a lovely afternoon at the park

  • me: *sees a girl*
  • lesbian me: damnnnnnn she's so hot!!!!!
  • feminist me: woah man you shouldn't objectify her like that she is more than just her looks
  • lesbian me: aw shit sorry dude what i meant to say was 'damnnnnnn she looks like a wonderful person with many interesting hobbies and talents that i would love to spend an afternoon at a dog park with!!!!!'
What I Think of When I See the Signs
  • Aries: bold lipstick, messy ponytails, rushing to catch the train, plaid button ups, and Thursday nights
  • Taurus: citrus scented lotion, Wednesday mornings, knitted scarves, piles of books, and Seattle
  • Gemini: Saturday evenings, sparkly lip gloss, freshly painted nails, amusement parks, and toasts to youth
  • Cancer: sleeping in, fluffy socks, white bedsheets, Sunday afternoons, daisies, and searching for something lost
  • Leo: loud voices, Friday nights, too many people in one place, laughing so hard you can't breathe, and carefree feelings
  • Virgo: bashful singing, Tuesday mornings, calligraphy, the feeling after you've finished your work, and old parchment
  • Libra: expensive perfume, luscious hair, Friday mornings, reminiscence, young love, coffee, and ballroom dancing
  • Scorpio: fighting for a cause, Monday evenings, spicy chocolate, late night crusades, dark lipstick, and hidden laughs
  • Sagittarius: meadows, sunflowers, rain, Sunday mornings, eating too much, family, Polaroids, and instrumental music
  • Aquarius: sneaking out the back door, Thursday mornings, Disney, daydreaming, mysterious eyes, hidden beauty, and raw talent
  • Pisces: Tuesday evenings, relaxing, fireplaces, beige jackets, winter, London, pearls, mascara, and comfort

you know, i like to think of those times when isak and even eat lunch together in the cafeteria and then they have afternoon classes, and isak has biology and he always arrives earlier so he can go over his readings, the room is empty and it’s easier to concentrate. and isak sits right there at the back of the class, next to the window. and even sits by the window as isak takes out a textbook from his backpack. and it’s spring and it’s a sunny day and even looks outside and thinks of what they could do after class. go for a walk, go to the park maybe. because yes, even loves swings and once he grabbed isak’s hand and told him, “we’re going swinging” and isak whined but still followed him, smiled when even sat on the swing and said “let’s go!” as he slowly started to rock back and forth. and maybe they’ll grab burgers and eat them on a bench outside, and even will take off the ketchup on the corner of isak’s lips with one of his fries, grin at him before shoving it in his mouth. today is bright and beautiful, and even thinks it has that in common with isak 

and even turns around and looks at isak, his feet barely dangling above the floor, and he tells him “come here” and isak is still looking down at his textbook, and he’s got a small smile on his face as he says “hold on, i’m done with this section in a minute”. and when he is, he stands up and rests his hands on even’s thighs, settles between them. and even strokes isak’s nose with his, his mouth ghosting over isak’s and isak’s hands go up and up until they’re gently grabbing even’s face. and their lips touch as students come in, and then sana arrives and sits at her seat, the one next to isak’s and she’s clearing her throat, twice, and that’s when isak finally turns around, a slightly annoyed look on his face until he notices that it’s sana

and isak and even both say hey, smile on their face and in their voice and sana asks even how he’s doing today, and he tells her he’s doing well. and isak asks “don’t you wanna know how i, the best biology partner you’ll ever have, am doing?” and sana shakes her head and says “we have the whole class ahead of us isak, but even has to go because class starts in…” she looks at her watch and adds “four minutes” and even’s eyes widen a little and he grabs his backpack and he kisses isak’s cheek quickly and tells sana “it was nice seeing you sana, have a nice day. let’s all grab lunch together soon, okay?” and sana smiles and nods. and even is out of the classroom. and looking at sana as she opens her notebook, isak feels thankful to have her as a friend. and when he quickly glances outside the window right before class starts, he also thinks that it’s a bright and beautiful day today, and that he can’t wait to spend the rest of it with even

