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Embarrassing memories (Young! Remus Lupin)

Request: Could u maybe make a Remus x Reader where Remus meet Reader’s parents? If you do it, thank you so much!


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‘Are you even listening to me!!’ Y/N cried out as she looked at her calm boyfriend who was laying on their bed and humming a song, looking as if he was daydreaming, like she didn’t just ramble for 13 minutes straight about meeting his parents.
'REMUS’ Y/N screamed in frustration as she ran her hair through her hair. Remus looked at her and sighed before getting up and wrapping his arms around Y/N pulling her in a hug, his right arm around her back as his left arm wrapped around her head, playing with her hair
'Calm down love, no need to get so worked up! They’ll absolutely love you!’ Remus uttered as he pulled her in close and kissed her forehead

Nervously straightening her Black Katrina Wide Leg Jumpsuit, Y/N looked at the door in front of her. Looking at his girlfriend, Remus could see the nervousness in her soft eyes. ‘Stop worrying so much’ Remus took her hands in his, as he smiled down at her, and before Y/N could say anything the Lupin’s household’s door opened, revealing a beautiful woman, probably in her middle 40s. ‘Remus, dear, how are you’ The woman, who she knew is Mrs.Lupin due to Remus calling her mum as they hugged, looked at Y/N with a welcoming smile ‘You must be Y/N. You look lovely dear’ Smiling at the compliment, Y/N looked at Remus as he gave her an encouraging smile
‘Thank you Mrs Lupin’
‘Oh, please dear, call me Hope. Now why don’t you two come in.’

Walking into the house, Y/N looked around the living room. There was a brown couch in the middle, accompanied by 2 chairs, one on each side, and two chairs parallel to each of them, and between the chairs a ceramic black table. In the space between, there was a caramel rug, designed with white and brown circle patterns. The walls were white with photos around. There was a door to the right, that was currently open exposing a small hallway that contained a door at the end and a door on the right, probably leading to the kitchen and the guests bathroom. And on the left, there was a staircase, leading to the bedrooms upstairs. Hope Lupin left the two alone as she went to inform her husband of his son and his girlfriend’s arrival. Taking that as a chance to look clearly at the photos around, Y/N moved closer to one with a young Remus sitting on a table with a small cake in front of him and three candles on top of the cake, indicating that he’s three years. The young boy had a big, goofy smile on his face as his hands were clapping together and his parents stood behind him, beaming at him.

‘Go ahead and have a seat you two’

'When Remus was 5–’ Hope Lupin started as she placed the plates in the sink while Y/N picked up things from the table, placing them on the counter 'oh, Merlin’ Remus muttered as he knew where this conversation is going

’–he had this, how do I say it, umm, phase, where he wanted a sister, he saw this pair of siblings is the park, a boy and a girl, he accidentally knocked the girl over while running and the boy, her brother, came and told Remus to watch where he is going–’ and that’s the point where Remus started running every unsuccessful scenario that could get him out of here. The embarrassment that will happen in a few minutes away from this moment is unbeatable. No one could possibly embarrass him more.

'There’s a picture’ oh boy, there is something more embarrassing

Y/N’s laughter filled the kitchen 'I’m sorry, but–’ the girl couldn’t help but burst out laughing again 'I’m sorry, you’re saying that there is a picture of 5 year old Remus. In a dress?’ The girl asked while laughing lightly as Lyall Lupin summoned a photo album while chuckling at the memory along with his wife. And that’s when Remus’ head slammed on the table before him, trying to knock himself out from the incoming embarrassment.

Feeling the heat rush to his neck, Remus bite his lips and closed his eyes so tight, trying to concentrate on anything but the scene happening in front of him. At the moment, his girl - Y/N- was clutching her stomach and leaning on the table for support as tears appeared out of the corner of her eyes.

