a luhan

  • looks like they could kill you, actually a cinnamon roll: chanyeol, sehun, tao
  • looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you: chen, jongin, xiumin
  • looks like a cinnamon roll, is a cinnamon roll: baekhyun, yixing, luhan
  • looks like they could kill you, could actually kill you: kyungsoo, kris
  • could kill you by feeding you too many cinnamon rolls: suho
EXO: their best friend (you) is dating Luhan

Summary: you, their idol best friend is dating Luhan (ex member) and they see you together for the first time on accident~ 💛

Xiumin:  would be pretty surprised, esp if he hasn’t seen Lu in a long time. He’d excuse himself quickly if he caught yall in a compromising position lmao but he would definitely ask you about it later. Since he was pretty close with him, he’d be hella happy that you two found each other. And he’d use you as an excuse to see him often as well, he can’t deny he’s missed having him around. (Xiuhan got me in my feeling fml)

Suho:  the most surprised out of all of them probably, only bc he really wasn’t in contact with him much due to the pressure from the company. It’s not that he’d be uncomfortable, he’s actually very happy for the both of you. This might bring back some memories, and like Minseok, he’d want to see him often since his best friend is dating his ex group member.

Lay:  oh my gosh…He’d bawl. These two would ignore you and proceed to fawn over each other in mandarin and hug for like an hour. Yixing wouldn’t even care if he saw yall making out or doing something worse, he’d run right up and pick this little deer and hug him really tightly. He’d then question you about how you two met and etc, and why you never told him earlier. Needless to say, he’s ecstatic.

Baekhyun:  he’d have difficulty excusing himself and walking out of the room, just bc he was so shocked- he was planning on surprising you before your performance, only to be met with Luhan’s big eyes staring back at him in your dressing room. He’s more happy than shocked, and is so excited to get to catch up with him and tell the other members.

Chen:  jaw dropping to the floor, eyes almost popping out of his head. “Aish-! Luhan hyung? Oops, so should I walk out and pretend I didn’t just see you two sucking faces?” He’d give him that bro hug, but almost cries bc he hasn’t seen him in a while and it’s really good to see him again. He’d throw a million questions at you, like why you didn’t tell him, how long this was going on, is he really your best friend, why you betrayed him like that, etc etc etc.

Chanyeol:  full puppy mode, and nonstop giggles as he jumps into your boyfriend’s arms and nearly tackles him. He’s so happy for you two, and you can tell as he’s smiling widely and nodding his head when Luhan is telling the story of how you two met, and how he fell in love with you. He’d playfully put him in choke hold and tell him to treat you like a queen, or else he’d kick his butt right back to China.

D.O.:  he wouldn’t linger when he saw you two together, esp if you’re about to go on stage and perform. He’ll just give you that look like “You need to explain this, and we’ll definitely talk about this later missy.” While you’re performing, they’d both take this time to catch up and see how the other is doing. He’ll really like that Luhan is making you happy, and he’d ask if it was alright to tell the other members so they can have a little reunion together.

Kai:  without knowing or wanting to, he’ll start screeching when he sees you propped up on Lu’s lap. “AHHHHH I’M SORRY SHOULD I LEAVE OR AHHH” he’d need some time to recover and wash his eyes after seeing his best friend like that. He’d need some alone time with him to really catch up and greet each other, then after he leaves he’ll scold you for not telling him earlier. He’s more than happy, bc he gets to see him more often now.

Sehun:  oh you thought Luhan was your boyfriend? Think again. The moment Sehun sees him he’d push you aside and cradle him for a good couple hours, crying about how much he missed him. Will want to third wheel on every date, but you’d always be the one who’s tried wheeling. This boy is so happy his bf is back and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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Exo Reaction To Being Your First Kiss

I want to die. These are so cute. That’s why I’m doing these first. Because I die.

Also I feel like all of them haven’t really had the time to have relationships so I think they’d all be nervous.  



Minseok would be very nervous, but would not show it. He’d try to be confident throughout it. He wants it to be a perfect experience, and he is honored you chose him. 

“I hope it was one worthy remembering. I know I’ll remember it forever.” 

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(ily minseok u dangerous thing u)

Luhan  (Ex Member)

He tries his hardest to man-up and make it awesome but he’ll just mess it up. 

“Oh my god, what was that?! I ruined it.”

“Luhan, it was good.”

“Oh. Of course it was.”

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Kris (Ex Member)

Totally confident in his skills. He’ll make sure you won’t regret a thing. 

“Wow. I was great, huh?”

“Shut up!”

“Oh, it was good, don’t even lie.”

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Poor Junmyeon. So nervous and insecure, but will make it seem like he kisses all the time in case you’re shy too. 

“Well, I hope I did well?”

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Laid-back Yixing all the way. Of course, he’d want to make it really amazing for you. 

