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can we please get some head canons for revali when he has a (s/o) who gets cold really easily and hates being cold, even though it's pretty cold in and around rito village all the time? :3

Easily chilled s/o (Revali)

  • For a while, he couldn’t figure out for the life of him why his s/o kept shivering. 
    • They never mention being cold around him (for fear of annoying)
  • Only finds out when they’re talking to a passing merchant about purchasing a coat.
  • Confronts them about it, and their response?
    • “Well, sure I hate the cold. But I have you to warm me up.”
  • The only thing that warms up is Revali’s cheeks.
    • Touched they care that much about him.
  • They have a sudden increase in blankets soon after.
  • As well as coats.
    • They’d also have a scarf, but there’s only so many times a bird man can stab themselves with a knitting needle before he settles with getting a thick coat for them.

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SF Sans' treatment of UT Paps is the best thing ever. I just wanted to say that. Then I wrote this ask. And I thought... "I feel sorry for SF Paps, now...if he saw his brother be so protective of another version of himself..." So now I have to ask. I have to. What is SF Paps' reaction to seeing SF Sans interact with UT Paps?

I literally just squealed when I thought of Rus’s reaction. I love him so much. Forget Stretch, Rus is my husband. 

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Swapfell Papyrus

Rus is not upset or sad, in fact, he’s quite the opposite! He shares Black’s view of UT Papyrus and is instantly at his side. Rus sees Paps as an angel that’s too good for this world. He deserves and need all the protection he can get. And oohh man. When Papyrus pets  him?! Rus is crying from joy from being touched by such pureness. 

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When did you realize you had a thing for feet?

Well I don’t exactly have a foot fetish, rather a fetish with how my feet can drive a man crazy and get him to go wild with me or my feet. I first met with this idea when I stumbled upon a foot fetish post on tumbrl 😊

i understand not wanting to have children in the future and opting to adopt instead is a delicate and complicated subject, but why is it when i speak to women about it the conversation is as chilled and casual as it could be but the moment i speak to a man about it they get into all this “if you can have children why wouldn’t you! it’s a clone of yourself!” weird lineage bullshit. men are p. hostile toward the idea of ppl refusing to procreate basically lmfao

Save the last dance for me darling, I want to be the last person you hold tonight

pose referenced from this wonderful shot i always see on tumblr


Get you a man who can do both