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Pairing: Crowley x Winchester!Reader
Word count: 703
: @aquananner24 I would like this one shot to specifically be written be @BigDaddyMongoose Could You write an Crowley x reader imagine where the reader wakes up married to Crowley after a drunken night in Vegas?

Groaning, you woke up feeling cramped. There was a weight on your side, you felt breath on your back, and you were pretty sure that a man’s leg was between yours. What the hell happened last night? You tried to lick your lips, but you needed water- badly. And maybe some aspirin. You’d decide that once you were less concerned about the man behind you, that you’d hunt that down.

You took his left hand in yours to get him off your side and froze. Right there on your left ring finger- was a wedding ring set. Not some out of the gumball crap, either. Whoever you’d gotten hitched to last night clearly opted for quality. And then you spotted a matching ring on his hand, as well.

“Too early.” Came a mumbled accent.

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You dye his hair.

Disclaimer : Mild smut, swearing and daddy kink.

Words : 1701


Imagine, it’s the day of the month where you have to dye his hair.


The sun is already up high in the sky when you opened your eyes. Your naked form is wrapped all around the satin sheets, while your head is using his bare white chest as pillow. You smile when you feel the ach from last night between your legs.

You put yourself closer to him, liking his warm body against you. You started to slowly drawing his chest tattoo with the tip of your finger. Goose bumps arise on him, and, not even a second later, it’s powerful enough to make him tremble a little.

He groans in his sleep.

That sound is enough to create a pool of wetness between your legs. You bite your lower lip, looking at his naked form with envy. You lift yourself so you can peck in his softly. Your hands goes lower on his stomach, caressing it all the down till his navel. The movement of your hands is stopped when you feel his on your hand, tangling his fingers in your hair.

Lifting your head off of his neck, grinning slightly. You flip your right leg on the other side to be on top of him. You can feel his hard meat pressing on your middle. That position makes you feel in power. Even though you clearly know you’ll never truly be the dominating one.

You take both of his large wrist inside your littles palms, putting his arms by each side of his head. You lean towards his perfect face and peck his mouth. You smile when you see that he still have some of your ruby red lipstick from last night all over his lips.

“Good morning, puddin’,” You say teasingly while starting to move your lower waist against his.

His intense eyes his piercing yours. He doesn’t pronounce a word. He doesn’t need to. His hard face and his hardening cock say it all.

A cheekily laugh comes out of your mouth and you start to rock your hips faster, liking the effect it have on him. The wetness of your pussy creates the sensation between your legs that you were seeking for.

You close your eyes and let out a loud moan.

Suddenly, you find yourself being on your back, the weight of the Joker stopping you to move your waist.

Mornin’, baby,” say his raspy voice.

His rock hard cock is pressing tight against your clit, making you struggle to not beg for him to start moving. You know he won’t. He’ll just keep you waiting, dripping for more until you turn completely crazy. Only for his own selfish pleasure.

You’re little pussy want more, hum?” He snarled.

Yes, daddy,” you say in a girly voice.

Even after I totally destroyed it last night? Even after I feed it twice with my baby making cream, it’s still hungry?” He start to move his hips slowly, teasing you. With each stoke, the head of his cock his bumping against your sensible clit. You can feel each and every vein molding itself into you. He wants you to moan, to explode with desire.

You nod your head, not trusting your voice.

His hand is suddenly wrapped around your neck. The pressure makes you search for air at first, but after a couple of minutes, you become use to it.

Answer me.” He say severely with a mad smile on his face.

His crazy blue eyes are connect with yours. His hair fall in front of his pure white face. You squint your eyes at the sight in front of you, but you rapidly come back into normal, praying hard that he didn’t see it. You’re prayers are erase as soon as they come when you see him looking at you with interrogation. His movement are abruptly stopped. You swear in your head. Fucking shit. It’s not today that you’ll get fuck.

What, baby?”

Your hair.” You said bitterly.

What’s about them?”

You have a regrowth.”

