds like it’s could be an exciting night,” Sara said. “Is there anything about any of the former lighthouse keepers?”

“There have been reported sightings of someone they think was a keeper,” Killian replied. “People have said that, in the museum, they will feel cold spots, as well as smelling cigar smoke, and seeing a tall man.”

“Well, on that note, let’s go eat so we can get to ghost hunting!” Tony exclaimed, smiling.

“Anyone know any good places?” Julia inquired.

“I’ve heard that Mojo Old City BBQ is really good,” Sara said.

“Sounds great!” Killian replied, and the four of you grabbed your bags, and headed out the door. You all quickly ate your dinner, excited to get to the lighthouse and start ghost hunting. When you pulled up at the lighthouse, you met one of the employees, who walked you through the museum and the lighthouse itself, telling you more of the background.

When the sun started to set, you helped to unpack the equipment, leaving Sara and Tony to set up a base camp as you, Julia and Killian headed inside, ready to scout out different positions and to set up the cameras.

“I’ll take the lighthouse,” You said, looking up at the structure. “Killian, Julia, how about you start off in the museum, and then we’ll switch?”

“Sounds good to us,” Killian replied, before walking off with Julia to finish with the cameras. You slowly made your way into the lighthouse, and began to climb the metal staircase.

“Is anyone here? If yes, can you knock three times?” You inquired. You waited in the silence, the lack of sound pressing on your ear drums. Then, you heard it-the sound of three distinct knocks, as if someone was hitting the metal of the staircase. “If that was you, thank you. I’ve put down a small black box at the bottom of the staircase-would you mind speaking into it, if you can?”

You continued up the stairs of the lighthouse, attempting to make contact with whatever spirits might be there. After what felt like no time at all, it was time for you to head over to the museum, so you got Tony from the command center and went over there.

“How was the lighthouse?” Tony inquired, as the two of you stepped into the museum.

“A bit quiet,” You replied. “Hopefully the cameras will catch something, though.”

You continued further into the museum, checking to make sure that your camera was on.

“Hey, Tony-my camera battery went from full to all but dead, just now,” You murmured.

“Is anyone here? Did you make (Y/N)’s cameras battery drain?” Tony inquired. You felt the hairs on the back of your arms and neck raise, as the temperature around you fell dramatically.

“Tony, tell me what the air around me feels like?” You asked. Tony put his hand next to your arm, and quickly withdrew it. He then placed the temperature reading device next to you.

“Where you’re standing is registering a ten degree drop,” Tony said, aiming the camera towards you.

“Is that you, making me cold?” You inquired. “Can you give us a sign that you’re here?”

The two of you stood there, asking questions, and hoping that your voice recorders would pick up an EVP.

“What happened to the little girls that were playing near here?” You asked. Suddenly, your skin was covered in goosebumps, and the temperature around you dropped.

“Drowned,” A quiet voice whispered. “We drowned.”

“Tony? Did you hear that?” You quietly said. Tony nodded, swallowing hard. The two of you stayed a while longer, conversing, until the museum was mostly quiet.

“I’m going to go swap out with Sara. How about the two of you explore the museum, and then move over to the lighthouse?” You asked.

“Sounds good,” Tony replied.

All too soon, the sun was rising, and the five of you packed up your supplies and headed back to the hotel, for a few hours of sleep and to review the footage.

“That was quite the hunt,” Sara said, yawning. You all sat to review the footage from the cameras and the recorders, and then, when you were done, posted it on your YouTube channel.


Harry opened the Twitter app on his phone, wanting to send a tweet to you. Before doing so, he opened his notifications, and saw a tweet mentioning you, and….ghost hunting.

@Harry_Styles Your girlfriend (@Y/T/N) is the best! Her ghost hunting show is amazing!

Harry clicked on the link to YouTube that the tweet had, his brow furrowing. He watched the video, watched you choosing to go into the lighthouse by yourself, a situation that he didn’t possibly think could be safe. Furthermore, he wondered why you had never told him about ghost hunting. From the looks of it, you’d been doing it for a while. Harry closed out of the app, opening a browser and quickly purchasing a plane ticket. He walked out of his room, and over to Niall’s.

“Niall?” Harry called, knocking on his door.

“What’s going on?” Niall inquired.

“I need to go back home for a bit. Something’s come up,” Harry replied. “I’ll be back for our next show.”

“Okay,” Niall murmured. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine,” Harry murmured. He turned, grabbed his bag from his room, went downstairs, and hailed a cab. The flight passed quickly, and he soon found himself hailing a cab, and heading towards your home. He found the house dark, and unlocked the door, letting himself in. After a quick shower, Harry collapsed on the bed, falling quickly asleep.

—- You pulled up to your house, and quickly went in, eager to have a shower and get some rest. You dropped your bags in the doorway, and headed up to the shower. After showering, you stepped into your room, and froze when you saw someone on your bed. You stepped back, tripping over a shoe that was lying on the floor, and lost your balance. You let out a small scream, as you fell towards the floor. The person lying on your bed quickly sat up, and hurried towards you.

“Take whatever you want, just please, don’t hurt me!” You gasped.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?” Harry inquired.

“Harry? What are you doing here?” You gasped, a hand pressed over your heart.

“You’re a ghost hunter,” Harry stated. You bit your lower lip, and nodded. “For how long?”

“Four years,” You murmured, standing.

“Four years,” Harry said, combing his fingers through his hair. “Four years, and you didn’t tell me.”

