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Scenario: Soulmate AU
Pairing: Kai/Reader
Word Count: 10131
Rating: T (warning for angst. i’m not kidding, this is 10k words of pure heartbreak)

Summary:  In a world where soulmates are banned and their soulmarks genetically destroyed, one shows up on your wrist on your thirteenth birthday. 

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Listen… For the life of me I cannot watch fights in anime or read them in manga.

I cannot do it. I do not have the attention span. I will die. I will flop over and die from boredom. I could love the characters more than life itself but if I try to read a drawn-out fight my soul will transcend this plane before I’m even half-way through.

Not all manga/anime are as bad as others. BNHA and One Punch Man, for example, finish up their fights in a semi-timely manner, and for this reason I can make it through them. But if we’re going with most shounen anime/manga; I’m dead. I’m fucking dead. My hell would just be me being forced to watch all the One Piece fights back to back for eternity.

And like, these drawn out fights don’t even make sense! My writer-brain tells me that fights are supposed to be written as fast-paced, mostly physical, only slightly technical, and shouldn’t be worrying about diving deep into a character’s thoughts. Fights are supposed to be shallow.

Here’s why: your brain cannot fucking do the shit these protagonists do. It can’t. The brain is marvelous and complex and I love her but by god she cannot be trying to help you survive a fight and be pumping you full of adrenaline AND be thinking about your extensive abandonment issues at the same time. She can’t do it. The brain is just gonna focus on the issue at hand, i.e. staying the fuck alive, and save the rest for later, when you’re not about to die.

Can you imagine trying to fight an anime protagonist in real life? They’d die!! You’d punch them and then they’d just step back and stand there with a blank look on their face while they had some flashback!!! Bitch would be dead in like, 30 seconds.

Why can’t they just fight hard, get the job done, then go home, take a bath, stare at the wall while eating ramen, and then go ‘oh, fuck, my childhood was really messed up. I should work on that’ like the rest of us


Do you believe in past lives? Lance certainly does. This is a tale of two star crossed lovers and how their love transcended both death and time itself. 

Since we’re allowed to tease for the @voltronbang 2017, here’s is ours! I am grateful for this event that it introduced me to the lovely @knightlychika and her lovely art! We hope to see you on August 1st! The event starts on July 30! 

Lifetime Mark [Prince Sidon/Reader][NSFW-ish]

Summary: Your wedding night with Sidon is something you’ll remember forever, but you had forgotten a rather important part of their tradition…

A/n: yo! so, this is a response to two requests. the first one is basically asks my take on marking wed/mated couples. and this is sort of where i went with it. i don’t have many headcanons on it, so i just went with what tends to be popular in fandom. and that’s usually biting. 

the second request was basically them making out and getting handsy and i’m just like, I AIM TO PLEASE. so, there you go!

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“The happiness that I feel at this moment… I feel as though my heart will explode.”

“We just got married, Sidon. Wait a while before letting anything explode.”

His lips curled against your flesh and feathered upwards to your face where his warmth breath lingered. As the crisp breeze danced through the night, you shivered and withered back as goose flesh peaked across your body.

When his lips molded against yours, you nestled closer to him, fingers coming to just caress the sides of his jaw as his arms wound you. The way your smaller form melted against his always left you with a sensation you couldn’t quite describe other than safe.

Even though many still expressed qualms of your unorthodox union to the Zora prince, his arms steadying you against him offered you every reassurance you needed, every comfort you craved.

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Darkside of Dimensions Review

Since I’ve seen it twice now and gotten a few asks, I figured I’d share my thoughts on the new Yu-Gi-Oh! movie with ye.

Spoiler-free summary: I really enjoyed this movie, especially Kaiba’s and Yugi’s characterisation, but the duels dragged. The antagonist was an interesting person but an uninteresting duelist so the big duels against him were repetitive and lacking flair. The animation was mostly gorgeous but did suffer from “eh that character is in the background in this shot, it’s fine if they’re just a misshapen blob” syndrome. The plot made as much sense as YGO ever does: it’s supposed to be in manga canon but there are still inconsistencies and the plot could have used more structure. It’s definitely only welcoming to people who already like YGO, I can’t imagine getting much out of it if you’re not a YGO fan! But if you are, it’s excellent fun!