Not even a second later, he’s already out of the bed and into the bathroom, probably looking at his precious hair. You shouldn’t have shown anything. Or said anything, just brush it off. You know how important his hair was for him. It was a part of what made him, him. Just like his red lips. If he didn’t have one or another, he wasn’t the Joker, the Prince of crime, he was simply just another useless gangster.

You get out of bed, putting on your dark blue nighty dress and go after him. His hair are a complete mess, like if he had passed his fingers in it more than a thousand times. He’s looking in the drawers like a mad man, searching for his dyeing product.

You sight and go straight for the drawer next to the mirror. You open the door and you take out the vibrant green hair colorant.

Is that what you looking for, puddin’?” You ask pointing at the box in your hands.

He turns around faster than the wind, looking worried. His face is all tensed up, but when he sees the little box you’re holding, it unbend instantly.

Oh, baby, what would I do without you?” he asks, lifting his hands towards you.

Feeling the blush rising in your cheeks, you get out of the bathroom to go back into your room. You put on a old shirt already stain with old dyeing product. You go back to the washroom, carrying a chair with you.

“C’mon puddin’, come and let your baby take care of you!”

His wicked smile make you bite your lips in need.

And daddy will take good care of you after we’re finished.” He said, his voice holding many promising, that you cannot wait to see.

You smile while opening the box and take out the tube. You take out a little pot and put the dyeing powder inside of it with water. You start to mix it and when it have the right consistency, you put the white latex gloves and wait for the water to be at the right temperature.

You slowly start to wet his hair with a little bit of liquid. You start to message softly head at the same time.

A groan comes out of him and you feel him leaning towards you.

“Oh, yeah, just like that baby” he spoke in daylight.

“You like that?”

“Keep going, and maybe you’ll get a reward after.”

Hurry up ! The voice in your head tells you.

When his head is damp enough, you start to apply the dyeing product, with the brush that came with the package, at the roots of his hair. Your tongue comes out of your mouth. You’re so concentrate to do a good job, that you don’t even realize it. If there’s a spot that you missed, he’ll know it, and he’ll make sure that you know it, too. And not in a good way.

“Someone is eager to have her prize,” he state, chuckling.

“Well, if it is the same as the last time, I have all the reasons in the world to be eager,” you answered.

“It will be even better.”

“I doubt it,” you tell him.

“And why’s that, (y/n)?”

“Last time, I couldn’t walk straight for a week, and you put so much galloons of cum inside of me that I had to stay on the toilet for a good hour to get it all out.”

He leans his head back in laugher. A cheeky smile comes to your lips while thinking about that memory. The joker had had a really tough week, and he explode when he came back at home for you to told him that his hair were due. He fucked you hard and fast on the counter of the bathroom for a good two hours, coming in you more than once and telling you all the filthy things that was passing through his mind at the time. At the end of the night, when the sun was starting to show itself, you had the counter border graved on your stomach and you were all sticky with sweat. You remember the feeling of your cum mixing with his running down yours legs and down the tile floor. You though that he would let you go, but you were wrong. He lift you on the counter and put your legs up and let them fall down on his muscular shoulders. He started to eat all of your magnificent juice till the last drop.

You shook your head violently. It’s not the time to get distracted, your head tells you. Your pussy, though, is telling you another story.

Ten minutes later, you put the brush back into the pot.

“Just have to wait 30minutes now,” you tell him.

He lift himself out of his chair, stretching his sore limbs. You lick your lips in desire when you see his arms muscles flexing, deliciously.

Fucking green hair.

30 minutes later.

You put his head under the jet to wash of all off the excess product. When it’s done, you cut off the water and take the hair dryer beside you and put it in the higher level possible. You brush his hair how he does it in a normally basis. As his hair becomes dryer and dryer, you can see the vibrant green coming through.

Finally! Finally, you see an end to this fucking torture that he put you through.

Five minutes later, set down the engine. He looks into the mirror while passing one of his hand full of rings into his hair, examining it. You’re not nervous.

You know you did a great job.

He turns around, his face void of any emotions. You look at each other for a good minute and then.

He smile, taking your small hips between his big white hands and pull you closer to him. He caress your face, still smiling.

