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Snacks and Roses || Peter Parker Imagine

Paring: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 1607

Request: nah homie

A/N: i didn’t proof read it, I’m sorry. And sorry if you’re allergic to roses

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Y/N sat with Liz in the lunchroom , hearing their friends talking about Spider-Man once again. “He brings hope to the city. It’s like, we know that someone is looking out for us.” One of them said. Y/N thought about all the things the man has done for the city. I wonder if his life is good, if he’s happy in his real life, Y/N thought.

The topic was quickly changed when an announcement for Homecoming was made over the blaring intercom. “Students, don’t forget to buy your tickets for Homecoming next Friday.” The voice boomed, making all of the students start talking about the event.

Liz turned to Y/N, “So,” she said taking a bite from her food, “who are you going to the dance with?” All of their friends tuned in to what the two girls were saying.

Y/N shrugged her shoulders. She wanted to go with Peter Parker, the smartest kid at Midtown High, if she went in the first place. Homecoming is going to be crowded and loud, with a bunch of annoying kids. Y/N didn’t want that. “I don’t think I’m going, actually. I’m probably gonna spend my night watching TV or something.” Y/N said, shaking her head like it was nothing.

“But Y/N,” one of her friends said enthusiastically, “You have to go! Peter is probably going, you should too!” She nodded her head behind Y/N. Y/N looked behind her to see Peter and Ned eating their lunch a few tables away. But he’s going to be dancing and hanging out with a girl that isn’t me, she thought.

Y/N smiled, “As much as I would love to go with him, it’s not gonna happen. He’s probably taking a super pretty girl with him and he’ll have a blast. Just,” she trailed off, starting to get quieter,“just not with me.” Y/N sighed, slumping her shoulders. Liz looked over at her giving her a sympathetic smile. “If you don’t want to go, you don’t have to. It would be nice if you went though.”

Y/N returned the smile, “Thanks for understanding Liz.” Liz nodded her head, “Anytime.” She gave her attention back to her friends to hear the rest of their thoughts.

Peter Parker sat a few tables away, having the same conversation that Y/N was having. “Are you going to ask her to Homecoming?” Ned asked Peter looked at his friend as if he was crazy. “W-What? No. Never. I can barely form a sentence around her, let alone ask her out.” Peter said as he gazed down at his lap. He looked back up to her, admiring her from behind. Y/N turned around and Peter quickly looked away and muttered “Oh God.”

Ned looked confused at the teenager. Peter’s face was beet red, “I think she saw me. Oh God,oh God, she saw me staring at her man.”

Ned looked over at the girl who was now facing her friends talking. “I don’t think she did. Just breathe, she probably didn’t see. I mean you turned your head so fast that you might have whiplash.” He chuckled. Peter sighed, “Maybe you’re right.”

“Right about what?” Michelle asked as she reached the table with the two boys.

“Well, I asked Peter if he was asking Y/N to the dance and he started staring at her. She turned around and might’ve caught him.” Ned explained to the Michelle as she sat down. Peter hit Ned’s shoulder with the back of his hand, “Dude. Seriously?”

“What?” Ned asked, completely clueless at Peter’s new beacon of embarrassment. Before their bickering cold continue, Michelle started talking. “Actually, while I was walking over here, I heard that she wasn’t going. And I might’ve heard,” she stated trying to be dramatic, “that she was super bummed out that you were probably going with a different girl that isn’t her.”

Peter sat shocked. “You’re lying.” He said. There is no way that the girl he has had a crush on for years, is into him. Him of all people.

“I wouldn’t lie about true love, Parker.” Michelle replied, kind of mockingly.

“How are you going to ask her?” Ned asked. Peter was messing with the cuffs of her sleeves. “I-I don’t think I will.”

Ned looked shocked. “You have to. You finally have a chance to be with her.” Peter looked around, “I’m too scared. Besides, she said she didn’t want to go and I respect that.”

“Your loss,” Michelle said opening one of her books.

It was the Friday night of Homecoming and Y/N sat on her couch surrounded by her fluffy blankets, with a show paused on the TV screen and a water bottle in hand. She was on her phone talking to Liz, giving some advice for her outfit. “Should I wear the silver earrings I got for my birthday?” Liz asked. “Yeah, they match your dress very well.” Y/N replied, taking a sip of her drink.

“Y/N are you sure you don’t want to go? I might have an extra dress.” Liz asked, she didn’t want her friend to be alone while everyone else was having a blast.

“Yeah I’m sure. I’m fine with my TV shows and blankets. Go have fun!” Y/N stated, assuring the girl that everything would be fine. “You sure?” Liz asked, wanting to make sure her friend was okay.

“100%.” Y/N replied with a smile on her fave that she knew Liz couldn’t see. “Alright, I have to go. My date is here. If you need anything call me.” Liz said, while Y/N heard shuffling in the background. “See you later Ms. Allen.” Y/N said chuckling to herself. “You too.”

Y/N sat on the cuddled into her blankets as she clicked play on her TV remote. As soon as the show started, there was knock on the front door. Y/N was confused, was it Liz? She got up to answer the door.

Y/N opened the door, do just her body was seen. She was greeted with the smiling yet nervous face of Peter Parker, holding a bouquet of red roses with a backpack on his back and a couple grocery bags filled with chips, candy and other snacks. Y/N stood in front of him, lips parted slightly.

“P-Peter. What are you doing here?” She asked with wide eyes. Peter glanced down at his old shoes. “I heard that you were, uh,” he looked back up at her, “I heard you were spending the night in on-on Homecoming so, I wanted to join you. If that’s okay.” He stammered biting his bottom lip.

Y/N smiled widely, opening the door all the way. “Come on in.” If it was anyone else at the door, she would’ve probably made up an excuse. But it wasn’t anyone else, it was her crush. Peter smiled back. He walked through the door, waiting for her to indicate where he could go.

Y/N shut the door and moved to face him. Peter looked at the flowers in his hand, “These are f-for you.” He handed you the flowers.

The girl smiled, “Thanks Pete.” She called me Pete, was all he could think about as Y/N went to put the flowers in a vase. She quickly came back after putting the vase in a good spot.

“You can sit down Peter.” Y/N said as he followed her to the couch.

“Seems like you were having a real party, huh?” Peter said sarcastically with a small smile on his lips, seeing the TV and her blankets. “What gave it away?” Y/N replied back with the same amount of sarcasm.

“I brought food.” Peter emptied out the two grocery bags with the snacks onto the couch between the two of them. Y/N smiled. Tonight was going to be fun.

Peter turned and looked at the clock to see it was one in the morning. All night was spent with him and Y/N getting to know each other,cracking jokes, and watching bad late night TV shows. It was like they had known each other for their entire lives. She fell asleep a while ago, her head resting on Peter’s chest, with a blanket wrapped securely around the pair. He sat there, playing with her hair, glad that he skipped Homecoming. Peter sighed contently, looking back up at the TV which now had the news on. A robbery at fifth and third. “Shit,” he muttered, moving Y/N off of his chest and onto the couch.

He dashed out her front door with only his backpack in hand, with his Spider-Man suit inside.

Y/N woke up 10 the next morning still on the couch, with all the snacks from last night littering the floor. It was fun hanging out with Peter. She was kind of happy that she didn’t spend Homecoming alone. She searched for her phone to check the time. Once she found the device she saw a text from Peter.

Hey, sorry I had to leave. My Aunt called me and said that I had to go back home. Maybe we can do this again sometime at my place?

Y/N smiled at the text. Maybe I can get the guy of my dreams, she thought as she typed a reply.

Yeah, that’d be awesome.

The Cure

Bucky Barnes x Reader Drabble

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader,  Steve Rogers  |  Word Count: 1493

Warnings: Nothing but fluff. A drabble. This is what happens when I’m bored. Spotify is my nemesis. The Cure by Lady Gaga

You looked up from your book when the door opened.

Bucky, in all his combat gear stumbled into your shared suite within the Avengers compound, shedding guns, gloves, and grenades with such disregard for their explosive nature it had you leaping to your feet. The look on his face spoke plainly of just how hard the latest mission had been.

Going to him, you grabbed for the belt he was getting ready to chuck across the room, the one with at least three grenades, and gently laid it over the back of the sofa. He went still, just stood there, shaking, breathing, anger radiating off him in waves.