Now for details!

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Is it a fantasy story, or just a tale of madness? Is it neither, is it both? You be the judge. So long as it’s a good story, that’s enough for me. Stories of the human heart in conflict with itself transcend time, place, and setting. So long as love and honor and pity and pride and compassion and sacrifice are present, it matters not a whit whether that tall, lean stranger has a proton pistol or a six-shooter in his hand. Or a sword—

Fantasy? Science fiction? Horror? I say it’s a story, and I say the hell with it.
—  George R.R. Martin, Dreamsongs, Vol. II

things that consistently and continually fuck me up about life is strange:

• how quickly and easily chloe lets max back into her life and forgives her (despite the fact she’d have every right to not want to talk to her ever again considering max essentially abandoned her when she needed her most)
• how they’re already flirting on day 2 of having met back up again for the first time in 5 years (guys.)
• how max is willing to shoot someone to protect chloe (you actually pulled the trigger max what the fuck)
• how max has to stand on her tiptoes to kiss chloe
• how chloe is max’s first kiss
• how for about an episode and a half they’re in this state of ‘ok something has changed between us but is it too weird to address it are we just going to keep up with the casual flirting and the absentminded touching and let this ambiguous carefree “maybe we’re together maybe we’re not” feeling linger for a bit’
• how they’re the personification of the childhood friends to lovers trope
• how max tells chloe that her and her existence is literally the only thing that matters to her anymore
• how max ruins time and space to be with chloe
• how max sacrifices her dreams/aspirations of being a photographer to save chloe
• how max has to sacrifice a town to have chloe
• how max *does* sacrifice a town to keep chloe (and how that’s probably the most somebody’s cared about chloe in her entire life)
• how the universe says that their bond is destiny and written in the stars despite arcadia bay constantly telling them it is none of those things their happiness and togetherness is forbidden and not meant to be
• how their love rips time apart but transcends time itself
• they’re soulmates OK and arcadia bay is nasty goodbye i gotta leave now

Your Biggest Enemy Is Yourself, Because The Only Consciousness In Existence Is Self.

Any idea of one being superior to any other aspect of creation is illusory and self destructive by nature. If one sees another as inferior, it stems from an ignorance of being one with all of creation and all of creation being a singular entity of self. What is good for one is good for the whole and what is good for the whole is good for the one by nature.

An unwillingness to forgive another aspect of self creates a resonance of separation and thus a distortion from reality. Suffering stems from attachments to these distortions, which must be relinquished in order to be healed. When one suffers, the whole suffers as a result. We are of one consciousness bravely diving into the unknown, on a quest to explore all possibility. The manifestation of darkness is merely necessary for the complete witness and revelation of the whole self.

All of creation is to be cherished and loved, and this love transcends the dimensions of space and time. There is no singular chronology of events in an infinite continuum, only a homogeneous collective of now. Access to the infinite is within us all, and begins with the acceptance and loving of all aspects of creation. If one sinks into the vibration of fear, their experiential reality constricts itself into a smaller and smaller window of possibility. But if one sinks into the vibration of love, the realms of possibility expand as one resonates with a higher percentage of the collective awareness having removed the veil of separation. What you do now influences all of eternity, so love now, for now is all of eternity.

It’s Valentine’s Day, Tiamat and I are coming home from a romantic dinner, filled with deep, introspective discussion about he direction of our lives and where we want to go. And screaming. A lot of screaming. She’s just a passionate person.

Anyway, we think tonight’s gonna be our first night. We would have done things sooner, but she can’t see humans as anything but horrifying eldritch abominations that she wants to eradicate from existence. Seriously, when we first met she called me a “tumor on the ass of life itself.” Well, all she actually did was scream. But I could tell. I could tell. Love just works that way.

So, I light some candles. Get the mood going, turn the lights down, you know. Things go the usual way.

Now, it’s about this time, about two seconds before everything goes to hell, that I’m struck with a thought. Tiamat always keeps her legs pretty tightly together, you know, unless she’s in her horrifying dragon-thing phase.