“That’s a very good girl. Daddy is proud of you.”

“Does that mean you’re going to take care of me?” You ask, your voice full of hope.

“Yes baby girl,” he says, pressing his hips hard against yours. You can feel his long and hard cock throbbing in his short. “Daddy’s going to take care of you.”

Dreams of Who

Request: hello! Can you do a Fred/reader doctor who (11) crossover?


Fred POV:

I roll over and pull her into my arms. She mumbles something and cuddles into my chest. “Morning love.” I say and kiss her head. She looks up. Her eyes. So big and beautiful. “Morning Freddie.” She smiles and leans up to plant a kiss on my lips.

She sits up and stretches her arms out. “Stay (y/n).” I say pulling her down to me and kissing her neck. “You know I can’t.” She says and I grab on tighter to her. “Why?” I ask. She looks at me with sad eye. “Because you need to wake up Freddie.” She say and kisses me.

I jolt out of my slumber to see George laughing at me. “Oh you’re something else mate. Never seen someone snog their pillow with such passion!” He laughs. I cover my face with the pillow and groan. “Shove off!” “Same dream?” I sit up and swing my legs off the bed. “Never the same dream. Just the same girl.” George sits next to me and slaps me on the back. “Well maybe she’s out there.” I shake my head really doubting it. “Yeah. Maybe.”

(Y/n) POV:

I slide down the silver stair rail to the main controls of the TARDIS. “Morning Doctor.” I say as i see him pace around pressing controls Willy nilly.

“Morning!” He peeks with a smile and a slight jump in his step. More than usual. “What’d you find?” I ask laughing. “Nothing yet… wait…wait wait wait!” Doctor hits buttons and goes on a rapid rampage getting the blue police box to woosh through time and space.

I grip onto the railing hoping I don’t fall over like last time. “Doctor where are we going?” I scream as the tardis swishes back and forth. The box stops and makes it usual sound of landing.

Doctor looks up at me seriously. “You need to listen to my every word. This one is no joke.” “What is it?” He gulps. “A weeping angel.” He says and shiver knowing the horror stories.

3rd POV:

The Weasleys sit down for dinner and as their father walks in the door they all greet him. Molly kisses his cheek, ron waves stuffing his face, Fred and George say hello at the same time, Ginny waves with a smile, and Harry says a sweet hello.

Arthur sits down and gathers his food on a plate and taking a bite starved. “The weirdest thing in the field about a mile or so back. An angel, hands covering its eye. You boys better move it. Gave me the shivers.” Fred and George look at each other confused. “What do you mean?” “We didn’t put anything in the field.” Arthur stars at them. “You didn’t put a statue out there?” The twins shake their heads. “Well then I guess we’ll just have to move it someplace else tomorrow. No harm.” They all eat and forget about the statue on their property that was moving closer to the house each second.

In the middle of the night Fred awoke with a dry throat. He groans and goes down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Once his uncomfortable thirst is quenched he places the glass in the sink. He looks up at the window and sees something in the darkness. A silhouette with wings. The angel has moved even closer to the house. It is now at the edge of the clearing with its hands still covering its face. Fred rolls his eyes thinking his twin brother must be playing a prank on him.

Fred rolls his eyes and looks up to see it’s moved! The angel is closer! He runs up the stairs to get his mother and father. Once the adults see the statue as close as it is they accuse their twin sons of the prank.

The 7th year twins look at each even more confused; George more than Fred as he thought his brother had everything to do with it. “What?” They ask. “Oh honestly boys. Stop with this statue! It’s not funny. Quite creepy actually!” Arthur shivers looking out the window to see it. He looks away for a second and then back to it to see it even closer now. “We didn’t do anything!” They exclaim.

Fred looks at George and elbows him. “Yes you do. You put it there. How could you not tell me? You scared the bits out of me when I came down here you git!” George tilts his head to the side and looks at his brother. “I didn’t put it there I swear!” “Who else would do it! It moves!” Fred exclaims.