Lifting your hand, you laid it gently against his clenched jaw. You only had one question. “Is everyone alright?”

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au prompt: Castle or Beckett is a secret service agent to President Castle or Beckett. who plays what role is up to you :)

The terrorist attack on the White House comes totally and utterly unexpected, in sync with the wave of horrific explosions and decimation sweeping over a slew of major cities across the nation.

And all he can think about is the job he’s had for the last four years: keeping her safe.

Rick Castle, head of the secret service team assigned to protect President Beckett, moves into action the second the missile hits the East Wing of the White House. He hustles Kate out of the Oval Office and scans his eyes over the unfolding chaos before it can touch her.

“Castle,” she gasps, jerking on his hand, slamming them both into the wall as a spray of bullets begina to rain through the air.

“Shit,” he breathes, withdrawing his own piece, aiding in the returning fire of his team, trying not to watch the bodies of government officials falling dead in the halls. “Go ahead of me. Keep going-”

“No,” she hisses, her fingers hooking at his forearm, and he growls, hates now more than ever how stubborn she is. 

“I’m covering you, go,” he commands, keeping both hands on his gun, his arms in position as she leads them down familiar corridors.

At least she knows the drill, isn’t trying to be a hero-

He hears her grunt, the slam of her body into another wall.

Castle immediately spins, sees her pinned by a man in all black riot gear and a gloved hand around Kate’s throat, a knife in the other.

Her knee pistons up into the man’s groin, has him doubling over just as Castle fires the shot into his head.

“Are you okay?” Castle questions, hearing the wheeze of her lungs as she coughs, but she’s already nodding, returning to the mission at hand, running.


She waits for Castle to unlock the panic room with his gun cradled in her palms, her heart rabbiting but her finger steady on the trigger as she waits with bated breath.

“Okay, we’re in. Hurry, before someone sees,” he murmurs, his hand at the small of her back.

Kate lowers the sig, but doesn’t give it back until they’ve slipped inside the secret room embedded into the wall, until the door that blends all too perfectly with the wall slides back into place. 

Castle is one of the only people on the planet who knows about the panic room, one of the selected few allowed to know, and probably the only person she’s always trusted would never turn on her. 

He proves her right.

Castle keeps one hand on her arm as they descend down the stairs, the pathway long and dark, foreboding. She feels the cool air embrace her the lower they travel, the weight of moisture clinging to her skin.

The underground safe room was built over a mile deep and by the time they finally reach the floor, the second security enclosed entryway, she’s panting.

“You okay?” he asks, his own breath quickened, his eyes glimmering in the barely lit corridor.

“Let’s just get inside,” she murmurs, but Castle lifts a hand to her face, his palm a familiar fit to her cheek.

“We’re surviving this, Kate.”

“Maybe, but no one else is,” she mutters, scraping a hand through her hair. “I ran like a coward. I’m supposed to keep these people, this country, safe-”

“By dying for your cause? Because that’s all you would have accomplished up there,” he reminds her with a narrowed look. “We’ve gone over this multiple times-”

“Doesn’t make it easier,” she snaps, stepping away from the caress of his hand and punching the code into the lockbox. “How long are we staying in here?”

“As long as it takes,” Castle sighs, following her in as the vaulted door swings open. He slams it shut behind him and enables every lock equipped to withstand all forms of enemies. “We should have electricity down here, so I can have eyes on the outside.”

She reclaims his hand again as they start down the final corridor that will lead them into a safe room the size of a studio apartment, stocked with food and weapons, and hopefully enough hard walls to keep them alive. 

He laces their fingers, squeezes a little too tight, but she welcomes his firm grip, the confirmation that they’ve survived. For now.


Kate is curled on the sofa against the wall, her heels and pantsuit gone in favor of jeans and a black sweater, boots better suited for running, fighting. He’s trained with her for years now, knows she can hold her own against a man twice her size. But right now, with a throw blanket he knows once belonged to her parents tugged up to her chin and her eyes so hollow, she looks so small, fragile.

Castle was recruited to lead the security team for President Beckett during her first month of presidency, his knowledge of terrorism after losing both his mother and daughter in the 9/11 attacks profound, aiding him in his career in counter-terrorism.

He didn’t want to work in secret service, to spend his days guarding some woman, but then he met her. He made the deal to work for a year with her and then act on the opportunity to return to his original unit. But after getting to know Kate Beckett, learning her story of rising from homicide detective to senator, the source of her drive born from the grief of losing her mother, he chose to stay.

He chose her, always her.

“Thank you,” she murmurs after he’s set up the security feed and finished sorting the guns and ammunition he stocked down here over a year ago.

Castle glances up from a pile of grenades, rises from his haunches, and mutes the monitor showing them a live feed of the horror unfolding across the property. “For what? Getting down here was a mutual effort.”

“For keeping me safe, not just today,” she answers, biting down on her bottom lip. “For making this job more bearable.”

“You’ve been an amazing leader, an extraordinary president,” he says, his brow still knit in confusion. Her job was the most stressful position in the world, but she’s good at it, and he thought she enjoyed it. “You’ve done right by the people, by justice. Today? This was completely out of your control, Kate.”

She sighs, not wholly convinced, and Rick crosses the room to ease down next to her. 

“Stop thinking like the president, hoarding all the guilt,” he murmurs, earning the turn of her gaze, the shift of her body towards him. “Just be a normal human being who survived nearly being assassinated. You’re alive, that’s all that matters.”

“What about you?” she inquires, her knees bumping his thigh as she faces him now. “Castle, I hate that your entire life has become centered around protecting me-”

“Even if this wasn’t my job, it’s what I’d be doing,” he states, shutting down that line of thinking before it can begin. “Keeping you safe… it’s all that matters to me. You’re - you already know.”

Kate raises her fingers to graze along his cheek and he catches the back of her hand, turns his lips into her palm. It’s been too long since he’s had the chance to touch her.

“I love you too,” she whispers, leaning in to nudge her nose to his cheek. She sighs out in familiar appreciation when he brushes his lips to her mouth, buries his fingers in her hair and deepens their kiss. 

Kate’s soft moan has him desperate for more, but he remains glued to the spot, waiting for her to make the first move even as he suckles on her bottom lip. All it takes is a stroke of his tongue over hers to gain the surge of her body in his arms. 

“I think it goes without saying that I’m done hiding it,” she mumbles, dragging him down on top of her, cradling his body in the embrace of hers.

“Good, because I wasn’t sure how we were going to make it another four years like this,” he breathes, smirking against her mouth when she chuckles. He chokes on a groan when her hands slide beneath his shirt, splay at his shoulder blades. “Kate, I should-”

“Remind me why I’m alive.” He drops his forehead to rest against hers, closes his eyes to the flames of sensation she elicits with the innocent touch of her fingers down his spine. But he’s helpless when her mouth opens beneath his, when her chest lifts to press against his. “Rick-”

“You’re alive because you’re too good to die,” he mumbles, kissing the skin between her brows, dusting his lips down her nose. The whimper that climbs her throat is muffled by the kiss he layers to her mouth. Her ribcage stutters beneath his hands as he skims his palms to her flesh, caresses the taut muscles and sinewy curves of her body. He should be watching the door, guarding her, but the world is crumbling around them and all he wants is this, her. “Because I love you too much to let you, Kate Beckett.”


She remains tangled with Castle on the couch for a long time. Her eyes often drift to the monitor on the table across the room, to the chaos that has gone quiet, but the White House grounds are still roamed by murderers. She knows she has responsibilities, duties as a leader of the country, but Castle has a point - the only thing she can accomplish by taking any course of action now would be adding to the bloodbath with self-sacrifice. 

Castle has explained their exit strategy and has plans to communicate - once the chances of having a phone call intercepted have lessened - with Ryan and Esposito. The two secret service agents have apparently owned a role in this emergency game plan concocted between her three men since the early days of her presidency.

“They love you too, you know,” he murmurs the explanation into her hair while he brushed his hand up and down her spine. 

She nods before lowering her head to his chest, fighting off thoughts of loved ones, her lack of them. Her mom’s been gone for fifteen years, her dad passed last September. Castle’s been without his eight year old daughter, Alexis, and his mother, Martha, since long before she ever knew him. 

The list of those she cares about has only continued to shrink, but her ferocity to protect those she has left has grown.