“Tia, honey, are you sure this is… safe?” I ask.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.” She responds, softly. Well, as soft as a bloodcurdling scream that transcends mortal capabilities can get, anyway. It’s the thought that counts.

Now, assured, I gently spread her legs open. And I’m immediately washed away by unspeakably horrific, tar-black primordial ooze.

“YOU SAID YOU WERE CLEAN!” I felt bad for raising my voice, usually we try and keep things civil, but I hope you can understand where I’m coming from, here. I was pinned to my door by ever-growing puddle of ooze. It was mildly unpleasant, to be honest. This was a pretty big betrayal.


I didn’t really catch anything after that, because, you see, that ooze kinda does things to life.  You know, suddenly you’re as black as the ooze itself, you grow random eyes and limbs, can’t comprehend anything that used to be rational, the usual. 

The ooze did kind of spread all over the planet. That sucked a bit. Ended humanity, the whole nine yards. 

The moral of this story is, you should always wear a condom when you’re going to have sex with horrors that existed before life did. Sometimes your partner might feel too self-conscious to share their medical problems in that situation, especially in the heat of the moment. Protect yourself until you can be entirely sure.

Be safe, kids.


Wataru Watanabe must be doing some serious method acting, because he is Onoda Sakamichi right down to the exact same helmet. Believe it or not he’s around 46 years old in that picture, so you could imagine what an adorable little babyface he must have been in highschool. I bet that when the publisher/editor made him change the protagonist of Yowamushi Pedal from Kotori to a male, he got pissed and just said, “Fine, I’ll be the lead character then!” And proceeded to poison the potential happiness of Imaziumi as a protest. I think he even made a “Making of Yowamushi Pedal” panel somewhere that politely expressed how upset he was at his editor that he had to give up the female main character who could only do one thing at a time.

He then slyly got back by making the main character (now himself) an otaku that is a fan of “Love Hime,” a show with the cute girl main character he originally created. In a sense, it’s a tunnel where he’s transcended into Yowamushi Pedal as the main character but STILL got to make Kotori the spiritual heart of the show. As further proof, The only theme song in Yowapeda is Kotori’s “Koi no Hime Hime Pettanko” from her show (Yowamushi Pedal itself doesn’t even have a theme song!), and Sohoku has to sing it in order to attain victory every time. 

Poor Imaizumi without his original canon love interest is handsome but lonely, neglected by his family, canonically a masochist and awkward with ladies. He has to watch an anime with the girl that he could have had in his own anime universe had Watanabe had his way. This is even further hinted at by Onoda telling Imaizumi that he looks like just Animaru-kun, who Kotori madly has a crush on in “Love Hime.” This is especially sad, because it hints that she would be in love with Imaizumi in Pedal-verse.

Imaizumi isn’t really a closet otaku; he was just written to be with Kotori. He doesn’t watch any other anime and he feels awkward at Akiba. While packing and watching the only anime he likes, “Love Hime,” he sadly tells Kotori that he’ll do his best after she says the same thing in regards to an overnight trip with her friends. In his reality, his soulmate and the only girl who makes him smile unconditionally (Kotori) will never exist, because she’s been ripped from his universe. 

Yowamushi Pedal is REALLY dark when you analyze it (especially in the characters Manami, Ibitani, Kinjou, the author’s abilities being represented by Teshima and Aoyagi, etc), but that’s probably why it’s my favorite anime. I really do think that Watanabe is a tortured soul who’s unknowingly working out his demons through his manga. 

Love ya Sensei!

Days of Future’s Past [3/33]

Killian, Emma, and Elsa all stood in stunned silence, looking to the two prone figures lying on the floor. The golden portal dissipated as quickly as it had appeared, a deathly silence replacing the loud wind generated by the presence of the portal.

Neither of the figures moved.

“Are they… are they alive?” Elsa whispered.

“I don’t know,” Emma mumbled, her hand still firmly gripping Killian’s arm. The black haired man was laying face down, the blonde haired woman on her side facing away from them. Emma noted with a small groan that they both wore clothes from the Enchanted Forest. The man wore all black – from leather pants tucked into the leather boots to the leather vest over a black shirt. The woman wore light brown leather pants, dark brown leather boots, and what looked like a simple white shirt under….

