a lucky pair

zach dempsey: lucky charm

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x reader

Warning(s): Really freaking cute Zach Dempsey

Word Count: 299

Gif: @joeck

A/N: I really love @joeck, please go follow them!

It was 5:46 and you just arrived at school. Your mom works early and you don’t drive, so you have to leave early too. Every morning you hear the dribble of a basketball in the gym. You usually just play your music and leave it be, but today, you were intrigued. Who was playing basketball at 6:00 in the morning?

You peeked through the door space. You couldn’t see much of the figure, other than sporatic flashes of the baby blue jersey. You crept into the gym, revealing the school basketball star Zach Dempsey. You closed the door behind you as quietly as possible. You stood by the bleachers, watching him dribble the ball. He jumped up and aimed the ball at the basket. He missed the basket entirely.

“Dammit!” He swore. He chased the ball to the gym wall. With the ball between him and the wall, he rested his head against it. He fist pounded against the mats.

He turned around and dribbled the ball across the court. He jumped up, threw the ball and it hit the backboard. Luckily, it bounced into the basket. You smiled to yourself and physically celebrated the shot. You were sure not to make a noise.

He continued playing, making all his shots. He jumped onto the basket, making a slam dunk. He let out a hearty laugh. You clapped you hands, which gained his attention.

You paused. “I hope you don’t mind,” you started. “I heard the dribbling. I just wanted to see who was up.”

He walked to the edge of the court with the ball against his side. Panting, he asked, “How long were you standing there?”

He wasn’t upset that you were there, not even bothered.

“Well,” you checked your phone for the time: 6:13. “Almost half an hour.”

He smiled. “Did you see me missing all my shots?”

You stepped out from beside the bleachers. “I saw one. Then you got back up and made the shots after.”

He walked over to the bleachers, sitting beside where you stood. He tapped the spot beside him, beckoning you to sit. You did so and he wiped his sweat from his forehead on the collar of his jersey.

“Y'know, before you got here,” he panted. “I couldn’t make any shots. Maybe one out of, lemme see, fifteen. Then the moment I was about to shower and give up, I felt completely at ease. Like, an extra rush of adrenaline.”

You nodded, not really looking at him. You always found him attractive. He was a sweet guy– dumb, but sweet.

“It’s like you’re my lucky charm,” Zach smiled.

the story of the underwear cockles op

y’all wanna hear the story of how @amazinmango and i got this photo op at phxcon this weekend?


so here’s the thing: n o n e of this was planned. it was amazing, hilarious, ridiculous kismet. 

mango’s had his birthday recently, and so i brought his birthday present with me to phxcon. part of the present was a pair of jensen’s underbears (i think the text i sent mango right after jib was, “we’re close enough that it’s not weird if i buy u underwear right????”) bc i thought that was hilarious from jib and mango is a huge jensen fan and dean!boy. so the original joke was just that mango could have the bear underwear. i also got him a second pair in orange, bc orange is his fav colour. this was as far as i thought this would go. 

so i get into phoenix thursday night and give mango his present. we didn’t know there were cockles photo ops until friday afternoon when we saw hard tickets for sale. i distinctly remember being bummed that my hometown con had cockles photo ops for sale online but phxcon, the one i was actually going to, did not. but obviously once i saw they were available, like. THERE WAS ONLY ONE CHOICE. so after deciding it was completely financially irresponsible when we have no money, i bought the op. 

i can’t remember when it occurred to us that we had both the underbears and a pair of lucky orange underwear for misha in our hotel room. we wanted to do something fun and funny for the op, and cracked ourselves up at the idea. but we were also aware that it could be, you know, kind of sort of maybe intensely uncomfortable to be like (a) i know what underwear u were wearing and (b) here i brought pairs of them for you to further laugh over. i have a T E R R I B L E akdslkjkas embarrassment squick, so we didn’t want to do anything that made us uncomfortable, and we definitely didn’t want to do anything that would make misha or jensen uncomfortable. we wanted them to have fun with us and play around with us. 

we ran our idea passed our roomie, who has some good con experience, to see if she thought it would fly or not. we agreed on judging our plan based on their mood on the day and asking them if they felt comfortable enough to do it was the best course of action, with a back-up plan ready to go immediately just in case, so j+m knew we were serious that they could totally pass on it if it was weird. CONSENT AND SAFE SPACE. we were hella concerned about this. 