“I was sentimental about many things: a woman’s shoes under the bed; one hairpin left behind on the dresser; the way they said, “I’m going to pee …”; hair ribbons; walking down the boulevard with them at 1:30 in the afternoon, just two people walking together; the long nights of drinking and smoking, talking; the arguments; thinking of suicide; eating together and feeling good; the jokes, the laughter out of nowhere; feeling miracles in the air; being in a parked car together; comparing past loves at 3 am; being told you snore, hearing her snore; mothers, daughters, sons, cats, dogs; sometimes death and sometimes divorce, but always carrying on, always seeing it through; reading a newspaper alone in a sandwich joint and feeling nausea because she’s now married to a dentist with an I.Q. of 95; racetracks, parks, park picnics; even jails; her dull friends, your dull friends; your drinking, her dancing; your flirting, her flirting; her pills, your fucking on the side, and her doing the same.” - Bukowski

The planet Jupiter and the planet Saturn are husbands in deep, pure, and great love! They wake up in the same bed. Make breakfast together. Go for a nice walk through the park. Meet their friends for an early lunch. Go to to an afternoon showing of old vintage movies. Then they go for a drive to the country side. Go dancing at a local bar. Have hot cocoa and pastries while star gazing. Then they give each other a hot kiss goodnight and they go bed. Jupiter of course is the little spoon.

{ a cut above }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader

prompt: “can you do a hamilsquad!reader when reader gets hurt (cuts themselves badly, goes unconscious, breaks something, etc)”

trigger warning: mention of blood

a/n: hardest decision ever,,, because these boys would fuss over you so much,,, but i chose to do one where you cut yourself on accident!

Once a month, you had a bit of a get together with you and the “squad”. There was a lot of impromptu and last minute planning in your group chat, but nonetheless you figured something out. You decided to chill at Angelica’s house and spent the whole afternoon there. It was usually what you all ended up doing anyway if you didn’t go to the bar or hit up an amusement park. You loved the little hangouts since it gave you a chance to all catch up and hang out for the rest of the day. 

These hangouts meant that everyone was invited. Even Burr, Jefferson, and Madison swung by. Maria too came and everyone was always excited to see her. She had a habit of disappearing every once in a while, but she was warming up to you all and was making more of an appearance. 

You went into the kitchen, smiling little as you saw Angelica and her little sisters leaning over a big cookbook. 

“So, ladies, what are we going to do today?” You asked, slipping beside Maria who was on the other side of the kitchen island. You wrapped your arm around her torso giving her a side hug. She happily hugged you back, letting you rest your head against her shoulder. 

“We’re going to cook!” Peggy said excitedly. “And Eliza’s going to bake, but we’re just not sure what to make yet.” She sounded a little more embarrassed towards the end, but she was still excited. 

“That one looks ambitious.” Maria leaned forward with you, managing to read the title upside down. You peeked over, curious yourself.

“Then we’ll do that one.” Angelica smirked, clapping her hands together. 

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I was sentimental about many things: a woman’s shoes under the bed; one hairpin left behind on the dresser; the way they said, “I’m going to pee …”; hair ribbons; walking down the boulevard with them at 1:30 in the afternoon, just two people walking together; the long nights of drinking and smoking, talking; the arguments; thinking of suicide; eating together and feeling good; the jokes, the laughter out of nowhere; feeling miracles in the air; being in a parked car together; comparing past loves at 3 am; being told you snore, hearing her snore; mothers, daughters, sons, cats, dogs; sometimes death and sometimes divorce, but always carrying on, always seeing it through; reading a newspaper alone in a sandwich joint and feeling nausea because she’s now married to a dentist with an I.Q. of 95; racetracks, parks, park picnics; even jails; her dull friends, your dull friends; your drinking, her dancing; your flirting, her flirting; her pills, your fucking on the side, and her doing the same; sleeping together… .
—  Bukowski, ‘Women’

