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OH MAN. LOVE STORY. YOU CHOSE LOVE STORY. LOVE“LOVE MEANS NEVER HAVING TO SAY YOU’RE SORRY”STORY. I’m setting aside the hockey thing (coincidence) and the terminal illness thing (because no one in this fic is going to die, pls, jfc), and just. VIKTOR. YOU HAVE TO APOLOGISE, OKAY. Either way, I love the version of the LS theme you found, and i cannot for the life of me find one half as good on spotify. I just...have so many fucking feels over Viktor using that song. And then, with that fallout...

(2/2) This was such a good chapter, jfc. Yuuri broke my goddamned heart like four times. The angst! The miscommunication! UGH <3<3 We are so blessed. Thanks for all your hard work, darling. So fucking in love with this story. (btw, chapter title is Passenger, right? *cries quietly*) (oh, and, feel free to answer me privately!) xx

It was Passenger yes :D Funny story, the chapter was originally going to be called ‘The First Cut Is The Deepest (But The Rest Still Flipping Hurt)’ from the same song but then I realised it was waaaaay to spoilery so I just went for a vaguely foreboding title instead. 

As for Viktor FS, the song choice was based more on the lyrics to the original song than the film plot because I actually don’t like the film that much but the inclusion of it was actually a little private joke to myself because as you say, the famous line in that film is ‘love means never having to say you’re sorry’ and that is SUCH BULLSHIT. That line always really pissed me off because you don’t get to excuse yourself for hurting someone just because you love them and they love you. And throughout the course of the fic both Viktor and Yuuri have done (unintentionally) shitty things to each other and hurt each other and before they can start to build a healthy relationship they both need to apologize for that. So yeah, that was my own little in joke that literally only I would get because I’m a dork and I do that a lot in this fic!

[ ok but why do any of the paladins need to switch to black in the interim?? is there something from the older series that i’m missing?? ]


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                                                                                              ♥  h o m e  ♥

Trump won.

Now, do you know what is going to happen?

Millions of people will be deported because of their religion or their race. Our citizenship rights that we were given with the 14th amendment will be stripped away.

Or will they?

Maybe they won’t. Maybe none of that will happen because it is highly unconstitutional. Maybe Trump will even be impeached.

But do you know what will happen?

Conversion therapy will be funded, and planned parenthood will be unfunded. The “stop and frisk” procedure will become widespread, but only to people of color. The LGBT community, POC, immigrants, women, and people of non Christian religion will be discriminated against.

The “Land of the Free” will become the “Land of Segregation.”

This America that so many people belive in and value? Destroyed by its own inside. A man who has never had a job in the field of politics. A man who is in trial for fraud and rape. You chose this man. You chose this man because you wanted to protest vote, or you didn’t want a woman in office, or you didn’t want to be responsible for whatever happens to this country.

If you did not vote Clinton and you were able to vote, then you voted Trump.

The blood of the dead immigrants, lgbt teens, Muslims, and POC is on your hands.

You did this.

You killed them.

So nice job, destroying America from the inside. There didn’t have to be a war, or threats, no.

You elected a person who has obviously never even read the constitution as president. You did this.

Remember, this is on you.

“Tony and the White Rabbit” - Digital Oil Painting

“No, Tim belongs to Pep. I should never be responsible for anything that requires actual food to live. But she got him because it’s important for my ‘therapy’ or something. Said it needed to be a ‘quiet’ animal. I asked for a snake. We got Tim the Bunny here instead. What did Bruce bring? Please tell me he has a snake. …A cat? Ugh, boring. I’m getting him a snake. …Don’t tell Pep.”

I think Tony said all the description I needed, LOL. Can you picture Pepper putting the rabbit in his hands when she decides he’s worked long enough and it’s time for a break? He has a love/hate relationship with Tim the Bunny.

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…I can not believe that with my own two eyes I’m actually seeing Kai stopping Suho from touching Sehun while posing for a damn chicken ad.