a man should have expected this to go badly

Going Camping!

So just as we are picking things up here again Pa announced that we are going on our yearly camping trip soon. Should have expected this seeing how it is always near America Day. Don’t even get why we do this since he complains the whole three days we are out there. (I think Ma talks him into it so we can have ‘man time’ and she can go party with her friends). 

So starting Friday me, Ford, and Sherman will be in the woods away from civilization. The only saving grace will be the fact that I am amazing at doing camping stuff. I am determined to catch more fist then Shermie! He is gonna be so jealous! 

Wonder how badly bitten by bugs Sixer is gonna get this year. Last year he came home practically covered in bites. Ma said it was because he is just too sweet. I don’t see it. 

Ignoring that comment to add in my own two cents about this camping trip which is: WE ARE GOING RIGHT INTO THE PINE BARRENS! While camping always did seem like such a hassle when I was younger this is going to be the perfect opportunity to find the infamous Jersey Devil! 

I have been reading up on the creature. A wonderous cryptid that has so many stories and lurks in our very state! I have been researching it all year waiting for Pa to say when the camping trip is. My goal this trip is to find it and see if the legends are true! 



Man he is a nerd…I CALL CO-CHIEF EXPLORER! 

Expectations and Reality

Something happened at the Tartan parade that I didn’t really talk about at the time because it was kind of a negative for me and I didn’t want to harsh anyone’s buzz or rain on anyone’s (oh god sorry) parade. But in light of recent events, it makes sense for me to share it, because maybe it can cast some light and some more understanding on the current fandom crisis.

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Go Viral: Chapter 1

Pairing: Ten/Rose, AU
A viral video forces medical researcher John Smith into a fake engagement with Vitex heiress Rose Tyler, who is desperate to keep the tabloids from further blackening her already tattered reputation.

A/N: For anniviech :)

Prologue | 01 | A03

Chapter One: Engagement Rings Must Be Worn At All Times

Under the cover of darkness, John quietly left the premises of the we’re-open-late! convenience shop (rather spy-like, he fancied, though in reality he was a tall, gawky man loitering in front of a magazine rack wearing poorly chosen black clothing that made him stand out rather than blend in as desired). He exited by way of the back entrance, courtesy of a few quid slipped into the palm of the teenaged cashier at the front - just in time to be greeted by a nondescript black car with tinted windows. The passenger door opened with a sinister click to receive him, like a gaping black maw into the pits of some hellish prison he would not be able to escape.

It was quarter after 11PM, Tuesday night. Four days after the Maintenance Closet Incident. Six hours after he’d got a call from an anonymous, private number, giving him the time and location of the rendezvous and further instructions. Five hours-and-fifty-nine minutes since he’d begun to truly understand what he was getting himself into, and to regret his decision to agree to it.

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let’s not lose sight of the fact that it was a trifling ass black man who sicced Ben Fields on that little black girl just to soothe his weak ego. Ben Fields had a well known reputation for slamming kids around and the teacher, Robert Long, knew precisely what would happen when he summoned Fields. Afterwards when asked if he felt badly about what happened, Long expressed no remorse, saying, “she should have cooperated

I’m a black man and I expect much better from other black men, especially those in positions of authority. We already know what the system does to black people. If we aren’t going to protect our young boys & girls, then who is?