As they were arguing Arthur spent time doing the worst thing he could. Looking away and then looking back. Making the angel look closer to the house in the darkness. In the process of the yelling the rest of the house was awoken and rushed down stairs to see what was going on.

Then an unexplainable whooshing sound is heard. The family looks confused and rushed to the sound seeing a Blue Police box in their living room. They turn the lights on and see the box in full view now.

The door opens and a man with a tweed jacket, a light blue button down, and a red bow tie pops out. “Hello!” He smiles. Then a girl comes into view and looks around with a smile. “Oh cozy! I love it! I want a place like this.” The Weasley then all pull out their wands. “Oh you’re the magical folk. The ones who make magic. Right! So is she so no worries!” The Doctor points at (y/n) with a smile.

Fred POV:

A blue police box? What?! The door opens and a man with a tweed jacket, a light blue button down, and a red bow tie pops out. “Hello!” He smiles. Then a girl comes into view and looks around with a smile. “Oh cozy! I love it! I want a place like this.” Oh Godric it’s her. The her! The one from my dreams! We all pull out our wands and point them at the intruders. “Oh you’re the magical folk. The ones who make magic. Right! So is she so no worries!” The man points at the girl with a smile.

She pulls out her own wand and we lower ours slowly. She looks over all of us and lands on me. She looks me up and down and winks making my face turn the color of my hair.

(Y/n) POV:

I look around the room and notice him. HIM! The one from my dreams! “Oh look! (Y/n)! It’s him isn’t it? Oh yes it is I can tell by they way you’re looking at each other! Aww how sweet!” Of course i told the Doctor of my dreams. Only because I was confused. Same boy but different dreams every night. Figured he’d have an answer. I blush as red as the family’s hair. “Shut up.”

The man of the house stands forward in front of his family. “Who are you?” Doctor stands tall and smiles. “I’m the Doctor, and this is (Y/n) my companion. Now! Enough chit chat! Where’s that angel?” “You know about the statue?” The twins say at the same time.

The lights start to flicker on and off and a bang is heard. The Doctor looks at me and drags me to the kitchen. We enter to see the angel now in the Kitchen and its eye wide open staring at all of us. “Look at it, but not the eyes. Do not look at it’s eye!”

The boy from my dreams comes up behind me. The Doctor scans the stone and looks at his sonic. “My my my! Look at you! Not aged a day. RIGHT! (Y/n)! Any clues on what to do?! Because I’m out.”

I stare at him wide eyed. “You’re out? You’re never out! You’re the Doctor!” “Wrong! I am the Doctor but I’m almost always out of ideas. Things just kind of happen!”

The lights turn off for a second and then turn back on. The angel is now in front of all of us with sharp teeth and it’s hands up in a scary way. I jump back into the person behind me turning out to be Fred.

We fall back on the ground; me on top of him. He looks up at me and smirks. “Hello love. Long time no see.” He says making me blush. “Alright! You two will talk later, but now we need to fix this! A million years old! One of the originals! Starving! What do we do?!” Doctor asks pacing and hitting his head.

The lights go out and all the wizards pull out our wands mumbling “lumos” making the room light up. “We need to run.” Arthur says. “Right. Good. Running is good, but getting rid of it is better! Ideas (Y/n)! Bright ones please!” Doctor says panicked.

I groan and start to pace. “I’ve read about them before. The image of an angel is an angel. The angels go through the eyes. The windows of the soul and tear you apart. They- DOCTOR! They tear you apart when you look in its eyes!” Doctor looks at me and snaps his fingers. “Oh you brilliantly beautiful thing! Fred you’ve got a keeper! More on that later! Mirror now!” Doctor says.

Doctor is passed a mirror from the wall and holds it up to the Angel. In a matter of seconds the angel screams making us all cover our ears.

I feel someone pull me to their chest. A familiar chest. Fred. The angel screams and then cracks, blowing up and hitting the floor in a thousand pieces.

The power comes back on and I look up. I see his soft eyes. His pink lips. His red hair. I felt compelled to do something I never thought I would. I pounced on him and pressed my lips to him. He didn’t complain and in fact he kissed me right back. His brother wolf whistled, and the Doctor laughed.