Y/N always knew that Remus had a lovely home life, he was happy along with his parents, well, as happy as being a werewolf could be. However, nothing prepared her for seeing a 5 year old, smiling while wearing a sparkly, bushy pink dress with halo above his head and a fairy stick in his right hand while his left hand rested on his hip. The sight was so adorable yet it was funny because the boy looked ready to sass someone into oblivion 'oh Merlin! This is gold’ Y/N gasped as she tried to stop laughing, but it was proven nearly impossible as soon as she looked at the photo again, and as soon as she burst out laughing for the second time, Remus got up, snatched the photo and placed it on top of the tallest thing he could reach making Y/N whine and pout.

'Nu-ugh’ Remus said as he shook his head 'not gonna happen, not gonna bring the album. And dad, don’t even conjure it’ the older male Lupin looked at his son and raised his eyebrows, upon seeing his father’s look Remus corrected himself 'please don’t’

'Well, dear, from your reaction I’m going to guess that Remus didn’t tell you anything about that’ Hope Lupin stated as she smiled warmly at Y/N. Looking at the woman that proved to be one of the best mothers to ever exist, Y/N shook her head and giggled 'oh Godric, no. If Sirius, James and Peter hear about this they will not let him live it down a day till the end of their lives’

'Alright, alright. How about we make this fair and I say a story about my 5 year old self’ Y/N said as she helped Hope Lupin place some drinks on the table 'well, I don’t have a photo but when I was younger, I vividly remember that I thought I was a rockstar and I used to crash birthday parties in parks and sing my lungs off’ Remus couldn’t help but chuckle, somehow, he didn’t find this unusual, even for her younger self, his girl is the one to do this kind of thing, his parents smiled at the girl as she let a small laugh escape her lips 'and that’s not all! Once a lady told me to get off the table and I told her “Suck my ass” in a very serious manner’ Remus laughed as he shook his head while Hope Lupin laughed and Lyall Lupin chuckled, but it was clear that he found this so amusing 'oh Merlin! Son, marry that girl’ and with that sentence all laughter stopped suddenly that you’d think they’d all died.

Going back to their flat, Y/N and Remus didn’t utter a word all the way there. The tension between them could be broken in half. Y/N didn’t know if it’s because of what his dad told him or because of what he told his parents. Remus however, wasn’t aware that Y/N heard every word he told his parents, and she therefore, has been thinking about how she can erase his doubts, his fears, his insecurities.

Remus wasn’t normally an insecure person, but when it comes to the topic of his lycanthropy he gets hesitant, insecure and scared. No matter what the people who love him reassure him that it doesn’t change their idea about him, he still considers the society’s opinion on this matter, and the society is cruel.

I’m not good enough for her mum! I turn into a monster every month. Once we leave Hogwarts, I won’t be able to get her what she wants, what she needs! I won’t be what she deserves.

Remus’ words replayed in her mind like a broken record.

Have you seen her dad! How pretty and perfect she is! How could I be what she wants! She is beautiful, gorgeous. She is breathtaking. And me! I am hideous, littered in scars!

Exiting the bathroom, Y/N closed the door gently as she walked through the small hallway to the bedroom.

Remus was standing in front of a full length mirror, looking over at his scars-covered chest. His expression blank, his eyes however, are another story. Showing the pain and horror that he has been going through since his first transformation. The sadness and the weight of the world on his shoulders.

'I heard you’ a voice cut through the room. Looking at his girl standing by the door in a long, red nightgown, Remus blinked at her words, losing the ability to reply to the sentence, for he had no idea what he should say.

'I don’t care-’

'Well, you’re an idiot then’ Remus yelled, trying to get his point across 'you deserve more, better! Look at me Y/N! LOOK AT ME!’

'I AM!’ Y/N shouted right back with tears in her eyes, for she has never seen Remus this angry. Sighing and blinking the tears away, she walked forwards, a few feet left between the couple.