“I tried my best for you to enjoy it. Did you?”

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One of the more confident members. Baekhyun would trust his ability to transfer his feelings into his actions. He’d hesitate when the time came. 

“Okay, I’ll kiss you now. Your first, right?”

“Yes. I want you to be it.”

“Well, wait no more! I will steal your innocence!” 

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Jongdae knows what do and when to do it. Even if it seems like he’s always teasing you, he really does care and want it to be 100% amazing. 

“Damn, I’m good. You likey?” 

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We all know he is a total puppy in everything, but he is also not insecure. 

“Listen… chagiya, I really want to kiss you but I know it’s your first so I want to be gentle-”

“Go ahead.”

So he shakily leans down to give you your first. 

“Oh my gosh, that was…. Just wow, thank you!” 

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Extremely honored boy. I don’t think Kyungsoo is very experienced with this sort of thing either, so he’d probably want you both to give it your all.

“I’ll do my best for you.”

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Tao (Ex Member)

Zitao would be very cocky and wouldn’t really worry too much about it as he knows he’s amazing. Although, I could see him getting stressed and making a big deal over nothing.

“You won’t regret it, baobei.”

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Jongin is another that could go either way. But I do see him being more confident than anxious. 

“Just relax, I’ll take care of you.”

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Yet another cocky little shit boy. He would think it was only obvious that you’d choose him for such a special moment.

“Of course. I’m Oh Sehun.”

Though at the same time, he’ll be very squishy and just ‘yehet.’

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Author’s Note:
Gifs don’t belong to me. Y’all better be grateful I risked my life for this. 

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Could you do EXO reaction to you (their Idol Best Friend) dating Luhan and them finding out by running in on you two kissing (maybe making out)? (I hope you understand what I mean)


He’s very surprised and doesn’t hide it at all. Jealousy is slowly taking over him but he doesn’t say anything. He’s just sad that he didn’t even have a chance to confess.


He’s trying to act like he didn’t see anything and pretends that he’s happy for you, though in reality every time when you’re together he wants to get out of the room as quickly as possible.


Is pissed off but doesn’t really give up on his crush. He still has a chance to win your heart, but he definitely won’t let his plans be obvious for some time.


Even in such situation he doesn’t want to make enemies from his friends so he tries to forget about his feelings for you and if you ever ask him why he’s being so quiet around you, he avoids the topic.


Is very confused since he thought that you maybe started thinking of him as of someone closer than a friend but now you’re kissing with Luhan. He needs some time to figure out what to do next with this situation.


He feels a mixture of sadness, anger and disappointment at the same time. You are actually very important for him and Kris just doesn’t know what to do.


Stays quiet and leaves instantly, leaving his thoughts to himself. Of course it affected him but he doesn’t want anyone to know about it.


Doesn’t even want to hide his jealousy and gives you a bitter smile and then leaves. However every time he sees you, he teases you and acts very sarcastic.


He’s the other one who’d want to keep quiet and wish good for you two but deep inside he’s sad. He’s trying to tell himself that you were just friends anyway.


At first he’s close to crying and can’t believe what he just saw. The next day however he starts making sarcastic comments and whines every time he sees you two together. It’s his way to hide his pain.


Acts like it wasn’t a surprise and even congratulates you but leaves quickly after. He tries to take his mind off of it as much as possible and hides his true emotions rather successfully.

- Admin Gumi and Admin Tian

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what happened with Deng Yalan?

She became infatuated with a Kpop star (luhan I believe) to the point that it affected her training. A shame because she was great on vault. Hopefully her and luhan get married so this whole thing can have a happy ending.

Rules: Answer the twenty questions and tag twenty blogs you would like to get to know better.

Thank you @agustdsmixtape for the tag!

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xiumin and suho are the only ones id call daddy tbh maybe kris too maybe luhan man im indecisive

same tho i think if the moment was right i’d call any of them daddy

Aesthetic Ship ~> BTS : Jungkook 🐶

Requested by hobiminkooksprincess1990

May I have a asethetic ship with BTS?


Your Aesthetic :

Joyful memories.

Easy going relationship.


Non-stop bothering each other.

Jogging in the morning.

Unstopable dreaming.

Never stop believing.

Gentle hugs.

Kissing at night.

Oval sshapped glasses.

Overconfindent couple.

Kid-like innocent stares.

Your Song : Luhan~ Your Song

In my eyes
In my heart

Because you appeared there’s clear blue skies

Dream castle
Protect it with love

Stay right here in the best time of our lives
Just let me stay by your side
When you are happy or depress
Just like how you would
Stay with me

The world never stops changing
The crowd never stops moving
I only wish you’re next to me each and every sunset

If there comes a day when you
Forget all of our promises
It’s okay

We still have this song

I’ll sing it for you again


~Admin El🙈