We pulled away and looked at each other. “Alright time to explain! There was a time I knew about because I went forward a bit and saw a cute little backyard wedding! Ah yes! Yours! So I felt compelled to get you together! You’re welcome! Yes for the dreams of course that was just destined. You knew each other before actually knowing each other!” The Doctor rambles on with a smile.

The Weasleys all look around confused. “So yay! Daughter in law!” The Doctor says with Jazz hands. I look up at Fred and smile. “Not really a need for an introduction I guess. Not between us at least, but for them?” Fred nods and turns me around to his very confused family. “This is (y/n). My- um my…” “girlfriend.” I say connecting our hands.

His family look at each other then in seconds I’m tackled in a group hug. Once we all pull away I see the Doctor sneaking away. “Doctor wait!” He turns around with a smile. “Yes beautiful brilliance?” He laughs. “Will we see you again?” Fred asks with his arm around my shoulder. “Oh I’ll be back for the wedding. Even wear my top hat!” The mad man laughs and gets in his blue box.

Fred holds me close the rest of the night. For years he holds me tight, and yes we did see the Doctor again. He saved my happiest day from being a disaster.

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Forbidden (Part Ten)

Forbidden (Part One)

Forbidden (Part Nine)

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected smut (be safe), explicit language, drinking

Word Count: 5802

Tagging: @battqueen @anoril @mywolfpulledheavendown @thewhiterabbit42 @mad-man-in-my-blue-box @supernatural-stuff-of-course @supernaturalanarchy @nerdyxb

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Fifteen minutes had passed since Sam and Dean disappeared into the mysterious, smoky doorway that supposedly led to Magnus. Fifteen agonizing minutes. If Magnus did have the First Blade, you knew it would probably take a good amount of bargaining to obtain it, but you felt a sense of unease. “Think they’re okay?” You asked Crowley, leaning your back against the Impala’s door. You had been assigned to watch him, to make sure he wasn’t doing anything sneaky. You didn’t argue when appointed to the job.

Even Crowley seemed a bit unsettled. “It’s going to take a lot more than one man to take down your beloved Winchesters,” he assured you, pitching you a small smile as he stroked your cheek with his thumb.

You leaned into his touch, adoring the warmth of his skin against yours. At his comforting words, you felt the tension fade slightly, noting he did have a point. Those boys were tough to take down and even tougher to keep down. “So, I’ve been meaning to talk to you,” you murmured, turning on the spot to face him, eyes focusing more on his tie than his eyes.

“What’s on your mind, love?” Crowley encouraged you to speak, his voice gentle and supportive.

“I know we haven’t really known each other for long, but I feel something for you. Something I’ve never felt for anyone else,” you confessed, bringing your worried eyes to his. There was this strange connection between you and Crowley, one that dug deep beyond all boundaries, proving to be absolutely forbidden. It could never be, or could it?

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Newly Weds

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Pairing: Crowley x wife!Reader
Word count: 1,075


“Um, I never agreed to stay married.” You pointed out.

When he looked at you, he looked a bit smug. “But you haven’t once said you wanted out of this little marriage. So, how’s about I take my Queen for a day of shopping? After all, you’ll need to look the part.” He smirked.

After a day of shopping, the pair of you were back in the hotel room. Amazingly, you’d had a wonderful day. It didn’t feel like you were out with the King of Hell. It honestly felt natural to laugh with him. Setting your bags down, you stretched your back. “Did I give a reason why I wanted to get married?” You asked shyly, having had the question on your tongue all day.

He chuckled lightly. “I believe you said something about an accent, something about there being more than meets the eye, curiosity, and you said it was a bonus that your brothers would be furious.” Crowley shrugged, clearly amused. “Honestly, once you got giggly and amused with the way I said certain words? I stopped listening because I could barely understand you.”

You blushed at that, having always been a happy drunk. “Well, then…” You swallowed, nodding slightly. “Did we, uh, ya know… consummate the marriage?” Not exactly a question you ever expected to have to ask.