Kate curls in closer to him. “We’re a family.”

Castle’s fingers bury in her hair, circle along her scalp. “Does that explain why they call us mom and dad?”

She scoffs, turns her head to brush her upturned lips to his collarbone. 

“We have contacts across the globe,” he picks up, circling back to their original conversation. “They’ll send reinforcements. It’s just a waiting game right now.”

“If we get through this, I don’t want to run again,” she confesses, feeling him shift beneath her, attempting to catch a glimpse of her face, but she keeps her cheek pressed to the spot above his heart.

“This isn’t a new idea, is it?” he murmurs, curving his palm at her nape. She shakes her head.

“I want to change the world and I - I feel like I had a good run these last four years, but this job… I’m tired, Rick. And after this?” She sighs, unfurls her arms from her chest and lifts her head to meet his eyes. Soft and understanding and so very blue. “I just want to live for me for a little while. I want to go back to New York and collaborate with the NYPD again, I want - I want to get a loft in the city and a beach house in the Hamptons like the one you always gushed about-”

He huffs a laugh, his cheeks warming with a hint of color. Kate balances a hand on his chest, cranes her neck forward to rest her forehead to his, nudge her nose to his cheek.

“I want a life. With you.”

“All you’ve ever had to do is say the word,” he replies, stroking his thumb to the hollow spot at the base of her skull. “I want all of that and I - I want to try writing again.”

Kate sucks in a breath, can’t help the smile. He’s been writing her short stories for years now, snippets of characters and enticing political thrillers that she’s never been able to get enough of. His writing career was cut short after the national tragedy that took his family and she never questioned it, didn’t have to. But to witness his passion for the written word and weaving of a tale renewed… it has her heart fluttering with excitement.

“Man, we really have to make it now,” he chuckles, grinning at the press of her kiss to his mouth. 

“We’re going to make it. We’re going to stop the bastards who bombed my house, took strikes at our city, our country. We’re going to rise again as a nation, like we always do, and then you and I are getting our happily ever after,” she lists, feeling her heart skip and accelerate at how badly she wants it. “And years from now, you can publish a loosely inspired novel about it.”

“Ah, President Beckett, you get me.”

His phone buzzes from the pocket of his slacks and Rick quickly leans over to snag the device.

“It’s Esposito, we need to get ready,” he murmurs, his chest expanding with a deep breath as he lifts his eyes to hold her gaze. “You’re glued to me the second we step out of here. I’m not letting anything happen to you.”

“It’s mutual. I’ve got your back out there, Castle,” she reminds him, nodding her head towards the arsenal of weapons. “No more overprotective bullshit. You’re my partner.”

He sighs, but doesn’t argue. “Deal, Madam President.”

She shoves lightly on his shoulder as she reaches past him for her clothes. “And stop calling me that.”

Just That Simple - Shed Your Skin Part 4

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

A/N: Not my favourite thing I’ve ever written but it’s alright. If y’all don’t hate it too much I have an idea for part 5, I literally have no idea how this ended up so long it started out as two parts. 

Summary: Meeting the friends for the first time is always nerve wracking, even for a hardened gang member.

Word Count: 3,419

Warnings: Knives, swearing, gang mentions and I think that’s it.

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WELP I’m certainly not gonna be the first to say it but THIS TOOK TOO LONG.

I’m so sorry you guys but it is getting to be finals week at my school and that has taken up most of my time and I had a falling out with one of my friends which put me on absolutely no mood to write.

Thank you guys so much for sending me all of the lovely comments and I am sad to say that this series is coming to an end.

Scenario- the batfamily is hot on your trail maybe it’s good maybe it’s bad

Warning-cursing, slight violence.

You loved midway city. It wasn’t like Gotham with all of the caped crusaders and evil villains. It wasn’t like metropolis with all of the people full of hope and the man of steel. It wasn’t like central city with the man faster than time. It wasn’t Star city with the man who could shoot better than Apollo and Artemis.

It was midway city home to the ordinary people and no one in a cape, mask, cowl, or hood for miles around.

You had found a nice job at a pet shop. You had always loved animals especially when you were a kid. They weren’t good or bad, they didn’t have to worry about saving the world, their biggest concern was who is gonna feed them next?

You also worked on gaining back your muscles and started training again. Incase he ever came back you need to be prepared to go down with a fight.

You hadn’t forgot your old life. The scars wouldn’t ever let you. The scars from missions gone wrong, scars from injury on the job, and the scars from the torture that riddles your entire back.

The countless electric shock had torn up your back leaving big nasty angry sores and rips on your back.

You of course thought of pleasant memories of your past life. The love, the laughter, the friendships and the family.

You felt love when you saw Jason smile, the way his eyes would crinkle, his laugh lines appeared, and all of his worries were gone for just one second. He wasn’t the failed soldier. He wasn’t the mercenary that came back to life. He wasn’t the red hood who everyone feared. He was Jason Todd, your Robin, your favorite Robin. He was the moon in your stars, the one who made everything all right, even if the whole world was crashing down.

You knew the laughter that haunted your mind. The countless nights of patrolling with Dick and his stupid jokes, when Damian and Tim would bicker for hours on end and come up with the dumbest of insults. When Bruce would be so sleep deprived he would fall asleep in the most random places of the manor, the time he fell asleep in the back of the limo was your favorite. The time Barbara and Stephanie did a entire commentary on the boys bickering, which had you rolling on the floor.

You remember the family and friendships you would never be able to feel again. The time you saw Damian watching a old movie that had been a favorite of yours so you sat down quietly in the entertainment room and watched it with him, soon Dick and Barbara followed, then Tim came in with Stephanie and lastly Jason who made sure to sit next to you. Titus was on the floor with Alfred the cat when you noticed Bruce had crept in and was sitting at the back of the entertainment room behind Dick and Barbara.

You remember waking up hours later with your head on Jason’s chest and his arms wrapped around your shoulders with his faces snuggled into the top of your head. You looked up and saw Tim and Stephanie asleep on the other end of the couch with Barbara and Dick on the couch right behind them. Bruce had fallen asleep with his arms crossed and leaning backwards on the seat, somehow even sleeping, he looked scary.

Damian apparently had gotten tired of Dick laying against him and moved to the floor with Alfred the cat and Titus as a pillow. Alfred (the man) must have come in last night because you all had blankets draped over you. You layed you head back down on Jason’s warm chest, you felt safe and secure, something you longed for now, and went back to sleep. That was family. That was your friendship.

You were currently at your new job, the local pet store and talking to your new found friend, (y/f/n).

“That’s what I said.” You friend laughed as you both walked around the play pins filled with puppies. You knew if Damian was here he would try to buy them all.

“I can’t believe he would do something like that.” You said completely astonished by your friends story.

“See, now you understand my world.” Your friend said and threw her hands up in exasperation as you chuckled. In ways she reminded you a lot of dick.

You were about to tell her of a similar experience you had when she stopped and looked at the tv screen that was in the corner of the room.

“Damn, I remember I use to have a huge crush on him when I was a teenager.” She said in the most lovey dovey voice she could manage. You rolled your eyes and looked at the tv.

“Tragic robbery gone wrong, only serious injury is son of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson.” The big news anchor said in a musky voice.

You could hear him drone on and on about what happened but you could only hear the blood in your ears rushing and your heart beat going in and out. You gripped so tight onto the counter top you felt like your fingers were going to break. You kneeled on the floor and closed your eyes.

“(Y/n) are you ok, what’s going on?” Your friend questioned and crouched next to you and put her hands on your shoulders.

“Where is he being treated, what hospital?” You grounded out as you felt your heart crack and countless memories of Dick flood in.

“Wayne memorial, oh my god, (y/n), do you know him?” She said concerned and put her hand over her heart in astonishment.

“I won’t be in tomorrow.” You said as you stood up and balanced yourself on the countertop.

Before she could get a word in you were already gone. You ran down the sidewalk to your apartment that was just a block away from your job.

You ran up to your room after saying a very quick hello to your elderly neighbor. You quickly grabbed your over night bag which had your eskrima sticks and a change of clothes with 500 dollars in it.

You never knew what would happen if you went back to Gotham, but you made sure you were well prepared for any possible situation.