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Falling in love with Tony Stark has always been easy. That he’s an artificial intelligence now changes nothing. Luckily, Tony will always catch him.  Emergency Protocol by @laireshi

I got lucky to get paired with @laireshi for another Cap-IM RBB and just absolutely died reading this fic, ALL THE STEVE FEELS. and AI Tony !!! IT’S SUCH A HEARTWARMING FIC AND who wouldn’t want to read about AI Tony?? :’) It’s great, highly recommend you should all read it! :) 


*swamped with homework and feelings and managed to shell this out a month late…I’m a mess™*

Request:  Hii can i have a drabble thingy game with jimin?TY😙😉 12,23 by  rebelliousjvmin

Word Count: 8.6k

Originally posted by bwipsul

He’s a literal angel

You were immersed in a deep sleep, tired from working on a large project that was worth half your grade. In you attempt to disconnect from the world around and sleep peacefully, you blocked out the sounds and all touch with reality. The sudden dip in your bed didn’t bother you, the presence of another body and an arm haphazardly wrapping around you, these were things you were blocking out. Until you felt a finger on your cheek.

“Hey, roomie.”

“I hate you.”

“You know you love me.”

“Kiss my ass, Jimin.” You used to think you were lucky to be paired up with your best friend in the dorms of your university. Until you realized he was a clingy, sassy and messy guy that never failed to annoy you. His leisure attitude towards school was opposite to your dedication to reading every word of your textbook. He was a jock, baseball being the reason he was here in your room and cheekily smiling at you.  

“I wouldn’t mind doing that.” You whacked him in the face with your pillow, wanting him to leave your room but he instead pulled you closer against his chest.

“Let go of me, you pervert.”

“You told me to kiss your ass, now…”

“I swear to god, Jimin, I’ll suffocate you in your sleep.”

“Kinky. I always wanted to test out breath play.”

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Just Married

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: Wedding Smut w. you and Luke on your Honeymoon to Bora Bora

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~Maybe I might love you.–

My piece for the @hq-ghibli-zine !!! Unfortunatly, this zine ended up falling through, but I’m still really incredibly grateful to have been able to get to know so many fantastic writers and artists through the process!!! One specific writer in particular ( who I got super lucky to be paired for a collab with, I’m looking at you @sweetferretxd ) wrote the amazing fic ‘Stand by Me’ which, I’ve already lost count how many days straight I have been reading, I actually have it open right now in another tab so that I can read it again and I have zero regrets!!! I just feel so warm it’s as if I’m melting into the earth’s molten hot core!!!

–Maybe I might love you.~

Lucky || Jeff Atkins

Originally posted by fabulousqueen

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Fandom: 13 Reasons Why

Request/s: Can I please request a writing where jeff and the reader get each other for dollar valentines day.

Warning/s: N/A

Author’s Note: There’s some Clony in here, not much but some. It’s mostly just flashbacks, tbh. And, yes, I stole a scene from the show, big deal. Hope its good, let me know.

Word Count: 1,555

Tags: No one (message me to be put on a character tag list, and tell me the character, or just the 13 reasons why tag list)

Italics are flashbacks.

O/D means Outfit Description. 

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Quidditch Matches - Fred Weasley

Word Count: 4,223

Prompt: Fred and his Gryffindor girlfriend attend a Quidditch match together when other plans lead them back to Fred’s dorm room.

This is just based off and idea on what I could see happening if Fred Weasley brought his Gryffindor girlfriend to a Quidditch match between Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Warnings: Fluff, very light smut, mention of sex, unedited 

“Hurry up, love! We’re gonna miss the match if we don’t get there in time!” Whipping your head around you found the source of the voice. You rolled your e/c eyes abated at your eager boyfriend. Fred was practically dancing back and forth on his toes as he stood waiting for you in the light mist. His red hair was hidden under a dampen wool hat, the ends sticking to his skin.

