a man and his security blanket

February 12th

An etheric chokehold,
His sadness grasps my life force,
Tears welling up in his eyes,
falling down my cheeks.

A boy playing dress up as a young man,
Reaches his arms out towards the sky
Desperately searching for the words to fix the longing in his heart,
To fix the emptiness,
To fix the sadness,
To fix the lostness,
To fix himself,
Only to realize he’s become illiterate.

And I,
A young woman clutching a security blanket,
My heart protected by a fortress,
Of infinite words,
Isolated from the boy,
Unable to receive his apology,
To receive his love,
To receive his truth,
To receive myself.

Perhaps if I remove the cemented words from my mighty fortress, I can hand them to the boy, and he will finally have something to say.

[BT] Night’s Young, So are We


It was a tad dark in their living room, with the lamps all switched off and the source of light came from their flashing telly. Two figures huddled together under piles of blankets, the smaller’s back pressed against the taller male’s chest. He had his arms wrapped securely around the smaller’s stomach, chin rested snugly on his shoulder. 

Chanyeol stole glances at the man in his arms, noting on how immersed he’s to the film they watched. Saturday nights are movie nights but Chanyeol found himself staring at something else. Baekhyun looked pretty in this light, not that it’s a new fact for him but it certainly still fascinated. He smiled to himself, feeling very blessed and in love. He carefully moved one of his hands that wrapped around Baekhyun’s stomach to his side to grab on his wand, non-verbally summoning something he hid in his coat pocket back in their room.

“Baekhyun,” He murmurs to Baekhyun’s shoulder. “Have I told you that I love you so much?” Chanyeol squeezed his boyfriend lightly, lips pressed kisses to his shoulder. His other hand was holding onto something, the metal felt cool in hand and he could vaguely feel the small beads pressing his fingers.

Taken (Closed rp)

[Paris, France was called the city of lust for a reason and the type of man who has targeted two teenagers was perfect example of why. He’d bought the estate he would live in with his prizes, payed to have them retrieved and flown out of France, and even bought clothes and toiletries and hired security. The teenagers, Adrien Agreste and Cori Adriano, would be with him soon. He was sure of it]

[Only hours later, Cori was waking up with a splitting headache, lying next to her classmate on an air mattress in a small room. They were handcuffed together and covered with a thin blanket. Cori squirmed and smacked Adrien’s arm, trying to wake him up]

|Closed| First Meeting

Bouncing her foot anxiously as she sat in the police station, Mary pulled the security blanket the cops had given her tightly around her shoulders and sniffled. Within a few hours her entire life was flipped upside down and now she was meeting the father she had only ever dreamed about.

Looking up from her paperwork, the officer smiled and looked at the man before her, “Hi, can I help you Sir?”

When I watched the first episode of season 6 of Community, I thought “this show is starting to get pretty silly”. But then I remembered that 3 seasons ago, the climax of the season was an ex-teacher suffering monkey bite-induced psychosis staging a revolusion during the Pillow/Blanket Fort War, secretly imprisoning the Dean and replacing him with a lookalike to help turn the school into a fascist dystopia manned by his army of child security guards, and he was foiled by one of the main characters accepting his destiny as the Air Conditioning Repair School Messiah (a decision that ultimately ended in an air conditioner repair cage match against a murderer). 

Yeah, this show has really calmed down.