“Is that my red leather coat?”

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INDIAN NAME: Muladhara

WESTERN NAME: Base/ root

LOCATED: Between genitals and anus




FUNCTION: to ground us in the world and connects us to the earth

PHYSICAL HEALTH: Being disconnected from this chakra could result in ankle and knee pain as well as lower back pain (especially around the sacrum) and problems with sexual organs

MENTAL HEALTH: This chakra allows us to have confidence in ourselves and i the world. If the chakra is disconnected you may have issues with trusting people or feeling safe and secure within the world



INDIAN NAME: Svadisthana


LOCATION: Just below the navel

Element: Water

Colour: Orange

Sense: Taste

FUNCTION: Associated with sexual energy and helps us form healthy emotional and sexual relationships. The energy can also manifest as creativity and fuel enthusiasm.

PHYSICAL HEALTH: The adrenal glands may be affected by the second chakra. This influences how we react to stress. Any dysfunction can also manifest in disease of the urinary tract and kidneys

MENTAL HEALTH: Dysfunction in this chakra often leads to someone being unable to receive love. This can arise in several different ways such as being unable to to form relationships and sex may be unfulfilling




WESTERN NAME: Solar plexus

LOCATION: Center of the lower rib cage


COLOUR: Yellow

SENSE: Sight

FUNCTION: The solar plexus is associated with the sun and is usually associated with personal power. It draws in solar energy which enables the flow of energy through the physical body, like a energy hub.

PHYSICAL HEALTH: This chakra is linked to digestion but more importantly is linked to stress. These two things mixed together can lead to problems such as ulcers and stomach upsets. stress reducing techniques and reiki can be used to help strengthen this chakra

MENTAL HEALTH: Plays a big role in how other perceive us, the more energy we draw through this chakra the more people will be attracted to you, this is because you are admitting more light energy. Balance in this chakra can allow a person to assimilate higher wisdom in out unconscious. Dysfunction in the chakra can lead to unhappiness and arrogance





LOCATION: Center of the chest


COLOUR: Green/ Pink

SENSE: Touch

FUNCTION: The Anahata is associated with passion and devotion and the heart is universally associated with love, however, this is not the primarily concerned with romantic love but with all-encompassing love such as the love of creation. It is also the connecting chakra between the three physical chakras and the three finer emotion and spiritual chakra’s.

PHYSICAL HEALTH: This chakra is connected to the circulatory system. Heart disease is a massive killer in western society and stress is a big contributing factor. We can help prevent stress in this chakra by releasing the issues we hold in our heart such as emotional trauma and sadness. 

MENTAL HEALTH: This chakra can help build unconditional love, not only for another but for yourself. Dysfunction in this chakra can manifest in the inability to maintain an emotional relationship.



INDIAN NAME: Vishuddha


LOCATION: Between the center of the collarbone and the larynx

ELEMENT: Ether/ Akasha

COLOUR: Turquoise 

SENSE: Hearing

FUNCTION: This chakra is a gateway between the heart and the head. Through meditation of the throat chakra we can choose the happy medium between what our heart says and what our heads say. It is also said to lie between body and spirit. The Vishudda sits over the local chords and we can easily create unbalance here by using our voices for negativity and anger. 

PHYSICAL HEALTH: Typical physical aliments associated with the dysfunction or unbalance of this chakra manifest as ear, nose, throat and respiratory problems. Dysfunction in this chakra can also lead to hypo/hyperthyroidism.

MENTAL ISSUES: A lack of energy to this chakra can lead to one becoming timid, fearful and afraid to speak up. Where as an overload of energy can lead to being too loud and speaking excessively. This can lead to the closing down of communication and this can lead to depression.




WESTERN NAME: Brow/ third eye

LOCATION: Center forehead


COLOUR: Deep blue

SENSE: Extra-sensory perception

FUNCTION: This is the chakra you draw on when you meditate, it enables us to move beyond the mind we experience daily filled with chatter and into our inner wisdom that we may be unaware of. Dysfunction in this chakra may lead to arrogance about having special powers of insight or psychic abilities and use them to control people

PHYSICAL HEALTH: Physical problems associated with Anja are ones that effect the head in general. Most commonly headaches and migraines.