Y/N’s voice softened 'I am looking at you-’ one step closer ’- and what I see is an honest, honorable, smart, handsome man-’ one step forward ’- what I see is the first guy and the only guy I’ve been in love with-’ one step closer, hand pressed against his chest ’- what I see is a boy who was forced upon a hard life at a young age-’ tracing his scars ’- what I see is a small boy that went through so much pain just to become a small cub that can barely howl-’ looking into his eyes as a lone tear fell down her face ’- I don’t need better, because you’re the best. I don’t want better, because I want you’

Wrapping his arms around her, Remus whispered his apology as Y/N relaxed in his arms, laying her head in his chest while wrapping her arms around his back.

'I’m so sorry, m'love’
Kissing her forehead Remus knew how lucky he is, and he will not lead her away.



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Anyone: Tyren…


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We can indeed! Although… it’s angsty (per the prompt in question, of course)… ;) x

“Oh, it’s you.”

He wants to laugh at how flippant you sound, but you’ve already ushered him in and shut the door behind.

Looking at you now, his heart sinks. Your hair and makeup are done and your dress is… it’s perfect. It’s exactly something you would wear, and he can only imagine how long it took you to find, because he remembers how long it took his mum to find something when she married Robin. You look… beautiful.

“Thanks,” you say.

He hadn’t realized he said it out loud, and he clears his throat. You look beautiful, and he’s about to do this? You deserve better — you deserve a man who isn’t slow on the uptake and who doesn’t choke on his emotions after trying to stamp them out for the better part of… ages. Ages and ages… Christ. He’s felt this way forever and it took this wanker to put it in perspective for him.

His hands are shoved inside of the pockets of his slacks, balling in and out of fists.

Don’t be a coward, Styles. You either say it nor or you walk away. Don’t drag this out for her.


It’s a croak and he’s closed his eyes feeling like he’s just fired a gun in the dark. His heart is pounding and he feels like he’s just run a 5k in as many minutes.

“Don’t fucking marry him,” he clarifies. The room is so quiet the two of you could hear a pin drop, and when he opens his eyes you’re holding the back of the chair that sits in front of the vanity that has all your makeup strewn over it. Your mouth is open and your eyes, wide and almost frightened, are blinking dazedly.

“M’sorry.” He withdraws one of his hands from his pockets and pushes it through the tamed, wavy curls. “M’sorry, I jus’—“

A knock on the door announces the arrival of one of your bridesmaids.

“Are you ready?” she asks you before narrowing in on him. “You should get back to your seat.”

Harry hears you make some sort of sound — something like a gasp, maybe, but he can’t be sure — while he nods his head. “Right, yeah.” He doesn’t meet your eyes when he closes the small distance between you and he grabs your forearm instinctively as he leans in. “See yeh in there,” he says gruffly just before pressing a strong, puckered kiss to your cheek. He should have shaved, he realizes too late, but you don’t protest about the whiskery stubble scratching your skin before he doubles back for his seat in the pew.

Imagine being Daryl's daughter but you weren’t together when things went down and you just found each other after years of you thinking the other was dead.

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“Dad?” You said in disbelief looking into the group of people. One man stepped forward and looked at you.

“Y/n?” He said looking at you closely. “Holy shit  Y/n!” The man ran towards you and pulled you into a tight embrace. You cried into his shoulder.

“I thought you were dead.” You looked him in the face with tears rolling down your cheeks. 

“I thought you were to me and your uncle m looked for you but we couldn’t find any trace of you.” You smiled and nodded.

“I didn’t want to be tracked by the roamers I didn’t know if they could track or not yet but better to be safe right?” he smiled and pulled you into another hug.

