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An excerpt of an interview with Charlotte Rampling - A Magazine #2

Marine Landrot: Weren’t you interested in fashion before?

Charlotte Rampling: Yes, but I didn’t take a really close interest. I wore whatever suited me from different designers. When I discovered Yohji, something strange happened. It was rather like joining a sect. I didn’t see many people dressed like this and I felt unique. Yohji’s clothes are not slaves to fashion, you can wear them anywhere, anytime and yet they always feel avant-garde. You want to wear them over the eyears, you have to really live in them, understand them, learn how to move in them. He makes a perfect garment and then deconstructs it, giving it a personality, an identity.

Marine Landrot: Have you got any clothing to which you attach special importance?

Charlotte Rampling: A pair of shoes. Black schoolgirl shoes. My first pair of Yohji shoes. I polished the leather ritualistically, I wore them with everything, I kept them for years. Then, one day I bought a puppy and the puppy loved those shoes, perhaps even more than me. He literally chewed them up! I was sad for a long time and it made me realise the connection I have with Yohji’s clothes. I would put those shoes on and away I’d go, confident in the way I felt. That’s Yohji for you. When I slip into his clothes, I feel a strong sense of identity.