MENTAL ISSUES: The Anja isnt strongly associated with emotion but it can effect the pineal gland. This is the glad responsible for releasing serotonin and melanin, hormones that strongly affect our mood and sleep patterns.



INDIAN NAME: Sahasrara


LOCATION: Crown of the head


COLOUR: violet/ gold

SENSE: All the sense

FUNCTION: The Sahasrara is the opposite to the base chakra, it faces up towards the heavens and it can not be closed at any time. The Sahasrara connects us to everything that transcends our earthbound state. 

PHYSICAL HEALTH: Much like the brow chakra the crown chakra dysfunction shows itself as headaches and migraines. Epilepsy can also be a symptom associated with this chakra. 

MENTAL HEALTH: An unbalanced crown chakra can lead to someone becoming obsessive and bottling up anger. Parkinson has also been linked to this chakra.


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This season really needed to integrate Claire/Bree moments as a connection to Jamie as well as Jamie's prayer. They have neglected the Jamie/Claire connection since S2. And made Claire harder than needed and only used her as a plot device for Frank. No story for Claire that is not connected to Frank in the first three episodes. For casual viewers there's no reason to believe Jamie and Claire aren't fine without each other. And that's a problem.

I’m actually surprised and really sad we didn’t get even ONE whispered, “Lord that she maybe safe. She and the child.”

I honestly feel the drastic change in demeanor and hardening of Claire was done on purpose (and to a frigid extreme), to contrast her shift back to the Claire we know and love and recognize, once she goes back. It’s the only thing that will make sense to me about how they’ve written Claire’s journey the way they have so far.

I have a legit Q for non-book readers/casual viewers, heck even book readers. If we didn’t know what the story was about and where its going and everything, has the show, objectively speaking, truly done enough so far to make you feel the gut wrenching separation that transcends space and time and life itself for its OTP?

I personally think it has had its heartbreaking moments, I’ve felt it, on more than one occasion. But more from the performances from Cait and Sam rather than from the writing.

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Why do you think Kaworu is so beautiful? I'd like to hear your opinions!

Oh. Oh Anon. I really can’t tell if that’s the most right or wrong question you could ever ask *me*. Warning: This is about to get a-smidge-longer-than-usual & on the spoiler-y side of things if you haven’t finished the anime. I MEAN, FIRST OF ALL, APART FROM BEING OBJECTIVELY ATTRACTIVE AF:

Originally posted by thesushilover

Originally posted by iiisephtisiii

I feel like Anno succeeded, with a brilliant landslide in what he’d set out to even write Kaworu for. The quote, taken from @17th-angel​‘s post from way back when, was:

I wanted to make Kaworu someone that could be loved by anyone, an incredibly good person. Almost as though, by the time Shinji saw him, there was nothing he could do but get a complex.
—Hideaki Anno, June Interview - August 1996 (Director of Shin Seiki Evangelion/Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime)

and Anno, in all his writing & theatrics makes not only Shinji, but you - the viewer - feel that. The experience of getting acquainted with Kaworu Nagisa - at least for me - was emotionally interactive.

I mean here you are, mired in this psychological abyss of an abusive mentalfuck world where layer by layer Anno presents to you the ways in which society in truth doesn’t really gaf about your feelings, your morals, your desires if it’s not congruent with, nor benefits their goals. & just like. Hidden agendas galore - who on Earth is there who treats you with kindness without an expectation from you in mind? Only a handful do truly care, but everyone is wrapped up in their own realities, their own delusions, & have their own respective issues & selves to fight, to protect, to solve…

& then in comes this boy who’s just - all soft smiles, warm gestures & gentle compliments (& okay yeah forward suggestive proposals) but genuinely wants to see you thrive without asking for anything in return???