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Headcanon: Kara was actually the forward one with Lena. She pines after James, and let Winn and Mon-El pine after her, but with Lena, she just knew she had to know her, be friends with her, kiss her, be with her. Lena flirted shamelessly, but it was Kara who caught her off guard, kissing her and confessing her feelings while hanging out one afternoon in the park near L-corp.

i!!!! love the idea of kara being the one to make a move!!!

because I definitely think lena thinks of herself as the one who Moves First; she’s a CEO, she’s a luthor, of course she’s going to be brave enough to ask out kara danvers—— right?

after all, she can do flirting–and she can do it well. but every time she tries to actually ask kara out, she gets all flustered. (it doesn’t help that kara is seemingly oblivious, and lena is like 80% sure that kara wouldn’t recognize her flirting if she literally handed her a piece of paper that said date: yes/no?)

but then there’s kara, who, yeah, is a little oblivious to the flirting for a while. but once she notices it, oh, does she notice it, and it’s fun, this game, but she can’t help but think that kissing lena would be a whole lot More Fun

their weekly lunches turn into daily lunches, and then they start getting dinner, and then they’re having a picnic in the middle of the park and kara’s kissing lena and lena has this moment of pure Gay Panic because– whoa. maybe she’s the oblivious one 

(kara makes some joke about well, you were never going to make a move, so– and lena is weak enough, crazy enough about kara, to actually, genuinely pout. i flirted with you! she says, just defensive enough to make kara laugh and laugh. and i kissed you! kara counters)

(months later, someone asks them how they got together. alex groans out loud: please don’t ask them that. we’ll never hear the end of it)

“Alright. I’m ready now… Say it,” John says abruptly, taking hold of Sherlock’s wrist and turning to face him. He is smiling; laughter still lingering on his lips from the bout of giggling they’d just shared over the ridiculous attempt at escape the criminal had made when they’d cornered him during the case they’d just concluded.

Regent’s park is hushed around them. They’ve cut through heading back to Baker Street, enjoying a walk in the unseasonably pleasant weather. The late afternoon sun is warm with the first breath of Spring in the air, the world springing back to life in that way that stirs the soul back to awareness.

John is incandescent; his whole face is glowing with the exertion of the case, his eyes are sparkling with the thrill of the challenge and his silver hair is quivering in the breath of wind.

That familiar warmth curls into Sherlock’s chest at seeing John like this and, under John’s attentive stare, that heat creeps into his cheeks. He looks down at John’s grasp on his wrist as he feels an uncomfortable twinge in his stomach.

“Say what?” Sherlock pulls his eyes up to John as his face scrunches in confusion.

“Come on. You were giving me that look, Sherlock… I know what it means.” A jolt of cold anxiety shoots through Sherlock’s system and he swallows. Of course John knows… he’s not an idiot.

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The Golden Mask

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Please don’t leave me! Don’t go because me! Don’t be afraid of me…I love you so much…

Genre: Action, Angst, Romance

Warning: Violence 

Word count: 1.6k

A/N: i actually had alot of fun writing this! thx for requestin!

Jungkook and you walked around the park after a long day of school, taking your time to relax and breath the fresh late afternoon air. “I’m pretty sure I ruined that test…” Jungkook said as he raised his arms above his to stretch. “Come on, I’m pretty sure I’m the one who fucked up the test.” You said as you bumped shoulders with him and Jungkook looked at you with his signature bunny smile. 

 “But still, I had fun studying together, at least you helped me.” He said looking down the ground as he walked forward. The children’s laughs can be heard as they had their last minute play at the playground. Jungkook thought about something and turned red and came to a halt. You stopped and turned around and looked at him with concern. “You okay Jungkook?” He looked down and felt like he was sweating on the spot. The light breeze blew through his bang and you gave you a peek of his face that was dusting with red. He looked up at you with his face all flushed. “Y/N…” He begun and you started to get worried. “Jungkook what’s wrong?” He exhaled. “I like you…”

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These days I’m in Berlin, Germany. Every Sunday afternoon, from spring to early autumn, thousands of people gather in Mauerpark to attend a famous Karaoke show where anybody can sing.

