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You and your brothers are like the prettiest family ever you all kinda look like each other

i told them u think they’re pretty and they all said thank you and jordan blushed a lil’ thank u he has really low self esteem and that made him feel better today


You are a good person

Everyone has their darkness and low moments, everyone has things they wish they could take back and do over, and everyone has regrets. Just because you may have messed up in the past does not mean who you are now is awful or terrible. You are a good person, don’t forget that <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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has your low cal intake effected your hair in any way? like thinning or anything? asking as a fellow black girl 😊

I’m discovering that how restricting affects hair loss largely depends on hair texture and genetics. My hair is so freakin thick that if I have lost hair, I can’t tell. It’s still growing and feels very soft and I’m quite grateful for that. However, I wholeheartedly believe that if I didn’t have an ed, my hair would be even thicker and longer. Imo it’s harder to notice hair loss in type 3 and type 4 hair.

min yoongi probably.....
  • Yoongi: finally my hair doesn't match our albums anymore
  • Jimin: guys check it out i dyed my hair pink now i look like the right version!
  • Yoongi: *already reaching for the blue dye* wow what a coincidence

What a wild ride that stream was omg. You guys come into MY house and you bloody KINKSHAME me. I’m so mad.

So, it’s morning. Or maybe afternoon.
There’s light pouring through the window
and it’s got you looking the kind of
haloed and soft you only see in movies.
I’m only half awake but I’m already
writing poetry about your eyelashes,
can you believe that?
In the mirror, I pretend to watch myself
watching myself brushing my teeth.
Instead, I watch you run your hands
through your hair: again and again and again
and again. More than once, I’ve seen the way
you try to rearrange your body into negative space.
Like one of those optical illusions—
the vase with the two faces.
You forgot you could be both of them. You forgot
that when you lean too close to a work of art
the whole picture blurs and disappears.
A new painting: one with no negative space.
You as steady hands and solid ground. You
with a ukulele and a dog. Coffee and cayenne.
Cheap wine and expensive whiskey.
All that blue in your closet. You
as the perfect first date and
something soft to come home to.
Bad jokes and good intentions and all that—
Yes, light. Listen,
so, it’s late. Or the time of night
some people call morning.
It’s dark in the car, but you laugh—
I mean, really laugh. The kind that
catches you by surprise and crinkles up
the corners of your eyes—and it’s like
a camera flash in a windowless room.
It’s the best thing I’ve seen, all day.
Every morning, the sun has to relearn
how to outshine you. Sometimes
even she is not bright enough.