“I didn’t want you to worry,” You whispered.

“That’s bullshit, (Y/N)! We’ve been together two of those four years, and you’ve been keeping a huge secret from me!” Harry angrily said.

“I’m sorry, Harry. But I had a life before you. I didn’t think that you would understand, and I can see I was right,” You snapped, going into your room and grabbing a pair of pajamas, before storming off to the guest room. You lay there, tossing and turning, before drifting off to sleep, still upset with Harry.

Written by Angel

The 100 Playlists

John Murphy in the Lighthouse Livin’ it Up-

  • Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney (x)
  • Paradise City by Guns N’ Roses (x)
  • Highway to Hell by AC/DC (x)
  • Teenagers by My Chemical Romance (x)
  • Escape by Rupert Holmes (x)
  • Gives you Hell by The All-American Rejects (x)
  • Richard Corey by Simon & Garfunkel (x)

Jasper and Monty Getting High on the Ark-

  • The Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd (x)
  • Rocket Man by Elton John (x)
  • 9 In the Afternoon by Panic! At the Disco (x)
  • Life on Mars by David Bowie (x)
  • Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Suede (x)
  • Undeniable You by Jukebox the Ghost (x)
  • Everyone is Going to Love Me Now by Ingrid Michaelson (x)

Clarke Abandoning Everyone to do Some Lesbian Soul Searching-

  • Once Upon Another Time by Sara Bareilles (x)
  • Soldier’s Daughter by Jhameel (x)
  • I Have Friends in Holy Spaces by Panic! At the Disco (x)
  • Distance by Emily King (x)
  • Do You Know What I’m Seeing? by Panic! At the Disco (x)
  • Be OK by Ingrid Michaelson (x)
  • How to Know if a Girl is A Lesbian (Official Song) by Ally Hill (x)

Octavia Blake Just in General-

  • Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy (x)
  • Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners (x)
  • Time Lapse by TheFatRat (x)
  • Free the Animal by Sia (x)
  • Sarah Smiles by Panic! At the Disco (x)
  • The Kids Aren’t Alright by Fall Out Boy (x)
  • She’s Leaving Home by The Beatles (x)

Raven Reyes is a Beautiful Woman Who Deserves So Much More-

  • The Scientist by Coldplay (x)
  • Smile by Mikki Ekko (x)
  • The Fool on the Hill by the Beatles (x)
  • Stressed Out by 21 Pilots (x)
  • Show Me Love by Hundred Waters (x)
  • Feelin’ Stronger Everyday by Chicago (x)
  • Renegades by X Ambassadors (x)
INTJ thoughts on love

[submission by: @a-lighthouse-a-man-a-city]

You know the reason you hide your feelings is because trying to express them would only scratch the surface and make your love seem less than it is.

Other types would say their past doesn’t matter, but their past does matter to you because it marks how far they’ve come.

Time, nor space, nor odds, nor any of the other important factors in decision-making are relevant in this single case.

You have trouble remembering how your brain functioned when they were not a part of it.

They tease you, but it doesn’t hurt because you know they hold the key to your heart but respect you too much to abuse that. 

You correct them and they laugh.

They remind you of more feeling experiences that you’d sidelined and forgotten.

It doesn’t matter what happens, as long as they are alright.

You want the best for them even if it isn’t you.

You didn’t know you were in love until you tried to love someone else and comply with extroverts’ urgings, only to find you’ve been in love all along.

It’s an honor to help them in any way.

They know what you feel before you do.

They are your anchor, your strength, your energy source, and your ultimate muse.

You are happy just knowing they exist. 

You are inspired to be a better person when you are with them.

You don’t care what they’re talking about, you just want to hear their voice.

Anything you can think of becomes fun when you imagine doing it with them. 

You love them in spite of their imperfections.

You smile when you see their handwriting.

Whatever physical attributes they possess become a sudden ideal of beauty in your opinion.

When something happens, whether good or bad, instead of thinking of your plan, you think of them. 

You can’t stand the thought of them being alone, hurt, or fearful.

You are lovers, best friends, and partners in crime.

You love their mind even though you can’t understand it.

Bioshock sentence pack
  • tw for graphic language.
  • -
  • Would you kindly?
  • Is a man not entitled to the sweat off his brow?
  • I chose the impossible.
  • We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.
  • A man chooses, a slave obeys.
  • Kill.
  • It's time to end this little masquerade.
  • She won't STAY STILL!
  • What's this, ____? An intruder? He's ugly. Ugly! UGLY! UGLY!
  • What's the difference between a man and a parasite?
  • Would you kindly head to ____ and kill that son of a bitch?
  • Wait a minute...s/he's still breathing.
  • They offered you the city...and you refused it.
  • You saved me.
  • They told me '___, you're special. You were born to do great things.' You know what? They were right.
  • You were my ace in the hole.
  • If you are going to do such things, you should at least do them properly.
  • Please, get up, ____! Please!
  • You'll paint with the blood of a man/woman I once loved.
  • My muse is a fickle bitch, with a very short attention span!
  • So tell me, friend, which one of the bitches sent you?
  • If you don't call that family, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS!
  • The lighthouse is lit up like a hellfire.
  • Silence! Allegro, allegro! Da da da da da da, presto! Presto! No! No!
  • Oh, ___, you sick fuck! Let me out of here!
  • Son of a bitch, left me to freeze.
  • Stood up! Again! Second time this week.
  • Only thing worse than a hypocrite is an unemployed one.