He’s this powerful, seemingly omnipotent being who not only believes wholeheartedly in Shinji (Who acts as a poster-child stand in for anyone who’s experienced major depressive/generalized anxiety/avoidant personality disorder &/or crippilingly low self-esteem) but in the entirety of humanity itself ugly & fractured & hypocritical & scheming as it can be - enough to entrust them with ultimate survival & the Earth’s very future. He has strength enough to cause the apocalypse & yet he admires the way humans can change, & find resolve to fight in the face of apparent futility.

& wow this isn’t even going into the heavily implied time looping he does with the ultimate goal of delivering happiness to Shinji.

He’s Agape embodied, exemplified & enacted. Literally; being the physical God that he is & in theory the harbinger of humanity’s destruction & yet choosing to love & grace Man with unconditional affection ’that transcends, that serves, regardless of circumstances’.. YOI’s definition *eye rolls* has absolutely nothing on Kaworu’s simply, being. To me, Kaworu Nagisa is the closest fictitious depiction of an angel if I’ve ever seen one.


It’s the love that survives anything and everything, that struggles and pulls through, that even when it seemed hopeless and out of control it still beat strongly. It’s the love that is not superficial, a love that transcends not only the physical world but time itself. It’s not perfect, but it’s wonderful.

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Speaking of the reunion sex, what do you reckon will be a safe distance from the horror? Because I'm worried they might literally transcend reality and rip a hole in space-time itself with their love-making.

tbh send them to a different country for a few weeks

into desolate countryside. a cottage literally in the middle of nowehere with no people around.

i mean, they haven’t had sex since last may probably

it’s the only way

TAU worldbuilding thoughts

So when Alcor ascends to his godhood, and the world has died and the universe just keeps ticking towards inevitable destruction either through heat death or perhaps even through the vast weight of his own power…what happens to the Flock?

Here’s an idea:

It’s the end of the universe, the end of life itself. Every soul that ever was has gathered on another plane – not even the demons or angels were exempt, and all former gods have long since withered away. Without sentient species to create and sustain them, dreams and nightmares have also vanished…

Except for the Flock.

Bound to Alcor even after he transcended again – because long before that time their bond with the demon was as much a contract as a tie of love and loyalty – they are sustained by him. They are all he has. But even they cannot completely weather the end of all things, and so they sink into a hibernation of their own, waiting.

Alcor gathers the last shreds of the universe, shelters the flock, and ignites a new one. Then, when solar systems are spun out and the perfect planets are chosen and life is renewed, Alcor destroys himself, releasing his once human soul. We know that story.

But the Flock remain, and were bound to him, and are changed by the sudden flux of energy.

The Nightmares become the new Demons, and the Dreams become the new Angels.

This has happened before, of course. The difference this time is in their relationship. Last time, the first Demons and Angels had always been at odds, because Dreams are sweet and small and helpless and prime food for the ever-feuding Nightmares. When they became the Angels, of course they remembered, and now that they could fight back they did, while the Demons continued to fight them and amongst themselves.

This time, those Nightmares had protected the Dreams, and the Dreams loved the Nightmares, and all of them had learned cooperation and companionship and loyalty.

This time, the Demons and the Angels are not forever at odds, nor are the former wholly dark or depraved. In a way, they are more like new Alcors – more consistent, perhaps, without the ache of humanity to contend with, but certainly influenced by him for the better.

His soul is their special favorite.

As for Alcor himself, his first physical reincarnation is not human. It can’t be. Even after destroying himself and leaving so much power behind to seed the new universe with magic, he retains too much for a human form to hold.

He is born a phoenix, and every time he dies and is reborn as the same being a little more of that energy is burned up, until finally, after a few thousand years, he dies a final death, re-enters the cycle of souls, finds Mizar and is born human alongside her for the first time in countless eons.

He is still powerful, and it manifests in a never-before-seen aptitude for magic, and ghostly golden wings visible to anyone with even the merest Sight. This combined with the benevolent attention of the highest supernatural order short of gods themselves – angels and demons – has the community he was born into calling him blessed, touched by gods. He likely grows into a spiritual leader, while his sister, never to be repressed, becomes their earthly commander and protector.

And so it goes.

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Do you have any movie recommendations, I'm looking for something similar to comet

Okay, let’s see. I keep a list of strange/dark/psychological romances.

