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Today’s Happy Friday post is just going to be a shout-out to @blindvogel, who keeps me halfway sane on the regular by helping me tell the sappiest, smuttiest stories we can possibly come up with in Discord and generally being my entire creative lifeline. Should kaiju ever attack, the two of us will be ready for our jaeger, because we’ve proven our drift compatibility a dozen times over. She is pretty much the sole reason I haven’t killed anyone or broken down into tears at some point this week.


anonymous asked:

true! I always knew iris loves barry but now they are together she is such a dork around him. We never saw her be so in love like this with Eddie, but with Barry she is glowing and just so happy even with the possible dark future they are fighting??? Idiots in love 😍

She is literally like, walking on air around him at all times now. She’s so happy and in love and 100% sure of her feelings and not doubting anything anymore. Even trusting Barry WILL save her, she’s going to live, and he’s not angsting quite as hard as he was for 5evah.

They’re both so happy!!!!! And filled with affection and joy and WHY WOULD U WANT TO RUIN THAT.

ceiramoon  asked:

First can I say poor Lucy? Because honestly she's out there trying to protect history and the men are giving no fucks about any of it. Like at all. Second crap I'm shipping the wrong ship (Of course it's Lucy and Flynn because like you I have a type and he checks all the damn boxes). There he is, caring not for anything but his revenge, looking at her like she hung the damn sun. THE SUN. Third, shit Mom is also fucking Rittenhouse and poor Lucy just wants her sister back. I need season 2. NOW.

Timeless, The Short Version: Everyone Loves Lucy Preston and Of Course They Do and We Are Strangely Okay With It

Aka, The Men Who Love Lucy Are Massive Idiots, Except for Rufus, OH GOD PROTECT RUFUS.

Aka aka, Lucy Preston Is Not Paid Enough to Deal With This Shit.

Aka etc, God Dammit Flynn ™

Aka etc etc, Stop Smirking Wyatt, You Ain’t Off The Hook, That Was Also Really F'n Dumb

Aka squared, Welcome to the Club, Meetings Tuesdays.