Anais, who is in love with music, was in the park last Sunday, wearing a beautiful African outfit. Born in France from a Malian mother and a French father, she moved to Berlin a few years ago.

When she’s in Mali, people say she’s white. When she’s in France, people say she’s black. But Anais always felt both African and European and loves the fact that she has such a diverse family.

Marius working out his feelings for boys (Courf in particular) in the absence of sexual attraction was particularly difficult because of the absence of meaningful friendships in his life. 

With Cosette, Cosette took his breath away so quickly, delighted and enchanted him, and Marius has rewatched his favorite Disney movies often enough that that kind of sparkly, hazy feel between a girl and a boy was unmistakable. 

Realizing that the rosy glow of affection and admiration he held for Courfeyrac was more than a feeling of friendship was a little more difficult. He had no models in his head for this sort of thing. Even as his new set of friends exposed him to queer love, they’re all such an open and sex-positive group that it seemed thoroughly tied to sexuality and lust for one another. It was difficult to recognize his feelings for Courfeyrac as being related. 

It’s not until les amis are spending the afternoon in a city park together and Marius watches Courfeyrac and Cosette weaving friendship bracelets for each other that he realizes he isn’t sure who he is more enamored with, and that his feelings for one are not any different than his feelings for the other. 

It’s a revelation almost as unsettling as it is peaceful, but his girlfriend and soon-to-be-boyfriend help him through it just fine. 

BTS Stans As Aesthetics
  • Seokjin: fabulous sparkles, self-love, cute but comfortable clothing, white sneakers, cute backpacks, RaPUNzels, getting the last packet of your favourite snack at the store
  • Yoongi: Sound-cancelling headphones, good tech, gaming gear, leather notebooks, sound of softly falling rain, appreciating the little things
  • Hoseok: cheers on graduation day, late spring afternoon walks, portable music players, board games at sleepovers
  • Namjoon: second chances, going to the theatre, crisp breezes, the night sky, lopsided glasses, half-used pens fallen behind the desk
  • Jimin: dancing in the rain, positivity projects, volunteering at a local animal shelter, brunch dates with friends
  • Taehyung: giggling during concentration games and staring contests, jumping on the bed, half-finished books, spontaneous 2am outings, karaoke
  • Jeongguk: gym, competitions, singing in the shower, pranking friends but denying everything, laying on the hood of a car staring at the night sky, choosing dare in truth or dare
He Tells Everyone You’re His - One Shot

In which Simon tells his mum whilst recording a video that he has a girlfriend, you, and she loves you already even though she hasn’t even met you yet.

Requested? Yes

Simon’s Point of View

I was on the highway on my way to my parents’ house. My dad wasn’t in, instead he was in the US, doing stuff for his job. My mum was always welcome, though, so I decided to head there in the afternoon.

She’s not expecting anything; probably just the usual, which was me talking about how much I love YouTube and any video ideas I have in mind, and telling her about things me and the other boys did since the last time I saw her. Little does she know that I have some very important news I know she’ll be delighted to hear.

I parked my black rover right outside the door to my parents’ house and rang the doorbell. I could hear the shuffling of socks on the tiled floor before I was greeted by my mum’s familiar smile.

‘Simon!’ She cheered and stood on her toes to engulf me in a hug. I smiled and bathed in her smell. I instantly felt ten years younger, seeing as this is the house I grew up in, the house I lived in when I went to Middle School and High School. But I had to remind myself that I’m 24 now, and that I’ve changed. And that things have changed for this family. 'Come on in,’ She opened the door completely, letting me walk inside and then shut it behind me.