“Give me a second, Fred. I just need to put my boots on.” You mumbled leaning up against the brick walls of the castle. Fred Weasley had been raving the entire week about the Quidditch match playing out Saturday night. It was set between Slytherin and Ravenclaw and for some reason your boyfriend was more than thrilled to attend. He managed to hook you in and when Saturday finally did roll around, the match was all he could talk about. At five o'clock on the dot Fred dragged you out of the Gryffindor common room, where most of your weekends were spent, before you could even get dressed for the occasion. You snatched your raincoat off the hook, lucky for you a pair of thin fleece gloves were buried in the pocket, your boots by the door, and a homemade tie blanket to sit on.

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Pride Day on Diagon Alley

Someone, please remind Harry not to trust Hermione with something like this anymore. Of course it seemed like a brilliant idea at the beginning, but don’t they all? Every single plan they’ve had along eight years of school turned against Harry, and now this one will do as well. 

How does he know?

Well, because the simplest idea of attending Pride Day -that’s how Hermione called it- on Diagon Alley with Draco Malfoy gave Harry shivers and the anticipation about how bad this could go was making Harry want to hide into his cupboard.

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Trapped in the circle that was called fate, destiny, life. It was the way things went, the way of the world, the course of time. It was inevitable although she wished it was not. How things were, how things should be, how things would always be – for them.

i was so lucky to be paired with @cate-deriana ❤ ❤ for the @ichirukibigbang collab! just reading the summary of her story really excited me and now it’s done! i hope i did your fic justice cate, it really touched me   ❤ (and i’m so sorry i took so long sometimes)
everyone else, i hope you enjoy our work! nwn!!!

Eyes on Me

Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Rating: M
Pairings: Laven (Lavi x Allen); SLIGHT Poker Pair (Allen/Tyki) and Lavi/Allen/Tyki OT3
Total Words: 3.8K
Tags: Stripper AU; Modern AU; Stripping; Voyeurism; blowjobs; just a lot of glitter okay?; Also Allen is a little shit; Also this is my first time writing stripping and I’m officially dead; I’m so embarrassed please take this and we shall never speak of it again

Description: Lavi knows he’s he luckiest man alive. Not only is his boyfriend drop-dead gorgeous, but he gets to watch him dance half-naked and covered in glitter every weekend. It was just a bonus to see him dancing with other beautiful men on stage.

Those were just a few perks of dating the best stripper in town.

@spiccan!!! I was the one to fill your request for the Laven Spring Gift Exchange!!! I bestow this beautiful stripper AU onto you, and hopefully the hints of OT3 will soothe your shipper heart. :3c


When Lavi heard the house music fade, he grabbed his drink and turned in his stool. The lighting shifted as the stage lit up, and he felt his stomach tighten in anticipation. The performance music began: heavy, electronic, and sensual. He swallowed thickly. It was time for the next show—

Time to watch Allen dance for him.

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Escape Avoidance

The clacking of your heels was the only sound present in the empty hallway as you made your way to a lecture. The sound was drowned out by the sudden interruption of your ringtone which you quickly silenced. It was minutes to 9AM and you did not want to be late for class. You waited for the caller’s face to fade to black before you shoved your phone into your coat pocket.

Your lecture ended at 11AM but you remained inside the lecture hall for any follow up questions some of the students might have. You were accommodating one of the students who frequently hit on you when your phone rang again. Seeing Christian’s face as the caller, you flipped the phone and went back to answering whatever obvious question the student was throwing at you.

When he finally left the lecture hall, you sat back and closed your eyes, rubbing your temples.

“Professor? Do you have time? I’ve got to ask you about something.” A male student’s voice echoed from near the door.

“Yeah, sure. Come in. What is it about?” you say as cheerfully as you can, sitting up.

“Are you free for lunch, Professor?” Christian says grinning as he approaches you.

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