“That’s right.” You heard a man clear his throat. You lifted you head and looked at the group starring at you. You stepped back and looked at your dad. “Oh right. Guys this is my daughter Y/n, Y/n this is my group we can give better introductions when we get somewhere safe.” you all nodded you stayed close to your dad but didn’t fail to notice a boy who looked to be your age in a cowboy hat or maybe it was a sheriffs hat you didn’t get a good look. That and you just didn’t care you just got your dad back and you weren’t alone this was the best day you’ve had in a long time.

government officials plot to assassinate elderly disabled WWII vet (wounded in the line of duty) and former POW. plan is thwarted by unstable childhood best friend and WWII vet. their motivation appears to stem from separation anxiety, severe trauma and underlying romantic connotations. the two fugitives are considered to be dangerous and carrying weapons, do not approach.
—  a realistic synopsis of cap america civil war
Every King Needs a Queen: Prologue

Full Summary:

How is it, a simple child can cause so much destruction? Born with the powers of her grandfather, Trigon, Arella Logan must learn to control her demonic side or risk hurting those closest to her. In a world where everyone is either with her or against her, Arella most learn who her true family is and discover her true purpose in this forsaken world. With the help of her parents, Garfield and Raven Logan, her best friend Chloe Daniels, and the king of Hell himself, Arella will earn her place amongst the Titans…or she will be their end. A collaboration fanfic written by Lou Buggins and Bearhow.

Titans Tower South, Mexico City, Mexico

Normally, Raven hated living so close to the city. Having grown up in a quiet monastery, and spending her teenage/early adult years in a Tower on an island, she was not used to having the constant noise of a busy city interrupt her day and night. It was also a pain to have to drown out all the surrounding emotions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, tonight she was grateful for the distracting ruckus off the city’s night-life. The tower had been abandoned for several hours now, leaving only her and her five-year-old daughter to endear the ominous silence that had fallen upon the normally loud and bustling Titan Tower.

Raven glanced down at the young girl sleeping with her head in Raven’s lap. She looked so small, even for a five-year-old. The poor girl had gone through so much in her short life. Jumping from home to home, dodging demons, monsters, and dragons alike. All while having to learn how to control her ever growing magical powers. Raven swore she would never left her children grow up with heavy burdens on their chests like she had to bear, and yet, the young girl sleeping on her lap bore more weight than Raven could have ever imagined. The thought made the older sorceress cringe, and she had to force her growing rage down so not to further upset the child near her.

She and Garfield knew that having a family would be risky. The young of superheroes were treasured targets for villains of every breed. They had to deal with it when their eldest children, Maria and Mark, were born, and they did quite well. Then again, neither twin attracted the attention of the demon type. Their youngest daughter, Arella Logan, was unfortunate in that regard. Unlike her older siblings, who were born with a healthy mix of their parent’s super powers, Arella was burdened with her mother’s powers…tenfold. The strong source of magic had been like a beacon the moment she was born, bringing the worst of the worst to her, but perhaps none as more dangerous as the vile Carnus Valogneus. Carnus was one of the most powerful demons of the Abrahamic Hell Dimension, and was notorious for his merciless torture tactics and his cold-blooded murders. There was nothing the ancient demon feared, until the birth of Trigon the Terrible’s granddaughter.

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I'm still dying over this whole rejuvenated look Yashiro has or as you so rightly call it, the Doumeki Facelift. He needs to patent that shit because this man is even more flawless then before!

I KNOOOOOOOOW. Yashiro just looks better and better in every chapter that man is reverse-aging. Who knew that Doumeki’s Prowess is better than botox?

Yashiro won’t let Doumeki patent it though, he’s defintely keeping that all to himself.

This was definitely one of the more sketchy, shadier neighborhoods Ty had ever been in since taking on a job as a taxi cab driver. Sure, he’d been to some pretty creepy alleyways and night clubs that looked beyond tacky, but this was a whole new level. “You called for a cab?” He called out as he took a step out of the cab, turning to look at the man who’d ordered Ty to pick him up. Now that he could get a better look at the other male he couldn’t help the slightly relieved smile that played on his lips upon realizing that his next passenger was a man his own age, and not to mention handsome. It settled any potential worries he’d had that the person getting into his cab would be a shady thug. And while he knew better than to judge a book by its cover, he was still relieved and, honestly, a bit excited. Moving to the passengers side of the car, he opened the door, giving a charming smile as he waited for the tall male to approach him.