You quickly put on a pair of black combat boots and kept on your blue jeans from work. You put on your black leather jacket and pulled your hair into a pony tail adding a black baseball cap. You grabbed the keys to your bike and ran out the door with your overnight bag.

You weren’t thinking when you got on your bike, took off your cap, pulled on your helmet and took off in the direction of Gotham. You’re entire body was on autopilot, you only had one goal, get to Gotham and see if Dick was ok.

The only time the news reported on any of the bat kids was when they were in the hospital. Except when it said that they were in a car crash, it really means that, Two face, hit one of them with his car.

When they were in a “robbery” it means they were shot so bad Alfred couldn’t fix them and they needed professional hospital help.

You probably broke all of the speed limits getting to Gotham. When you finally pulled into the hospital car park, it was pitch black outside. You pulled your bag tightly over your shoulder and pulled on your baseball cap after you pulled off your helmet.

You sped walked to the hospital stairs and jogged up to the lobby. You looked around the corner before going into the main section, no batfam or joker minions in sight, so you’re all good for now.

You quickly walked to the front desk and pulled on your game face. You fell forward over the desk and put your hands over your face and let out tiny sobs.

“Umm honey can I help you?” A small older lady nurse asked from behind the counter who put her hand on your forearm in a gesture of comfort.

“I-it’s my brother Richard, h-he was shot this morning and I-i just got into town and oh my god is -is he alright.” You whimpered as tears streaked down your face.

“Ok honey, let’s just see what room he is in and you can go see for yourself, what’s his last name?” She asked very soflty and started to type on the key board.

“G-grayson.” You said with a loud sob at the end causing people to look at you in pity.

“Ok honey, here he’s in room 908 on the 5th floor, the elevators are right there.” She said and pointed to the back of the room where two silver elevators stood.

“Oh thank you so much dear, bless you, bless you.” You said and turned around to go to the elevator.

You wiped the tears off your cheeks and smirked, you still had it. She never would have told you what room he was in, unless you were family and now you were.

You pushed the 5th floor button and fixed the rest of your face while the elevator brought you up. You were going to be in and out of his room, them back to Midway city, to live your life. You walked down the hallway that only had a few other nurses walking up and down to check on other patients.

You stopped in front of room 908 and let out a deep breath praying that Dick was passed out. You quietly opened the door and noticed the lights weren’t on at all. You quickly slipped in and shut the door not wanting the nurse to see you. You went to flip one of the light switches, when someone grabbed your wrist.

You gasped and latched onto there hand pulling them into you and sliding your hand up there shoulders ramming there stomach into your knee. You kicked them backwards as two people grabbed both of your elbows.

“Not to-motherfucking-day.” You said and bent both of your arms outwards and grabbed onto both of the attackers hair and brought there skulls smashing forward against each other with a sickening crack. They crumpled on the floor below you as you could feel someones presence behind you.

You turned around and kicked your left leg around the assailants neck and put you hands on his head and pulled your other leg around his neck so both of you legs were locked behind his neck and pulled forward on his hair causing him to go tumbling forward and you put your foot on his chest and kicked him off of you so he landed on the opposite wall with a loud groan. You quickly got off of the ground and stood in the middle of the room.

You weren’t sure how many attackers there were, so you had to stay alert.

“Yeah you piece of clown scumbag, I’m a bit stronger than last time.” You said and roundhouse kicked the other figure that was approaching on your left and kicked them in the chest so they flew to the other side of the room.

You took a few steps back and rested your hand on a metal bar that wrapped around the room so injured patients could walk around. You took a deep breath as you felt a panic attack coming on, you went to open the door and leave Gotham behind forever. You felt a cold metal wrap around your wrist and a clicking sound. You pulled your wrist as fast as you could but couldn’t seeing as how they were probably attached to the metal pole, you were stuck.

“Oh you fucking coward, if you’re going to drag me down to hell, at least let me defend myself.” You growled out as you kept on high apart with both fists clenched.

“Looks like you don’t need any help defending yourself.” You heard a familiar rough gravely voice say before the lights flicked on.

“What, what why? Why would you handcuff me?” You questioned in complete shock then you remembered, you’re the jokers daughter of course they’re going to handcuff you.

“We weren’t sure if you would try to run.” The same voice said, which belonged to Bruce Wayne.

Bruce stood in front of you with Barbara who was holding a small silver key, presumably to the handcuff that had confined you to the metal bar.

Tim and Dick were on the floor holding there heads while Stephanie checked on both of them.

Damian was half way on the other side of the room where you kicked him and Jason was sitting up against the wall with his helmet on the floor, rubbing his chest and looking at the ceiling.

You felt your eyes go wide as the entire batfamily assembled in front of you holding there injuries. You looked at Jason was had a poker face on and looked back at you dead in the eyes.

“You know I’ll escape before you have the chance to take me to arkham, so why don’t you just knock me out now and it will be easier for both of us.” You said turning away from Jason and looking Bruce in the eye.

“What are you talking about?” Damian questioned in annoyance while rubbed his head.

“Oh come on, you just found the jokers daughter who has been under your nose for years, I suppose this is where you take me to Arkham to live out the rest of my days in a padded cell.” You said in a stiff tone and looked at everyone, who all just stared back at you.

“(Y/n) you’re family, we would never do that to you, we know you did what you did for good reasons.” Dick said and stepped forward to get a better look at you.

You laughed a little bit and covered your mouth with your wrist.

“You do realize that you’re all standing in a hospital in full costume just to drag me to arkham, I feel so honored.” You said in a dark tone and leaned against the wall with a bored expression, while your heart broke.

“For the last time (y/n) we aren’t taking you to arkham, the only reason we are mad is because you didn’t come back, we thought you were dead.” Stephanie said in a harsh tone. You looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Why didn’t you come back (y/n), we’re family, we’re there for each other through everything.” Tim said in a heart wrenching tone.

“I couldn’t face you guys, I couldn’t look you guys in the eyes knowing I lied to you guys for years and put innocent people in danger, I knew you wouldn’t look at me the way you did before, it wouldn’t be the same.” You said as you finally broke and a tear ran down your face. You looked to the floor, as they all looked at you, you didn’t want to see the hatred in there eyes.

“Leave.” You heard the most familiar voice say from the back of the room. The voice that sounded like home.

“What?” Dick said confused.

“Let us talk, Babs give me the key and leave.” He said and held his gloved hand out to her.

Barbara looked to Bruce. He nodded slowly and walked over to open the window where the bat-jet was waiting. Barbara handed over the key and looked at you one last time before she followed the rest of the batkids out of the window. You shut your eyes as the window closed and you absolutely dreaded this moment. You were alone with Jason, for the first time since he found out you were related to the guy who killed him.

“You’re right, we wouldn’t have seen you the same way ever again.” He said and looked at you with the same poker face he had all night. You cast your eyes to the floor as your heart fell into your stomach.

“We would have seen you so much better. You somehow have become the best most amazingly fantastic person, I have ever met and this only makes you more extraordinary. You have come from and been though so much shit in your life, yet you never fail to be kind and put others before yourself countless upon dozens of times.” He said as he got closer to you and cupped your face in his hands making you look up into his bright green eyes, he had a small smile on his face which made your heart inflate.

“You have made me fall utterly, blissfully, and truly in love with you, regardless if you’re the jokers daughter or not because to me you will always be (y/n) (y/l/n) the girl I have been madly in love with and the one I will always be in love with.” He said as he un-cuffed you and pulled you into a bear hug that lifted you off the ground.

“Oh Jason,I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I should have come back.” You said and sobbed into the crook of his neck. You held on tight to him, like he was the only thing keeping you on this earth.

“I though you died and I just, I didn’t know what to do (y/n), what could I have done?” He said as his voice cracked and you moved your head out of the crook of his neck and he put you back on the ground.

You reached up and wiped the tears out from under his eyes and gave him a small smile through your tears.

“Well I’m here now, so don’t think about, I’m here and I’m not going away for a long time. I love too much to leave again.” You said and caressed his face as he leaned down and kissed you so passionately, you thought you were going to fall down.

You could feel the emotions of the past 7 years flowing out in the kiss, all of the pain, the happiness and the laughter was all there. All of the built up compassion was released in that one blissfully perfect moment.

You leaned back down because sadly humans need to breath and leaned your head against Jason’s chest.

