a madman's take down

LHSNG Update

So I encountered a Secret-level Raid in the special event (they’re at level 95 and usually take a LOT of people and a good deal of time to take down)

And then THIS absolute madman just obliterates the thing! I only got in one or two rounds of damage in and the Victory screen appeared!

I went to thank him (for saving my time mostly, though I didn’t say that because I can’t speak Japanese) and apparently some other people weren’t very happy about his Secret-rank Raid reward reaping. I think one of the more recent comments said “Stop taking all the rewards for yourself”

Quite appropriately, he was in a guild liaison named “Debauchery Tea Party.”

(Also, his team was filled with Premium Gacha recruits. The newest ones, too, like UR Ceremonial War Armor Shiroe, Awakened Sunday Best Akatsuki, Indicus… I don’t want to know how many resources he spends on this game.)