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Bilbo dies au where they all think Bilbo is dead so they bury him but the ring is keeping him somewhat alive, and for some reason Bilbo has to be exhumed much later and thorin and everyone else see the claw marks on the tomb lid

imagine bilbo’s terror, screaming for thorin, and bilbo thinking that the dwarves know he’s alive, and this is his punishment for steeling the arkenstone, that thorin lied and he wasn’t forgiven

and just eventually he runs out of air, and in those dying moments, he is whispering thorin’s name

it’s years later when gandalf returns, enquiring about bilbo’s ring. and they dig him up. and they open the coffin.

kili is the first one to see (archer’s eyes, his mother had remarked fondly in his youth) and for a moment, he’s stunned. then, oh my god. oh my god. 

dwalin is next. then fili. and gandalf.

faintly, they can still see the tear marks that when down his cheeks. the bloody nails he wore down trying to get out.

and gandalf, gandalf says, don’t let him see. don’t let him see.

(because this will destroy thorin, more than bilbo’s death even did)

and of course thorin demands to see, and of course they push him back, but they’re weak from this fresh grief (like an avalanche, like a mountain falling down) and he pushes through 

when he sees the scratch marks, he can only go, no. no. no.

he resigns from kingship shortly afterwards. remains in his rooms. lies in his bed (too big) and thinks about how his life would have been if they hadn’t buried bilbo, if bilbo had woke outside of the earth

and he weeps for all that could’ve been