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Tattoo Artist!Taehyung

And now to finish the series is the second half of the Daegu line, the love of my life, a total squishy bub who is so fucking cute like how is it possible for one person to be so damn cute I have no clue but he somehow pulls it off and I just wanna squish his lil face, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • Tattoo artist more like taetoo artist
  • I’m also gonna throw in a bit of father!Tae just bc I love it so much (all of the father related posts are here)
  • So for this series, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin and Jungkook’s parts have all been done so I’ll just be finishing the series off with the remaining hyung line and Tae, I did Jin and hobi’s posts so now we only have Tae left!!!
  • Visuals are up first bc I love me some visuals
  • It is always so hard to pick a hair color for Tae bc there are so many options and they’re all amazing options it’s like trying to pick just one chocolate bar out of a hundred different choices
  • But for the post, I think I’m gonna do some black hair!Tae bc I feel like that look is so underappreciated but it’s kinda rare to see it, he normally has brown or blonde hair and during comebacks it’s normally an unnatural color but I can’t forget about the black hair bc it’s such a good look
  • One of my favorite (if not t h e favorite) airport!Tae looks featured black hair every photo from that day is so beautiful I love black hair!Tae so much
  • Of course, tattoo artist!Tae has a shit ton of different colors, he goes red for a while then orange then pink then green then gray and it’s just never ending and he pulls off every single one and that’s so !!!! bc how the hell does someone pull off every color in the rainbow
  • Onto the tattoos, I have this lowkey head canon that he’s kinda covered in tattoos, like he’s got sleeves on both arms type of shit and some chest tattoos and some on his legs and a few small ones on his sides and back
  • He most definitely has like twenty tattoos dedicated to the family, he’s got this lil drawing that bby girl drew on his arm (he goes out once she’s taking her nap and gets Jimin to tattoo it for him) it’s of a lil house and there are six stick figures in front of it plus a lil “dog” that represents your family and she lights up once she realizes it’s permanent
  • But then that makes all the other bbys wanna do it too so he lets them draw one thing each on him and then he gets one of the boys to come tattoo it once they’re asleep 
  • Bby #1 draws a smiley face on Tae’s shoulder, bby #3 writes “I love you” on his wrist in her messy lil bby handwriting (you do have to come help her out a bit bc she’s still working on that whole writing thing) and bby #4 draws a smol heart on his chest, over the area he thinks the heart is at (he thinks it’s super high up on the right side like closer to his shoulder rather than his chest bc he’s only a bub and he knows the heart is somewhere in the upper torso area so he assumes it’s there bc that makes sense and Tae’s too busy cracking up to correct him)
  • He’s also got a few references to you, some inside knowledge type of shit, the most upfront one is the one tattoo behind his ear bc it’s just the first letter of your name and that one’s pretty obvious but the rest are more private like people that don’t know you and Tae really well and know the smaller things about your relationships wouldn’t get the tattoos but he thinks that’s kinda really cute bc it’s something for just the two of you to truly understand
  • His tattooing style would be cartoons and more animation type of tattoos bc Tae is a lil kid at heart but it would be way more than just simple cartoons, he lo v e s to add in lil personality accents to it based off of whoever he’s tattooing like he’ll take a classic image and then kinda twist it around to fit that person specifically
  • But he also does more than just cartoons, he does a lot of colored tattoos, a l o t of animals like whether you want a realistic animal or a cartoon animal, go to Tae bc he’s a ma z ing at it
  • His tattoo shop would be so cute, his whole theme is blue, the walls are a lighter shade of blue and then there are some silver accents everywhere, silver doorknobs, silver frames stuff like that but he also lets his workers design their work area however they want to so the front of the shop is just the blues and silver and then the rooms have all of the artists’ personalities and he actually really really loves that, it’s his favorite part of the shop
  • He’s super chatty before, during and after tattoos (of course during the tattoo he slows down a bit bc he’s gotta concentrate) he loves getting to know people and he always asks what made them wanna get a tattoo, what made them go for that particular tattoo
  • Tae is a complete and total sweetheart, we’ve seen it countless times there are too many moments to even begin to list, but he is really really sweet with the customers, he makes sure every customer that comes in, whether he tattoos them or someone else does, leaves happy and he never ever starts a tattoo if he can feel the tiniest bit of hesitation from the customer
  • He talks a lot of customers through it, he explains the typical pain levels, he explains how everything works, he makes sure they know everything is sanitary and he tells them all about aftercare and all of that and he’s just really informative and he has zero issues spending an hour just explaining things to customers bc he would rather they know every lil thing than have them have no idea about it and freak out later on
  • He also always has water bottles and coffee and tea at the ready, he has cookies and pastries and he gives the customer as much time as they need to calm their nerves down like he’s just such a sweetie pie
  • The bbys are at the tattoo shop all the time, Tae can’t stay away from his munchkins for too long, he always makes sure to keep 12-2 open so he can go have lunch with you guys and maybe go to the store or take a quick trip to the park and just spend time with his goofballs before he goes back to work
  • “Okay everyone!!! Goodbye kiss line up, oldest to youngest gO”

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