- Fight Club.
- Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.
- Memento.
- Everything is Illuminated. (Parts of it are in Ukranian, find a subtitled one).
- A Beautiful Mind. (YES YES YES.)
- Elizabethtown.
- In The Land of Women.
- Elvis & Anabelle
- TV Show: Mr. Robot. (Same director/writer. I see a lot of similarities in Elliot and Dell).
- Drive.
- The Hundred-Foot Journey.
- Amelie (it’s completely in French, find a subtitled one).
- The English Patient.
- TV Show: Pushing Daisies. (It was discontinued, unfortunately).
- Transcendence.
- Her.

- Oddly enough, I get the same feeling from Spirited Away. (Kindof).

These have the same vibe but aren’t really romance films.

- Ballet Shoes.
- December Boys.
- Driving Lessons.

And ones I haven’t seen but seem to look good are that follows.

- Upstream Color.
- The Science of Sleep.
- Requium of a Dream.
- Black Swan.

Movies with Justin Long that I’ve ALWAYS loved (and use to characterize Dell a bit at times).

- Accepted.
- He’s Just Not That Into You.

I wouldn’t say these are all that similar seeing as Comet is like the only movie I have ever seen that is as amazing as itself. Nothing compares to it, in my book. But similar themes run throughout them, that’s for sure. Some are more crime oriented (the psychological aspect), some are more just that weird mixture of sadness/happiness/coming of age feeling. And some are just very quirky and I think that fits certain aspects of that vibe. 

I feel like I’m missing so many so I might come back and add to this or post a new post but this is the best I can do right now. (And that’s hella bugging me because I feel like I’m missing really important ones).

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could you pls give an analysis of what brian meant exactly when he said "it's only time" to justin? :)

Well, I feel I’d be remiss in not quoting Daniel Lipman and Ron Cowen, who gave a beautiful explanation when they were asked about this:

Dan: Regarding Brian’s “Its only time” speech: Brian didn’t mean that he and Justin would never see each other again. He was merely implying that even if they DIDN’T see each other again they would still know that they were bonded forever. That’s what their story was always about. An unlikely romance, an unconventional romance, but a great romance that would embrace them for a lifetime.

Ron: The idea for the speech came from a Shakespeare sonnet we all read in high school –#116. “Love’s not Time’s fool”….“Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, but bears it out even to the edge of doom.” [x]

That really says it all. What Brian and Justin share is so much more than just an on-and-off relationship that spanned five years. Their entire worlds were changed on a profound level because they met and because they loved each other. Neither of them would be who they are if they had never crossed.

This is a relationship that was never meant to be. They had so many things working against them, so many obstacles that could have easily torn them apart for good. But every time the world tried to tear them apart, they fell back together, stronger and more in love than ever. 

And Brian knows all this. It’s not that he doesn’t think he and Justin will never see each other again, although we do know he’s afraid that will be the case. It’s that he knows that even if they don’t, it won’t make a difference. It will never diminish their love. They are both such a huge part of each other’s lives now that it doesn’t matter if they go decades without seeing each other, it doesn’t matter if they live on opposite sides of the world. They will always love each other as deeply as they do in that moment, if not more. 

It started as an unlikely one-night stand between an idealistic youth and an emotionally scarred, cynical man who doesn’t believe in love, and blossomed into a relationship of two men who’ve seen each other through for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. They’ve been through so much together, these two men who had so many odds stacked against them, and the love they share now is deep and all-consuming. And it’s so powerful that it transcends time itself. 

It’s a gorgeous, romantic sentiment that fits perfectly with Brian’s personality. Even knowing how much he loves Justin and how much Justin loves him in return, he would never be the type to say “I love you and this is absolutely 100% going to be okay.” Brian’s a realist. He knows it’s going to be hard. He knows there’s a chance they’ll never see each other again. But this is a couple that has a history of fighting for each other and has always won, and they’re both prepared to do so again. But even if they never see each other again, it’s never going to change how much they love each other or how important they are in each other’s lives. Because even a great and powerful concept as time pales in comparison to the love he and Justin share.