“Hey Jason.” You said timidly into his chest as you wrapped your arms around him his torso.

“Yeah babydoll?“ He asked softly and kissed the top of your head, as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders.

“I think I found my family.” You said softly and looked up at him with a smile as a sly grin spread over his face.

“You sure did baby, you sure did.” He said with a chuckle and leaned down to kiss you again.

Unbeknownst to you one roof top over the entire batfamily was cheering and clapping. You see, Jason had left his microphone on so they heard everything and Dick had won a bet against Tim and Damian.

The girls squealed as they saw you and Jason kissed while Damian just snarled at the scene but everyone knew he was happy.

Lastly Bruce smiles down at the two of you knowing he made one good thing happen in yours and Jason’s life.

It matters to me - King Arthur x fem!reader oneshot

Fanfiction Title: It matters to me

Fandom: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

Pairing: King Arthur x fem!reader

Rating: Mature

Warnings: mentions of physical abuse, mentions of sexual abuse

Summary: You and Arthur grew up together in the brothel in Londinium. When you were old enough, you got into the same business as all the other girls, which included sometimes getting hit in the face by customers. Arthur never liked seeing any of the girls getting beaten and looked after you and the others. Now, he’s the new king of Camelot and he doesn’t want you out on the streets again.

Word count: 1058 words

Read on ao3

A/N: Aaaand another one. Whoops. This was supposed to be pure fluff, but instead turned into something else… (Also, I might write a second part to this, if I get any ideas.)

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Hong Dabin • Contagious Chemistry

Like legit nobody asked but I’m feeling him right now and think he deserves more appreciation + he’s going to release a new song so why the hell not.

Y’all know the drill, don’t sleep on them and give them all the support and love they truly deserve.

Originally posted by clubeskimo

Genre Fluff - Mature
Word Count 3.5K


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Pillow Talk With B.A.P

What would pillow talk with them be like?

Yongguk – Once he’s done in the studio for the night he’d join you in bed where you were reading. Lying on his back he’d pull you to rest in the crook of his arm, you lying face up as well, head on his shoulder as you both stare at the ceiling. Yongguk wants to soak in your presence so he would constantly be running his hands languidly up and down your arms and sides. If he was feeling playful he might slot your fingers together and stretch your arms out to see how much farther his reach was. Mostly though he’d want to hold onto you by just wrapping you in a bear hug while you lay against him, or rest his hands on your abdomen. It would be his ultimate sanctuary, something he looked forward to everyday. Talk wouldn’t be restricted by topic but if he started to get frustrated by something it wouldn’t take much from you to soothe him.

Himchan – You would be his security blanket. He doesn’t like to sleep with the lights off so if being with you broke him of that habit he’d curl himself into you, wanting to smell and feel you all around him. It’s not a scared of the boogey man in the closet thing, it’s about the ultimate vulnerability you have when sleeping. Himchan needs a safe place to relax and just be himself without putting on a show, and that bed with you in it would be that place. He wouldn’t really want to talk about heavy issues, in fact he’d rather just listen to your voice, letting it lull him to sleep. While away on tour he’d revert back to sleeping with the lights on, but it would be so much worse because it would just highlight the fact that you weren’t there.

Daehyun – It’d almost feel like a slumber party every night. His eyes would light up as he told you about his day and their adventures. You’d hear everything you ever wanted to know about all the members, especially Youngjae. Teasingly you’d mention it felt like you’re dating the whole group since you know all their movements and quirks which would garner a pout from your boyfriend. You’d have to give him several little pecks to bring back his smile. Finally when he starts to wind down, the shine would begin to fade from his eyes, his voice would soften and slur and he’d fall asleep on his favorite body pillow: you.

Youngjae – If you’re talking in bed he’d want to face you as each of you share your day. He’s the type that genuinely wants to know about your life, even the minutia, and if he can help you with anything. As soon as it was time to sleep he’d move into position to spoon. Youngjae has a very romantic mentality and he’d want to feel like he was caring for and protecting you even in repose. He wants to be your perfect prince that you rely on so this would reflect in his physical actions as well. Tucked up against each other, feeling like everything he needs in this world was all safe and snug in his arms, it wouldn’t take him long to drift off.  

Jongup – The two of you would lie facing each other. It would be a time for talking about everything and nothing. Jongup would want to see your face and expressions even if it made him feel vulnerable about being so open with his own. It wouldn’t be uncommon for him to drop his eyes and bow his head a little if he felt he couldn’t get his words out right to express appropriately what he’s trying to say. Stroking his shoulder or face you’d whisper, I understand, and his look of relief would make you smile because he knows you get him like no one else. When your eyes start to droop he’d bring you closer to himself, tucking your head under his chin so he can feel your soft, warm breath on his collarbones as you held on to each other.

Zelo – Junhong would want to use this time to talk about goals and dreams, both his and yours. He might be a little restless as he talks over his ideas with you. He’d change positions often and prop his head up on his arm for a while then switch to laying sprawled eagle, leaving you to find room for yourself around his long limbs, which would secretly not so secretly amuse him. Then like a loaded spring trap he’d snatch you up and roll both of you on your sides as you laugh. He would just want to be happy and relaxed with you, and view it as a special place. It would upset him greatly if the two of you ever went to bed angry. To the point he’d do whatever he could to resolve the issue before you said goodnight.

Mystic Messenger Male! Mc: Transfer Your Cold To Me (Jumin x Male MC)

Do you take Requests? If so, could I if you dont mind & if Im allowed, Request a JuminxSickMaleReader? Like its summer and the MR is sick with a (really) high fever and Jumin takes care of him, like the good Boyfriend he is! And fluff! Sorry for bothering you with it!

My notes: Lol good thing you specified fluff (and that I reread it a bunch of times) cuz I was about to get keeerazzzy! 


It had started off as just a small headache. Then he got a little achy. And then he was sneezing. No big deal, he said to himself, just take some Nyquil and sleep. He didn’t want to get sick, especially not now. A chocolate festival was coming to the city, something that everyone had been talking about ever since he moved to Korea. Everyone in the RFA was oogling about it. Even the recluse Yoosung was going, hell even Jumin seemed a bit intrigued by it, after Zack showed interest of course, but nonetheless it seemed to be a big deal. It was a summer festival that was held indoors inside a nice, air conditioned building. 

Well of course, as Lady Luck was so kind to play him this hand, he was sicker than a dog. He was running a high fever and was simultaneously cold as ice and hot as a furnace. He had the chills and was constantly thirsty but too tired to drink. He apologized groggily and in broken Korean how sorry he was they couldn’t go. 

“Stop apologizing.” Jumin said as he wetted a cold washcloth. “I want you to get better. I’ve never seen you this sick before.” He frowned as he squeezed the cloth. 

“I…know…” Zack coughed violently. “This..is the sickest I’ve ever been.” He groaned as his head pounded against his skull. “Ugh…talk to me…in English. I can’t even think.” 

Jumin placed the cold washcloth on his head and smiled a bit at the sight of relief on Zack’s face. “How are you feeling?” Jumin asked in English. 

“Like hell.” Zack groaned again as he felt sweat roll down his neck. “Like complete hell.” He shook his head. “I don’t even know…what I caught…” 

“Perhaps… a student? Or a child on the train?” 

Zack shook his head. “Maybe…it’s all…it’s all hot in the…” He coughed again and rolled over in pain, “ugh.” 

Jumin knelt down in front of him with a look of complete worry. “Please, are you okay?” 

Zack shook his head. “I…feel so hot…I think I’m gunna be sick!” He sprinted up, feeling dizzy and delirious as he ran to the bathroom and retched. “Ugh…fuck…this isn’t a flu it’s a damn migraine.” He pressed his head to the edge of the toilet bowl. 

Jumin ran up to him and patted his shoulder. “Are you going to throw up again?” He said gently as he rubbed tiny circles into his back. 

Zack sighed happily and shook his head. He reached up and flushed the toilet. “I.. I should brush my teeth.” He turned away from Jumin. “Sorry…” 

Jumin chuckled, although forced as his face was painted in worry, “Don’t worry about things like that. I want you to focus on getting better. Let’s change your clothes and get you into bed.” He carefully helped Zack up and guided him to the circular bed. He helped him change wiping down his torso with a towel taking off the layer of sweat and put him into one of his shirts. Zack was smaller than he so his clothes fit looser allowing, to what he hoped, more comfort. Before he was even finished with helping him Zack fell into deep sleep. Jumin tucked him in with a  throw blanket made entirely of Alpaca wool, to help keep in the heat. He kept Zack’s feet exposed to help with the airflow and left the room. 