I took off my thick Autumn coat and hung it up on the wall behind the door like I did when I used to come home from school. The nostalgia was filling my mind and taking over all my thoughts, so I didn’t realise my mum had ask me something.

'Sorry?’ I told her, raising my eyebrows. I has subconsciously followed her into the living room, where she stood in front of the coffee table.

'I asked if you’d like some tea or coffee.’ She giggled up at me.

'Oh,’ I smiled awkwardly, and I could feel my cheeks heat up. 'Tea sounds good,’ I told her and sat down on the sofa. I pulled my phone out whilst she got to making the tea in the kitchen. 'Is something troubling you, Si? It’s not often you’re so in thought.’ She questioned.

'Are you calling me stupid?’ I laughed whilst scrolling through my Twitter feed aimlessly.

'What? No! Of course not!’ She laughed in return. It was silent for a short while, but the bubbling sound of boiling water made it a comfortable silence.

'Hey, mum, do you want to film a video with me? As in, right now?’ I asked without looking up.

'Oh, was I supposed to prepare something for this?’ She asked.

'No, I just got an idea.’ I told her.

'Um, sure, what will it be?’ She asked. I could see her pouring the hot water into two mugs.

'I was thinking just a regular Q n’ A, except you get to ask me questions, too.’ This would be an easy way to tell her, since she’s sure to ask about my love life. She used to love joking about how it doesn’t exist.


'I’ll just go get my camera and stuff from my car quickly,’ I said and ran out to the front of the house, grabbing a tripod, a camera, and a little microphone.

'Okay, this is a good one.’ I told her and smirked. 'When’s the last time you and dad kissed?’ I asked her. This was one of the last questions for the video.

'This morning, when he left to go the United States,’ She said confidently. I giggled and then looked up at the camera and cringed. I had just imagined my parents kissing.

'Your turn,’ I told her, but I knew what was coming. She hadn’t asked the question yet.

'How’s your love life?’ She laughed, assuming she already knew the answer.

'Funny you ask that,’ I said, pulling out my phone. I could see her eyes widen in shock. 'I have something I needed to tell you today, mum,’ I looked up at her again. 'I have a girlfriend.’ I stated, smiling so much that my cheeks began to heart.

'Really? Oh my goodness, Si, that’s amazing.’ She said in a high-pitched voice and leaned in to squeeze me, causing me to hold my breath.

'Guys, I’m dying,’ I said to the camera, sounding as if I was going to be choked to death.

'Do you have a picture of her? Oh my days, what’s her name?’ She asked, seeming to be really excited now. My fingers were trembling slightly as I unlocked my phone. Not because I was nervous about telling my mum, but because I was uploading this to the internet a couple hours later.

'Yeah, I do, and her name is Y/N.’ I said, smiling as I looked through my camera roll quickly. It wasn’t hard to find a picture of her because my camera roll was filled with pictures of us cuddling on the couch at the Sidemen House and pictures of her sitting across from me at a table at a café. I settled on a picture of her laughing at a crappy joke I made, whilst she was sitting opposite me at a fancy restaurant we went to together one night.

'Oh my days, she’s gorgeous.’ My mum gasped at the picture.

'If you swipe right, there’s more.’ I told her, handing her my phone. She continued smiling as she looked through all the pictures.

'Is she the only person you have pictures of on your phone?’ My mum asked and I nodded and smiled. 'Oh come here, my little big boy,’ She said and leaned in for another hug, completely embarrassing me in front of my viewers.