Crowley couldn’t help but grin at how shy you were becoming over this. “Love, you were drunk.” He pointed out. “I may be the King of Hell, but even I understand limits. I simply snapped you into your attire from this morning when you crawled into bed and fell asleep.”

Hearing that he’d been that much of a gentleman, you smiled at him. “Well, thank you for that.” You told him sincerely. “I appreciate it.” Not many human men would be that considerate.

“Of course.” He replied, moving towards the large windows that overlooked the strip. “Shall we inform your brothers of our union? Or will I be getting paperwork to have this annulled?” Crowley asked, his hands in his pockets.

You chewed on the inside of your lip and moved to stand with him. “I’ve enjoyed myself, Crowley.” You said softly, causing him to look over at you. “Not even the shopping. Getting to spend time with the real you.” Looking at him, you gave him a small smile. “I-I’d like to give this a chance.” Your stomach was going nuts, and you were nervous as all hell, but it was what felt right. “If that’s okay with you…” Suddenly, you felt like you’d said the wrong thing.

He turned to face you. “Looks like the Winchesters have a new brother-in-law.” He chuckled. “How about we spend one more day in Sin city before we deal with those two?” There was no way that conversation would be peaceful, or easy. Besides, you deserved to enjoy yourself as opposed to helping those two idiots.

“I’d like that.” You agreed.

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Imagine the 11th Doctor

Imagine you enter to the TARDIS. After 5 months waiting for him, he back.

-”Hey Doctor! Thank Godness you back!”


-”I’m pregnant and is yours!”

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He hugs you and say: 

-”It isn’t possible. A baby? He o she will be in danger.

-”It’s possible! We shall stay with you.”

-“I’m not a hero. I’m a mad man with a blue box.”

-”You are all we want.”





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-”B/n don’t touch the control panel of the TARDIS or you shall start the chaos. Where is your bow tie? Did you loose your bow tie?! Bow ties are cool!”

Preferences- Insecurity

Preference for how they make a very very insecure reader feel beautiful,with: Sam,Castiel,Dean,Gabriel,Lucifer,Balthazar,Garth,Charlie and Crowley,please! 💕

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Sam would leave you little note cards to find. Each one would say something sweet, or have a funny memory. He would put how your smile was the most beautiful one he’d ever seen, how your eyes sparkled when fire light hit them just right, and so much more. You’d be finding them for days, each one making you smile.

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“My adventures in Wonderland began when I followed a strange man through the curious blue box. And all of the sudden I fell! Down, down down…”

Alice cosplayed by hollylovescatz

Legends of Tomorrow/Doctor Who x-over idea

The legends turn up in London when, suddenly a mad man with a blue box runs up, grabs Rip… while shouting what sounds like Mick’s last name and proceeding to drag him to said box rambling about how he’s never letting him disappear again.

The legends give chase.

Red High Heels

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Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 762

Part 3 of Utter Perfection

While you still had some misgivings about your body, you were trying. You tried to focus on things you did like, hoping to overshadow what you disliked. Looking in the mirror, you bit your lip. It was your third date with Crowley, and he’d left a dress, heels, and a pearl necklace for you to wear. While you were in the shower, he had snapped in, and left if draped on your bed with a single tulip- your favorite.

Your hair was put up in a simple style, and your makeup reflected the beauty of the dress. Things had been going great with him, and you wanted to move things along. You were nervous, but also excited. Moving to the end of your bed, you sat down and slipped the red heels on. “Okay, Crowley, I’m ready!” You grinned, standing up.

Smoothing down your dress, you were looking down when he appeared in front of you. “Bloody hell, pet.” He breathed, making you look up at him, blushing. “I knew you would be a vision, but this? I might have to keep you locked up.” Crowley smirked, moving forward. “But, I’m serious, you look breathtaking.”

“Thank you.” You smiled at him. “I see you’ve gone with a different shade of red this evening.” You teased him, your fingers running down the silk of his tie. “I like it.”

He chuckled lightly. “Well, can’t bore you, now can I?” He took your hand in his, and kissed your knuckles. “Shall we?”

You nodded. “We shall.”

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