Well now, it was time to make something for the young man. If his migraine persisted he would most likely keep vomiting. He walked out to his kitchen only to find his own personal chef wasn’t in. In fact, most of the staff wasn’t in today. A security officer called and notified Jumin that a flu was going around. Ah…He cursed himself for not persisting Zack to go get his flu shot. He knew he hated the place and avoided going at all costs, but… Jumin sighed. Look to what it had come to. Feeling glum about it Jumin started making porridge and sighed as he looked at the Chocolate Festival flier. 



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Marvin the Magnificent Headcanons

-Marvin is horribly afraid of heights. (That was my first ever headcanon for him. Dunno why.)

-Marvin has actual magic powers, and the strength of his powers depend on his popularity in the fandom. If he isn’t very popular or well known, he is weak. If he gets a lot of popularity, like the same level as Anti, then he is incredibly powerful.

-Marvin is a seer, and can see into the future. (When he is weak he can only do things like palm readings and cards, but when he is powerful he can see far enough into the future to predict his damn grandchildren’s deaths.)

-Marvin and Jackaboy Man are best platonic bros. They are sickeningly adorable, and  do things like cuddle and watch movies on the couch together.

-Marvin likes fire. He isn’t a pyromaniac, but he can manipulate it no matter what power level he is at. Marvin is also fireproof, and has freaked out people by lighting himself on fire before. (”But it tickles!”)

-Marvin has a tattoo of all four card suits on his forehead, equivalent to the ones on his mask.

-Marvin is a huge Harry Potter fan, and if you say anything about it he will not shut up for hours.

-Marvin’s cape is actually a blanket that he loved as a child. It was a security item, and he never grew out of it. Later, to prevent being asked why he always carried a blanket with him everywhere he went, he tailored it into the cape he has today.

-He loves classical music! (His favorite song is Fur Elise by Ludwig Van Beethoven.) He even plays the violin!

 -Marvin loves the movie “Now You See Me” to bits!

@magic-marvin-protection-patrol What do you think? (Sorry I keep tagging you in stuff.)

Patient Man

Originally posted by lunarjun

a/n: requested by anon who wanted a long distance type of scenario with Seungcheol

Genre: Angst to Fluff

Warnings: None

It was 1 in the morning, wrapped securely in his warm blanket, Seungcheol blinked repeated as the brightness of his cell phone reflected on his face. It was currently noon for you who was currently residing in New York City, Seungcheol crinkles his nose, trying to keep his eyes open as his phone rings constantly.

He was patiently waiting for you to answer the videocall. Seungcheol missed you more than anything in the entire world, he missed your touch, your warmth, your laughter. He misses the way you hand played with his hair in bed, the way your head tilted back whenever you giggled or laughed, the way your hands cannot sit still and he’d always hear the light tapping against a table in his still apartment.

pick up pick up pick up pick up

His phone buzzes and Seungcheol smiles for a split second until the screen reverts back to the message page.

Could not reach the person you are trying to call. Call back or Call another time.

Seungcheol shuts off his phone, he pushes it onto the lamp desk next to him. He rolls onto his side, staring emptily at the unoccupied space of the bed.

When you accepted the job in America, Seungcheol was ecstatic for you. He picked you up in your arms, ran all around the apartment complex while screaming congratulations. It was a temporary position, supposed to only be for six months and in those six months, you visited Seungcheol once a month.

Once a month he got you in his arms for 2 days. Once a month, he got to kiss your lips that stained his mouth of cherry lipgloss. He got to drag his hand along the outline of your body, he got to tug needless clothings and pepper with sweetness in bed. It was once a month at the got to wrap his arms around your back, your back hitting his chest and he whispers sweet nothings in your ear.

Seungcheol thought six months was nothing. After six months you would come back home to his arms and you and Seungcheol would fall back into the normal pattern of waking up together. But six months turned out to be three months ago. The once a months had suddenly halted itself four months prior to that and you began to state that you were busy.

‘Seungcheol i’m so sorry I can’t come this month, I have a deadline to meet’

‘There’s a meeting the next day and I can’t come’

‘Seungcheol please don’t me mad at me’

The excuses began to drive him mad. Here and there all he ever did was wait patiently for you. He did everything for you. Seungcheol adjusted his sleeping schedule, always planned his breaks to coincide with yours, always left work early just to spend five minutes with you on a call that you never pick up. And when you do, there’s always an excuse to end it early.

Seungcheol was done. He was tired of waiting, he was done being the hurt puppy sitting at the door eagerly waiting for the his owner to return home only to receive a pat on the head and nothing else. No matter how much he loved you, how much he wished he could drop everything and fly to New York himself, Seungcheol knew he couldn’t spend his time waiting for someone he doesn’t know when would come back.

It’s two in the morning now. Seungcheol’s phone buzzes as the light fills the dark room. Seungcheol groans, rolling around in his large bed, he slaps his hand on his phone. His eyes adjusting to the brightness and his heart thumps. Your contact picture shows on the screen and he’s almost ready to burst into tears.

“hello? Seungcheol?”

The video call on his end is dark due to the timezones, but Seungcheol is staring at you who’s face brightens up the screen, it feels like it had been years since he’d seen you. Your face looks thinner, your make up a different style, the earrings you’re wearing looks to be new.

“Yeah it’s me. It’s just dark in my room. You know, it’s two am after all.”

Your smile causes his heart to clench and he thinks, this may be the last time he gets to see it.

“Right. I forgot. I’m on break right now. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your call before, I was in a meeting”


Seungcheol shakes his head, “No, it’s alright. I understand.”

A breath of relief escapes from you, “I knew you would. Let me tell you all about my day, so–”

“Actually, we need to talk.” Seungcheol cuts you off and you tilt your head on the other end, waiting patiently for his words. He’s quiet, his voice meek, feeling as though he’s the smallest person in the world in that moment, “I think we should—–”

“Don’t.” Seungcheol is startled by your words. He can see your eyes softening and it hints with sadness, “I know. I know I keep giving you excuses, I know we don’t have time to see each other let alone call. I know how much this affects you but please don’t.” Seungcheol notices your eyes watering and he suddenly feels like a giant jerk.

You awkwardly laugh, bringing your free hand to clear your eyes of tears, “I miss you so much Seungcheol. I miss your lame dad jokes and how you put everything on the top shelf so I have to ask you for help. Oh god, I miss your hugs and kisses so much.”

Seungcheol slowly grins, a slow breath passes his lips and when silence fills the screen. Seungcheol’s eyes set lovingly on yours, the question he ask sets your heart on fire.

“So how was your day.”

One year. It was a little over a year since you accepted that temporary job position. Six months since you were originally suppose to be home. Eight months since he had last seen you in person.

Palms sweaty, Seungcheol nervously picks at the ends of his shirt. He watches the doors open and people flooding out. Eyes scan the entire room, darting left from right and his shoulders slump for a minute when he sees the crowd dwindling. When all hope is almost gone, that’s when everything moves slow.

You step out, dragging along your luggage behind you. A pair of sunglasses are decked on top of your head, your hair seemingly shorter than he had remembered a year ago. Your eyes scan the room that is slowly dispersing of people, and when you finally catch his, there’s a click. A switch is turned and the slowness quickens.

You’re running, your bag desperately trying to keep up with you before it falls to the ground, landing with a small thud. And you’re embracing the patient man. Seungcheol chuckles when you dive into his arms, your face buried into the safe chest of his that covers your silent sobs.

“Why are you crying?” Seungcheol grins when he pulls your face up, hands resting on your cheek, he using his thumbs to wipe away the tears.

“I missed you so much idiot.” Your words are joined with hard breathing and a few hiccups.

The grin on your face leaves you breathless. Your bury your face again into the chest of Seungcheol’s and he places a kiss to the top of your head, his hand rubbing your back reassuringly.

“Let’s go home.”