A story for all you Jurassic Park loving peeps out there. I learned about this in my Disaster Response and Emergency Preparedness course that I just started.
In 1992, Jurassic Park was finishing filming on the island of Kaua'i in Hawai'i. The final day was scheduled for September 11. However, brewing out in the Pacific and headed straight for Hawai'i was Category 4 Hurricane Iniki. The crew had been keeping an eye on it, but it was expected that Iniki would turn its course slightly. The afternoon of September 10, however they were informed that it was going to make landfall in a few hours, impacting Kaua'i with the main brunt of it. The crew of hundreds was ordered into the basement of the hotel they were staying in, and they waited it out that night. (Rather hilariously, Richard Attenborough slept through the whole ordeal where others were awake, huddled together and fearing for their lives. When Spielberg asked him about it, he answered, “My dear boy, I survived the blitz!” I guess after that, a little hurricane is just pleasant white noise.)
The next day, after the storm had passed, the whole island was in shambles. Infrastructure was totally destroyed, electricity was entirely knocked out, and radio service was down. The crew had escaped harm, luckily, though the sets were totally destroyed. That’s actually why we don’t see any of Ray Arnold’s journey to the power shed, because that set was ruined during the storm. Anyway, I digress.
The crew comes out of their basement shelter to find total devastation and a city in disarray. Even though help would be arriving soon, since the National Weather Service had been monitoring the storm and knew the island was hit, there would be no way for the relief efforts to begin with the infrastructure so heavily damaged. Airstrips and landing pads had also been demolished in the storm, and hospitals were without power. There was also no (rather, just severely limited) way to move the debris that was keeping citizens from aid.
EXCEPT a gigantic, highly skilled and intelligent film crew with lots of industrial equipment and literally nothing better to do.
Within hours of the storm’s passing, the film crew personnel had dug out their bulldozers and cranes, jury rigged up whatever else they needed from the animatronics, and began blazing a path through the wreckage to the air strip where they cleared the whole landing site, then began working on major city streets. They also used their set generators to help restore power to critical city functions, and their satellite phones to call for extra assistance from the mainland (after they had evacuated their cast, of course).
Even though the ships and helicopters arrived to take the crew home that day, as planned, many (if not most) of the crew stayed on Kaua'i to assist in cleanup and relief efforts.
It’s estimated by Emergency Management officials and experts that if the crew had not been there, the recovery efforts would have been delayed by as much as 3 weeks, as little as 3 days, and several hundred people would have died in the aftermath of Hurricane Iniki.

Hollywood gets a bad rep for being selfish, but they can save lives and I think that’s really cool.


Park Jimin | BTS | M | drabble

Warnings: fem!domxsub!Jimin, suggestive ending, slight anal play

You spent the afternoon planning for Jimin, for he deserved the best (that obviously being contingent on him being a good boy for you), but one thing you loved more was his willingness to please you.

There wasn’t anything, within reason and excessive aftercare, that he wouldn’t try for you: kitten ears, pretty lingerie, blindfolds, hot wax, really just about anything and everything, but this latest endeavor made him tighten with nerves.

Your job as the head of marketing management and research at your firm entailed long hours, days, and sometimes even weeks at a time, much of which you loathed since it meant no physical contact with Jimin. Regular Skype calls that ending with his high pitched whines, cum running down his chest listening to what you would do to him and causing a youthful blush to spread throughout his fresh face from your colorful language.

For your latest trip to the sex shop, your eyes wondered, trying to find something to surprise Jimin on the way home from a long (and quite hellish) three weeks away from him. Your fingers lightly dusted the sex clad shelves, looking for something to get Jimin off for his excellent behavior when you saw it. The short, nicely shaped, vibrating anal plug. It was sparkly, pink, and something you know he would enjoy, solely based on the color; sometimes it amazed you that the man you fell for still found a simple pleasure in something as trivial as the look of such items.

The toy had gracefully etched ridges to ensure maximum pleasure, and a little remote to control the speed of vibration, “Oh, this is just perfect, my Jiminie will love it.” You thought, a smug grin adorning your face as you carefully rolled the silky smooth plug between your nimble fingers, enjoying the pure ecstasy from the thought of him begging for your praises, and cheeks flushed pink from hearing the vulgarity of your mouth. You also made it a point also to buy that strawberry lube he’s being talking about nonstop during your nightly chats over the computer, “anything for my sweet boy.”

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