Just Hold On

Request: Can you please do an imagine where the reader(female) is in the van in the S-6 finale and Daryl is in bad shape. You find him a blanket and hold him until dwight gets them out after Abe’s chosen Daryl passes out you help care for him at hilltop when Daryl realizes whats going on hes shocked to find out you caring for him.He thought you hated him. You found his scars and he opens up to you.You have always loved him but he’s always so mean. Please=super awkward Daryl Fluff comfort/care love

A/N: Super excited to be writing again tbh

     “Just hold on, just a little bit longer,” you whisper, emotion spilling into every word you said to Daryl. He was covered in his own blood and shallow breaths were the only response you got. You could tell he was close to blacking out. Your arms were wrapped around his much larger frame, keeping the blanket secure while his head rested on your chest. The hunter didn’t acknowledge you, most likely in a world of his own pain, just trying to hold on to the thin line of consciousness he had left. 

     You were gently running your fingers through his hair, attempting to bring yourself some serenity as the man you loved was bleeding out in your arms. Tears were no stranger to your face in this moment; you were desperately praying to whoever, whatever was out there that Daryl would survive. You couldn’t let him die, not now.  

     The love for him blossomed back at the CDC. You don’t know what did it, maybe it was his fierce determination to keep everyone safe, but you knew in that moment that you fell hard. It continued at the farm, growing more and more. Although you were undeniably attached to this man, you never got too close. You knew this love was one-sided, that he only felt your presence bothersome. Every time you approached him, he’d snap or give you stares that froze the courage in your body.

     But now, he was weak and letting you take care of him. You were whispering reassurances in his ear that you would keep him alive and that he didn’t have to worry when the truck lurched forward and stopped. A groan escaped Daryl’s lips from the sudden motion.

      Then the doors swung open to reveal Dwight. He yanked Daryl out of your arms and then pulled you as well. That’s when you saw it.

     Your family was lined up, all on their knees. 

     Dwight pushed Daryl to the left while you got tugged to the right by another arm. You were forced to fall to your knees next to Carl, who gave you a sympathetic but intense look. 

      You glance to the hunter, aching to be by his side and protect him from harm. He was looking at you already, fear evident in his eyes, making you feel terrified of what was to come.

     And then the trailer door opened.

     Sobs came from everywhere once Negan and his men left you all there, taking in the sight of Abraham’s mangled body. Rick looked defeated at this point, slowly taking in what happened. 

     You couldn’t look at the body, not without feeling a wave of sickness wash over you. You couldn’t look at your dead friend, not after what Negan did to him. 

      So instead you look at Daryl who was silently crying, unable to move. You were the first to stand, rushing over to Daryl who looked on the brink of something deadly. You sit and cradle his head on your lap while you both cry. But mere moments later, Daryl was closing his eyes, igniting panic in your body.

     “No Daryl,” you said firmly, “you have to stay awake.” you knew what could happen if he fell asleep, you knew you could lose the person you loved.

     Instead, he drifted off into a deep, blood-loss induced sleep.

     The journey to Hilltop was excruciating; everyone was haunted by the images of the barbed wired bat striking Abraham’s head again and again while none of you could do a single damn thing.

     Daryl’s arm was slung around your shoulders as you helped his half conscious state move forward. His groans were the only sounds that came from your group, all too traumatized to speak. You were struggling to keep him standing, but the thought of him dying fueled your determination to get to Hilltop.

     Once you saw the gates, you almost cried from relief.  

     You rushed, trying to half drag the hunter’s bloody form into Hilltop as they opened the gates to you and your broken down family.

     Daryl was in pain. He could feel every muscle cause a splinter of fire to travel to his wound. He was met with lights above his head and a bed under his body. But also, there was a pressure on his legs.

     His eyes traveled down to find you, clutching his hand and sleeping on his lap. A frown was on your lips, making you look distressed, even in sleep.

    “She hasn’t left, you know.” Daryl glanced to the doorway, finding Maggie standing there. He looked down at you, taking in the sight of your angelic face breathing in and out. After getting no response, Maggie spoke again. “She dragged you here and wouldn’t eat or drink or shower until she knew you were getting treated. I suggest you thank her when she wakes.” And with that, Maggie left Daryl alone with you.

     He hesitantly brought his other hand to your hair, combing it out of your face. He absentmindedly ran his fingers through your hair while you continued to sleep. Daryl thought you hated him. You avoided him at every cost, acting like he was the big bad wolf. He was shocked that you were caring for him.

     You did wake though, briefly forgetting everything that happened; you woke up warm and nothing seemed wrong. But then it all crashed into place. The truck. Daryl. Negan. The bat. Abraham. The struggle to get to Hilltop. Everything just started hitting you hard, one by one. 

     “Uh, you okay?” 

     Then you realized you dozed off on Daryl’s lap. Heat flooded your face as you brought your head up. “I’m so sorry Daryl. I really didn’t mean to.”

     “’S alright.” He muttered, looking anywhere but you. Awkward silence filled the air as you struggled to find something, anything to say. Daryl beat you to it though when he said, “Thank you. For what you did. Maggie told me.”

     You nodded, saying that it wasn’t a problem and that he would’ve done the same for everyone else. Guilt was eating you up, though. You helped change his shirt and you knew you saw something you weren’t supposed to. You had a feeling you knew what happened and your heart broke every time you thought of someone hurting your Daryl.

Not your Daryl, you corrected yourself.

     “Daryl,” you said slowly, “I saw your back and I swear it will stay between us. You don’t even have to tell me what happened.” You looked back up, expecting an angry glare. Instead, you found a soft expression fall over his features.

     “’S not your fault. It was my dad. Used to hit me ‘n Merle when he was drunk.” Daryl said quietly. You nodded, not sure of what to say. Again, Daryl filled the silence with a question. “Why did you do all this?”

     “You would’ve done it too.”

     “That’s not the reason.”

     You sighed, knowing that even when injured, the archer was hard-headed. “I’m in love with you. I have been for a while now.”

     You dared to peek at the hunter’s face. He was wearing a confused look, almost doubting. “I thought you hated me.”

     “No,” you insisted. “I thought you hated me, so I stayed away.”

     He softly smiled. “Couldn’ hate you if I tried.” You gave him a smile as well, as much as a smile you can give after everything that happened. “I think I might be in love with you too.”

     And that night, you slept next to Daryl, shielding him from the evils of the world you lived in, while he gathered you into his arms as best he could. That night you got the best sleep you had gotten in a while.

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How about some v3 guys cuddling their female S/O?

Coming right up! It wasn’t specified if you wanted scenarios or headcanons, so I did headcanons with a female s/o, even though it’s not explicitly said.

-Mod Ouma

Shuuichi Saihara:
- He doesn’t mind if he’s the one being held or if he’s holding you.
- The most common place that you two cuddle is in his library.
- He was probably there before you and sitting in one of the loveseats before you sat next to him.
- He could tell the moment you meant against him that you wanted his attention.
- So, he placed his book, pages down, on the side table and shuffled around with you until you were both in a comfortable position before grabbing his book and continuing to read.
- Yeah he’s not staying awake for long after that. Within a few minutes both of you are asleep; your head on Shuuichis chest and his hand on your back with a book on his face.
- However on some days, when he comes home and finds you just sat watching TV, he looks really tired so obviously cuddles are the solution-
- He falls asleep on you… not that you mind~

Rantarou Amami:
- The most common place you two cuddle is in bed.
- Rantarou likes to have you lay against one side of him, practically covering half his body while he’s on his back, arm wrapped around your waist.
- Best cuddles are sleepy cuddles.
- Sometimes, he doesn’t mind if you just come and sit in his lap and lean into him for some cuddles.
- He’s also a big fan of spooning!
- He prefers to be the big spoon.
- There’s something about the feeling of protection he’s able to give in this position that he absolutely loves.
- Rantarou loves to entangle your legs with his and hold your hands in some way when he’s spooning.
- Honestly, this boy could cuddle for his whole life, he makes for a good pillow.

Kokichi Ouma:
- Nishishishi~
- This boy proclaims to be the best cuddler ever-
- Now let me tell you something. This boy is the little spoon.
- Don’t get him wrong, he like to be the big spoon and tells everyone that he’s the big spoon. But more often then not, he’s the little spoon.
- He loves the sense of security he gets from it. His worries and stresses can wash away for this moment.
- However. This is Kokichi Ouma we’re talking about.
- He’ll tease you throughout the day and if you’re the little spoon that day… prepare for everything he could possibly tease you on to be mentioned.
- Nishishi, If you even rub him the wrong way he’ll straight up accuse you of deliberately trying to tease him and arouse him.
- But in the moments before sleep, all is quite and you can just hear a small murmur of “I love you…”

Kaito Momota:
- Not even kidding, you can’t escape the coat.
- Loves to hold you and have you against his chest because then he can take his coat and wrap it around both of you.
- Kaito is enamoured by your hair when you cuddle and will play with it, whether you’re awake or not.
- If you say you don’t like your hair being touched or played with, he’ll stop immediately.
- It doesn’t matter if he’s just woken up or it’s the middle of the day, Kaito will fall asleep when you cuddle.
- You’re often left to: A. Fall asleep with him B. Do nothing C. Scroll though your phone or try and read.
- Don’t even try and get up because this boy has a vice like grip on you once he’s asleep.
- However if he goes into deep, deep sleep, you have a chance of getting away~

- How does one cuddle with a robot?
- The answer is: lots of pillows and blankets.
- Naturally, because Kiibo’s body is made of metal, he’s very cold (and hard).
- This is where those blankets come in.
- Wrap yourself and him in blankets and if you plan on sleeping on him, grab a pillow and put it on him.
- Kiibo doesn’t really understand why people cuddle but when you told him it was a form of close affection, he was so down for it.
- After all this he promised he’d try and get Miu to put in a heating system for his body so that you wouldn’t need to have so many blankets.

Korekiyo Shinguji:
- First gives you any information on the history of how cuddling came around.
- However, his situation is much like Shuuichi’s.
- You can find him reading most of the time or doing some kind of research in his library.
- All it really takes is for you to lean against him and he knows what’s up.
- That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to comply immediately.
- Kukuku~
- Korekiyo will drag out asking what you want with him at the current moment and then proceed to lightly tease you about your need for his affections.
- However in the end he has you either leaning against him while he’s sat in the library.
- Or if he’s been doing a bit of work, you’ll find yourselves in your bed and facing each other, fingers intertwined.
- It’s usually the latter as Kiyo prefers to have light contact with his s/o.

Gonta Gokuhara:
- Big boy.
- He wasn’t too sure you’d want to cuddle with him.
- It didn’t seem to be gentlemanly at first, to want to cuddle with you so badly, eventually someone had to explain that most couples cuddle.
- Gonta maintains minimal contact at first. Nervous that too much contact would be too much at first.
- As time goes by, he gets closer and closer to you. Eventually he becomes the big spoon.
- A big fan of holding your hands while cuddling.
- Gonta is proud of himself. He knows he’s quite large and so he feels like he can really keep you safe like this.
- If you’re cuddling and you fall asleep against him, he’ll take his jacket/blazer off and use it to cover you. It’s large enough to cover half your body and to be considered a small blanket.

Ryoma Hoshi:
- Ummmmm… little spoon?
- (Honestly I’m a bit lost on what to write here)
- Ryoma is a small man so it almost makes sense that he’s the little spoon.
- He doesn’t want to admit that he likes it at first, he feels as if openly admitting it will damage his ego, but he eventually says it and enjoys the many cuddles to come.
- Despite his harsh, yet cartoonishly adorable appearance, he looks incredibly at peace with himself and life when he falls asleep when being cuddled.
- Once again, Ryoma is a person who finds security in being held.

Secret's Out // Cisco x Reader

Request: I’d like to request a Cisco fic where he and the reader are dating and the reader doesn’t know he’s part of team flash. Then they start talking about their favorite superheroes and the reader says that their favorite is Vibe. Then maybe some smut involving the Vibe suit. Thank you!!!

Warnings: very happy (in the pants) Cisco and smuuuuut

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Possessed (Drabble Challenge)

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

6. “Scary movies are for chumps.” + 27. “I swear, I’m not scared.” + V.M. Baekhyun

‘Bring popcorn’ was the last message you had received from Baekhyun. Or at least it was until you got halfway up the block to the dorm and your phone buzzed again.

‘And that really fuzzy blanket I like.’

You groaned loudly and turned to go back and grab it.

‘Do you know how incredibly lucky you are to have me?’ you typed out quickly.

Not more than a few moments went by before your notifications went off again. You opened the message to see the selca of the century, with Baekhyun’s overly dramatic doe eyes and charming smile, complete with his fingers in the shape of a heart.

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One night out

Anon: I was just scrolling around your profile when I saw your valentine message. Maybe you could do a Steve rogers x reader, where the reader hasn’t seen him since civil war and was planning to spend Valentine’s Day on her own with ice cream and movies but he shows up on her doorstep and he takes her on a romantic date? I also have to tell you that I absolutely love your sherlock heartbroken series and I can’t wait for the next part. You’re amazing, bye :)

Anon: I was wondering if you could a captian america x reader for the valentines day fic where they reunite and he brings her some flowers and it’s all sweet but they also know that he has to go back into hiding. I love your writing! Thank you! ILY XOXOX also! Happy valentines day! 

Words: 1300 woah

A/n: hope you guys enjoy this fic! Happy Valentines Day! 

Read last years fic | Request here |

“No, mom, I’m not doing anything tonight,” You slammed the freezer door shut and plopped the ice cream down on the counter before placing the hot fudge and other toppings next to it. You were balancing the phone on your shoulder, chatting with your mother, “I’ll be fine- No mom, I’m not ‘lonely’ and ‘in need of a man’, I can handle myself perfectly- Mom- I don’t need a man in my life.” You went to scoop ice cream out from the small bucket, but put the scoop down and started drizzling your toppings into the ice cream bucket itself. 

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Home Alone

Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager. 

Trigger Warning: Violence and guns 

The penthouse was utter chaos. No-one was packed despite the fact that Geoff had warned them of the trip weeks ago, the boys were hyper (Gavin and Michael were running around duelling with plastic swords) and worst of all, there was a police officer stood in the doorway.

Geoff let Jack deal with the officer while he rushed around throwing things into the boys backpacks. He overheard little snippets of the conversation. Luckily the cop wasn’t after them; he was there to warn them about a string of burglaries in the area. Geoff struggled not to laugh at the idea of the infamous Fake AH Crew being burgled.

Regardless of the non-existent threat, Geoff was still in a hurry to leave. The less time spent near a police officer, the better. He scooped up all the bags and hurried the boys towards the door.

“Sorry officer. Love to chat but we’re on vacation. See you around!” He grinned fakely as they hurried out.

Jack chuckled, locking the door behind them.

“Don’t worry!” The officer smiled, waving as he watched the family leave. “Your home is in good hands.”

Hours later, Ray had finally beaten his DS game and emerged from the bed room, hunting for a snack.


The penthouse was bizarrely quiet.


He searched the entirety of the penthouse, becoming more and more panicked as each room was revealed to be unoccupied.

“Gav?? Michael?!”

Ray stared at the empty living room, tears pricking his eyes. His worst nightmare had become a reality. Ray had been left all alone.

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Death Glare

He was in timeout more than he was out of it. It’d been nearly two weeks since he’d been locked under Rowena’s spell as a child and each day he became more and more unruly.

Dean was still moping around the motel room with the ice pack under his eye from where Cas had hit him out of frustration. And Cas was still facing the corner wall from where Dean had put him after sufficiently yelling at him about hitting and not listening. He rocked back and forth in a sort of self soothing mechanism after a while, waiting to be let out of timeout, but ended up tilted against the wall asleep when Dean forgot about him.


Avengers X Reader- Weird Misfits

Warning: Angst?? I think that’s the only thing worth warning you about.

Clutching the edge of your hoodie, you walked through the streets with your guard up, ready to strike at any moment.  You didn’t know if your disguise or your slight change in age would throw them off from your trail, but you knew that you had to be prepared no matter how safe you expect your surroundings to be.  Your knife was in your pocket, which your left hand was clutching onto for dear life.  A stolen Magnum was tucked into your jeans, the cold metal providing a sense of security as you trudge to the building you were taking refuge in.  The pouring rain had soaked through your clothing when you were about halfway to the building, but the only thing you cared about was the food you were carrying in the plastic bags the store provided.  Water from the rain had obviously doused the groceries you bought, but you had bought only fruits, vegetables and canned foods.  

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